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beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Just got this announcement from Hot Topic that YOI tees are available now! Finally, a way for fans in North America to get in on a piece of the action without having to import from Japan.

It’s hilarious that they even got the models to have Victor and Yuuri hairstyles for this promo.

Here’s hoping they’ll carry more than just T-shirts in the near future!

i never wear pajamas (i just wear sweats and a t-shirt/tank top to bed) but holY SHIT I NEED THESE SABO PAJAMAS LIKE BURNING.  ANYONE WANNA VOLUNTEER TO FLY ME TO JAPAN SO I CAN BUY THEM.  WTF


there he is wearing them and smiling like a dork omfg i’m cryin

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

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I wanna kiss you for making this blog!! How about shinee as chefs?

*kisses your cheeks* you got it babe!


  • does not realize he’s eating half of his food while he’s tasting it
  • it’s just SO good 
  • note to self: do not prep food when hungry 
  • why does the entire kitchen stop and watch him while he minces something 
  • his food is more about taste than presentation so he makes a lot of “deconstructed” stuff (bc it falls apart anyway) 
  • has an emergency stash of band-aids with cartoon characters on them 
  • forgot to put the top on a blender once while he was making a red sauce and minho walked in and frEAKED bc he thought jinki finally stabbed himself and was literally dialing 119 as he was yelling bc honestly they all talked about this moment 


  • NO ONE believes him that the reason why his eyes are red and tearing up is bc he accidentally rubbed his eyes after chopping jalepenos (onew: “yeah right jonghyun” / jonghyun: “i will poke you in the eyes with my pepper fingers and then we’ll see who’s crying”) 
  • grates cheese on pasta, regards dish, adds more cheese 
  • stared at onew straight in the eyes while he sliced up a package of dubu :) 


  • his plates are actual works of art
  • they’re small tho (minho: *pulls out a magnifying glass* “where’s your entree” / key: “i am holding a knife do you really want to test me”) 
  • always uses the biggest plates srsly they’re like saucers 
  • lots of greens and herbs 
  • looks at other members’ plates “mine are def the prettiest” 


  • has the sharpest knives 
  • they’re imported from japan and made for sushi chefs and he sharpens them every night (”gotta have the best to be the best”)
  • stashes ingredients he wants to use on the top shelves 
  • really good at catching veggies/fruits rolling off his work station 
  • can whip cream in five mins by hand IGNORING the fact that he’s sweating (he gets weirdly intense about it too) 
  • makes smiley faces on plates with sauces 


  • *holds up a canister of liquid nitrogen* INSTANT ICE CREAM 
  • stares at a pot of boiling water “what was this for????” 
  • has cooking pasta down to an art form but still throws strands of spaghetti at the wall to see if it’ll stick 
  • always tries to put the weirdest shit in his food like kiwis in soup, jellies in entrees but it works??? (most of the time. others…… let’s not talk about the other times) 
  • keeps taking other members’ chef hats bc he keeps misplacing his and now no one has hats and taemin’s closet has five  
#93 Pt. 1 | A Tom Holland Imagine

“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

Tom Holland x Reader requested by @boyfriendtom
1800′s AU bc why not
Words: 2,065
Disclaimer: i;m not fancy, but i love how this turned out. also, you’re british so read everything with a british accent.

there will be three parts to this so i guess it’s my first fic. enjoy!

(i didnt even put the prompt in until part two so uh stick around)

This July had been a particularly warm one. The fans your father had imported from Japan were doing a scarce job at keeping you and your younger brother cool. He wanted to spend all of his time outside, but when you were outside you felt the sting of being in a world where so much was waiting to be explored while you were merely living as a piece in the game of chess. A pawn so that your family could merge with another wealthy family and share the riches. Wealth was nothing if not the anchor to a greedy man’s heart. Your parents had already selected a man for you, and though he was fair and gentlemanly, he was not the one who had caught your eye.

