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{Finally home and all that lovely jazz. 

I got something important to say though;;; So, as you might figure, there’s literally a ton of you following me. I followed back because I would love to interact–but it’s all cluttered and overwhelming me.

  • If we don’t have a thread or a starter, I might have to unfollow you. I need to declutter and de-stress myself. Nothing personal.

Noowwww I have a shit ton of work to do. Gonna try for some asks first and see how that goes.

If you’d like a starter or something before I go on an unfollow spree, like this post or message me.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 is happening ⊟ 

Maybe this time will be different? Maybe we’ll get this this one? Square Enix teased this 3DS sequel in the latest issue of Weekly Jump, but the publisher didn’t provide a release date for when iw will come out in Japan.

This game will star the Saiyan Future Trunks fellow rocking a pair of Beats by Dracky headphones in the scanned page above, according to a report from Anime News Network. And that creature next to him is a “mysterious being” going by the name Nochōra.

The site adds, “[DQMJ3′s] story takes place in a ‘cyber’ world with advanced science, and the device the main character wears on his ears is called a ‘reactor.’” The game will also have over 500 monsters.

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Habitat III: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

The Habitat III conference this week in Quito, Ecuador, will see more than 45,000 leaders, decision-makers and experts sign into force the New Urban Agenda for sustainable cities. Then comes the hard part—20 years of urban reform and policy implementation. National negotiators, key stakeholders and experts have worked to create a clear vision for a sustainable urban future and a framework for action in the NUA’s final draft, approved in September. The NUA does not stand alone, but will be part of intensified efforts to achieve sustainable, equal development for all and combat climate change.

As reported by the World Resources Institute (14 October 2016), news of important initiative launches, commitments and new research on innovative solutions to the global urban challenge will be delivered at hundreds of events hosted by stakeholder organizations from around the world, highlighting the latest ideas for transformative action, innovative financing mechanisms and new governance structures. Stakeholders will also be watching for news on reporting and monitoring frameworks as well as improvements to the Quito Implementation Plan, the proposed platform for coordinating and publicizing efforts from non-state actors and stakeholders around the globe.

Learn more from the World Resources Institute (14 October 2016)

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{Alright, babes, here’s the dealio! So, I’m heading out tomorrow for my con. Which means I’ll be pretty limited and won’t be on much. But!! I’ll have kik & snapchat on and you can chat with me if you want! 

Super limited ‘round these parts Thursday-Sunday!

If I have time, I’ll definitely peek on or spam you with nerdy pictures.

As for tonight, I’ll be packing & trying to toss all my asks out before I leave. 

Skype, kik, & snapchat available to mutuals.

kinda importanteee;

{Good morning boys and girls, listen up. So. My grandma is coming over for like a week or two (I’m not exactly looking forward to it to be honest with you) and she’ll probably be shoving me around… like a lot. 

I don’t know what it’s going to do to my activity on here, in all honesty. I can’t make any promises to actually be on here like normal and lurk around. And if I am, I’m probably going to be a little stressed out.

So errr. I’ll be lurking around on Skype. ; v ; Lemme know who you are and I’ll add you. 

  • basically; limited activity until grandma leaves bc she gives me frickfracken anxiety