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As a companion to my list of college-set movies written by women, I now bring a list of high school oriented movies written by women, for those who have just begun, returned to, or are nostalgic for high school. 

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I remember how I hated them. Because they hated me. And I couldn’t understand why. I wondered why I even existed. That’s when I found out I had this demon inside me. It wasn’t my fault, but everyone acted as if it was. That just made it worse. But then… a few people came along who paid attention to me. That made it better. It was alright then, even though I had this monster inside me. Even though everyone else acted like I didn’t exist. Because I wasn’t alone anymore. For the first time in a long time, I was happy again. Really, really happy. They made me remember how good life could be. They made me glad to be alive. But when I think back to where I was before I met them, it’s scary. Nothing but pain and darkness. What would I be like if I stayed there? All alone. That’s how come I can understand him.” 

N a r u t o  U z u m a k i

Note: I don’t think we give enough credit to Naruto—or at least, not at this point in time. This was Naruto reflecting on his life after meeting Gaara, after seeing how similar their situations were yet how drastic their outcome. 

Naruto may not have a high cognitive intelligence, but his emotional intelligence goes above and beyond the norm. Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions. Research has found that individuals with strong leadership potential also tend to be more emotionally intelligent—which just supports even further why this unpredictable hyperactive ninja became Hokage. 

I know at this time we found it really amusing that he always stated, “I’m gonna be Hokage someday!” and assumed that obviously the show was going to end with that because of the efforts he put to get there, but I think it’s really important to note how Naruto was such a great candidate for that position because of this inherent quality. 

I read somewhere how when encountering a person who is extremely unstable mentally or otherwise, the first and foremost thing you should do is listen to what they have to say—to try and understand them. Why? Because most of the time, such people just need someone to just accept their emotions and their words as holding importance—to accept the fact that their emotions are real and worthy of attention. 

We have made Naruto’s ‘talk-no-jutsu” somewhat of a joke and just something more funny than serving a purpose—and yes, sometimes it does appear as if it is overdone—but just think about it for a second. This is the ninja world where these shinobi are constantly killing and such a life is traumatic at times. Think of all the people Naruto has met that have gone through so many traumatic experiences and are just not mentally stable and the very first thing he always does is listen. To try and relate. To understand them. To say, “Hey, I hear what you’re saying, and I understand your emotions are real.” 

This quality of his—THIS right here is why he TRULY became Hokage. Why he was so qualified for the position. He never believed any feeling or thought was below him and he always listened to each person he encountered. He brought people together this way. And when you’re sitting at such a high position as Hokage (or whatever position of leadership), it is SO important to be both perceptive and receptive of e v e r y person out there—no matter what their status/rank/race/age/personality/ideology/etc.

And on top of that all, Naruto was very self-aware. Do you see how he reflected on being the kyuubi container? He’s this thirteen-year-old kid who realized that the hate people had was targeted toward the kyuubi container, not him. But because they were one in the same thing, the hate was also targeted towards him. And because he was able to grasp this concept, he was able to use this to push forward to turn that hate around by reaching out to one person at a time until he was reaching out to the whole of the shinobi world. 

It’s honestly so beautiful. We could all learn so much from his character. And try to apply some of his methods to our daily lives. Imagine how much positive change that would bring into this world. 

Imagine getting together with Chris.

A/N: Part 5 is here and I think I just died. OH MY GOD! As the writer, and as a reader- AHHHHHHHH! I’m sorry, I’m so calm right now. (No I am not, my heart) You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B) Please enjoy! X

Chris laid sprawled on his couch with furrowed brows, tapping his TV remote against his bare chest. It was 1:48AM and he had an early morning meeting tomorrow, but he was still wide awake. He couldn’t sleep because he had too much on his mind, like the fact that you were yet to read the letter he’d left- admitting his love for you- at your apartment. Since he left said letter at said apartment, with each hour that ticked by- he’d been texting your best friend asking if you’d read it. Each time, he’d get a text back from Ava telling him the same thing: “she’s not home yet.” It finally got to the ninth hour at 11:00PM that he stopped texting Ava and texted you instead, not to ask about the letter but to see if you were okay. Which brought forth the other thing that was keeping him up.

