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introducing snailpals on etsy !!!

this shop is run by two disabled, mentally ill, jewish lesbians trying to make things that make people happy !!

i am one of those people and i cant get a job due to disabilities so this is my job and i want to get money for us to move out in july !!

our shop will feature jewelry, stickers, stuffed animals, and crayon sculptures, all handmade ! there isnt currently that much stuff up but we have a lot made that we will be steadily adding so keep looking out for all of it !!

“Lingerie is so important, and I need jewelry more than clothes. I think every woman should own something that makes her feel sexy, as well as something that makes her feel happy. I love beautiful scarves… jackets…a great pair of blue jeans. Hats are always fun. My cowboy boots at the moment are bringing me a lot of pleasure. I think every woman has to decide for herself what truly turns her on. ” — Elizabeth Taylor

Hey y'all

I hate to do this, but I’m kind of in a bind right now. I only have about $19USD in my savings account right now because my parents (who I live with) needed to pay the electric bill before getting hit with a late fee.

I really genuinely hate doing this, but I need money. We’ve been strapped for cash for a couple months now and it’s been taking a toll on my already shaky mental health. I live in rural northern Maine, a poor, jobless part of the country. Winter is quickly approaching and it’s getting cold. With the wind chill, it was literally zero degrees the other day. On top of our normal bills, our 8 year old electric furnace suddenly died (motor failed, I believe). That was our main heat source. We also have (had) a pellet stove in the basement, but that’s been busted since spring and Dad can’t seem to find what’s wrong with it. Shit’s hard right now.

SO, it would really, really, really, help me and my family out if you could check out my Etsy Shop. I make jewelry and sculptures, and I’m planning on adding Christmas ornaments soon. EVEN IF YOU CAN’T/DON’T WANT TO BUY ANYTHING, JUST LOOKING AT AND FAVORITING MY SHOP AND MY LISTINGS ACTUALLY HELPS A LOT. Etsy’s algorithm makes it so the more views you get, the higher your listings turn up in the search. AGAIN, BUYING HELPS A LOT, BUT JUST LOOKING HONESTLY HELPS, TOO.

Don’t see anything there you like? I’m also opening up unlisted commissions! I can make a small polymer clay sculpture or charm of a pet, favorite animal, oc, or mythical figure. Charms start at $15USD, and figures start at $23USD. It’ll take me between 1 and 3 days usually, but MAY take up to 5 days depending on complexity. Price may also vary depending on complexity. I’ll ship the very next day after getting your approval, and I can ship anywhere (shipping price depending on your location and whether you order and charm or sculpture). I’ll need pictures of your animal, or an extremely detailed description, pictures preferred.

I prefer to use PayPal, but I can make a private Etsy listing for you if you’d rather use a debit/credit/gift card.

If you’re not into any of those options, I can also edit and give constructive criticism of writing. Fanfiction, school papers, important emails, whatever. Price varies depending on length of writing.


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Plot # 45: Beauty and the Boss (modern twist on Beauty & the Beast)

Muse A is the daughter of a man with a serious gambling problem. He’s a sweet man, always doting on Muse A with her favorite books and rare flowers, but he’s up to his ears in debt after borrowing money from the wrong people. One afternoon, Muse A’s father is confronted by Muse B, the ruthless crime boss of the city. Few people have ever seen Muse B’s face, as his henchmen usually do his dirty work, but everyone knows his name and cowers in fear appropriately. Muse A’s father owes Muse B a considerable debt, which he cannot pay. Rather than kill the man, Muse B offers a trade – the man's beautiful daughter in exchange for the forgiveness of his financial debts. He has one night to make this deal happen or Muse B will come for him. When Muse A’s father explains the predicament to her, she is willing to go, as long as it ensures the safety of her family and her father promises to put an end to his troublesome gambling habits. Muse A moves in to Muse B’s mansion outside of town the following day. From the moment Muse A arrives, Muse B is on his best behavior, lavishing her with gifts – a library wing for her, a pretty garden filled with the finest, imported roses – jewelry, and so on. Gradually, Muse A comes to see that Muse B isn’t a horrible person, behind closed doors, but the circumstances of their arrangement (and the terrible crimes he commits as a crime boss) make it difficult for her to fall in love with him as he’s fallen in love with her. Each time Muse B proposes marriage, Muse A refuses. Muse A becomes terribly homesick and begs to be allowed to visit her father. Muse B allows her to leave him as long as she returns to him within a week’s time. While Muse A is away, Muse B is attacked by a disloyal bunch of conspiring underlings.  When Muse A returns, she finds Muse B wounded and left for dead in his home office. She realizes in this moment that she does love him and if he recovers she’ll marry him. Her quick actions save his life and once he is well enough, they marry.

