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mary wollstonecraft is a very important lady and you should know some things about her:

  • she’s considered to be one of the founding feminist philosophers of the 18th century and wrote a vindication for the rights of woman which said that women, then thought to be naturally inferior, only seemed this way because of a lack of education
  • in her other works, she also attacks aristocracy, the patriarchy, slavery, and the church of england
  • while most feminists of the time agreed with a lot of what she wrote, they found her personal life too wild and liberal and “passionate”
  • she once tried to woo a married man/convince him to run away with her and he was all “but i’m married” so wollstonecraft asked his wife if she wanted to come along too and be in a polyamorous relationship (the wife said no)
  • she was passionately anti-marriage, but when she did get married it was to famous feminist anarchist william godwin (who was also anti-marriage), and they only married because she was pregnant and they wanted their child to have a better life/have the rights of a legitimate child
  • that child was mary shelley, author of frankenstein and inventor of science fiction

be sure to understand ur s/o’s way of showing affection and make them aware of yours.. some ppl show affection by buying u things and some ppl will say I love u a million times and some will make u breakfast some will leave u the last ice cream, but it’s really important to know about these things bc u could not notice them and feel unloved while your s/o feels taken for granted and it’s just all a big misunderstanding so please talk about these things

I feel like almost all of the guys who’ve had an unreciprocated thing for me developed it because I listened to them and was emotionally supportive, etc., but they themselves never thought to do the same for me. Which ended up with this weird situation where I knew them super well but they literally had zero idea about who I was as a person other than “listens really well and is emotionally supportive.”

Like, they didn’t know the first thing about what was important to me, my beliefs, my family, my work, how I spent my time when I wasn’t with them. Because not a single one of them wanted  to know. They would just… never ask, or they’d ask politely and when I started to answer they’d show extreme disinterest and change the subject back to themselves.

But they still thought they loved me, because to them that’s all love is - being emotionally supported by someone. It did not even occur to them that the support could ever go both ways, and they were always bewildered about why I never loved them “back” - even though all they gave me to love was a person so self-obsessed that he couldn’t see me at all.

Emotional labour is so, so important to be aware of in relationships. It has to have some kind of balance, or the person performing it will just burn out. And a relationship consisting only of one person demanding and demanding and never giving back is not love. Love is not a demand. It can accept, and it can ask, but love listens, love cares about how its requests affect the beloved. Love wants to give back.

everything is awful right now, but please don’t give up hope. we are not alone.

i know this is hard for a lot of us but not everyone is a fighter and that’s ok.
if your heart is soft and kind, that is a gift. don’t let the harshness of the world harden it. protect it. nurture it. kindness will allow us to heal when the fight is over.
in the days to come we will need the caring hearts just as much as the warriors. the growers as much as the destroyers, and the places of quiet to retreat to to help us build something better than what is.

so protect each other, heal together. create safety around yourselves and resist the tide of cruelty that will come.
be strong, be safe. I love you.

An important psa:

If there is one thing you all should know about me, it’s this

                                   I am ALYWAYS a up for AUs

And when I say always, I mean always. I have more AU ideas than I can count. Check out my verses page, or ask if I have a particular verse already. If I don’t chances are that I will get excited and make it happen. Never feel shy or bad about throwing an au idea you’d like to do at me, or if we’re mutuals just write me the starter, or send the message. I will sit in my chair and probably scream a little bit because OH MY GOSH AUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!

We can do one long thread, or we can do several short threads. We can have several threads in the same au! It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re happy, and I’m happy, and we get to have fun!

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



in ep 9 magnus joked about some of the things his mom did during an episode. in ep 10 isak joked about even being naked, throwing back to what happened at the end of ep 8. he’s grown and learned so much and i’m dead.

Since I’m feeling Super Extra Gay today, I just wanted to mention that women are so important.  All women.  Trans women, WOC, queer women, disabled women, mentally ill women, fat women, all of you are important.  You’re important if you work your ass off all day to get that paycheck, you’re important if you work your ass of all day at home taking care of kids.  You angry women, sad women, women who feel like there’s no point anymore, women who are stressed out and harassed by school and paying taxes and making money are all important.  All those women who are professional athletes who have to deal with the bullshit astronomical wage gap and bad working conditions and everyone telling them they can’t do it.  Women who try so hard all the time but at the end of the day still get people telling them they don’t matter, I love you, you’re doing so well, it’s okay to take a day off!  All those women who, despite people claiming that women are too emotional, feel like they can’t open up - go ahead!! Be angry, you deserve to be angry, be furious, spitting mad.  Be sad, and not in the cute way.  Ugly cry and forget to shower for two weeks and eat three pints of rocky road and zone out.  I know the internet has gotten to be a more body positive place a little bit lately, but fat women, wear a fucking crop top, don’t worry about eating in public or your thighs or only wearing clothes that make you Look Better.  Fuckin’ wreck it babe, you’re fine.  