Chris had texted you to ask if you were okay, and you’d sent back a simple “perfect.” Now what was that suppose to mean? Were you perfect because your date with Sam went well? Were you perfect because you’d read his letter and was thinking about your answer? No, you couldn’t have read the letter already. You wouldn’t have just texted if you’d read it. He knew you and he knew you would’ve called if you’d read it, unless- you didn’t feel the same way, or had changed your mind about him since hearing about Scarlett and going on that date with Sam. He should’ve addressed that rumor the second it came out, talked to you about it instead of calling Scarlett and laughing about it. If he lost you because of it, it was his fault and his fault alone.

“What am I going to do, bud?” Chris asked Dodger, his best friend who was half asleep by his feet. “What am I going to do if I lose her?” Dodger looked up when Chris sat up and reached down to smooth his hand over his pup’s head. “She’s the one and I was too afraid to tell her that when I had the chance, and now-” He cut himself off with a huff, scratching Dodger’s head ever so gently. “I’m a real fucking idiot, aren’t I?”

“I’d say.”

Chris was so distracted that he didn’t even hear you come in from the back door; you’d a set of keys because he trusted you and occasionally needed you to come take care of Dodger for him. He jumped to his feet, feeling his heart in his throat. You were crying, but it was out of pure and utter joy as well as love for the man standing in front of you. His lips parted and he tried to speak, but no sound came forth. He’d play a thousand different scenarios in his head and ways to respond, but now that it was actually happening- he’d no clue what to say. He stepped over Dodger and started towards you, stopping when you took a step back. You held up the letter that you’d read four times in the cab ride over with the help of your iPhone’s torch. Each time you’d read it- you fell even harder for Chris; words you wanted to use to form a response danced in your mind. But now, as you stood in front of him, you couldn’t speak either. God, the two of you were made for each other.

“Y/N, I’m not dating Scarlett,” Chris finally spoke. Upon hearing those words leave his mouth, he wanted to slap himself. As important as that piece of information was, he wished his first words to you were “I love you.” Which was what he said next, drawing more happy tears from your eyes. “Please don’t cry,” he pleaded as he started towards you again, stopping when you held up a hand.

“I’m sorry, I just- I need a moment,” you told him and he nodded understandingly. “I um- This was-” you held up the letter, smiling. “It was a very Fan fic Chris thing to do,” you said and you both managed a light laugh. “How did you learn to write like that? Those first two paragraphs-”

“Y/N,” he cut you off, chuckling. “I don’t think we need to talk about my writing capabilities right this very second, do you?” He quizzed and you shook your head, swallowing. “You came here to tell me something,” he began as he slowly inched closer to you; step by step. “You came here to answer a question, to confess your true feelings.” You nodded slowly, feeling your heart on the verge of exploding. “So how about,” he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you towards him, “we get to that?”

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” you blurted out and grimaced at how awkward you were. Chris laughed, because how awkward you were was one of the things he loved about you. “I um…” You couldn’t believe how difficult it was to talk around a shirtless Chris; how his female co-stars managed was beyond you. His hands rubbing small, gentle circles into your sides weren’t helping your ability to speak coherently either. “Can you-” you put a hand on his chest to push him back; his heat radiated through your palm. “I just need some space so I can think.”

“I think we’ve done enough thinking, don’t you?” He returned to his original position, but this time a little closer and his grip a little tighter. “I’m done thinking and so are you,” he whispered as he dipped his head. With his lips inches from yours, his minty breath warm against your cheeks. “Do you love me?” He asked gently and you felt yourself nod as you got lost in his eyes; he smiled so wide, his pearly whites blinded you. “Do you want to kiss me?” He asked and got another breathless nod from you. “Good, because I love you and I want to kiss you too.”

