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A really quick sketch to say THANK YOU!
It’s insane for me that within two, maybe four days so many people began to follow me (like 100 ppl???). IT’S SO CRAZY!
I don’t even know WHY you are following such a miserable artist like me ;;;;;;

(More villainous/paperhat will come soon)

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there it goes, the end. :) thanks for reading!
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“Normally I would try to be sneaky about smuggling "confidential” information onto the internet but I would be genuinely surprised if this catches on so fuck it.“

"I’m Iso. I do the job of 20 people for the pay of one person. I record the commercials, edit the film, and I upload them to Black Hat’s website along with the product information.”

“Boss said I didn’t have enough guts to do this so I’m doing this just to spite him. Fuck that guy honestly.”

“So yeah. I’ll take all your questions about me or what goes down when the camera’s-”


((The Embarrass Black Hat Project is now open for questions!!))

BSD trailer HYPE + screenshots

Just some first thoughts of the trailer.

IT’S A CASTLE OML, it’s freaking gorgeous!

Gay cult. How can it not be


I love him so much. And just… one thing… it’s blue. Not purple. I’m crying so hard


Appreciate Chuuya no matter what. Also, I wish for that to be pink

At first I looked this over as nothing, but I think this has roots to Fyodors ability. Maybe. THAT CULT 


Double Black. Just pointing it out. Might be the beginning of it GUYS

The window in the background reminds me of either a church or the freaking cult’s ice castle. Akutagawa is going to ruin their party

ODA! GOD WHY MORE YES PLEASE! Also, I hope it’s not edit magic, that Fyodor is in the next shot, because I really want those two to have met. PLEASE

Fyodor is Batman

Can we appreciate how toll Fyodor is? Also, I think Mr. White hair (can’t remember that long name) is the reason behind Fyodor’s obsession with becoming God


Someone please tell me the name and meaning of the flower! I know it’s important 

Smoll Hat Rack is angry


-You’re welcome


Protection for the Hat

So I recently joined a new campaign, and we just had our first session. We have a dragonborn fighter (me), a shardmind bard, a human psion, and a fey raccoon sorcerer. The raccoon is currently sitting on the dragonborn’s head bluffing everyone successfully that he is actually a hat. 

NPC who hired us: So you guys will need magical protection from the forest’s enchantment. I have these tokens here that will keep your sense of direction intact. (Gives one to the three of us).

Raccoon (texted): Hey can you get me one too?

Me (texted): Umm I’ll try.

Me: So… can I have a token for my hat?

NPC: Your… hat?

Me: Umm yeah, I just want to make sure it doesn’t get lost either, you know?

Shardmind: It’s a very important hat, very sentimental to her. (Succeeds the bluff)

 NPC: Uhhh… ok then…. 

I put the token on top of the “hat” and then later the raccoon proceeds to eat it. Luckily it’s an area of effect enchantment.

The guy before Flug was important to Black Hat(?)

So, I’ve been thinking about my jumbled mess of notes for about an hour now and want to go over this one first.

I don’t look super into fact when making theories, obviously, so here’s just what I noticed, and a headcannon I guess. Ha ha this is going to be a long post

Firstly: “I once vomited on one of my subordinates in the face. Now I have Flug”

I very strongly believe the skull in Black Hat’s hand in the person (now passed) he vomited on, and that Flug is said dude’s replacement. (Not some hint to why Flug wears a bag)

Also, male pronouns are how I usually address someone who’s not real who could be either gender. I may say things like “dude” and “guy” but the skull could also belong to a woman.

ANYWAY, some bullet points

  • Black Hat can get sick (Evil Flu, and I’d guess he threw up from being sick)
  • Black Hat KEPT the skull of the person he threw up on (possibly)
  • The skull is RED (Could be dyed, but could also be inhuman)
  • Skull is kept in work space that is very sparsely decorated (his desk)
  • Black Hat has no problem throwing the skull around

So this is what we know.

Now, I’d say this person in particular was important to Black Hat for a simple reason. The skull is not only kept, but is kept on his work space.

Maybe he keeps the skull of everyone else who’s worked for him? But I think we’re all pretty positive Black Hat has been around for a LONG time, he’d have more skulls. And even if he did, why is this one on his desk?

Another thing, Black Hat’s tone when saying these lines sound… Bitter. Especially about having Flug now. I love Paperhat but MAN does Black Hat just sound irritated about having FLUG over this other guy.

So, again WHY THIS GUY and NO ONE ELSE? Who is he? Why is he so important to Black Hat?

Did Black Hat mean to kill him? Was it an accident? Why would Black Hat throw up? Why would he so causally mention it?