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Why do you like Sehun the most?

well I love all of them …. but like….sehun is special.. i cant even explain :( even if I sometimes have the feeling that I start to like another member more then him (its hard to explain) I notice that even tho that member makes me like happy in that moment
its somehow different… like if i see chanyeol smiling (hes my 2 bias) I m like OMGGJDFIGH LOOK AT THIS ANGEL!! WOW ily!!  but when I see sehun smiling its like…..this happiness I feel…like I get so emotional I start crying (it happend a lot of times) and idk I just get excidet about every smol thing :(( i cant explain it i just fell in lov wit him ??????l ike I literally love him…….like…… hes my nr 1 source of happiness and tbh idk what i would do without him hes so important and I just notice more and more things about him, I love the way he does things like i cant explain…….just….the way he talks and moves his body (not dancing just in general) the way he looks at people :( hes just so beautiful and I love him so much…like hes usually more reserved and quiet but you notice that once he gets more confortable (mostly when hes around the members in vlives and stuff) he gets a lot more confident like he can get really hyper (if u watch the vlive with him and chanyeol) and I just love seeing him like that :(( 

my asian racism post has gained 10,000 notes in over less than a week thank u all so much for paying attention!! asian racism goes ignored really often and its important that it gets noticed. im glad that yall are noticing


WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FIRE OR AM (sic) IMAGINARY FIRE.  Right before the wards of Worcester State Hospital were demolished in 2008, I made one final trip out there.  In a sloped-ceilinged top-floor patient room at the end of a ward, I found this uneven set of instructions for what to do if the asylum caught fire (or, apparently, there was an “imaginary fire”).  Rather ironic, given that the asylum was mostly burned out in 1991 fire that was likely arson.  In any case, I found this strange proclamation about seven feet off the ground, near the top of a doorframe, and definitely took the time to photograph it at several different distances.

Print of the wide shot showing the room here.
Print of the detail shot with the instructions here.

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Important notice: I'm going on hiatus

Well guys, I’m sorry to break this to you, but I’m going on hiatus. 

I love, love writing in this blog, and I love you all guys. You’ve been nothing but supportive and sweet and caring and lovely these past few months. But, as it is, I run this blog all on my own, and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with all the asks I receive. I have more than 150 asks to answer yet, so I’ll keep the inbox open until next Tuesday, and then it will be closed so I can catch up with all the work I have left.  

So, this means you’ll get answers from time to time, but they will be very sporadic, since there are things that need sorting out in my life right now (nothing dire, mind you). 

Since I opened this blog, a lot of my free time has been devoted to writing in it, and I’m sorry for letting you hanging there guys, but I’ve run out of ideas and things to say, and I need a bit of time to rethink how I want to approach this website. 

My exams will finish next Tuesday and there are things I want to focus on, both in my professional and personal life. There are some changes I want to make in my life. I want to concentrate in my goals for next term, which will extend to my whole future, tbh: 

  • Work harder, so I don’t feel frustrated when exams don’t turn out as I expected. 
  • Start reading more again. I used to read like, 4 or 5 books per month before opening this blog, and I’ve lost a bit of my concentration ability, and I really want it back. 
  • My health is important, I need to take care of it. 
  • Not being afraid of the things I feel because something exciting could be on the way. Not letting myself being afraid of what could come because of some past heartbreak. 
  • Start drawing again. I loved drawing and it’s been years since I last took a brush up to paint something, and I really really miss it. 
  • Writing more. There are a few projects I want to get my hands on really badly: the book for my niece, my so-long-dreamed novel, my short tales, taking part in a few contests…
  • Taking care of my family. My parents are living a bit of a rough economical situation right now, and even tho we are not suffering from hunger and we have a pretty home to live in, it’s being hard for them, because we lost lots of things they worked for really hard during many years of their life. 
  • Start going out more. This term has being exhausting and I need to catch up in lots of things with my friends. I also want to go to more museums and concerts and talks and I want to be a little bit more involved. 