The second his lips touched yours, everything fell into place. You realized that saying was a cliché you’d used many times before, in a quite a few of your stories, but not once had you truly understood or felt what you wrote. Not until now, not until you had Chris’ soft and supple lips pressed against yours. It was insane how good and how right it felt, and how many more clichés played through your mind. “He kissed you like your lips were the air that he needed to breathe”, and “he kissed you like there was no tomorrow”, and “his lips touched yours and sparks flew.” In that very moment, as his hands gently caressed your face while his lips worked against yours tenderly, attentively, and passionately- you lived through every romantic, breathtaking kiss scene you’d ever written. It felt like pure and utter magic- and yes, you realized that was yet another cliché but God, you didn’t care. You were happy because you were kissing the one you could, and had pictured forever with.

“Fuck,” Chris breathed when he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against yours. “Sorry,” he chuckled breathlessly and you shook your head, smiling. You could feel how flaming hot your cheeks were, as well as how wide your smile was; it was wider than it’d ever been. “I don’t mean to swear in your face, I just- that was fucking amazing. I mean- Fuck,” he cussed again, laughing. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Why don’t you do it again?” Your arms wrapped around his neck as you inched closer to his lips.

You didn’t have to ask him twice; he chuckled and kissed you again, moaning ever so softly when your hands found their way into his un-gelled hair. Now you weren’t a girl he wanted to rush things with because he respected you, but he was so swept up- in the passion, and the romance, and the very obvious lust in the air- that he couldn’t help himself. His hands reached under your thighs and he swiftly lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. You knew what was happening and what would happen if you let it, and though you always promised your mom you wouldn’t rush into things- this was Chris and she’d always wished you’d end up with him after reading your series. Now that the opportunity had arise, surely she wouldn’t blame you for taking things a little faster than usual. It wasn’t like he was going to run out on you, the letter made it pretty damn clear he was here to stay.

He broke the kiss and smiled, carrying you as he started towards the stairs. He didn’t know who to thank for you, just every thread in the universe that brought the two of you together. You did the same thing, brushing his bearded cheek with your thumb.

“Does Ava know you’re not going to be there when she wakes up?” That question was his subtle was of asking for consent; he wouldn’t and couldn’t do anything you were uncomfortable with. He knew the hold he had on you, but he’d never use it to his advantage. Similarly, you knew the hold you had on him and you’d never use that to your advantage either.

“I think Ava will figure it out.”

“Yeah,” Chris bit back his growing smile, “I think she will too.”

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Little Gilbert

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 461
summary : Reader is Elena’s little sister and the Salvatore’s are over protective of her. Kai ends up staying at the Salvatore’s over night and sneaks into her room.
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Y/N’s life had gotten complicated the past few years. When her older sister Elena had met Stefan , Y/N had still been in her third year of high school. Both Stefan and Damon had taken a liking to her and over time had become like family to her - like she had two older brothers. After Elena had burned down their house , Y/N had moved in with the Salvatores. Problem was they were super over protective of her. If anyone even dared to get too close to her , things would get ugly for that person. Once a classmate , her friend Jake , had come over so they can work on a project and he had played a prank on her - sneaking up from behind to scare her - and she had screamed. Damon , who had been at the kitchen in that moment making her her favourite snack , rushed to the living room and nearly choked her friend before even bothering to listen to what had happened. Stefan was the same - almost , he listened first before trying to hurt anyone. Y/N loved them and appreciated having two guarding angels at all times but sometimes things were getting a little out of control. Their over protectiveness was starting to suffocate her. Whenever a boy showed up to take her on a date , one of them would tag along and even though the Salvatore wouldn’t sit with them , it didn’t matter much because they could still hear and see everything. Elena was the only one who could get them to back off a little but that never lasted too long.

