Before any of you guys try and call Mike Zacharius a coward or anything negative. Let me remind you of some things.

-Mike was humanity’s strongest soldier before Levi Ackerman came along


-Levi has inhuman strength that only Ackerman’s have and therefore doesn’t count as the average human. Before you fight me on that read the manga. Same goes for Mikasa.

-Mike was outnumbered by titans. The chances of survival were very slim and he knew this when he left without asking anyone to follow because he did not want them to die

I swear if any of you say he screamed like a little girl when he died let me remind you of some other things.

-You fuckin would too.

-Mike was RIPPED APART by titans. SEVERAL SMALL TITANS. He was not eaten in one bite. He was torn to shreds. Bones crushed. Flesh ripped open. Organs ruptured. Limbs torn off. Need I say more? Thats an excruciating feeling I can only imagine. Most of us cry when we stub our fucking toe.

-Mike wanted nothing but to save humanity and he died in the process just like your stupid little Marco and Petra. He just got farther in doing so. So don’t you dare call him anything other than brave or a hero.

~Friendly Reminder to Fanfiction Readers~

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Important thingy...

So I’ve been reading the comments on my comics and most of them show so much love… thank you
I need to tell you that if I don’t answer(I always answer as “theblobazard”) some comments is because the GODDAMN NOTIFICATIONS DON’T WORK FOR SH*T. Buh-bye

also this scene is pretty underrated because kaneki’s stepping up to comfort her. and you can tell they’re closer now because the last time he comforted her during the daughter arc— i.e. “if touka-chan were to die, i’d be sad"— he was standing up, but this time he moved to sit beside her. and kaneki willingly opening up to her about how he feels is a huge step for their relationship as well. whether you wanna see them as a ship or not is up to you, but it’s important to notice the character and relationship development here.

Taken for Granted (pt 2)

A/N: I’ll go back to texts in the next part, it just didn’t fit with this part. Want part 3?? LET ME KNOW!

P.s. probably won’t be too active till like next week.

Part 1

You had always been close to the guys…well at least six of them. You had worked as an intern at BigHit when the guys were trainees and eventually debuted. However, you moved onto a bigger and better job, but still managed to stay good friends with the group. You somehow ended up at JYP in hopes of being a manager one day. But you were still one of their treasured friends, and they valued your input towards the group.

You don’t know when the feelings started. Well to be completely honest, you didn’t even realize you had these feelings for Namjoon. But what Hoseok said was true. You were always shy around him, but somehow making him happy became important to you. You noticed all the subtle things about him and studied him like a book unconsciously. Before you knew it, you knew all the things he loved and all the things he resented.

But he became increasingly cold towards you. He never really treated you like the other boys, who were always open and friendly with you. And maybe that’s why you fell for him. Because you had to figure him out and he was always on your mind. He became your favorite puzzle to solve and once it was solved, it became your hobby making sure the puzzle stayed whole and beautiful.

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Very Important Notice!

Hi my loves, it’s Queen <3 

I know I haven’t really been around too much lately and I apologize. When I first started this blog I was so excited to write about my favorite sports series and make new friends and bring content to people of all races, genders, sexualities, etc. It still brings me great joy to this day, looking through my inbox and looking through everything I have written for you guys. But I will update you as to why I haven’t really been here.

Last month, a few days before my 20th birthday, I lost a very important person in my life. My step father was more than just a step father to me. He meant more to me than my actual father. I love and cared for him, and he was the person I could confide in whenever anything went wrong. I’m still grieving, I’m still in pain, and it won’t be easy to get over something like this. But I will continue to write, and I will continue to be here for you guys, even though it won’t be as often as it was in the beginning. 

I might be here on and off, I’ll be moving out of my home and into an apartment soon since my family can no longer afford it since my step father died, but I thank you all for making my experience on here the best. It’s more than i could ever ask for. 

This isn’t goodbye loves! Not at all! I’m not going anywhere for a while! 

But this is just asking for you to give me some time. I love you.

Tips for debating

I’ve debated in high school and have been seeing a lot of arguments stem from discussions about sensitive topics recently. So, I figured why not help others by giving tips so they can have an informative discussion. 

  • Be respectful - your opponent’s opinion may seem ridiculous even wrong to you but they also could believe that about your opinion. So try not to make your opponent seem dumb or inconsiderate because their views are different.
  • Try to use legitimate sources as much as possible when using facts.
  • Listen to your opponent - their side of the debate is just as important as yours, no matter how idiotic or frustrating it may seem to you.
  • Stay calm - try as much as possible to not get angry, no matter how ignorant the other person’s view may be.
  • Ask questions - if you don’t understand certain aspects of your opponent’s argument then ask.
  • Admit when you make a mistake - this is the hardest part of a debate, admitting when you were in the wrong. 

hopefully, this will help those of you who wish to change someone’s opinion.