Optional Twists:

Dark Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse A willingly becomes part of the crime business. Together they seek revenge against those who betrayed Muse B.  

Romantic/Angst Twist: Once Muse B recovers, Muse B gives up his life of crime, since he’s assumed to be dead and he and Muse A run away together, with the condition that Muse A can never return home to her family. 

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OMG plz write more Witch au!!!!!

Ahhh thank you!!! I’m glad you like it!

Previous Witch AU Chapters: 1, 2

Witch AU on AO3


Holzeingag was a humble village, unassuming. There was a saw mill powered by the local river, and a handful of cottages with their own gardens and the odd goat and chicken here and there. The Witch Hunter watered his horse at the river and looked around. He heard the whispers at his back and glanced over to see several children peeking out from behind a garden fence. He gave them a wave and they quickly dipped behind the fence.

“The bishop sent you, didn’t he?” a voice came from behind him. He turned on his heel to see a woodcarver with an ax on his shoulder.

“He did,” said Gabriel, turning his attention to his horse, leading it to a nearby hitching post.

“Will you burn her here or in the town?” the woodcarver asked.

Gabriel paused, “Excuse me?”

“The witch. Will you burn her here, or in town?”

Gabriel frowned, “I first need proof that there is a witch before I take anyone in, and even then, again, if there is a Witch, she may repent.”

“She’s a witch,” said the woodcarver, “Half the village will testify that much.”

“Who’s a witch?” said Gabriel, “And I need you to understand this is a very serious accusation.”

“Miss Gramercy. She’d have us believe she’s a midwife and healer, but we’re no fools. We’ve had half a mind to chase her off to the wilds ourselves, but knowing her she’ll probably use the woods to hide and steal little children.”

“How many children in this village have gone missing?” said Gabriel.

“Well… none… yet,” said the woodcarver.

“Since she’s a midwife I’d wager she’s probably facilitated the addition of at least a handful of children to this village,” said Gabriel, flatly.

“Well yes, but—”

“Do you know of me, woodcarver?” asked Gabriel.

“You’re the Witch Hunter Gabriel. You swore your sword to the church after the war,” said the Woodcarver.

“The church is meant to offer people comfort and guidance,” said Gabriel, straightening his cloak, “In war, I’ve seen that fear kills men just as much as blades and just as much as suppuration. I am not here to burn a witch, I’m here to find out the truth of the situation and assuage people’s fears through that truth. If there is a witch, though, I assure you she will be brought to justice.”

“There’s a witch,” the Woodcarver said, stiffly.

“That belief gives you comfort, I see,” said Gabriel, “Your accusation has been noted. I will be continuing my investigation,” he said, giving his horse one last affectionate pat on the flank before walking away.

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken. 

Chapter 31

Niall walked through the door of the mall after Kyle held it open for him.  The mild trepidation he felt at walking into a mall quickly disappeared when it became clear no one gave a damn Niall Horan was in their midst.  It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday anyway.  Anyone who would care was at work or school.

Niall turned to his friend, still rambling about his date with Maisie a few nights ago,

“I feel like we’ve really gotten over this hurdle.”