* * *
Y/N walked downstairs heading into the kitchen, her ponytail and white polca dot ribbon flapping behind her. She was wearing a black tshirt with print (the logo of her favourite band) and gray skinny jeans along with her favourite ankle high black converses.
“Hey sis.” she smiled at Elena. “And big brother.” she winked at Damon.
Her eyes drifted towards the cupcakes on the kitchen counter and just as she was about to grab one , her eyes fell on a stranger sitting on the kitchen table. He had blue eyes ,brown hair , perfect angel like features and was holding a cupcake , his fingers covered with frosting. The boy glanced at her , then at Elena and Damon.
“You have a little sister?” asked the boy. “Wait. Who’s sister is she? And …where have you kept her hidden until now?”
Y/N took one of the cupcakes , taking a bite which resulted in cupcake frosting getting on her nose. Elena wiped it away with her thumb , giving her little sister a warning look. Damon glanced between Kai and Y/N , who obviously were curious about each other by the way they were starring at one another. Kai had gotten up , shortening the distance between him and Y/N. He was smiling widely , outstretching his hand for her to shake as a hello.
“Hi. I’m Kai …and you are ?”
“Littlest Gilbert.” she laughed. “I’m Y/N , Elena’s little sister, well cousin.”
“A human.” muttered Kai to himself. “Didn’t think those existed in Mystic Falls with all the supernatural population. I see you like cupcakes as much as me. Hey maybe we can go out sometime - there is this bakery near the town square -”
“OKAY , slow down big brother.” said Damon pulling Kai away from Y/N. “You are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it? She is off limits.”
“Why not ?” wondered Y/N.
“Because he is the one who shot an arrow through Bonnie’s stomach and he is the reason she is all alone in the Prison World right now.” said Elena pushing her sister out of the kitchen door. Y/N got free and ran back towards Kai and the cupcakes.
Elena’s little sister looked at Kai , head to toe , curiousity burning in her eyes.
“He doesn’t seem dangerous.” she said. “He seems .. cute and cuddly.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I think she likes me.”
“No , no , no.” said Damon. “No one here likes any body. Y/N , go to your room before things get ugly for mr. charming right here.”
Elena grabbed Y/N and started pushing her towards the door again.
“Fine, fine. I’m going. See you around Kai.”
“Yeah. See you around.” he replied with a wistful look in his eyes.
Damon was starring at him , his arms folded in his chest.
“What ?”
“If you touch her , you lose your head or heart. Or both.” threatened Damon.
“Damon !” exclaimed Elena. “Don’t threaten him. He said he’d help us get Bonnie back. That gives him a pass. At least this time…”
Elena kissed Damon on the cheek while Kai was glancing between them and the door , hoping that maybe Y/N would pop her head through there.
“You two together is still totally revolting to me.” sighed Kai. “Alright , where is that stupid Ascendant ?”

* * *


Y/N walked into the Salvatore’s , her phone in her hands as she kept texting her friends. Elena had convinced Stefan and Damon not to hover over her that day , so she can spend it with her friends before their graduation in a few days. The Salvatores’ overprotective attitude really was getting out of control lately.
Y/N took a few steps into the living room and left her bag on the sofa hearing voices coming from the library. Whoever had come for a visit didn’t appear to be wanted. For a moment she hessitated , but in the end curiousity won over and she headed straight towards the loud voices ignoring the fact Stefan and Damon would be angry as hell if she put herself in any kind of danger.

“I just need a place to crash.”
“One night.” insisted Kai. “Don’t think your house was my first choice. Look I know we don’t get along , specially after that wedding fiasco , for which I am very sorry by the way. What Bonnie did hurt me and I snapped. It’s not like you two haven’t screwed up majorly at some point in your life.”
Stefan folded his hands , nodding and rolling his eyes listening to Kai. Last thing he and his brother wanted was Kai spending the night over , specially with Y/N being in the house. Kai had been dangerous before he turned into a heretic and now who knew what he’d do if he got upset. None of them were willing to risk it.
“I am trying to be better.” added Kai. “Please ? See how nice I am ? I even said ‘please’.”
“You are not not staying.” argued Damon.