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Khal Drogo x Reader (Requested by Anon)

Hello! Could I request a Khal Drogo x Reader fic where she works as his translator/interpreter and one day she translates for Khal when an important guest arrives. But then the guest keeps hitting on her and being insulting when she turns him down. Khal can’t understand and the Reader doesn’t say anything to Khal because she knows the guest is important. But Khal notices she’s upset/withdrawn and ends up finding out. Thank you my lovely!

When you first started working for Khal Drogo, you hated it because, well, you were his slave. You were a translator for him as he only spoke his native tongue, and you spoke six other tongues - including his. You learned to love what you did, as you knew all of the important things going on in the tribe and what business your Khal was doing. You were sworn to secrecy with all of the business you heard and translated and you spent most of your time with Drogo. The only moments you weren’t with him was when you were bathing and sleeping.

You knew Drogo treated you differently than his other slaves; he favored you. He appreciated the translating, but he would have you sit either in front of him or on his lap when you weren’t doing what you were bought for. He liked to have you stay in his tent with him most nights, though you did have a cot in the slaves tent. He never raped you, or let anyone else rape you. He wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do unless it was telling him what someone had said.

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 My own record is not working so here is what I want to share about this scene between Ardyn and Noctis that I noticed. (skip to 6.20 in the video)

-6.52 Ardyn points at Noctis with Prompto’s gun saying “Remember this ? Ah, I should’ve asked if you remember him.” It’ Ardyn assimilates the gun to Prompto, obviously.

-7.03 Ardyn holds Prompto’s gun against Noctis’s heart.

-7.07 Noctis tries to take the gun but Ardyn won’t let him and say “You mustn’t take what’s not yours.” Since Ardyn assimilates Prompto to this gun, I believe he means Noctis took away Prompto (who was not supposed to be his, since he was meant to become an MT and belong to the empire. Cuz seriously why would Ardyn care if Noctis takes the gun)

-7.10 “He ?” I don’t know if Ardyn is asking this question because he wants to deny Prompto to be considered as a human by never calling him He and pretending he has to think before understanding what Noctis means by He OR if he says this because he finds it amusing that Noctis is not interested to find the crystal but his main goal is to know where is Prompto.

-7.25 “I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see you. And you might even find your crystal.” Ardyn knows exactly how important Prompto is to Noctis. So important he noticed that Prompto comes first in Noctis’s list of “things to retrieve”, even before the crystal (and his throne) when it should be his main goal, the only thing he focuses on. But no, Noctis wants to get Prompto back before anything else. And Ardyn knows it. (And I wouldn’t mention it if the loading screen of the game didn’t mention the fact that a king can never look back and has to push forward. Noctis should just leave Prompto and go for the crystal first. But he won’t.)

-7.42 “I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friend.” Ardyn leaves, and he makes sure Noctis will come by reminding him Prompto needs him. He doesn’t talk about the crystal as the last thing, but about Prompto.

Also, when you’re wandering in Zegnatus Keep trying to find Prompto, there is a moment when Ardyn says “Your heart’s desire is so close now.” He could be talking about the crystal, but Noctis’s first goal is still to find Prompto. And remember where Ardyn hold Prompto’s gun on the train scene ? Yep. Noctis’s heart. 

I’m so sorry
I’m going to take a hiatus for a bit
Just for a few days
Because of finals
And I’m really uncomfortable with things
I’ll still be on Discord
And I will probably post at least one art a day
But other than that I just can’t
I’m so so sorry
I wish I could



Sorry guys no show later tonight/tomorrow because of these following reasons

1) I have finals next week and I need to start studying.
2) I have a roommate that’s moving in tomorrow and…the apartment is a MESS
3) The website where I host the show had a change in the free policy and I cannot afford to pay to continue hosting there so I have to find a new place in where I can do the podcast. Which i haven’t yet (if you have any ideas send them my way thank you)

*cries* I’ll miss you guys this week

If you are in testing seasons remember to sleep enough (7-8 hours preferably but lets be honest..), eat blueberries, eat green leafy vegetables, drink lots of water, and remember to take breaks when studying. Also stop studying right before the test, take some downtime to call down those anxious feelings and remember to take a deep breath.

If you do great on a test GOOD JOB! That’s amazing! Keep up the good work friend!