Well, I think that covers everything I wanted to say. My life is pretty exciting at the moment, in less than three weeks my niece will see all the light in this world and a new term full of possibilities and new chances is coming, but I still have a lot of catching up to do, and there are a few things I’m not happy with. This blog keeps being a distraction (not a bad one, of course) but it takes my time from things I love too, and until I work out how to balance all of this things, I’m going away for a bit. 

SO. My ask will be open until next Tuesday (february the 10th). You can ask me as many things as you like, and then I will close it and start working in catching up with all the answers. But there will be no posts or weblogs or anything else, just answers to ask. I hope you guys understand. I need to disconnect for a while until I feel connected with some things again. 

Cheers, and lots of love. This wouldn’t have come where it is without you guys. Thank you all so much. 

It has come to my attention that Yahoo! is automatically taking down blogs that have copyrighted song material. Some users have mentioned that their blogs got deleted without prior warning. 

Because I don’t rely on luck, I decided to delete every post made or reblogged containing songs from this blog. I also took down the link I have with the Supernatural OST for download. 

I don’t want this blog to get deleted for several reasons, so I hope you understand my decision. 


Blog Moving!

Since one of our inactive mods had been hacked and there’s no way to boot them, we are moving to a new blog and archiving this one.

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. However, whoever is doing this is targeting Autistics for some reason. Please be careful and safe out there.

Until the next time we cross paths.

~Mod Clocky

PS: New blog is currently being built, but is going by the name of “AutpunkRevived”.

Requests Notice!

Okay so with the whole captain!Hydra thing, I’ve decided as kind of a boycott, this blog no longer writes Captain America anything. Whatever has already been written about him/includes him will remain. But nothing new about him is going to turn up. This is really more based on principle, I doubt this going to make a difference, Marvel’s probably just going to do whatever the hell they want anyway. But I personally can’t take part in the slander of one of my favorite characters, as well as disrespect the original creators intentions. 

Honestly just thinking about it makes me physically sick. 

That being said, this will probably be a DC imagines blog mostly, I will still take requests for Marvel characters ( which I will list below) but the Marvel content will probably be pretty thin. Mostly because I’ve been feeling pretty disgusted with Marvel for a while, and if it weren’t for spider-man, I wouldn’t mind dropping it entirely. 

So if there is a Marvel Ban in the future for this blog, don’t be surprised.

On that note, please send me more requests! I haven’t written anything for a pretty long time, and I’ve been going through a writers block lately, I only have a few more things in the queue, so if you guys don’t send in some more headcanons and ideas soon, this blog will pretty much be dry. 

Not blackmail, just a heads up. I’m trying my best to write some stuff, but it just is not working out. 

anyways thanks for reading!

- The official Sunflower Queen. (JK it’s from Sam) 

[ Marvel approved list: Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Matt Murdock, Wade Wilson, Carol Danvers, Thor, Loki, All I can think of for now, will add more later]


Hi everyone. Here’s an important announcement for readers of my fic, ’Quietus’.

After much careful consideration, I have decided to remove all smut scenes written up until now from the Quietus chapters on All future scenes will also not be posted on there.

The reason for this is that scenes of that nature, strictly speaking, are NOT allowed on I know a lot of people have been posting them anyway, but to be honest, I am not willing to risk my story being deleted or my account suspended. Not with how many followers/reviews/favourites/alerts the story and I have gathered over the years.

It just isn’t worth the risk, considering that my story has become so well known and all it takes is one hater person to report it for it to go on record.

So to cover my back, all scenes of this nature will no longer feature on the website. I have also gone back and edited the sensitive material in Chapter 34, where Sakura saves the nymph from the satyrs.

I absolutely do not want to be caught out. For this reason, ‘Consume’ is also going to be removed shortly and any updates for it will be posted exclusively here from now on, only.

BUT DO NOT DESPAIR. I have devised the following way to ensure that you can still access these scenes, if you wish to do so.

You will find this note at the start of chapters which contain scenes of this nature, similar to what I had already:

Notice: This chapter contains smut scenes which are NOT readable on this website. The placement of the scenes are preceded by scene dividers indicated with triple X, as indicated below:




A similar divider will be placed at the end of the scene, and in between will be a number. Please use this number to find the corresponding scene in the SasuSaku Quietus group page on deviantArt, in the folder labelled ‘Love Scenes’. So if the divider is labelled Scene 1, you read scene one.