Y/N made her way down the hall as quietly as possible. Not that it would do her any good considering the Salvatore’s were vampires and could hear her coming from a mile away. Quite literally. Whoever it was in there with them , might not make it out alive unless she intervined.
“It’s just for one night.” said a very familiar voice that made Y/N stop right at the door. “Please ? I promise to behave. Also need I remind you that you owe me for not going through with that crazy idea your psychopath of a mother had about linking Elena to Bonnie for all eternity ?”
“Because you did that out of the goodness of your heart ?” asked Stefan.
“Not important why I did it.” said Kai. “The important thing is that I did and now you owe me.”
“Fine.” groaned Damon. “But you are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it ?”
“Anywhere near who?” said Y/N walking in. Damon and Stefan groaned. Kai looked happier than ever she had walked in in that moment. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a small step towards her , stopping a second later realising if he took another someone might snap his neck. Kai smiled widely at her and she smiled back at him , taking a step towards the Salvatores. “Are you two going to keep it up with the over protective stuff? I love you but seriously - I am graduating high school , the ceremony is in two days. Are you planing on going to Whitmore with me too ?”
“No.” said Stefan. “We are just -”
“Being the most loving , carrying yet extremely annoying not-blood-related older brothers ?” interrupted Kai making both Salvatoress turn towards him. He could see Y/N was trying hard not to start laughing. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Can I at least say HI to her or is this forbidden too ?”
Damon poured himself a drink and drank most of it while Stefan motioned for Kai that it’s OK if he wants to say HI. In a flash Kai hugged Y/N under the absolutely shocked facess of the Salvatore brothers.

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I Never Meant To Hurt You

gif is not mine

Title: I Never Meant To Hurt You

Pairing: Dean x Reader (also a little bit of demon!dean)

Word Count: 1,981

Warnings: angst, ouchies, slight fluff

A/N: This was a request from @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this! I know it’s a little long, but I promise, it’s worth it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

You began hunting at the age of twenty.  After losing everyone you loved to demons, you knew you had to become a hunter.  You wanted to save people who still had a chance to be saved.  When you started hunting you ran into two brothers who helped you out more than anyone; Sam and Dean Winchester.  Like you, they lost their mom to Azazel.  They ended up killing your sister who was half-demon.  You accepted it as a part of life, never blaming them for what they had to do.  You ran into them plenty of times after that.  You even worked cases with them.  

You were shocked when you saw that Sam was calling you.  They hadn’t reached out to you in a year.  When you talked to Sam, his voice sounded urgent and full of concern.  After everything they did for you, you would sacrifice anything for them.  Especially Dean, who always held a special place in your heart.

You knocked on the bunker’s metal door, looking around.  You hoped you had the right place.  Before you could further assess your whereabouts, the door opened.  You smiled at Sam, brushing past him.  

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(this image isn’t mine!! credit to whoever owns it, i couldn’t find the original xx)

Patching Things Up

Summary: Fighting with Peter is never fun, but when you take it a bit too far things get a little dicey. You end up having to try to fix your relationship (and a pretty beat up Peter) and find yourself discovering a little more about him than you expected

Warnings: Blood is mentioned but it’s nothing too bad :)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker

Genre: Angst + Fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: WOAH my other writing thing got a bunch of notes for no reason omg I hope to keep posting and eventfully make a masterlist?? but yeah enjoy!


Peter was your close friend and you’d do absolutely anything for him, but man did he piss you off sometimes. You both were generally very easygoing and sweet people, but sometimes your opinions and viewpoints clashed dramatically. You argued about things ranging from what toppings to order on your pizza to who was the worst at math. Almost every argument you had was over silly stuff and you two made up instantly when you were finished. There was one exception though.

