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Didn't they already try to do something against net neutrality last year (or 2 years ago ) ? Are they going to try each year until they win?...

basically they’re hoping that each time less and less people will notice or care and eventually they’ll get away with it, which is why it’s so so important to keep noticing, keep caring, and keep preventing this amazing bullshit from ever happening :Tb

Kimmy reads PJO (finally!)

*grins like a loon at the book*

It’s just hilarious and makes me smile and I needed it right now…

And okay, I already have something very important to notice. Look at it. A book about kids who actually behave like kids, not like in all those adult written books with overly mature teenagers.

I love this *v*

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And my glad put aside for a moment…There are two things that will change in this blog.

1. 'the host’ tags now come with ‘cyndago’ tags, not ‘markiplier’ tags.(Other cyndago original characters (sliver, bim, ed, the author ect…) also include)

When I watched Markiplier TV, I think, ‘Now Cyndago’s characters are include Markiplier’s alter ego world? That’s nice.’…But it was just a awful guess. I was thinking wrong. They were Cyndago’s characters from the beginning. A few days ago I modified the tags of previous posts. If the ‘markiplier’ tag is attached to future posts, it will not be meaning as ‘Markiplier’s creation’ but as 'Actor’(or ‘character’ Markiplier).

2. The host and King of the Squirrels long story AU are all stop.

I’ll continue to draw some short story AU(like this) and doodles, but this or this are permanently stopped. Especially this was already temporarily stopped because of the WKM… Now it has been decidedly stopped. Sorry…

And in the near future, The host and King of the Squirrels arts are separated into a their tag(ex: host&king, H&K…whatever), or separate into other blog. This is totally for my convenience. Well, now they are officially in a different world, however sometimes I want them to be together. So I’m going to take action on that.


This is all I want to say. I had think hard about these two things during the break, and I came to this conclusion. And I was writing this post in Korean, however, I thought that I should inform people who don’t know Korean, so I changed it to English. Sorry for clumsy English…Also thank you for reading the long post! b^^d

Alright, listen up y’all. Long post but very very important! Please read.

I’ve been getting lots of asks (sometimes three in the span of a single effing minute) that are all blatant copies of the same ask just with the characters changed. Kinda like this:

“Hey can I get UT UF SF bros reacting to their so being blah blah blah?”

“Hey can I get US MT UL bros reacting to their so being blah blah blah?”

“Hey can I get WT YT HT bros reacting to their so being blah blah blah?”

This makes me want to just delete each and every one of these altogether. Because while it’s technically not breaking my Rules, but you might as well be. It shows that you don’t care about flooding me with identical asks so long as you get your replies. 

You didn’t even bother to try to make them look even a little different, you didn’t care! Oh Mod Angel’s nothing but a headcanon bot! We just feed her asks and she spits out headcanons and imagines! Easy-peasy!

Look, I have no problems (so long as you read and abide by my rules) with doing follow up asks! If I answered your ask and you liked it and want to see the same one with different characters then feel free to send in another ask requesting the same but with new characters! But DO NOT just flood my inbox with multiple asks that are the same all at once!!!

tl;dr If I get any more like the ones I mentioned above then I’m just going to delete them as soon as I see them. 


Hello everybody. As you can see there has been a lack of aesthetics lately. There is a reason for that that. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna share this but I feel like I should explain why I haven’t been making aesthetics for all of you. 

Around two to three weeks ago I tried to take my own life. In the end I wasn’t able to go through with it. But it still left a mental scar that won’t go away for a very long time. And after the attempt to end my life I have been getting panic attacks quite frequently. So making things has been very hard. I can’t focus on anything. Even getting out of bed is hard. 

So I just wanted to tell you all why I haven’t been making you all aesthetics. I love each and everyone of you. And your support has actually meant a lot to me. It might seem cheesy but seeing that someone cares about what I have made makes me really happy. 

- Love Vivi

Quick Notice!