So to explain this clearly, you will find now, in place of the scene at the end of Chapter 47, for example, the following:





Please visit the deviantART group page if you wish to read the ending scene.




So you have to go to the SasuSaku-Quietus group on deviantART to access the smut scene labelled SCENE 1. Similarly, Scenes 2 and 3 have been indicated in Chapter 48 and have been posted to the folder already, for anyone who has yet to read them/wants to read again,

All current scenes and future ones will be posted in the folder labelled: LOVE SCENES.

You can find this folder towards the bottom of the gallery, next to the Chapter Previews one.

HERE IS THE LINK, which you might want to bookmark.

I haven’t put that link direct on my profile on, as a precaution.

You must be a member on deviantART and login to access these scenes, as they are flagged as Mature Content.

Please consider joining the Quietus Group to receive immediate alerts for when these scenes are posted,


I am really sorry that I have had to do this. It’s actually a real pain for me to have to post in two separate places, and I also realise it is a pain for you all to have to open up another website/login/create an account just to read it (I feel this interrupts the flow of reading, in a way), but as I already stated, I absolutely don’t want to take any more chances. I hope you can all understand and respect that the action I have chosen to take is in the best interests of this story, to ensure that it stays up and available for you all to read. I’m willing to go through a little extra inconvenience if it means securing peace of mind for me and for my lovely readers. This was really bothering me lately, so I finally decided to do something about it,

I will not be posting the scenes on tumblr, for future reference, because I want them to be organised clearly and accessible in one place, without people having to look through tags to find them. I don’t want to link directly to smut on, either. DeviantArt and the group seems to be the most appropriate place to put them.

I will consider posting a copy of the full, uncensored chapters on here, too, in future, but the formatting is a bit of a nightmare when I paste chapter content here.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure of anything, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance for being so understanding, and Merry Christmas again to all of you celebrating tomorrow.

Surgery notice

I am going to be most likely be gone for a few days. On Tuesday, June 28, I am getting surgery. due to Scoliosis in my upper spine. The surgery will be 6 hours long and starts at 6 AM.  I might be able to update everyone if the hospital I am in has free wifi, but otherwise I will be gone. If you need anything send me a message, I will reply as soon as I can and help however I can. Thank you for listening, have a nice day everyone.


Very recently, I took time to completely clear my inbox of all submitted questions. I was back logged beyond comprehension and was continuously receiving questions that I had already answered on multiple occasions. 

Therefore, after clearing my inbox, I am now re-blogging the most frequently submitted questions (for my new followers). 

As I’ve stated before, if you submit a question and do not see it answered, be confirmed that I have already answered a like question and take time to explore through my tags OR the question is inappropriate or beyond my boundaries to answer (especially BEFORE submitting another or new question). 

These re-blogged questions WILL BE RUNNING ON A QUEUE and will be tagged #REBLOG: FAQ.

So, once more, thank you for all you guys support and kind words! Please take notice, If you have submitted a question past the date of 03/14, I will be getting to your questions (if they are within my above stated conditions) very soon! Thank you for your patience


The picture is pretty self-evident. AssCreedTranscribed is celebrating today.

Now would be a good time for me to share my dark secret… You may have noticed this blog has gone from 3+ posts per day to 2 queued posts, and the reason for this is that it’s exam season and all my professors are basically Education Ezio. I haven’t properly transcribed anything for over a month now, instead choosing posts from my old stash or submissions. Don’t you think I’ve given up on this blog or become bored with it though; the real fun with ACIII is just about to start.

And while we’re at it…

A very important notice about ACIII

I have come up with a policy not to post any spoilers about the plot of ACIII. I might post ACIII-related posts, but they won’t give away any plot events or important people. Firstly, because I know you guys would be pissed. Secondly, because I may not finish the game so soon and I would also be pissed if someone spoiled me. So do not dare to submit spoiler material using the Submit Form, or you will feel my damn wrath.

December 21st 2012 is when I start posting story-related spoilers (although I won’t post anything endgame related for a while longer).

Safety and peace.