Kyle nodded as they walked through the mall,

“Maisie can be a lot, but I think the two of you could really be something if you’d get out of your own way.”

Niall chewed on his lip,

“I lost a bet.  So I planned this uber romantic date.”

“Lost a bet about what?”

“Fortune cookies.  Whoever had the worst one had to plan the date.”

“What was yours?”



“Yeah, that was it.  Meh.”

Kyle shook his head,

“That is a terrible fortune.  Someone should lose their job for even cooking that into a cookie.  What did you plan?”

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Amor Vincit Omnia (2/20)

Yoongi/ Oc gang Au.

Chapter 2

I stood in front of the mirror, staring critically at myself. It was now  a week after my marriage and I hadn’t set eyes on my husband after the ceremony. To my surprise, after the third day spent alone in the sprawling penthouse, I stopped staring nervously at the door. Now, I pretty much lived the way I’d done back at home. With the exception that I had absolutely nothing to do here . I’d started trying to learn how to cook, simply to pass time. If my husband thought he was punishing me by ignoring me , he was dead wrong. I was just happy to be by myself.

Happy to be able to walk around, listen to music and even work on some of my needlework projects without having to worry about stepping out of line and getting hit for it.

And now, after seven days of silence, my husband had finally decided to contact me. Granted he’d relayed the message through one of his employees, at least it was confirmation that he was still alive somewhere. The message was to the point and cryptic.

“Dinner at seven. Formal wear. ”

Where was the dinner? with who?

No clue.

But the thought of leaving the house was both welcome and exciting. Although I was enjoying my newfound freedom, it would be nice to meet new people. I stared around at the outfit I’d picked. It was a simple white gown with a satin silver sash around the waist. I threaded a few jeweled studs through my hair and slipped on a single diamond pendant and a pair of diamond earrings.

My father had hated me but he’d provided for me as well. I had the best branded clothes and all my jewelry was imported. I won’t lie. I liked wearing pretty things. I liked anything beautiful because I’d long been raised to believe that I needed them to look beautiful. To be beautiful. Smiling , I slipped on the watch and also my wedding ring. I took it off because the platinum sometimes left a red rash on my skin.

When I was dressed and ready, I went down to the lounge in the ground floor of the company. Everyone smiled and bowed recognizing the boss’ wife. I felt uncertain and self-conscious as I sat there. At exactly five fifty five, A black limousine drew up to the entrance and my husband got out.

He looked spectacular, dressed in a black blazer and a white shirt, unbuttoned to mid-torso, revealing pale smooth skin. He had on a small glittery earring on his left ear and his hair was styled rakishly. He looked like a Kpop idol rather than the CEO of a construction firm. He looked at me and smiled wide, his smile oddly enchanting with teeth that were just a bit too straight .

He walked with the easy confidence of a guy who knew he was in control and I hesitated before standing up. He stepped close enough for my shoulders to brush his chest and I resisted the urge to jump away at the contact. He didn’t seem to notice. He said something softly to the chauffeur , who nodded and disappeared.

“Ready to go?” He said softly, like he hadn’t ignored me for a week. I was confused but I did take his arm.

Once we settled in the car , he threw my arm off violently.

“We’re going to have dinner with my friends. No one knows we hate each other so you better act the part of the blissfully happy wife.” He snapped.

I stared at him and then sighed and settled back against the car seats. I did feel bad about what I’d done to him. But then, I also thought it unfair. It isn’t like he’s in anyway suffering because of me. He’ happily banging his girlfriend and he’s also got the approval of his parents.

“I’ll do my duty. You don’t have to worry that I’ll cause you any trouble. ” I said quietly.

He gave me a look.

“Do you honestly think that’s what marriage is? Doing your duty and not causing trouble? Marriage is love, sex and commitment. It’s about being tru to yourself. I fucking told you I was in love with another woman and you still wouldn’t leave me alone.” He hissed.