I (J) live in the UK, and we’ve just been hit with Daylight Savings Time. Just wanted to let you guys know that that means that uploads may come at a different time for your timezone for a little while! Musical uploads will always be at 1pm British Time, every sunday, if you’d like to convert that into your time.


The 3 Queens of Westeros: A Costume Meta

I should be finishing my  sewing projects but here I am writing this meta lmao.
I had a lot of requests for it, so I hope you enjoy it :D

Season 7 clearly had three major characters when we talk about outfits: Cersei, Daenerys and Sansa. I’m gonna talk about Jon’s outfits later but these three ladies are the hot topic when we talk  about hidden meanings. So here we go.

They are Queens

I know Sansa wasn’t crowned [yet] as Queen in the North but let’s be honest she was the queen in the north this season. And not only we feel that, but her costumes have common elements to Daenerys’s and Cersei’s that [alongside with other things] makes me believe she will be fighting for the title of Queen of Westeros next season. The more I analyse the costumes more evident it gets. Also Michele Clapton herself makes sure to talk about Sansa’s outfits everytime she talks about the queen’s costumes, to make sure we’re aware Sansa is connected to it.

Their Inspirations

The first important thing to notice is how the costumes these characters wear mimic characters they are trying, intentionally or not, to be like. The items they wear, the colors but most important the textures they wear show who they are trying to become.

Cersei is mirroring her father, Tywin Lannister more and more. Tywin was a man of black clothing and the texture of his coats would be more rudimentary if he wanted to show  aggression  or smoother at moments he was less a general. Cersei does the same at moments she’s negotiating in private.

She’s  also wearing high collars as her father used to.

Daenerys is mirroring her brother Viserys..She is slowly losing her own style [skirts, long winged sleeves and lots of dragonscales] and heading to a more straight style that resembles her brother.

Sansa is also mirroring her brother. Well, actually her cousin, not that she’s aware that. But aside from episode 7, all Sansa’s outfits are the female version of Jon’s costume as King in the North.If we think Jon actually mimics Robb and Ned, we could also say Sansa mimics them as well.

As the show builds them as wannabe final queens of Westeros they connect through similar elements to show how they share this important role, but at the same time, they wear slightly different versions of items to show how they differ from each other too.

They all wear dark colors.

Sansa wears light grey outfits with brown tones and very few black details. Daenerys wears dark grey with red and silver elements. And Cersei is the only one who actually wears black with lots of silver items.

Cersei is mourning for her children so the  black is always there. By the end of the season as her pregnancy goes on, her dresses became more greyish but the black details still appear. It’s important to notice how Cersei is so obsessed with the Iron Throne she distance herself from the Lannister colors. We see no more red on her outfits, only black and grey with a very few touches of gold.

Sansa is the character more connected to her house colors this season. Grey is the official Stark color alongside brown in the show, and these are the colors we see her wearing all the time, to show her loyalty to house Stark, to Jon and to the North. She wears a lot of unusual textures which I tinfoil  bit about their significance here if you’re interested.

Daenerys is on the edge this season. The more she embraces her Targaryen side more she loses her own clothing trademarks and colors. At her first scene at Dragonstone we see her very usual style, but at the end of episode 7 she’s wearing a way more Targaryen style. I think this is such a shame, since Daenerys’s outfits at season 5 and 6 were so elaborated and full of beautiful details. As season 7 goes her costumes became way more plain, we see no rich embroidery or dragon textures anymore.

Her color became a very dark grey, and she’s wearing red for the very first time, which is literally a red sign. The more red she wears more threatening she is trying to look.

It’s nice to notice that Daenerys was half way madness this season, with very questionable decisions. My guess is that the moment she embraces “fire and blood” for real, she’ll finally wear black and red instead of dark grey and red. Daenerys as a villain would wear only blackwith waaaaaaaaaay more red. A complete red outfit is unlikely but the more red she wears more a threat to everyone else she becomes.

