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Here we go. Again.

Months ago I’ve already talked about letting Till be happy with who he is with. And just today I saw nasty comments and names-calling on the girl he’s currently with (again, if you’re reading the news you know who she is by now). Honestly I sometimes wonder if I should question the maturity of some people.

Yeah you can choose to be jealous or whatever or otherwise, but again PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF SAUERKRAUT AND GRAVY keep these comments to yourself.

If you’re old enough or wise enough you should not expect a KID like me to remind you all that. My god. *facepalm*

Adults in Fandom Spaces: A Post We All Need to Look at.

We as minors need to be wary of adults in fandom spaces from ones that call themselves fandom moms/elders to others who make gross nsfw content of minors. The thing is for adults in fandom spaces, they’re older than you. You look up to them. Some are actually great and nice! You might’ve became friends with them, some of them may actually see you as an equal to them. But most of them are not like that. The thing is, you don’t know when they’re gonna show their true sht. Youre going to most likely uphold them on this pedestal because they’re older, wiser, more “mature”, and experienced. I get it I’ve done it too, but you do need to take a step back and realize they’re not all that. Y'all need to remember that even adults can be immature. (One who is definitely the result of me making this post.)
To the adults within fandom spaces, This conversation might also even slip into the act of own up to your mistakes. Apologize, realize you were wrong. It’s your job as an adult to do this, don’t give minors another reason to not trust you. Don’t say that you are here to protect minors, and you respect them. And then turn around and pull some bullcrap. That is not cool.

What I’m saying is, please be careful how you interact with adults and adults, you can do the same with minors.

Ok so this is something I have a strong need to address and I have had it for a while.

I’m always here for you guys, you know that. You can always come talk to me, and I’ll always listen. But I want to say: I also have needs. I can’t always listen. My whole life I’ve been the one listening, always caring about others and their needs and wanting to help them. And i don’t expect anything in return. I want to help others because it makes you feel good. But, sometimes I also need people to listen to me. Who ask me if I’m feeling ok. I need people to care. And I know you guys might care, but I need people to show me they care. I sometimes need someone to just come amd say ‘hey, how are you feeling?’. Sometimes I need someone to listen to me. See, of never ask any of you to do that if you dont care. Then it’s fine. But sometimes I have a hard time as well, be it family, friends or anything really. And then I’d just need someone willing to listen. Especially lately this has become really important to me. I know it might be hard, but please. Do it. It’s help me a lot, because at the moment I just feel like a pain and like I’m annoying everyone with my sheer presence. So, please, if you care, show it. I can’t read minds, after all.

You know I’m always here for you. I sometimes need the same. If that’s not too much to ask

I love the phrase “You will be found.” I just adore it. It isn’t, “Someone will find you.” It doesn’t focus on the other, it focuses on you. Because the someone could be anyone. They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, a colleague, a concept (like art, writing, music), or even your own self. No matter who or what that someone or something is, you are still the focus. People will help you along the way, but ultimately, you will get better, you will live another day, you will grow and flourish and blossom. You will be found.

Donald Duck's Nephews' Names In Different Languages
  • English: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Dutch: Kwik, Kwek and Kwak
  • Italian: Qui, Quo and Qua
  • German: Tick, Trick and Track
  • French: Riri, Fifi and Loulou
  • Spanish (Spain): Juanito, Jorgito and Pedrito
  • Spanish (Latin America): Hugo, Paco and Luis
  • Finnish: Tupu, Hupu and Lupu
  • Israel: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Russian: Billie, Willie and Dillie
  • Norwegian: Ole, Dole and Doffen
  • Swedish: Knatte, Fnatte and Tjatte
  • Polish: Zyzio, Hyzio, Dyzio
  • Serbian: Vlaja, Raja and Graja
  • Portuguese: Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho
  • Korean: 휴이(Hui), 듀이(Dui) and 루이가(Luiga)