Funny story about these scans with the price labels.

Every now and again, whilst I was trudging around Tokyo trying to find games I’d find the classic Japanese toy shop. You can spot them because they always have kids outside buying Gatchapon (gum ball toys). They are always packed to the roof of toys, old and new, they really are fantastic to walk around.

Anyway, I found this one place and in the back, it had loads of Super Famicom games, and I mean LOADS, from floor to the roof. ALL. BRAND. NEW. Never sunburnt like they usually are (as they where deep inside the shop at the back). If I was a millionaire I would have bought them all.

And I would have needed to be.

You see, the thing about these old shops is that they are owned by grumpy old men. Weird that these grumpy old men would own a toy shop but there you go. Anyway, I asked how much for, hmm, that one up there (a brand new Macross : Scrambled Valkyrie). He grumbles a bit because he has to get it and when he does, he looks at the cover.

Now, I’m guessing this game has been there for, hmm, maybe 15-20 years so I’m hoping he’s going to say 1000Y, but no, he looks at the cover and reads the price from the late 80’s. 7300Y.

Which is not a bad price for this particular game actually. So, I say cool and start to look for some more (thinking that the price would be different) but no, ALL of the games are 7300Y. And he won’t budge on the price. So, I bought about 3 or 4 games from him and didn’t go back for a long time.

When I did go back, I found out that Sofmap had bought all his games off him for 500Y each. I would have given him more.

Grumpy bugger.