If you do not so hot..that’s okay! School and tests are not everything. It can be so frustrating to not get the score you want/need but remember that there is always more to life than a test score that you won’t remember years down the road.

MOST IMPORTANT REMEMBER TO TREAT YOURSELF AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You are your best ally during these test times. How much you take care of yourself can directly impact how you do on your exams. So take care friends

We shall resume your regularly scheduled program next week when my testing is over ^^

deep, deep, really deep down: some more textual evidence in defense of lesbian vilde

so in preparation for the new (ahem, sana main) season, i’ve been doing a rewatch of season 2 and there’s a little piece of direction/dialogue that i think supports the reading of vilde experiencing compulsory heteronormativity throughout the first two seasons:

it starts in that moment where vilde sees noora and william kissing at the end of 5:12. even in my first watch-through of season 2, i thought it was a strange choice - the mold of skam is for us as an audience to experience events through the perspective of one character, right? so the decision to give us even a few seconds of vilde’s perspective actually makes a profound change to the way we experience the next few episodes.

it becomes most obvious in the conversation between noora and sana in 8:12: noora says she’s worried that vilde will be “devastated” when she tells her about william. in response, we get this sensational dialogue from sana:

…she knows. that william isn’t hers. deep down. deep, deep, really deep down. in the inner cells of her body, there’s an atom. in that atom, there is a proton. in that proton, there’s a small, sealed box. inside that sealed box, there’s another box. and inside that box, that’s where she knows.

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The Time The Power Rangers Organized A Pride Parade:

(Okay so all of this came from me holding onto hope of a female Tommy Oliver who flirts with everyone but is actually a huge softie dork who starts crushing on Zack cause she saw him save a puppy AND find it a new home once, enjoy)

  • Tommy Oliver just strutting up to the group one day in full suit after the Rangers fight an enemy and introducing herself
  • Tommy Oliver blatantly flirting with all five of them
  • Kimberly flirts back, Trini just scrutinizes her and doesn’t say anything (she’s not used to the whole trusting people who haven’t sworn their life to you thing) she’s not jealous at all what do you mean, Zack always stumbles out a reply – witty or otherwise – not really used to new people blatantly flirting with him but not really minding it either he’ll never admit he enjoys it, Jason is just business as usual and goes off to talk to Billy, Billy doesn’t catch on at first because he doesn’t see the point since he’s dating Jason but as soon as he does he shuts her down by explaining and she just nods in understanding
  • That nod is what ultimately gives her away, as Kimberly will later tell her “Douches don’t back off when someone says they’re in a relationship. Not saying harmless flirting made you a douche, power to you on using your talents, we’ve just had bad past experiences with haughty Green Rangers so I needed reassurance”
  • Tommy Oliver becoming best bros with Kimberly because Kim’s learned to see through when people are putting up an act “takes one to know one” and all that so Kim approaches her wanting to become friends and succeeds
  • Tommy is the first one who figures out Kim’s crush on Trini
  • Kimberly’s the first to figure out Tommy’s crush on Zack
  •  Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart hanging out together, training and taking their zords out for spins together
  • Both of them teasing the other, trying to get each other to make a move on their crushes
  • Trini and Zack are highkey lowkey jealous cause they think Tommy and Kim are dating
  • After a couple of weeks Trini and Zack are finally done with moping and being jealous and they just want to be happy for their friends so they just walk up to Tommy and Kim on one of their, what they assume to be, ‘dates’ to finally settle the issue
  • They start heading towards them to confront them when suddenly Tommy and Kimberly start to leave
  • Kim’s the first to see them and goes “Well we were just discussing this and you guys appeared so I guess it’s a sign. Trini, will you go out with me? On a date? the romantic kind?”
  • Tommy joins in “Zack, I know we haven’t hung out much outside of protecting the world but I’d really like to change that, would you like to grab coffee with me sometime?”
  • And they’re both super nervous waiting for a reply
  • And Trini and Zack are just so??? Confused??? They came here to have their hearts broken and this is the literal opposite???? They just nod their assent and Kim and Tommy happily skip out together
  • GiANt RaNGEr TRiplE DaTEs
  • Angel Grove is still a really small town and soon everyone knows about them and sometimes the less accepting residents pick on Billy and Trini and Tommy who are all quieter in school to avoid drawing attention to themselves (All of them being in the same friend group is already suspicious enough. They’re pretty sure Saturday detention is the only thing holding up their cover) and Kim, Jason and Zack take none of this shit and shut everyone down -0.2 seconds before they even start talking (at least whenever they’re around to see it happen) but people still don’t listen and Kim, Jason and Zack are so d/w everyone’s shit
  • So the Power Rangers have an honest to god pride parade to get people to get their heads out of their asses and its all beautiful and more importantly a huge success cause who in their right mind would want to go against people who control giant fucking robots that could step on you who also saved your entire town
  • (The Zords had to sit it out cause the town is still being rebuilt. Kimberly did, however, fly her Zord over the town and showered it with rainbow dyed flower petals towards the end of the day.)
  • The Power Rangers themselves make an appearance wearing their pride flags as capes
  • Kimberly and Jason have the bisexual pride flag as their capes, followed by Zack with the Pansexual pride flag, Billy with the Demisexual pride flag, Tommy with the LGBT+ pride flag because “Labels aren’t my thing” and finally Trini with the LGBT+ flag because she still isn’t comfortable with labels because of everything with her parents, but she wears arm bands with the Lesbian pride flag’s colours, a small sign of rebellion against her parents and a huge symbol of how much the Rangers have helped her overcome.
  • And the pride rally and the media go w i l d
  • The more conservative media publishes titles like “So the flamboyant suits were just SJW propaganda this WHOLE TIME” (Shoutout to @trinis-beanie-says-it-all for the title) the next day while everyone else just celebrate that the Earth’s protectors stand with equality for all
  • Even with the media frenzy, for the next few days all that’s being posted on the Power Rangers social media accounts, handled by Billy and Zack obviously, is every cute LGBT+ couple they see (whom they always ask for permission, while in full suit as per Zordon’s request). Also, people are a lot more comfortable coming out in Angel Grove with the knowledge that the Power Rangers have their backs
  • The media is just losing its shit, both good and bad, while the Power Rangers are just hailed as LGBT+ icons
  • No one important really notices as the group quietly slips in pictures of them with their significant others into the ever-growing collection of cute couples on the Rangers’ social media accounts.