Spiderman. When you first found out about Peter’s secret you were stoked. It was an accident, of course. Ned let it slip one day when the two of you were talking and, against his wishes, you confronted Peter about it.

“I can’t believe you never told me!” you gushed excitedly. “There’s so many things I want to ask. Can you talk to actual spiders? Do webs come out of your butt? Spiders use poison to make their food mushy so they can eat it, is that what you do? I’ve never noticed.”

“How did you… Ned, are you serious?” Peter asked, his voice strained. “Y/N you weren’t supposed to find out. You have to swear not to tell anyone.”

“Your secret’s safe with me,” you said with a wink. “It’s not like anyone would believe me anyway, but I’ll keep it to myself.”

“What, you don’t think Peter Parker can take on massive villains with crazy weapons and stuff?” he asked, looking mildly offended.

“Honestly? Not really,” you admitted. “No offense Pete, you’re just not that threatening or tough.” His eyes flashed and you knew this was going to be the beginning of something.

“Well that sucks because I don’t see you risking your life every single night fighting bad guys ten times your size,” he said angrily. “I get beat up really badly all the time but you should see the other guy. I like to think I’m somewhat good at what I do.” You stared at him for a second, your mind processing what he just said.

“Peter you have to stop,” you said suddenly. He paused, clearly taken aback.

“Y-you want me to stop? Stop being Spiderman?”

“Yes,” you hesitated. “It’s so dangerous, what would I do if something bad happened to you? God, I can’t believe this. What if you’d gotten killed? Please, you have to stop.” He took a step away from you, looking hurt.

“Y/N I have to do this,” he said. “If I don’t then so many more people are in danger. Don’t you get it? I can save people! I’ve already saved people. Isn’t that more important than whether or not I get some bruises once in a while? It’s so selfish of you to even say that!” His voice raised as he went, his emotions running wild. For as long as you’d known Peter he had never raised his voice like that at you. You could feel your heart pumping faster as you glared at him.

“If you keep being Spiderman we can’t be friends.” As soon as you said it you regretted it. The look on his face was like a punch to the gut. You hadn’t been friends for very long but you were still extremely close and you knew life without Peter would totally suck. It wasn’t an empty threat though. His safety was really important to you and you hated the idea of him setting off every night to go get knocked around.

“I won’t,” he said in a low voice. You blinked, feeling tears prick the corners of your eyes.

“Then I guess we’re not friends anymore.”

“I guess not.” He didn’t look away, his gaze defiant and strong. You suddenly understood where Spiderman’s bravery came from. You readjusted the backpack on your shoulder and turned away, walking away from him.

It has been a few weeks since the fight had gone down and neither of you had spoken since. You were ashamed of your behavior but were too stubborn to go back on your word. It wasn’t really fair of you to ask him to give it up entirely but he had to understand the gravity of the situation. You checked the news obsessively every night to see if there was any information about Spiderman. You followed update accounts on twitter and even downloaded news apps with live coverage just in case. Every time Peter missed a day at school you were filled with anxiety and fear that he wouldn’t ever come back. You used Ned as a resource to find out how Peter was doing. Ned, caught in the middle, would always desperately ask you to talk to him again. He claimed that Peter had gotten really closed off and irritable and was ignoring just about everyone. It hurt you, but you were determined to prove a point.

One night when you were about to hop in the shower after a particularly long day your phone started going off like crazy. All kinds of notifications were popping up about a huge scale accident by Coney Island that involved one of the Avenger’s planes. Spiderman had been seen there, and from the looks of it he must have gotten pretty badly injured. Panic seized your body as you thought of Peter lying helplessly in the wreckage. You tried to shake it off. He was probably fine, this was his decision anyway. You decided to ignore it for the time being and just shower.

