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Bit of a prelude to my first botw drabble that I have yet to post or finish 

Using Splice is fuuuuun

Important Notice

So something went wrong.

My friend @overlymusical is bi (if you didn’t know) but hadn’t told her parents knowing that it wouldn’t go over well.

Well, a few days ago, she was on her laptop late at night and her mom came in and took it. And, of course, she was on tumblr. And her mom found everything.

So, as of right now, she has her phone taken away, but more importantly, all social media taken away.

So that’ll be wattpad, tumblr, discord, youtube, instagram, everything. Wattpad and youtube she might get back, but definetly not the others. And her involvement in All or Nothing Project is being questioned.

(“oh, you’re composing? But it’s for people you don’t know!!”)

She’s going to get her phone back eventually, but we have no clue if or when she’ll get any of the other things back.

So that’s what’s up with her and her tumblr.

Some of my favorite Destiel fanfics on AO3

(Rating) Title/link - Au [Important tags]

will add more later

(E) Painted Angels-    Artist!Dean, Writer!Castiel

  •  [Violence, Child abuse, homophobia, Suicide attempt, drugs and alcohol]

(T) How Dean and Castiel Got Fake Married-  Cas is a human

  •  [Implied rape, Domestic violence]

(E) Fools Rush In-       Human au

  •  [Suicide attempt, Torture, Past sexual abuse]

(E) Sweaters and Cigarettes- High school au

  •  [Violence, bullying, alcohol]

(T) No Day But Today- High school au 

  • [mentions of suicide, violence, self harm, hospitals, abuse]

(M) The Last Moonlight Serenade- Cas and Dean are in WWII

  •  [Past abuse, wartime, PTSD, racism, Drug use, Implied suicide, alcohol abuse]

(E) Bless the Broken Road-  Past Soldier au

  •  [PTSD, Referenced child abuse, homophobia]

(E) Blind Date-  A/B/O au

  •  [Rape, Threats of rape, Attempted murder, Implied/referenced torture, Mpreg]

(E) Hideaway ‘Verse- A/B/O au 

  • [human trafficking, rape, lots of bad things happen to Dean,Mpreg, Heavy Angst, lots of warnings]