I just really love these dorky kids who love their s/o’s with all their hearts and just want other people to   a p p r e c i a t e  them  p l e a s e, okay?

Also, this got way longer than intended, I apologise.

Lance AU

  • Okay but like what if one day Lance crashes into an alien planet and for some reason Blue isnt working and communicators are down and he realizes that hes alone. (And for some reason Blue cant fix herself… pls bear with me.)
  • The first few months Lance is barely getting by. He does some small jobs to get the food he needs and soma scrap parts for Blue. (He’s gotten skinnier and more cunning. He also sleeps in Blue bc he wants to remember NEEDS to remember that the other paladins are looking for him. He needs Blue to remind him.)
  • But as time goes by he starts question whether the paladins are really looking for him. So Lance decides to just live there for the time being… he gets a military job, buys/rents a house, and starts making an image of himself. (He forgets to continue fixing Blue but still remembers her… She obviously told him that it was okay for him to do this.) He becomes well known and jumps up the ranks in the military. His skills improve, hes the best of the best, he has alot of power, he is a hero to some (But honestly hes just really lonely.)
  • Then one day, on a patrol/battle, Lance comes across someone. (Someone who was taught to be a emotionless killing machine) (Im using they/them cuz who knows if its a girl or boy… who knows?) This person is captured and everyone wants to kill them but not Lance. He believes that they can become someone better.
  • So Lance takes it upon himself to teach this person all about love and care. (Obviously it would take a long time. He gets hurt in the process. He sometimes almost dies. But other times, he laughs. He tells them all about his life, about his family in earth, about the paladins, and eventually about his insecurities. He jokes and they laugh. He feels like hes finally doing something good.)
  • after a while he starts to see that they arent as aggressive and that they are more calm and he might even say trustworthy.(they just really love Lance. They would die for him. They really appreciate what Lance did for them and what better way to return the favor than to protect Lance?) So he decides to partner with them. They both work together. They fight together. They live together. (By this time, many years have passed) The person helps Lance get through his loneliness, his anxiety, his troubles. Lance helps them too. And so both of them heavily rely on each other that if they are separated they cant function normally.
  • And then one day, Blue calls out to him. she tell him that she ready, shes fixed, they can go home. Lance doesnt know whether to be happy or sad. He doesnt want to leave but he knows he has to. He knows he has a bigger responsibility. (Voltron and saving the universe) but he doesnt want to leave his friend behind, doesnt want to leave the one person who made all these years better, doesnt want them to feel alone(like he always felt) So he decides to take them with him.
  • they say their goodbyes to the planet and get inside Blue (who lets them get in cuz they have been taking such good care of Lance all this time) and leave of to space.

aaaannnddd thats all i have and i may or may not continue

who knows?
Part 2
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. Of course we have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop!! Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!