“Well , then you should have been the one to refuse !” I snapped. But i was so glad he hadn’t.

He gave me a glare and then turned away staring out of the window.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Since you’ll be begging me for a divorce, soon enough.” He said softly.

I stared at him in confusion. He turned slowly and before I knew what was happening he had me flat on my back, his body pressing me into the seat and his fingers entwined and gripping my hair with so much force I could feel tears sting from the pain. My heart was pounding loud enough to jump out of my ribcage. He gave another sharp yank and I whimpered when he used one hand to grab both wrists, pushing them back enough to make my shoulders twist painfully.

He smelled so different and unfamiliar and dangerous. I turned my face away, struggling underneath the weight of his body, his waist pressing mine down.

“I’ll show you what real hell is like, baby girl. And then, when you’re crawling on your knees begging me to let you go, we’ll see how you feel about doing your duty and not causing trouble. You think you can fuck with me?” He hissed into my ear. He let go of my hair and grabbed my throat, dragging me up till I started choking. He let me go and I stared at him in disbelief.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll apply for a divorce and tell your precious daddy you want to come back home.” He said angrily.

I sat frozen in my seat, too stunned to move. When the car pulled into a five star resort on the banks of the river Han , he actually came around to help me out, all smiles and innocent touching. I couldn’t breathe next to him, and had to swallow bile as he led me out to the ballroom where the supposed party was being held. As soon as we entered, a young lady in a deep red gown, cut low and studded with diamonds, stepped in front, extending a hand to me.

“You must be Ji Soo. I’m Hye Mi, you must’ve heard about me.” She smiled wide and happy, very friendly. Her eyes however held so much malevolence, I wanted to take a step back in surprise. I swallowed. Suddenly, i felt like the worst kind of person on the planet. This girl was in love with my husband and he was in love with her. No wonder she hated me.  

But I couldn’t really ask for a divorce. I really couldn’t go back to my father.

“Ji Soo ssi….Such a pleasure to meet you…” I turned and bowed awkwardly. My husband’s grip on me tightened and I flinched when one of the rings in his finger dug into my forearm.

“Hello.” I said nervously. The man addressing me looked as young as my husband. He was tall and also blonde, handsome in a rather friendly way.

“I’m Wu Yifan. I own Wu Entertainment in China. We’re just opening a branch here in Seoul and your husband’s helping me design our HQ here.” He smiled and held a hand out. I held mine out for him to shake but to my surprise he kissed it instead.

“Would you like a walk around the resort? Dinner won’t be for another hour at the least. i could introduce you to some friends of mine.” He sais with a smile. I hesitated. Etiquette dictated that my husband show me around, introduce me to his friends and so on. But he was nowhere to be found. He’d left me right after Yifan had started talking to me. Not sure how to refuse, especially because I couldn’t recignize anyone else , I let myself be led by the guy .

I met some men, models and also some ladies. They seemed nice but I realized that this was the wrong place to look for friends. All of them sounded superficial and empty as they exv=changed meaningless words. If not they were just business partners discussing stuff that made no sense to me. We turned a corner and I frowned when I noticed how deserted the place was.

“Shouldn’t we head back?” I said nervously. To my surprise, he ignored me, still leading me out. Scared, i dug my heels into the carpet and refused to budge, trying to yank my arm away.

“Oh, stop acting like you don’t want it..” He said suddenly, grabbing both my shoulders and pulling me up till his lips crashed against mine. I didn’t think twice, biting down on his lips hard enough to draw blood, he pushed me away furiously and I tripped over the hem of my dress, landing hard on my knee. I started to scream and his palm closed over my mouth, his hand yanking my hair back. Twice in two hours I was being manhandles. What kind of hellish coincidence is this??

I moved to run but he grabbed the neckline of my dressing ripping it clear off and dragging me up .

“Think twice before you scream….No one’s going to believe the new wife. Your husband just finished a billion won deal with me, do you really want to ruin it ??” He hissed and my eyes watered from the ache. I shook my head quickly, just wanting it to end. He released me and gave me a smirk.

