the deeper i get into my spirituality

the more i seek to follow God, but for different reasons

i think the way Christianity is taught is simply

“do this because God said so”

and we may never be taught why God said so, or when God said so, or how God said so

the deeper i get into my walk, the more i realize the value of reading the bible for structure and context

but also how above all else, a personal relationship with God matters

that when i do what i am called to do and i live a life that’s pleasing to Him, everything makes sense and everything falls into place

i read the bible to see how God speaks to other people, so i can open myself to have Him speak to me. but i recognize that the bible was written by different men at different points of history and i ought to look to the books for specific purposes, never forgetting that personal relationship with God is important

reading the word give me the who, what, where, when and how about God

so that i can work on my specific relationship with Him