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Just got this announcement from Hot Topic that YOI tees are available now! Finally, a way for fans in North America to get in on a piece of the action without having to import from Japan.

It’s hilarious that they even got the models to have Victor and Yuuri hairstyles for this promo.

Here’s hoping they’ll carry more than just T-shirts in the near future!

i never wear pajamas (i just wear sweats and a t-shirt/tank top to bed) but holY SHIT I NEED THESE SABO PAJAMAS LIKE BURNING.  ANYONE WANNA VOLUNTEER TO FLY ME TO JAPAN SO I CAN BUY THEM.  WTF


there he is wearing them and smiling like a dork omfg i’m cryin

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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2P!Japan Boyfriend Headcanons

((*sweats* high-key been avoiding him in case i mess up [[,: givin’ it my best shot, friends )) ((I had a lot of asks for these and took a pic, but my stupid laptop is the worst [,:))

⦁ What’s that? You’re dating t h e Kuro Honda??
⦁ *high-pitched 90’s anime screech*
⦁ He doesn’t have time for messin’ around,,, bUT HE CAN MAKE SOME BOOYAH
⦁ “you have until april fifteenth to come and get these hot pockets until they’re gone forever” “the fuck did you juts sa y to m E”
⦁ kuro is the most standoffish, blunt, judgemental, sassy fucker
⦁ but he sure does love hot pockets
⦁ no one knows why, and it has ruined many nights of friendship with him and the Italy brothers
⦁ he is actually very insecure about his dating ability, so if you’re able to loop him in for the long run – you must be something special
⦁ kuro is more open than kiku about personal space, but only with people he handles; you’re luckily one of them and he is quite affectionate despite his discouraging demeanour
⦁ to anybody else, it would seem as though the relationship is not meant to last; to him, he’s already planned your wedding
- if he tells you he loves you then you know you’re in it for the long run
⦁ kuro has a lot of trust issues due to failed past relationships (romantic, business, platonic, etc), so that’s what makes him seem very distant and cold
- he is neither of those things with you
⦁ he LOVES PDA way too much
- he wants E V E R Y O N E to know you’re his
- he can’t afford another one that got away
⦁ because of this, he might come off as a bit overprotective or even possessive at times, but he means well
⦁ he wants the best for you for sure and is always there to support you, even if he isn’t very vocal about it
⦁ HE THINKS YOU’RE THE MOST PERFEC T PERSON EVER ANd wonders why you’re with him??? he thinks he sucks??????
⦁ it’s true he is a very sexual and intimate person, and if you’re not about that then it might take him some time to adjust
- don’t worry; he would never do anything you’re not comfortable with!
⦁ if the PDA thing is A Problem, let him know!!! he doesn’t like forcing people to do things and will attempt to tone it down as much as he can
⦁ japanass is a sucker for cuddling and smooches, but he is the most tsundere about it
- do it anyway; he’s always ready!
⦁ he loves netflix and chilling (like, actual chilling, but wont pass up a diddle ;))) ) with you
- it’s like a friday night tradition
⦁ you’re bound to get stuck on one of his crazy escapades
- I feel as though he has a h o t motorcycle as well
- Luciano feels Left Out and eventually gets one
⦁ he KNOWS you think he looks good and is NOT ashamed to call you out on it
- i mean, come on
- he’s fuckin s m e x y
⦁ he loves art, especially nude ((**SPOILER ALERT** he actually hates the sexualization of nude models!!)) so if you’re willing he will DEFINITELy draw you
⦁ i know throughout the fandom everyone thinks he’s into hentai, but i’ve always headcannoned him to have been into it in his cringey teenage years and it’s followed him to adulthood
- he Hates The World because of this lmao
⦁ he is a memer
⦁ im so sorry
⦁ i feel like he’s a sugar daddy, but he doesn’t flaunt it
- he probably goes to those dimly lit rich people clubs with Luciano and Flavio
- will totally take you to cool and secret places no one knows about with him
⦁ like i mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have time for messin’ around
- i mean like “no shit”, y'know?
- if there’s something going on he doesn’t want to beat around the bush. just say it
⦁ he will also not hesitate to tell you if you’re being stupid about something
- that sounds harsh, but he doesn’t have much of a tolerance for idiocy
⦁ he is the biggest fucking weeb lemme tell you
⦁ he complains about weebs all the damn time but little does anybody know–
- like, he’s literally the guy that has a katana collection
- he totally says it’s for decoration and he had it imported by his family from japan
- it’s from naruto
⦁ probably had a crush on yu-gi-oh!
⦁ he loves classic games like the first Mario Bro’s and Zeldas
- is definitely into horror
- like, any genre
⦁ he will make you watch horror movies with him just so you cling to him
⦁ is a game developer on the dl
- if you’re into video games, he’d secretly send you demos to beta test
⦁ probably has a deviantart from middle school
- he regularly updates it with his fanart from his trash fandoms
⦁ “hates” mainstream animes
- fucking sobbed during Free!Eternal Summer
- ships viktuuri hardcore
⦁ loves spooning
- hates being little spoon and no one knows why
⦁ i feel like he likes to listen to people attempt to speak japanese and would find it adorable if you did
- he likes cute things
- you are a cute things
⦁ idk man i wasn’t so sure about him, but
⦁ i feel like he’d be just??? so great??? and he’s so underrated??
⦁ kuro honda everybody