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2P!Japan Boyfriend Headcanons

((*sweats* high-key been avoiding him in case i mess up [[,: givin’ it my best shot, friends )) ((I had a lot of asks for these and took a pic, but my stupid laptop is the worst [,:))

⦁ What’s that? You’re dating t h e Kuro Honda??
⦁ *high-pitched 90’s anime screech*
⦁ He doesn’t have time for messin’ around,,, bUT HE CAN MAKE SOME BOOYAH
⦁ “you have until april fifteenth to come and get these hot pockets until they’re gone forever” “the fuck did you juts sa y to m E”
⦁ kuro is the most standoffish, blunt, judgemental, sassy fucker
⦁ but he sure does love hot pockets
⦁ no one knows why, and it has ruined many nights of friendship with him and the Italy brothers
⦁ he is actually very insecure about his dating ability, so if you’re able to loop him in for the long run – you must be something special
⦁ kuro is more open than kiku about personal space, but only with people he handles; you’re luckily one of them and he is quite affectionate despite his discouraging demeanour
⦁ to anybody else, it would seem as though the relationship is not meant to last; to him, he’s already planned your wedding
- if he tells you he loves you then you know you’re in it for the long run
⦁ kuro has a lot of trust issues due to failed past relationships (romantic, business, platonic, etc), so that’s what makes him seem very distant and cold
- he is neither of those things with you
⦁ he LOVES PDA way too much
- he wants E V E R Y O N E to know you’re his
- he can’t afford another one that got away
⦁ because of this, he might come off as a bit overprotective or even possessive at times, but he means well
⦁ he wants the best for you for sure and is always there to support you, even if he isn’t very vocal about it
⦁ HE THINKS YOU’RE THE MOST PERFEC T PERSON EVER ANd wonders why you’re with him??? he thinks he sucks??????
⦁ it’s true he is a very sexual and intimate person, and if you’re not about that then it might take him some time to adjust
- don’t worry; he would never do anything you’re not comfortable with!
⦁ if the PDA thing is A Problem, let him know!!! he doesn’t like forcing people to do things and will attempt to tone it down as much as he can
⦁ japanass is a sucker for cuddling and smooches, but he is the most tsundere about it
- do it anyway; he’s always ready!
⦁ he loves netflix and chilling (like, actual chilling, but wont pass up a diddle ;))) ) with you
- it’s like a friday night tradition
⦁ you’re bound to get stuck on one of his crazy escapades
- I feel as though he has a h o t motorcycle as well
- Luciano feels Left Out and eventually gets one
⦁ he KNOWS you think he looks good and is NOT ashamed to call you out on it
- i mean, come on
- he’s fuckin s m e x y
⦁ he loves art, especially nude ((**SPOILER ALERT** he actually hates the sexualization of nude models!!)) so if you’re willing he will DEFINITELy draw you
⦁ i know throughout the fandom everyone thinks he’s into hentai, but i’ve always headcannoned him to have been into it in his cringey teenage years and it’s followed him to adulthood
- he Hates The World because of this lmao
⦁ he is a memer
⦁ im so sorry
⦁ i feel like he’s a sugar daddy, but he doesn’t flaunt it
- he probably goes to those dimly lit rich people clubs with Luciano and Flavio
- will totally take you to cool and secret places no one knows about with him
⦁ like i mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have time for messin’ around
- i mean like “no shit”, y'know?
- if there’s something going on he doesn’t want to beat around the bush. just say it
⦁ he will also not hesitate to tell you if you’re being stupid about something
- that sounds harsh, but he doesn’t have much of a tolerance for idiocy
⦁ he is the biggest fucking weeb lemme tell you
⦁ he complains about weebs all the damn time but little does anybody know–
- like, he’s literally the guy that has a katana collection
- he totally says it’s for decoration and he had it imported by his family from japan
- it’s from naruto
⦁ probably had a crush on yu-gi-oh!
⦁ he loves classic games like the first Mario Bro’s and Zeldas
- is definitely into horror
- like, any genre
⦁ he will make you watch horror movies with him just so you cling to him
⦁ is a game developer on the dl
- if you’re into video games, he’d secretly send you demos to beta test
⦁ probably has a deviantart from middle school
- he regularly updates it with his fanart from his trash fandoms
⦁ “hates” mainstream animes
- fucking sobbed during Free!Eternal Summer
- ships viktuuri hardcore
⦁ loves spooning
- hates being little spoon and no one knows why
⦁ i feel like he likes to listen to people attempt to speak japanese and would find it adorable if you did
- he likes cute things
- you are a cute things
⦁ idk man i wasn’t so sure about him, but
⦁ i feel like he’d be just??? so great??? and he’s so underrated??
⦁ kuro honda everybody

Speak up when you order and answer me correctly if you want your order made right

So first of all, fuck our business owner for deciding that we needed to cut back labor hours.  I work at a small, locally owned cafe chain, and the business owner decided that we “weren’t busy enough” on weekends and that we should cut back to only two workers on weekend mornings.  That means that there’s only two people on the floor to take orders, make sure fresh coffee is brewed, make espresso drinks, and make food orders.  On the day this story takes place I’m working with a new worker, and he’s still not fast.  The new guy is working on a queue of 8 breakfast orders, and I’m the one making drinks, and taking orders.  There’s a line of 12 people waiting to order.