“Little bitch. This isn’t over….” He wiped his mouth and stalked away. I leaned against the wall, not sure what to do next? My dress was ruined and I held the tattered fragments up to my chest. I’d skipped wearing a bra, simply because the dress had a sewn-in support. Now I had to hold my dress up just to keep my breatss from spilling out. I didn’t have a phone and even if I did I had no idea what my husband’s phone numb er was.

I had no idea if he would even come.

I sunk to the floor on despair, ready to sink into hysteria.

“Ji Soo ssi..?” A voice made me start and I blinked. It was Yoongi’s friend, Kim… Nam jin? Seok Jin?

“Seok Jin ssi?” I said in confusion and he shook his head.

“I’m Nam Joon. Are you alright, what’s wrong with your-?”

He stopped hastily turning away when he saw my dress.

“Good God, who did that?! Was it Yifan…I’ll tell Yoongi right now!”

“NO!!! No!! Please….just please… ” If Yoongi heard about this he’d find a way to blame me for it. I just knew it. I bit my lips trying to think

“Could you please lend me your coat?” I said desperately. He was already shrugging out of his blazer. I grimaced when he held it out to me, his body still turned away from me. I turned around and quickly slipped it over and buttoned it up as well, for good measure.

“I need a ride back to the penthouse. And please tell Yoongi I wasn’t feeling well.” I said quickly. He looked surprised and a bit hesitant.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell Yoongi what happened?” He said in confusion and I nodded vigorously. this is what I got for trying to wish for more than what I deserved. I should have stayed home tonight. Instead I just had to dress up and come looking for friendships. I would never leave the penthouse again, I swore to myself.

In the end he gave in and drove me to the penthouse.

I stepped into the bedroom and quickly stripped, slipping under the covers and finally letting the sobs take over.

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Can you make a gifset of Cait in Ghana with Jewellery thing? I think this is a cute video and good promo for WCC

Hiya, Anon! Thanks so much for coming to me with your request.

You can find the gifset HERE. Hope you enjoy!

And I agree. It’s a great video of Caitriona and, better yet, it’s an amazing look at just how much love and care go into making one of these beautiful and important pieces of jewelry. I was so surprised to hear one of the women say that it took her an entire day to make one piece! It makes buying one of these from them just that much more special. I’m so glad WCC will be having another jewelry sale soon.

I’m still so amazed at Caitriona’s entire trip to Ghana. Not only did she “walk the walk” so to say by actually visiting the third world country and facilities she promotes by being WCC’s patron, she met the patients, mothers, and staff with such empathy and understanding. Like WCC’s president said, that’s not an easy place to be in even for trained healthcare professionals. For Caitriona to go there with such poise and to invoke such positivity while there? I’m in awe of her.

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If you identify as a "secular" witch, why do you use an altar? In your post about making protection bags you mentioned using an altar... If you don't worship the Gods & Goddesses, what is it for? Sorry if this came off as rude, I just don't really understand why you'd need an altar.

Hi there! It’s not rude at all, I’m happy to clear it up. (I know there’s a lot less information out there about secular witchcraft. And this is my own personal practices, not a representation of other secular witches.)

I personally use an “altar” as my workspace for all of my spells/blessings/crafts. It is portable and decorated seasonally, set up daily where I will be working the most. (I’m not open about my practice so I don’t like to leave anything permanent up in case I have unexpected visitors.) I don’t use any statues of deities but I do keep pictures of loved ones, important pieces of jewelry, and all of my other tools (elements, wand, candles, herbs and bowls, cloth, incense, etc.) in storage boxes I made so I can be ready to work at any time. I also set it up when I draw and meditate.

For me, an “altar” is just a creative workspace where I also practice my craft. I guess “altar” isn’t the best word for it, since there’s no real “worship” involved, but I think it’s the easiest way to express it to a community of mostly religious witches. I hope this cleared some things up!