They wear a crown

Michele Clapton only gave a crown to Cersei when she was officially crowned Queen. That’s why Daenerys doesn’t have a crown yet neither have Sansa. But they do have a representation of a crown, they wear chains.
If we look back at season 6, before Cersei blows the Sept of Baelor, she wears a chain on her outfit. At that moment she feels powerful, she feels as the true queen because she knows Margaery is going to die. But she wasn’t wearing a crown there, she was wearing a silver chain to symbolize the crown she would wear very soon.

Daenerys and Sansa do the same. Daenerys has this silver chain built over a dorsal spine of a dragon. It represents her strength as  a  dragon queen. It’s very dramatic as Daenerys likes to wear and the silver imo makes a reference to the Iron Throne as well.

Sansa’s chain is very humble when we look at it. Its meaning is also very unique for her. Sansa’s chain is part of her necklace which represents a stitch. Sansa’s chain ends on a needle she hitches at her belt as Jon hitches Longclaw to his. The needle is her weapon, she sews her own destiny with it, and it represents her pride and feeling of safety. It’s important to notice Sansa’s chain is vibrant golden to counter Cersei’s and Daenerys’s and show Sansa has a different kind of “crown” and its inspiration is not the Iron Throne itself.

They have the same silhouette

One of the most fabulous thing about her costumes is the fact they look so similar and yet so different at the same time. They all have the same a similar shape when we look at the shoulders, but in three different versions of it.

Cersei wears a more rounded kind of shoulder pad. Daenerys wears a more triangular one while Sansa wears a more squared shape.

The shoulders may seem a very stupid detail at first but it’s nice to notice Stannis, Robb, Robert, Renly, Tommen and Joffrey they all had different shoulder shapes on their costumes.

I could tinfoil a bit and say the shoulder pads represent somehow what these characters care for and carry over their shoulders as rulers, but their individual meaning I’m not very certain so I leave it to your interpretation.

They wear an armour

All of them wear a piece of clothing to represent an armour somehow.

The more threatened Cersei feels, more embroidery she wears on her costumes and higher the collars on her outfits become.

When she meets Euron for the first time she’s so triggered the embroidery of her outfit is almost ridiculous. She wears them as a protection to her neck, [we would probably do the same if a witch have told us the valonqar was coming for it, right?].

At moments she wants to feel  powerful, her embroidery armour became very threatening, almost as if was thorns coming out of her costume. It’s pure art to be honest.

As Daenerys is never on defensive mode, her armour is way more an item for attack. She wears her chain as a shoulder armour when she fights and  adds a cape to it to send a political message during a meeting. A red one if she’s being aggressive or a more friendly color if she’s being more tolerant as a queen. When she doesn’t see need for a warning, she doesn’t wear it.

Sansa is the most humble queen when we talk about costumes as you can see. Sansa is always protecting her shoulders from the cold, but when she sides with Arya to defeat Littlefinger she changes her fur cloak to a cape with a wood that resembles Arya’s coat. During Littlefinger’s trial she even wears it over only one shoulder as Arya does. Every time Sansa was in a dangerous situation she wore a cape. This tradition was kept at season 7 too, so the cape is her armour.

Cersei x Daenerys

One of the most interesting outfits for Cersei imo is the one she wears at the Dragonpit. Michele Clapton said that was a sort of “undercover Cersei” outfit. It was supposed to make you believe she was being honest but it should reveal she was actually lying the whole time, if you’re smart enough to notice.

Her costume is grey, to deceive you and make you believe she’s not that evil being she is. The black is there as a reminder of her mourning, but the embroidery is not visible over her neck. It makes us believe she’s not on a defensive mode like a lioness. But when we look it at close we see her silhouette looks like there’s a shoulder armour hidden over her coat, and when she turns around we see her threatening back detail. It’s a warning sign almost as she was holding a hidden dagger on her back. That’s precisely its meaning.

The interesting part is that Daenerys winter coat have a similar feature. The threatening back is also there, in Viseryon colors. Of course it may only be a reference to dragons, but if it means something more I leave it up to you.