And honestly I could go on forever but I’ve been at work and class all day so, just to stress the point again Women. Are. So. Important.

Kylo Ren being domestic...

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  • Kylo likes to see you cook
  • He asks about your day, and keeps staring at you as you get the things you’re gonna need to cook
  • He likes to sit on the couch with you (or on the bed) and read a book with you, especially poems books
  • Or just to have a nice chat about random things like future, families, etc
  • One thing important that a lot of people don’t know about him: he knows how to braid his hair
  • It’s something that Leia taught him when he was younger, since he always had that beautiful and flawless hair of his
  • So he teaches you too, so you can braid his hair when you’re feeling nervous or anxious
  • And sometimes he braids your hair as well
  • You, on the other hand, helps him shave
  • Kylo brushes his teeth laughing and playing around with you every single morning
  • There’s always a mess of toothpaste on the sink when you both are done
  • He is definitely a sucker for staying in bed cuddling you when he wakes up in the morning
  • But then you convince him to actually get up and he makes breakfast for you
  • And bro, he makes awesome waffles!!!! (thanks, Leia)
  • Kylo gets a little more organized when he starts to date you, so his quarters are now all cleaned up, with everything on your own place
  • He talks to you about adopting a pet for you
  • “If Hux can have his cat, you can have a pet for you too”
  • And both of you actually adopts a pet

okay fun fact Riz Ahmed has been one of my endless Potential Rincewind Fancasts for a couple of years and the fact that he’s now got exponentially more photos and that Bodhi Rook looks quite a lot like I would expect Space AU Rincewind to look is like, such a great fringe benefit to Rogue One’s existence

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I'd like to point out that through all of this, Marco doesn't have to change her voice. Nobody says a word, there isn't even a hint. She's all "It's ya girl Marco" and "as Princesses WE" and NOBODY QUESTIONS IT. She doesn't even need to change how she acts. That's so important.

I know that’s one of the things I loved about St. Olga’s.

It was just so nice to have somebody just naturally accepted as a girl and not be questioned over their voice.


psych challenge: (2/4) relationships: carlton lassiter & juliet o’hara 

you inspire me, partner. always have. you have believed in me since day one. you have given me courage and strength and taught me accountability and how to ration my ammo in the event of a nuclear holocaust.


favourite zack moments (5/?)

The visit from his family at Christmas

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hi, i had to deal with some dude calling himself a "true trans" and saying I wasn't trans because I wasn't handling my dysphoria like he does? (Like he got on me for not using binders even though I said they bother me due to back issues) and I just need some positive vibes. I'm sorry if I sound like a bother..

okay so most important thing about knowing if you’re “true trans”:

do you fully identify with the gender you were assigned at birth?? no?? then you’re valid.

there is no right or wrong way to be trans. you don’t have to bind or tuck or get surgeries or hormones or change your hairstyle or dress differently or even come out to anyone.

if you can’t do something that people think you should do as a trans person because of medical reasons or any reason at all, you’re still valid.

people who try to tell others that they aren’t real trans people because they don’t want to or can’t do anything stereotypical for trans people affirming themselves are assholes. forget that shit. you’re valid.


If I Were the Ocean


Fandom: Moana

Category: Gen

Word Count: 2,352

Summary: In Moana, he sees another young girl. From a thousand years ago. He remebers nothing about her, not even her name, but the last time Maui remembers seeing that girl, the one Moana is a clear descendent of, was out in the water among a fleet of canoes. He only sees that girl in Moana for a brief few seconds, but these few seconds are enough to further confirm Maui’s suspicions

Out on the ocean, sailing the open seas, that’s where Moana’s meant to be. If anyone were to be credited as the one to start the tradition of wayfinding again, he wouldn’t want it to be anybody else but her.

Notes: and of course, only I would write an entire fanfiction based on my OWN tumblr post. The other day, when I was shamelessly watching through the Logo Te Pate sequence, the entire time, part of me was going “hey. guess what. Maui probably started planning his ‘if I were the ocean’ speech for her while they were doing this.”
and then, of course, it spiraled out of control from there. “How is she going to react?” “How am I ACTUALLY going to say this to her?” “WHAT am I going to say to her?”.

and don’t even get me STARTED on how much further I was dragged down when I started considering him arguing with Mini Maui about showing her something with the island tattoo. Or the fact that I had a LEGITAMATE conversation with someone yesterday about how this stupid argument would go down.

(See end of work for more quick notes)

For the first time since they set out, all is calm. The sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon, and all is quiet. Even the ocean itself seems to be producing fewer waves like it doesn’t want to ruin the calm atmosphere.

For the first time since they set out, maybe even for the first time in a thousand years, Maui is content.

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