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If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck


[ Okay, I can say absolutely for sure that these panels are the ones of the most important in the entire manga for me. ]

I mean, just look at Sebastian`s eyebrow curved in anxiety and sympathy.The demon is worried about his master. And it doesn`t look like the worry about a future delicious meal. It looks like the worry about…the close one, I guess?

Maybe that was the first time when Sebastian really regret he couldn’t tell a lie.

And I`m not crying, you are :_)


(Warning long post!)

This is Kirishima in Pre-kidnap of Kacchan

This is him in Post-kidnap

This is Kiri in the rescue

And finally him in Post-rescue of his damsel in distress

I noticed that Kirishima has a bright personality and it’s a good person to get along, also he smiles a lot, like a LOT. But when Bakugou was kidnapped he just couldn’t smile, thinking that his friend *cough*lover*cough was in danger. We see this panels and he just put a worried, sad and guilty face for not doing nothing (in his perspective). Even rage when the villains talk about Bakugou.

And we see the difference when they rescue Bakugou, He is just fucking happy that Bakugou took his hand to escape (elope) from the villains. Afterwards they talk, Kirishima is so relieved that he just get back to be his normal self- kind, smiling, laughing, lovable. But this is when he talks to Bakugou.

So fight me if you say that they are not canon, ‘cause they fucking are, my friend.

Sorry for the long post, I just had to free my Bakushima feels of my system. Also I think this is a fucking healthy relationship, tbh.