Famous Jewelry of Middle Earth

There is actually a lot of really important jewelry in Middle Earth’s history. I’m just going to list the pieces below, in no particular order:

  • The Rings of Power: 19 rings of power were made by Celebrimbor and the elves of Eregion during the Second Age. The rings had the (general) ability to bring about what its wearer most wanted - in men, this meant an extended life. In dwarves, this meant increased gold and jewels. And in elves, this meant the preservation of the land (less death and decay.) Only the three most powerful of the rings were given names (that we know of) - Nenya, Narya, and Vilya, and all but these three rings were lost to Sauron or dragons by the end of the Third Age.
  • The Nauglamir: A fabulous necklace made dwarvish smiths in the First Age, using mainly gems and jewels brought to Middle Earth from Valinor by the Noldor. Later, one of the silmarils was also added to the necklace. The Nauglamir’s fate after the First Age is unknown.
  • The Ring of Barahir: This ring was originally given to Barahir, lord of the House of Beor, by Finrod, prince of the Noldor, after Barahir saved Finrod’s life in battle. The ring became an heirloom of Barahir’s house, and eventually found its way into the hands of Aragorn in the late Third Age.
  • The Elfstone: Tolkien wrote a couple versions of this, so the Elfstone (also called the Elessar) might be one gem or two different ones by the same name. But it was a brooch with a large green stone that was said to make its wearer feel young again, and even apparently had some healing power. It was made in Gondolin in the First Age (and, if you believe in the version in which there were two Elfstones, the second one was made by Celebrimbor in Eregion during the Second Age.) The later stone was given by Galadriel to Aragorn.
  • Necklace of Girion: This was an emrald necklace found in Smaug’s horde in Erebor and given by Bard to Thranduil as thanks for his help. The necklace had originally belonged to Bard’s ancestor Girion, who traded it with the dwarves of Erebor years ago.
  • Arwen’s Necklace: This was a white necklace that Arwen gave to Frodo to comfort him when his old wounds haunted him.
  • Star of the Dunedain: This wasn’t one specific piece of jewelry. Rather, it was a type of brooch that the Dunedain Rangers of the north wore on their cloaks to identify themselves to other rangers. It was silver and in the shape of a many-pointed star. Later the symbol was used by Sam Gamgee.
  • Star of Elendil: This was a crystal white gem set on a circlet made by the Noldor and originally worn by Silmarien, daughter of King Tar-Elendil of Numenor. The stone was taken from Numenor by Elendil (a different Elendil) before the island’s destruction, and it became an heirloom of his house. It was lost when Isildur was killed, and a replica was made and worn by the kings of Arnor, all the way down to Aragorn. (Eventually the original was found hidden in Isengard.)

I think I got everything!

SOURCES: LOTR, LOTR Appendices, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales

Regional Portuguese Costumes

The denomination of “regional” clothing is based in the notion of diversity according to social and geographic conditions, and other elements such as materials and practices, in way it contributes the comprehension of these specific types of clothing.

They are officiating clothes, linked to specific days or events and intractably connected to the idea of celebration. They bear a symbolism that walks hand-in-hand with religious practices, reflecting the culture of said region in a combination of elements that become easily distinguished between regions.

These costumes present themselves as a mythos, or a profound mythology, with its relation to a praxis connected to Catholicism. But they bear roots from the immense diversity of Portuguese history, from Muslim art forms that survived, and strived, through centuries, to ancient beliefs or superstitions, rooted in ancient pre-roman cultures, still alive today in many villages. They can be divided (1) in two great zones based on its polychromatic characteristics: as we get closer to the sea, women «enhance its polychromatic characteristics and complicate their clothing», as opposed to serranas, women from the ridges of the interior, that bear a more monochromatic way of dressing. This is evidenced through the wearing of the scarf, connected to the role of women in society: in serrana societies, of the interior, or the hillside of the country, women cover their forehead, whereas the coastline and south regions, where the sea is in direct relation toin the way of living, the forehead is released, evidencing more liberties of the role of women in its society. 