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Softboys™: Hanzo's super strict with his hair care routine. Wash it every three days, uses special, imported shampoos and conditioners from Japan, puts oils on the roots while he lets in air dry. McCree on the other hand washes it when it gets visibly greasy, uses what ever products are closest, towel drys it until its all poofy. That is until Hanzo starts washing it for him and it turns into a complete pampering session and before Jesse knows it he's been tricked into having a hair care routine

Hanzo Shimada Master of convincing you it was your idea and wielder of flawless hair care techniques.  I LOVE IT.

omg what if it starts out on a Fake Date mission?? and they’re supposed to attend the cliched fancy elite society venue and Hanzo is like Jesse McCree you will not pass for my Fiance with matte hair, sit down immediately.

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How were ur games stolen

lmao this is a whole fuckign story and i’m still so mad.

my sister is a total shit head and if you read my personal posts it’s usually complaining about her. She had some friends over and was being loud as usual, so I went to sleep in my dad’s room (He was at the hospital for surgery)

and then I noticed. My entire game collection minus my ps4+ps3 games were stolen. All my hand held games (I had a large collection, and some were really rare imports from japan) AND they stole my 3ds + vita AND THE PS4 ITSELF

I got the cops involved because that’s over $1,000 dollars worth of gaming stuff and they were able to get the 3ds + vita+ps4 back because of the id numbers but couldn’t get my games back.

Bc the people who stole them took it to the trading post and you know the trading post dude ain’t gonna wanna give up stuff he’s gonna make money off.

Anyway my sisters shitty friend’s stole my games. And before they did my mom was about to kick them out because she doesn’t like having boys around the house. We didn’t kick them out because it was fall and it was cold outside and one of them begged to stay and we took mercy on them and they stabbed us in the back :)))))))

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This has been bugging me for quite some time in the Hetalia fanfics department concerning Taiwan. Hungary and her are depicted as being major slash fangirls in fanfics. Which I found very odd for Hungary as the country doesn't seem found of it (was researching something about Hungary when I found this out). I don't think Taiwan is a big slash fan either as the fans make her out to be, despite the recent same sex marriage allowance. So why is she depicted as such when in reality she is not?

Ah, anon, you’ve really hit home with your observation. Admittedly, it’s one of the reasons I got so fed up with Hetalia fanfiction in general: Taiwan’s portrayal is almost always cringey. I honestly can tell you right off the bat it has very little to do with the actual countries themselves and more with the Hetalia franchise and fan culture. So here are 4 REASONS I hypothesize contributed to the depiction of Taiwan as a horrible fujoshi, a REALITY CHECK, and my own VERDICT on Taiwan’s portrayal:

1. She is a female character in a franchise with mostly male characters and has, more or less, a kind of…..“yaoi” culture.

I believe this is the biggest reason why. The treatment of female characters in Hetalia have always been traditionally bad. Rather than as individuals in their own right, female characters are seen more in relation to the popular male characters by the fans. To a lot of Hetalia fans, whose main concern lies with the popular “Boy Love” (BL) shipping, they would typically be most concerned with female characters not being an obstruction to their ships. Yes, I am saying that this depiction is likely a byproduct of Hetalia fans not wanting female characters “getting in the way of yaoi ships.” 

This is achieved in two ways, by 1) demonizing the female character, and 2) relegating the female character to a role that does not threaten their ships, i.e. the “sister” or, as you have observed here, a supportive “yaoi fangirl.”  

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In late 1943 the Japanese Navy Air Service imported one FW-190 A-5 from Germany, transferred via submarine. Tests between this plane and the Ki-84 and other single seat fighters were contacted mainly at Fusa airfield. Compared to most Japanese fighters, it was better in acceleration, climbing performance, armament etc. Furthermore, it was an inspirational design and Japanese airplane manufacturers learnt a lot about mass production planning and techniques. Together with a Me-210A, it was the last set of planes imported by Japan from Germany.

A cute picture of Bubba (Coyote) - Akiyama no Roushya Daikokuten go - thinking over his food. This little guy is a hopeful for a breeder friend in Finland.

Now… before I go, I have some other thoughts - as a new breeder trying to do right by my dogs and right by the people interested in them.

Breeding animals is, and should be, a calculated effort one takes to replicate something cherished and desired by others, as well as themselves. Something that cannot be replicated, otherwise.