Cersei x Sansa

Sansa and Cersei share a lot of past experiences together, but at this season they share a very similar outfit. When Arya is questioning Sansa’s loyalty to Jon, Sansa wears one of her most amazing  dresses ever, with only her cloak.  Her  outfit resembles a lot the outfit Cersei wears when Jaime leaves at episode 7. It’s funny to see Sansa is talking about fighting together to  win the great war while wearing this costume, and Cersei is talking about letting the entire north die in the great war while wearing her version of this costume.

Sansa x Daenerys

I have a huge meta about how Daenerys looks resembles Sansa a lot this season and I tinfoil a bit why this is happening, but Daenerys battle suit is waaay more similar to Sansa’s standard dress this season than to any of Cersei’s outfits. At her most vulnerable moments Daenerys wears a very similar hairstyle to Sansa’s as well. Especially around Jon, Daenerys’s looks seem to approach way more to Sansa’s and the reasons for that I leave it up to you too.

Winter is here.

Before the end I’d like to talk about the winters outfit.
Jon’s winter costume is amazing. I really love it. It’s just what I think the King in the North should wear.A lot of people thought his coat matches Daenerys’s. Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t.

His whole costume is very connected to the wildlings, specially to Mance Rayder. Jon’s costume is a younger and more luxous version of Mance’s outfit, with a little bit of Jon Snow on it, with his huge cloak protecting his nape.

I think it’s a very clever joke, about Jon being the King beyond the wall, either he’s aware of it or not. It’s also nice to notice how Jon’s position with Daenerys this season resembles a lot Mance’s with Stannis. They were both trying to save their people from the threat beyond the wall; They  face a ruler who enjoys burning people alive demanding them to bent the knee. Jon’s lines sometimes echo Mance’s and they have this inner struggle of saving their people or losing their respect by submitting to a southerner ruler. Jon is Mance 2.0 this season and this costume reflects that.

Daenerys’s winter coat is very peculiar. The first thing I noticed is how it didn’t look warm enough to be north the Wall. And if we see the backstage shoots we see Emilia was actually freezing on it, because it wasn’t a  warm coat at all.
The dragon back is a reference to Viserys, that’s where its color comes from.

The texture with furs is imo a reference to the Night King himself.While Jon’s is a random pattern made with fur, Daenerys is a regular and somehow geometrical pattern just like the NK. Daenerys’s outfit presents her a the ultimate enemy to the WW’s. Almost as a Yin/Yang thing. She was supposed to be  an alternate, more humanized version of him. Their outfits are two sides of the same coin. His is all in black and blue tones that evoke the cold and frozen winter, while Daenerys’s is all white and cream with touches of silver, to evoke the snow and beauty of the winter.

Daenerys wearing white is something we see a lot when she is trying to be a savior.She used to wear only white at Meereen, where she was considered a mother, a mhysa. So now that she feels like a savior again, rescuing all those people, the white is back.

To be honest with all the drama they put on Daenerys’s wardrobe I was expecting a much more impressive coat for her beyond the wall costume.

This coat it’s not something I really like to be honest, not because I find it ugly or something like that  but bc this coat kind of disappointed me as a costume maker, because I know Michele Clapton could do so much better for a winter design, specially for Daenerys which is such a drama queen when we talk about outfits.

I was thinking a lot about Clapton’s motivations, and then I realized Daenerys’s is not wearing the best winter outfit in the show because Clapton is keeping her best winter design for Sansa.

If Sansa really is going to be crowned Queen in the North next season she’ll have to wear an amazing outfit that stands out how much she IS a Winter Queen. Her costumes will have to be gorgeous so the viewers will look at it and have no doubt about which queen really rules the north.

I’ve always enjoyed Daenerys’s costumes but this season I must say Cersei’s were far better. Now that winter is here I want to see Sansa’s outfits as well.  I’m so excited. Lmao.

Very Important Notice!

