important people in important adult relationships

tips all students need

1. learning is better than knowing. you don’t need to be a genius to do well in school, only dedicated enough to actively pursue your education. 

2. straight A’s =/= intelligence. don’t let your grades define you; test grades can’t capture the passion in your eyes and the resilience in your bones.

3.  friendships change, but sometimes that's a good thing. some relationships are bested by time, and people grow apart. in the absence of others, you may find that you’ve been missing out on what’s been right in front of you the entire time. 

4. rest is important. your health is always more important than school. while stress is inevitable, never be afraid to take a day off, or talk to a trusted adult. Mental health is just as valid as physical health.

5. your life is just beginning. i know that failing test grade or the fact that your crush rejected you seems like the end of the world, but i promise you that it’s not the end. life is literally the longest thing any of us will experience, so fall in love with living. think of every opportunity as just another beginning. 

In a healthy relationship, people feel like they are being treated with respect and as equals.

That means one person doesn’t have more power over another.

It means that important decisions about health and protection are made TOGETHER.

If someone doesn’t feel like they are being treated with respect and as an equal, it’s important to talk with a trusted adult about whether you’re in a healthy relationship.

i’m just dead. always. at what tony says in this one moment bc it’s so disarmingly simple and kind and the huG but then there’s what it actually means

how many times have superheroes felt like atlas carrying the weight of 192483958 things between saving lives, protecting the world, maintaining their alternate identities and relationships, working jobs and having responsibilities. how many times have superheroes sacrificed what they think are relatively insignificant priorities for world-saving and supervillain-fighting and in the end, felt like they’ve let everyone down. 

tony knew what she needed to hear and knew exactly how to say it and he promises her that it’s true. that even though she might be a hero of the people now and an avenger, making time for herself and her personal life is always going to be okay. this is so important. it’s so important, especially for kamala who’s a young adult and has ten times the amount of pressure and expectation upon her shoulders, to hear that putting herself and her family and her future first is never going to be something she needs to be sorry for.

i just. (*˙︶˙*) tony stark. and his empathy. and how much he cares about people. how much he loves and wants the best for his avengers.

I find it really cute that Lizzy is actually older than Ciel and she acts like she’s younger, because it plays into the fact that when you think about it, Ciel is at a disadvantage of being the typical dominant male in the relationship by age, hight, physical strength and health.

Lizzy understands that so much and gets sad when she realizes just how much protection and love he needs. She pulls back on mental maturity and physical appearances so he can be seen above her.

She doesn’t mind being seen as the “child” just so Ciel can be seen as the “adult.” That’s some real love, nothing even sexual about it, and it’s the most beautiful thing I find about this series.

I don’t understand why people ignore the attention Yana puts into this relationship. Lizzy would be as important as Ran-Mao to the series if Yana didn’t think she was important to Ciel. Don’t get me wrong, Ran-Mao is great too, but I mean appearance and significance.

  • me: "yeah i'm not a huge fan of the hunger games anymore"
  • me: do people know what katniss and peeta went through as 16 year old children, do they understand the level of pstd they had to suffer before, during and after the games, do people understand the severity and importance of war and rebellion in the young adult novel, do people fully understand how important katniss is as a female poc protagonist (who is generally unlikeable) and how the plot focuses on a political satire of our society and also incorporates romance as a subplot that supports katniss' character growth but doesn't distract from the main storyline, do people understand that even though peeta and gale were love interests for katniss they both respected each other and never slated each other, do people know how the relationship between katniss and peeta grows maturely and how they respect each other despite how katniss used him in the 74th hunger games, and how they heal each other after the games and after everything that happens, they settle for each other because they realise they need each other and how katniss' decision to "choose" her partner was never rushed or forced like......... do they even know

hey so how come, like, after “Bubble Buddies”, when the whole fandom starts shipping Steven and Connie and there weren’t a whole bunch of indignant posts like “Excuse me fandom, not everything is romantic, platonic relationships are IMPORTANT how dare you ship these two characters romantically when platonic relationships are so important”

but after “Rose’s Scabbard” tons of people feel the need to shame people for shipping Pearl/Rose because “not everything is gay”, telling people they’re seeing things that weren’t in the narrative and how bad that is to be trivializing platonic relationships which are so super important that people only seem to care about when they want to shame people for liking a queer pairing

like, how come the possible hetero romance between two 12 year olds is seen as more valid and uncontested than a possible queer romance between adults (or rather ageless aliens)? How come the latter got the lion’s share of the ‘shame on you’ finger-wagging?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Steven/Connie is a really excellent pairing and platonic relationships ARE certainly very important and I don’t think people have to view Pearl/Rose or any other pairing as romantic if they don’t want to. What’s irritating to me is that some people feel the need to make big self-righteous posts about it, like they have to put their foot down to stop all the big bad shippers from making everything gay, like they’re making some bold statement. What’s irritating to me is that I very very rarely ever see anyone EVER bring up the ‘platonic friendship is important’ thing with a hetero pairing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is why does it upset people so much that people ship something they see as friends? Why can’t people just be like “Oh, I see them more as friends so I’ll just blacklist the ship and move on”? Why do they have to make posts trying to shame people and take the moral high ground just because they’re so enlightened and awesome to not see a queer relationship where other people do? Why is it so threatening that some people might ship something they don’t personally see? How come seeing a relationship as romantic suddenly means you don’t appreciate platonic relationships too and that maybe you just enjoy this one as romantic? Why do people always jump to the conclusion that if you ship this particular ship its because you’re a mustache-twirling cartoon villain who hates friendship?