I finish up one drink order and go to help the next customer,  She’s one of those girls who talks the way that pastel colors look.  I’m going to type her part of the conversation out the way that it sounded, since I literally couldn’t hear 80% of what was coming out of her mouth.

Me: Hi, what can I get you?

Girl: Hi, can I get … ice… …chai …… ….. …. and ….. ….. milks do …. have?

Me:  (using that technique we all use when a customer is being too quiet, where we talk a little extra loud to try to hint that they need to speak up) WE HAVE WHOLE, NONFAT-

Girl: Do you have soy?

Me: yes

Girl: Can I …. it with soy?


Girl: Yes, with …. ……


Girl: (finally speaking louder) With light ice.

I finish ringing her up, then throw the iced soy chai together, since it’s a very simple to make.  Call it out, then start helping the next customer.  After I’ve greeted the next customer I see the girl walk up to the counter and make a sigh sound like she’s about the say something to me.  The customer behind her is ordering four drinks, so my attention is on him so I can ring everything up as fast as he’s talking.  When I finish the transaction I acknowledge her to see what she needs help with 

Girl: sorry, this is fine, (◕ᴗ◕✿) it’s just :/, I wanted a MATCHA latte.

Now the match that we use is really expensive, imported from japan, organic matcha.  The matcha lattes are a full dollar more than chais.  And like I said before, there’s a line of 12 people who I’m trying to help single handedly, and the customer who just ordered has 4 drinks that I have to make.

I just stared her down, dead-pan, and say:  But you ordered a chai, and when I read the order back to you I confirmed that you wanted a chai and you said yes.

She was then like “oh, well this is still fine.” :/

I just nodded and went on the make the next customers drinks.  Like, if it’s fine, and you see that I’m busy, then why are you complaining?  I also would have remade the drink for her if I hadn’t read her order back to her.  I’m pretty understanding that some people are soft spoken, and that I can mishear them, but if I read the order back and it’s wrong, then you need to tell me before paying for the cheaper drink, and before i waste time and supplies making the wrong order.

The Legend Of Zelda: Dark Link Statue | Buy-Now!          

  • Imported from Japan
  • In scale with the other Legend of Zelda statues from First4Figures
  • Measures 12" tall
  • Hand-finished and hand-painted
  • Limited to 2,500 pieces worldwide                                                                                                
A Bodyguard for the Miraculous

It is very, very difficult to hide any extracurricular activities when you’re being monitored by a bodyguard all the time. But Adrien Agreste has always been good at slipping away unnoticed- or so he thought.

As it turns out, the Gorilla is far more perceptive than Adrien gave him credit for.

( (AO3)

One of the things that the Gorilla learned within a week of becoming the younger Agreste’s bodyguard was that the boy had quite a knack for vanishing out from under people’s noses, even when it should have been nearly impossible. He could somehow get out of a second-story room when someone was watching the single door, he could vanish from a photoshoot even when there were a dozen people around all paying attention to him, and he could disappear in an open room when his caretakers had only taken their eyes off of him for fifteen seconds. In short, Adrien had escaping down to an art.

The Gorilla suspected that that was why the previous bodyguard had quit, just out of sheer frustration and stress.

It didn’t seem to matter much where Adrien was, or what security precautions there were in place. The boy was creative and could plan out his dashes for unsupervised freedom without much trouble at all. The Gorilla personally suspected that if Adrien had less free time during which he could dream up escape routes there would be much less of a problem, but he wasn’t about to suggest that. The boy didn’t need any more of his life scheduled out for him than he already did. The Gorilla would simply have to deal with the constant disappearances and do his best not to bring the boy’s escapes to Mr. Agreste’s attention when it wasn’t important. It was a far better idea to simply hop in the car and search the streets until they could find Adrien and bring him back.

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hello shukamod this is embarrassing but what is a UO that you and other people that watch the live is talking about?

