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A compilation of Gilby (Jeremy Brett’s character in The Wild and the Willing) and doors. A testament to Jeremy’s way with making entrances. :) Just cos. Whether pushing, punching, or swinging a door, my heart is happy for his enterings therein.

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Have you noticed that girls with book related tattoos always read things like Divergent, The Mortal Instruments and John Green... and all of them are like "Literature is the most important thing in my life."

This is sort of true, I’ve encountered about three people with an actual tattoo of a book on them and that’s usually what they like to read. Not anything I like to read, maybe if I was 14 (?), but they still love books, let people like what they want to mate, although it was kind of funny x

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A bunch of people are leaving mean comments on jen's post about the dress and I already unfollowed a bunch of cs'ers who apparently think they're fashion critics now, one even claimed jen was insulting her intelligence with that post. with all this negativity I wouldn' t blame jen if she decided to put the show behind her

I’ve no time for anyone that leaves disrespectful comments on Jen’s or anyone of the casts social media accounts tbh.

If you don’t like something then comment in your own space, don’t direct hate at anyone from the show.

Really getting fed up with all the BA’s in the fandom, whatever section of it they come from and if I see people doing it on here then I’m gone now. Haven’t got time for all the rubbish - there’s more important things going on in the world than whether you like a dress a fictional character is wearing for their own wedding.

Perhaps some people need reminding that they don’t know that character as well as the actual person that’s brought her to life for the past six years. So deal with it respectfully and move the heck on.

About Homosexuality in vnc

This will be pretty short. Sorry. xD SO well, we have the big Vanoé squad, a little Vanijeanne squad and the other Ship-Squads. Well, I want to talk about the thing that we maybe get Vanoé and / or DomiJeanne.

I won’t even say anything about the vnc chapters itself, just some things about pandora hearts and Jun herself.

-Pandora Hearts was supposed to be a shounen ai.

-Elleo was supposed to be canon.

-It’s clearly noticeable that Gil and Oz love each other. (Sorry you can’t tell me otherwise…)

AND the most important thing now I guess:

Jun is probably lesbian herself.

Do you get my points? She didn’t make ph into a shounen ai, maybe she will do with vnc. And she is lesbian herself so, well, she can’t be homophobic or so.

To my beatiful followers;

-Please do not forget do drink enough water!
-Take you medicines daily.
-Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone is different. You are not him or her. You are a special humanbeing who has special talents. Just discover them.
-Eat healthy today! Vegetables and fruits are waiting for you!
-If you are a student, do not forget to study! I know it’s hard and boring. I know you want to play Sims or PES. Just set your time up. You can do both of them if you plan your day.
-Go and do some exercises. You can do 10 Jumping Jacks and 10 crunches in one minute!
-And the most important thing.. Do not forget that I LOVE YOU. Yes, i do. You are important for me. İf you feel bad or good, if you need someone to talk or if you want to ask a question, I’m always here babe.

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Team Let Steven Dye His Hair Pink But Only If He Reclaims It As His Own Instead Of Trying To Imitate Someone Else First Because Really That’s Pretty Fucked Up 2k17