Traditional costumes from Serra da Estrela, a type of serrana.

Costumes for romaria, male and female, from Póvoa de Vazim, a fishing town.

Five great elements can be pointed in Portuguese costuming overall (2):

1. The representation of affection, often a symbol crafted in some decorative element of the costume or adornment to be worn with the costume itself3. This affection doesn’t limit to representations of love, but also of grief in a much demarcated tradition of mourning, rooted in catholic liturgy (4). 

A lovers’ handkerchief, or lenço dos namorados.

2) The proliferation of the usage of gold. Two elements play a part here, the first considering the financial security gold represented for lower-class people, since it could be pawned in a more desperate situation. It also secured the gold-bearer, usually the women being the most ostentatious ones, as the matron of the household, in a competitive spirit between neighbors. The usage of gold is so popular and traditional it maintains today, despite social class. The second element is of an intricate catholic inheritance, which we can trace back to the baroque era: the need to “distort” the body, which is to eliminate the sensual curves of the female body. As in the Iberian fashion of the 17th century women (5) found heavy gold and jewel decoration to cover parts of the body usually defined as sensual, such as the chest, this tradition passed on to popular costuming. A fine example of this gold usage is the minhota costume, where a certain “iconography” reads in a certain symbolism that traces back to the rocaille, particularly to queen D. Maria I, whose promise of raising a basilica if she bore a baron to the kingdom, resulted in Basílica da Estrela, a church to Sagrado Coração de Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a symbol today popularized in minhota golden earrings with an asymmetrical heart. Many of these golden adornments can be traced back to interpretations or direct importations of jewelry wore by queens for different periods.

Example of heart-shaped arrecadas. Arrecadas are known of a few dominant shapes, mainly in gold (silver became popular only later, in a touristic fashion), of which the most beautiful in craft and better known are the Brincos à Rainha, the queen-style earrings.

3) Preference for linen and wool. Both materials are a strong symbol of a working class people, who both seek the best materials to guard them from the cold and find more accessible. Although silk was popular to a degree, it prevailed in nobility and aristocracy.

Two examples of a minhota costume: on the left, a bride and groom; on the right, a lavadeira (washerwoman). Notice the heavy gold wore by the bride on her chest.

4) The afore mentioned chromatic division between coastline and interior. While the colorful costuming of coastline societies reflected the festive spirit, the darker colors of the men and women living in the ridges translated the hardship of the work and lifestyle, as well the colder and aggravated climate.

A nazarene widdow costume, with the embuçada, the mourning veil.

5) Religiousness in costume ornamentation. Conceived mostly in accordance to the liturgical calendar, in a society where there is a saint for every day of the week and where birth, baptism, marriage and death were the most important moments of someone’s life, competition was vivid in festive costumes. During romaria (6), one dressed themselves to be seen.

The study of these costuming have only recently been more focused on from a scientific and anthropologic perspective. Through the eye romanticism, from Almeida Garret’s Viagens na Minha Terra (7) to the first naturalist and realist painter’s perspective, these costumes appear as a nationalistic embodiment of a people that withdraws its original intentions and usages from their context and gives them new ones. With the New Estate and the dictatorship, they were held as the prime example of the true Portuguese soul. But despite their interpretations, with new eyes on their study, they are cherished in their uniqueness and beauty, within the context of their creation, which translates the diversity of a festive spirit that is very different from region to region.