Nononono it’s totally fine! I’ve found that it’s actually really hard to learn about this stuff unless you’ve actually been to a live concert or viewing. Which… as some of you may know from experience, is excruciatingly difficult if you’re an overseas fan (꒪⌓꒪)

The short answer: UO stands for “Ultra Orange”, and is a chemical glowstick that glows bright orange, often only for a couple of minutes before it burns out. Because of how short-lived they are, people usually save them for their favorite songs at concerts.

The long answer: I’m gonna talk about glowsticks under the cut! Yayyy :D
Skip to the Cyalume section for the full explanation on UOs :)

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Softboys™: Hanzo's super strict with his hair care routine. Wash it every three days, uses special, imported shampoos and conditioners from Japan, puts oils on the roots while he lets in air dry. McCree on the other hand washes it when it gets visibly greasy, uses what ever products are closest, towel drys it until its all poofy. That is until Hanzo starts washing it for him and it turns into a complete pampering session and before Jesse knows it he's been tricked into having a hair care routine

Hanzo Shimada Master of convincing you it was your idea and wielder of flawless hair care techniques.  I LOVE IT.

omg what if it starts out on a Fake Date mission?? and they’re supposed to attend the cliched fancy elite society venue and Hanzo is like Jesse McCree you will not pass for my Fiance with matte hair, sit down immediately.

Creepypasta #1284: The Temple

Length: Medium

This story happened to some of my in-laws in the Philippines, though there are Chinese cultural elements to it.

In the Philippines, the vast majority of the locals identify as Roman Catholic, but you will find many Buddhists around - usually the Chinese. The Filipino Chinese are well-integrated into Filipino society on the whole, but one thing sets them apart from other Filipinos - their superstition. Filipino Chinese tend to hold on to and retain more superstitions than their counterparts in Malaysia, Singapore or even, I dare say, China itself. They also tend to be very religious, as I mentioned before most of them are Buddhists, but they also tend to worship deities commonly worshipped by Taoists.

Whether you’re Filipino Chinese, or Chinese in any other part of the world, however, one thing’s the same: you treat your deities with respect. 

So, my mother’s a Filipino-born Chinese who migrated to Singapore. Her female cousin married this young Filipino Chinese man last year. The husband, Jon, told us this story.

So this is how it happened.

Jon’s grandparents owned a bungalow. After many years of saving up, they finally managed to save enough to buy another bungalow in 1973. They were planning to rent it out to earn additional income.

The bungalow was somewhere in a barangay (division) out-of-town, but in a residential area. It had a garage with space for parking two cars, which had clearly not been used for parking two cars. It was filled with some of the most useless junk anyone had ever seen. Old bicycles, old washing machines, entire boxes of old newspapers and magazines… seemed whoever owned the place was quite the hoarder.

Anyway, Jon’s grandparents cleared up the boxes. It was no mean feat, but soon the garage looked reasonably empty and the junk was gone.

There was one large cardboard box, though, that just refused to budge. They tried to push it, or pull it, or even use a forklift to try and lift it, but nothing worked and it was as good as glued to the floor, with the weight of the contents - which turned out to be a marble platform with a few Buddhist or Taoist statues. I don’t know now whether they were Buddhas or Taoist deities, but remember that some Filipino Chinese worship both, so I only know they were religious in nature. They left them in the box.

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171122 Seungri Instagram Update
@aoriramen 🇨🇳 launching in China🇨🇳 The first Shanghai branch opens on Friday, November 24th! Enjoy Aori Ramen often in the  #tianzifang arts complex  #AoriRamen
*Floor 2, No. 23, 248 Lane, Tianzifang, Taikang Road, Huangpu district, Shanghai, China

AORI Ramen China’s first branch - Tianzifang shop in Shanghai on November 24 officially opened! Before I come to Shanghai to eat 3 times, and the taste is great! Really super delicious! And South Korea and Japan are the same, because the ingredients and equipment of ramen are imported from Japan. Many Chinese fans love spicy, so AORI secret spicy oil, you certainly love! I also learn smart, Shanghai Tian Zi Fang shop is the largest of all AORI Ramen branch, with 113 seats, we do not have to line up, as well as open-air balcony and lounge, not only eat noodles but also talk to talk about drinking, I hope everyone like. I will present a gift to all the fans, just a bowl of happy AORI ramen, will be able to draw lots in the store. The prize is a message book and posters in the middle of the night written by my own hand, and do not miss it! @ AORI God hidden Ramen address in the Shanghai Huangpu District, Taikang Road 248, Lane 23, second floor (from Tianzifang Gate 2 go straight up in the end will see AORI friends