Hi my loves, it’s Queen <3 

I know I haven’t really been around too much lately and I apologize. When I first started this blog I was so excited to write about my favorite sports series and make new friends and bring content to people of all races, genders, sexualities, etc. It still brings me great joy to this day, looking through my inbox and looking through everything I have written for you guys. But I will update you as to why I haven’t really been here.

Last month, a few days before my 20th birthday, I lost a very important person in my life. My step father was more than just a step father to me. He meant more to me than my actual father. I love and cared for him, and he was the person I could confide in whenever anything went wrong. I’m still grieving, I’m still in pain, and it won’t be easy to get over something like this. But I will continue to write, and I will continue to be here for you guys, even though it won’t be as often as it was in the beginning. 

I might be here on and off, I’ll be moving out of my home and into an apartment soon since my family can no longer afford it since my step father died, but I thank you all for making my experience on here the best. It’s more than i could ever ask for. 

This isn’t goodbye loves! Not at all! I’m not going anywhere for a while! 

But this is just asking for you to give me some time. I love you.

I need to say something, and I need you to listen, because this is important.

Ever noticed how the first and most fervent people to vouch for the character of serial predators are stars in their fields? That’s not an accident. People who get away with this shit for as long as these guys do aren’t stupid. They punch down and pander up. Always. They only get caught when they lose enough control to make a mistake.

Of course they’ve got friends in high places. No one’s going to go after big names. No one harasses their boss or the people who could make or break their career. Predators target assistants. Hopefuls. Credulous, eager kids too new to have a support system.

And then, when they finally slip up, there are all these heroes, these luminaries, jumping in to talk about how nice and gracious and good they are. How they deserve a fifth or tenth or seventeenth chance.

They’ll go to the same people with crocodile tears and redemption arcs, and it’ll work over and over, because the most useful marks are the ones who are sincere, who really want to believe in you. Who want to help.

So, when this story next repeats–as it seems to every day or so–don’t just look at the people standing up to say that we should all give X a chance. Look at what’s been left in their wake. Look for the people they had power over. Look for the people they still do.

Look for the big gaps: for instance, the generations where women aren’t really represented in companies. Look for the people who went silent. The people who left their dream jobs and beloved fields, or were left behind.

And if you’re someone stumping for a pal’s redemption? Take a long, hard look at the kind of accountability you’re seeing. Consider that you may be a means to an end as much as anything else. And consider the damage you may be compounding.

Look: I’m not saying change is impossible, or that people who’ve fucked up can’t be on the level. I believe those things, wholeheartedly; and I’ve seen them firsthand.

But if you’re going to tell skeptics and people in pain that they’re wrong, that they don’t have a right to be afraid and angry? You’d better have thought long and hard about the power dynamics in play–and your own role in them.

Notice: Do not, by any means, share any info on me to a user by the name of ‘eurusmcmxciii’.

They’ve been going to users such as glittahgurl and my other blog asking about me. Questions such as my age, gender, where I live, what I look like and others.

I’m quite disgusted by this and would like my followers to just not tell them anything, it’s honestly a bit creepy.

Important Changes

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last posted and I decided that I’m gonna make changes to this blog. Instead of this being a blog for all five souls, I’m gonna just make this a blog for Brie, my patient soul. She’s really the only one I have a muse for and I’ve been refraining from actually doing anything with her yet because I wanted to finish refs and bios for all my souls. But like I said, I really only have a muse for Brie.

Anyway, later today I’ll be changing the blog name, deleting old posts and setting this blog up as one just for Brie. However I’m not getting rid of the other souls completely, they’ll still be mentioned and make cameos now and then. I might also have days where they can be interacted with if I have a really strong muse for them.

Anyway that’s all for now, I hope you all understand.

I’m so sorry
I’m going to take a hiatus for a bit
Just for a few days
Because of finals
And I’m really uncomfortable with things
I’ll still be on Discord
And I will probably post at least one art a day
But other than that I just can’t
I’m so so sorry
I wish I could