All of my puppies are generally sold before I breed so I know all of them will be accounted for. As Kishu Ken are rare in the US and every dog is valuable from a preservation standpoint, I do not encourage owners to surgically alter their pets, but do have them sign a contract outlining standards of behavior, a nonbreeding compliance, and what I will hold myself accountable for if their puppy ever falls ill. 

From the moment they are conceived, these puppies are someone else’s - and that is a great burden, at times, to know I am taking care of someone else’s puppy. They are trusting me to rear that puppy well and keep them safe until they come of age to be transported.

If you don’t that’s stressful, also consider this: breeding responsibly loses you money. To produce this litter, I spent 3300 importing the sire from Japan as there were no compatible males available to me in the United States. I was fortunate as I got the dam “for free” (in that she was born in my home), but pre-breeding fees totaled around 500. I have spent around 150 on kibble for the mother during the nearly 4 weeks the puppies have been with us, and around 50 on supplements (fish oil, cottage cheese, pumpkin, and other dietary additives.) Dewormer mom and pups have got so far has totaled around 75 USD. Flights for puppies are generally around 300, with the crate, when things are said and done. Registration fees with NIPPO are around 130-160 for the whole litter. If Genotypes are run, that is 130 per puppy. Plus 700 spent in dog shows and sports or breed booths so far this year… I will probably get around 3400 for this litter, when all is said and done. 

If you think breeding gets you money, you are sorely mistaken. Sometimes, maybe, you break even.

That doesn’t even take into consideration how I told work not to schedule me for two months, so I could commit my time to the puppy care, or how I have to wake up every 3 hours because puppies learned early that eliminating where they lived is a bunch of bullshit (and they would rather do their business outside!) It doesn’t take into account the hours I spend socializing or the money I spend trying to set up new structures and toys for them.

If breeding makes you a significant amount of money, I think you’re doing something wrong.


This store is the place that sells all kinds of anime stuff imported from Japan and my personal favorite bungou stray dogs stuff, they even have the manga (in japanese) you can buy! I decided to create this post since ive been getting asks and replies on my post about a visit to this store last week. Here are the locations

New York

New Jersey: mitsuwa marketplace

Chicago: mitsuwa marketplace

Seattle: uwajimaya village

Portland: uwajimaya village

San Francisco: japan town

San Jose: mitsuwa marketplace

Los angeles: little tokyo

Santa Monica: mitsuwa marketplace

Costa Mesa: mitsuwa marketplace

Carrollton: carrollton town center

Plano: mitsuwa marketplace

If you live in one of these places or are fairly close to them then you are in luck. 4 of these locations are in the bay area of California. So if you are in California and live in one of those bay area cities or close to it then take advantage.

Hope this helps!

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Hold Up, KH Fam

Anyone else find it strangely suspicious that we are suddenly getting a whole bunch Kingdom Hearts merch?

I mean, think about it.

Before we had maybe two tee-shirts, the manga (which we didn’t even know if we were getting the final volume)… and maybe a King Mickey pin if you were lucky to find one at Disney World. And those were few and far in between. I mean, it was only recently we got the first Kingdom Hearts novel and the Chain of Memories novel. And even then we had no confirmation if they were going to continue releasing those books.

Outside of importing things from Japan that’s all a KH fan could get. But now?

We are getting:

  • The last volume of the manga series
  • The Birth By Sleep AND 356/2 Days novel omnibus’
  • An entire collection of hidden package Kingdom Hearts figurines
  • Both game collections for the ps4 and a third collection with a Kingdom Hearts 3 demo,
  • And a Pop Funko collection of Kingdom Hearts characters

I’m not saying it’s bad the we are getting all of this merch… but it’s a bit suspicious that we are suddenly getting so much of it, especially when we had next to nothing before…

Unless… we are getting a release date to Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon! They might be saturating the market with Kingdom Hearts things to stir up hype! Like how they do for movies before it releases in theaters!

And Kingdom Hearts is going to be featured in Jump Festa this year.

I’m just saying… You never know… :3

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Yuri and Phichit get each other for their rink's secret Santa gift and they end up getting those ugly sweater style shirts from etsy that incorporate important visuals from Japan and Thailand respectively.... and then Yuri loves the Thailand one he got for Phichit so much that he gets one for himself. On the day of the Santa reveal, they laugh at the fact that they both got each other the same thing. And Phichit reveals that he got a Japan one to match Yuri's too :)

And on top of the Christmas sweater hc, when Yuri visits Phichit in Thailand to meet his parents, he insists on wearing the sweater so he can match Phichit. Phichit’s parents laugh a little bit at how cute the matching boys are, and Yuri sheepishly reaches in his bag and pulls out 2 wrapped lumps. Matching Thailand sweaters for Phichit’s parents so they can match too :) And his parents go HARD. They take both of them all over Thailand and get as many pictures as possible.


I love the idea that they’d get matching things as a joke, but then get really into it and just love how cute they look together. Two bros with matching outfits nothin to see here jk look at the 200 pics we took just today