You were in the middle of drying yourself off when you heard the doorbell ring. You froze, your imagination spewing out worst case scenarios. You were home alone and there was a very slim chance it was your parents. What if it was a murderer? It would totally suck to be killed naked. The doorbell rang again a second and third time though and at that point your curiosity got the best of you. Your pulled your towel tightly around you and went to check the front door. You looked through the peep hole and saw a familiar face.

Peter. You swung the door open and almost passed out at the sight before you. He looked as if he had been in a gang fight or something. His entire face was cut and scratched with dark purple spots around his eyes. His lip was bleeding as well as a spot on his cheek. He was wearing a hoodie but he hadn’t bothered to put different pants over the suit, and you could see it had been ripped a few times.

“Holy shit!” you exclaimed. “Peter, what happened? Never mind, tell me later. My god, sit down.” Your mind was reeling as you desperately tried to think of how to fix his wounds. Peter cleared his throat, disrupting your thoughts.

“Not to be creepy but can you put on clothes first? I’m hurt but I’m not dying and it’s kinda awkward…” His voice came out raspy but still carried the joking tone. Heat rushed to your face and you nodded, running back to your bathroom to quickly get your pajamas on. When you came back Peter was laying on the couch, his eyes closed. You sat down next to him gingerly and he looked up at you.

“Y/N… I’m sorry,” he said, his voice cracking. He sounded exhausted and defeated. “Y-you were right. Putting myself in harm’s way is stupid and I can’t always handle things on my own. I can’t do anything on my own, actually. I need you to talk to me again, I’m slowly going insane. I missed you so much and it was so much worse than any pain I’ve ever gone through in my whole life.” You swallowed hard, holding back tears. He looked so incredibly vulnerable and it broke your heart that what you had done upset him so much.

“Peter, listen…” you started but he cut you off.

“I-If you want I’ll even give up on Spiderman.” You paused for a second. He was really willing to give up such an important part of his life just to get you to talk to him again. You realized that being a hero was just who he was, and his selflessness made you feel really proud.

“I don’t want you to,” you said gently. “We need someone like you out there protecting us. I’m sorry I made you feel bad, I guess I’m not as good of a person as you are. I’m still gonna be upset when you get hurt like this but if it’s what you want to do then I shouldn’t be the one to stop you.” He grinned and his smile even reached his tired eyes. You missed seeing that smile and it lifted your spirits.

“I can deal with you being grumpy sometimes, it’s better than nothing. I had to listen to Ned talk about computer programming for like an hour yesterday and nobody came to my rescue. Maybe that can be your superpower?”

“Maybe,” you chuckled. “Now, do you want ice or something? You look terrible. Not that you don’t always look terrible, Parker.” He laughed, cringing at the pain shooting up his side. You looked at him nervously, unsure of how to help him.

“Ice sounds great actually,” he said. You nodded and rushed to the freezer to find an ice pack. You wrapped it in a thin towel so that it wouldn’t be super cold and brought it back to him. His face was drained of all color and there were beads of sweat all across his forehead.

“Pete, I think you might have a concussion,” you said as you eyed the bump on his head. “Your pupils are all dilated and you’re turning black and blue.”

“I’m fine,” he declared as he sat up, the look in his eyes showing he immediately regretted his decision. “Actually do you… I need to go throw up.” You helped him up and guided him to the bathroom. He insisted that he was good on his own and you waited anxiously outside the door, listening to him coughing and retching. You were a wreck. Your nursing skills were slim to none and you were basically useless in this situation. You did, however, have a driver’s license and you decided that you needed to take Peter to the hospital.

“Ok, I’m fine now,” he said as he emerged. He looked ghostly pale and generally ragged.

“Yeah, no,” you said. “I’m taking you to a doctor. I’ll call your aunt and let her know what’s going on, let’s go.”

