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A PSA about the SAM:

SAM = split attraction model

Listen, the SAM is a wicked awesome thing that helps a lot of folks understand their romantic and sexual attractions better. BUT, as a card carrying aspec that uses the SAM, I want everyone to know that it’s super duper important that it not be applied to ppl who don’t use it on themselves. People don’t like this, largely bc they find it sexualizing. Whether or not you agree with that, their feelings should be respected 10000%. 

This means that the SAM should NOT be your first assumption about a person when they tell you their orientation. The standard IS “no-SAM”, even if they tell you they’re aspec, and this isn’t aphobic or anything; it just makes good sense (since not all aspecs use the SAM) and is respectful of other ppl’s feelings. 

You really can’t lose if you follow these rules. :) 

tl;dr - Until a person explicitly uses the SAM to describe themselves, NEVER use it on them. 

This has been a PSA!


anonymous asked:

How can you say that Uncle Ben is vital to Spider-Man and then say that Peter doesn't have to be cis? Him being cis is really important to his plot.

okay, peter parker was initially reckless and irresponsible with his powers, and that behavior inadvertently got his uncle ben killed. this caused peter to realize the importance of his powers and that he had a responsibility to use them to do the right thing, and protect the people who can’t protect themselves. he chooses to become a hero and honor uncle ben. if uncle ben hadn’t of died, peter wouldn’t have learned this lesson, and he wouldn’t have become spider-man. so yeah he’s kinda vital.

but yeah, ur right, remember that time the radioactive spider was about to bite peter and then before it bit him the spider was like “woah dude wait you’re cis right” and peter was like “ya” and the spider was like “oh man okay good, bc i only bite cis people. i mean i’m fine with trans people but you know, i just prefer to bite cis people, i have a lot of trans friends and have no problem with them, but you know” so i guess you’re right, peter parker has to be cis