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On The Hogwarts Houses

In my opinion, being a Gryffindor isn’t only about being brave - just like being smart, kind or ambitious doesn’t make you a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. It’s also about what defines you and what you want to define you. What’s important to you.

Hermione for example is smart and goddamn ambitious but she uses all this out of Gryffindor reasons - and she really is not a Ravenclaw, like, at all. Her main goal is to do what is right - or rather what she believes is right. Gryffindors have a black-white mindset, they are sure about their beliefs, they are righteous. They barely question themselves. And because of this they NEED to be brave to withstand the world around them and actually act on their beliefs. Bravery isn’t a given trait of a Gryffindor - it’s a needed one. It’s something they most value because they need it.

A Ravenclaw questions. 

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‘Baby’ foreshadowing

‘Baby’ is not only a fantastic episode in its own right but imo fantastically foreshadows so much for season 11 and I’m sure will continue up til the end. Some of the points here I feel had been a little sidelined before 11x04 and they were just fantastically brought back up to the surface of the narrative in this episode and now are central to the whole season 12 arc…


Wants ‘more’. Not one but 2 instances of pushing this agenda home. Wanting to give Piper his number and the ‘wanting something more’ conversation.

Wanting out and wanting more is a recurring theme, rearing its head in season 8 and now season 12 with a vengeance. Particularly key now is seeing his interactions with Mary and the BMoL considering that they are offering him exactly this, a world without monsters. Sam isn’t stupid but this is what he’s wanted all along so lets see how this pans out.

Has self trust issues. Ok I’m going on the record here that I love Sam ok. Its just… he thinks God is talking to him and that he’s the one doing the right thing by going to the cage. AGAIN. This is what caused Lucifer to rise the first time. I just hope this is the last time and he gets closure with Lucifer at some point, preferably by working alongside his family instead of going off alone that should be the subversion here. And again, Lucifer is such a big part of season 12…

Sam is praying and Dean isn’t. Dean has no faith. Sam does. Yet Sam’s interactions end up being with Lucifer (of course not his fault!) and Dean’s the one in the end who God relies on, who God’s sister is hankering for and whose loved by an Angel. Pff. I love SPN. 


Will always want to hunt. Dean on the other hand openly scoffs at Sam’s idea of setting down. He still sees no other option, again a season 8 reference. He’s also talked about enjoying the kill (only if it’s really evil) in the past and now in season 12 tells Mary ‘I think we make the world a better place, I know we do’. He doesn’t want out.

Then theres the subtextual and visual representation of Dean having to repeatedly kill the MOTW, which JUST. WONT. DIE. It feels ‘never ending’….

This is a great parallel to their real life as hunters and his perception that it won’t ever end. Again relevant in season 12, especially after 12x15 where we saw that it is Dean who is the ‘grunt’, doing all the leg work as Sam is left spotless after the back to back hunting.


During this episode Sam takes the ‘hands off’ approach and does the questioning etc. Dean takes the ‘hands on’ approach and does the fighting with ‘powered down’ Cas as back up….

@elizabethrobertajones pointed out in this post that they are both good at both hunting and lore, pointing out that 8x14 is a clear ‘subversion’ of their perceptions of each other, namely that Sam is the brains and Dean is the grunt.

In 11x04 this is again referenced with Dean re: Aesop ‘I read’ knowing snippets of lore as well as Sam and his ‘geek’ knowledge about date changes of the metal composition of coins. And I think we are going to see even more of this in season 12, with already having Sam as the killer of the Alpha, Ramiel and the Hellhound and Dean giving Cas perfect advice for finding Sam in 12x01, using his knowledge again v Toni in 12x02 ‘turns out this ape has read a book or two’ etc.

So although they’re both capable of being both lore and fighting focused and of potentially getting out or staying in the hunting life, their choice / preference is well established before and cemented in this episode. As is Cas’s position as (potentially less angelic) back up and placed specifically in Dean’s camp. 

I just love that season 12 is continuing on the work that was so painstakingly laid out in all it’s glory in this episode. Thank you Robbie.

“Let’s go home”


Okay though, SERIOUS NOTE,
She’s like ready to pounce on him, and he’s kind of ginger with her and he’s like “baby are you sure you’re ready for this?” And she’s like “yes ” or something along those lines and here are my questions

Is this the first time that they you know, were about to do adult activities since she’s been better!?!?!?

Because I get two vibes from the question like yes this could be the first time since she’s been healed and finally gotten a good night sleep and she’s in the mood and she’s just feeling like herself and Deeks just wants to make sure all their Ts are crossed and their is are dotted

Or is he just being funny when he’s like “you ready for this” like a playful are you ready for all the Deeks you’re about to get


cesare borgia + hats


I’m finally finished with finals and catching up on hours. It’s been a strenuous semester, but fortunately my grades turned out significantly better than expected. It’ll be nice having a few weeks to just relax and enjoy the cold weather.
Speaking of which, femboys (and everyone for that matter) should remember to dress appropriately for winter conditions. Layers are very important and scarfs and hats can help to keep you warm. Also, lots of people say that boys can’t wear leggings, to them I say… nothing. Because acknowledging such nearsighted peanut-gallery-ing is detrimental and as such should not be enabled. Plus, leggings are crazy cozy.
That being said, jeans and regular pants work just as well and you should always what conforms to your comfort level. :)
Stay toasty everyone.


Ace failed twice before he managed to make it properly, you know? Burned ‘em right up. That’s what he gets for weaving straw when he’s made of fire!!

What the "important video" may be about

1. They are coming out as memesexuals
2. They are coming out but they are dating Connor and Troye, not each other
3. They are coming out and announcing that they are both dating Tyler Oakley and the video ends with Mm Whatcha Say
4. They’ve bought a shiba inu farm
5. They’ve adopted a goose and have called it Emo
6. A fight about memes and house plants that turns into a rap war
7. They’ve interviewed Brendon Urie and have made him tell the story of Panic! while being drunk
8. They admit that they own the Danisnotonfirevyou1 channel
9. They’re the autors of the Hat Fic
10. Dan is transforming Phil into meme trash