(1) According to Luís Chaves.
(2) As proposed by Madalena Brás Teixeira.
(3) As an example, in Minho exists a great tradition of adding hearts to one’s costume, particularly of bride and groom, of which the better known are the heart-shaped arrecadas, or heavy golden earrings made of filigrana, as well as the lenços de namorados, or “lovers’ handkerchiefs”, a white handkerchief with love declarations written in colorful embroidery (notable for being written with spelling mistakes, since they were made by illiterate people).  Some of these elements even represent a sexualized tone, such algibeira de minhota, the “minhota pocket”.
(4) As the costumes typical from Nazaré are an example of. These mourning practices, taken with extreme seriousness, were common in fishing communities, where often the man of the household would travel for months for fishing and their house depended on such. As a demonstration of perpetual grief, the embuçadas appear in this region, a covering of the face up until the eyes, of evident Islamic influence.
(5) An example of such is the portrait of Queen Catherine of Braganza’s mother, queen Luíza de Gusmán. It was predominant in both Spain and Portugal.
(6) Romaria is a devotional procession to a church or parish. Time, however, gave the word a connotation of “religious festivity”.
(7) Published in 1846, the book travels along the deep Portuguese regions such as Santarém, exploring with a romanticized eye the peoples and their costumes in a realist tone, as, similarly, Eça de Queiroz will later do.

Here’s a draft of my submission for Day 1 of Zelgan Week 2016. The prompt was “Clouded Jewelry”, which actually worked out reeaaallly well for me, for reason’s I’ll explain in more detail when I post the finished version. I’ll probably post the colored version tomorrow! But for now, just know that this is an AU, and the reason the jewelry works out well for me is because Zelda and Ganondorf jewelry is important in this AU…

Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk/Isabella I of Castile

I already wrote about this some time ago but I have recently had a discussion with lizzie278 and I decided to bring that topic up once more.

This portrait was identified as Mary Tudor, Duchess of Suffolk years ago and nowadays most of us aren’t able to believe it could have been anybody else. However, some time ago, Spanish experts picked the subject up, having a strong suspicion it might have been a portrait of their most famous Queen, Isabella I of Castile. Precisely a copy painted after an original which got lost to time.

Personally I support that notion.

This coin which is of Isabella I of Castile made historians suspicious. Collars, the one in the portrait and the one in the coin are EXACTLY the same. Why would Mary Tudor be wearing a collar of the Spanish Queen? It seems to be extremely important piece of jewelry since Isabella’s likeness was engraved, having that collar on. Let me bring to your attention the fact that since there isn’t any other criteria, like specific signs, letters in the said portrait that would indicate it’s, in fact, Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk, the very identification is still open and jewelry is the main clue in situations of this kind. Of course, considering the fact these two pieces of art are different when it comes to their forms (coin vs. painting) it won’t be an excat copy (please, note, I mentioned that pianting might have been painted after another one) but anyway, in spite of everything, as far as I’m concerned, we can tell it’s the same collar. Also as a whole, it isn’t a Tudor style, the headpiece and haircut Isabella is wearing are exactly the same as the ones of the sitter. The fact someone identified it as Mary Tudor a century ago doesn’t mean they were right in their assumptions. Also, the fact the sitter is a beautiful, young woman doesn’t mean it can’t be Isabella of Castile. She wasn’t born an old, ugly and fat hag - she had all the traits of 15th century ideal of beauty: fair eyed, fair/auburn haired, of a light complexion. Again, as it might have been a copy, probably painted some time ago after her death, she might have been idealized by the painter. 

As we can notice, the same/similar jewelry (again, all forms of these pieces differ from one another which is understandable) is on Joanna I of Castille’s sepulcher. So, it leads me to the conclusion that collar was a symbol of power, something significant and tightly associated with the Spanish Royal House. Two queens of Castile are wearing the same collar in two the most important, symbolic likeness: a coin and a sepulcher. I just can’t imagine the French Queen wearing an expensive collar of the House of Trastamara.


Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Cartier platinum, diamond and sapphire necklace (1936/1937)

This neckalce is a fine example of the Art Deco pieces for which Cartier is famed.

Marjorie Merriweather Post amassed one of the most important private collections of Cartier jewelry during a time when the luxury jeweler was arguably creating its most important pieces.