“Y/N I don’t need a doctor,” he argued. “I feel great! I just want to stay here… Can I crash with you? Will your parents be mad?” You considered it for a moment. Your parents wouldn’t care, they’d known Peter for a while and trusted you enough to have him over. The thought of not having his head checked out made you a little nervous but when you looked at his pleading face you couldn’t say no.

“Fine, but you have to stay close to me in case something happens. I’ll find you a garbage can or something if you feel like you’re going to be sick again. Do you want a change of clothes? I have some of your shirts that you’ve left here.”

“That would be fantastic,” he said weakly. “I’m really sorry, this is all my fault.” He apologized about seven times in a row as you went to grab him a t-shirt.

“Peter, you know I love it when I’m right but if you could please shut up for like a minute that would be great.” You handed him the shirt and he just stared up at you. You raised your eyebrows and he smiled awkwardly.

“I’m wearing the suit under this and I don’t have other pants,” he told you. You rolled your eyes and he laughed despite the pain.

“You have boxers right? I’m not in middle school, I can handle it. Besides, it can’t be any more embarrassing than the skin-tight suit.”

“What’s wrong with the suit?” he asked defensively. You shook your head, not ready to start another argument with him. He carefully pulled off the hoodie and you gasped. There was blood all over the front of the suit that had been hidden from your sight by the sweatshirt.

“I’m good!” he exclaimed, trying to remind you. He pushed the button on the front of his suit and it fell down in a heap on the floor. You got a good look at his chest which was a lot more muscular than you would have thought. There was a big gash going down from his rib cage to his lower stomach that thankfully seemed to have stopped bleeding.

“Hey,” he said. “My eyes are up here.” You felt your face flush and he giggled.

“Oh shut up,” you laughed. “Since when do you have abs? I thought you were a nerd?”

“W-what? Oh uh I guess I just got fit from… fighting crime and stuff,” he stammered. He yanked the shirt over his head, all the carefulness from earlier abandoned. The two of you usually didn’t flirt or feel any weird tension, but suddenly the air felt stifling. He gazed over at you, clearly feeling the awkward mood settling as well.

“Hey, you know maybe I should go and…” you started to say, trailing off as Peter stepped closer to you cautiously. Your heart was beating so loud you were sure that he could hear it too. He looked as nervous as you felt, but the distance between you was closing rapidly. Soon enough he was right in front of you, his eyes fixed on your mouth. You knew what was going on, you just wouldn’t have ever guessed Peter would initiate it like this. His lips dangerously close to yours, he paused.

“Is this ok?” he murmured. You nodded slowly and he went for it. There was the faint taste of copper from the blood on his bottom lip, but that didn’t bother you. You pulled away first, your mind racing. What did this mean for you? Were you friends still or something else?

“Peter, I-” you said softly, but he beat you to it.

“I-I don’t know why I did that,” he said. “I just… I was thinking about what would happen if we weren’t friends and it messed me up inside, you know? After the first day of you ignoring me I knew that I liked you, like a lot. I don’t know if you feel the same way, I shouldn’t have made it weird…”

“I do feel the same way,” you said, surprising even yourself. “Let’s not fight like that again. You’re way too important to me.” You pulled his arm gently and the two of you sat down on the couch together. You were quiet for a moment before you looked over at him.

“Does this mean I’m dating a superhero?” you whispered.

“If you’re cool with it, yeah.”

“Once you feel better will take me on a date and show me how the web thing works?” He rested his head on your shoulder and thought for a moment.

“I think I might feel better tomorrow evening, maybe around 7?”

“You know where to find me, Spiderman.”

Imagine being in a relationship with Chris.

A/N: Take this as a sequel to ‘Imagine falling in-love with Chris’. Also this was inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘Ours’, which was a request from @lapetitsyrene quite a while ago. So here it is, Jet. (Finally, right? 😂) Enjoy! ❤️  

Monday mornings were perpetually bad, especially after exceptional Sundays with Chris. It’d been a year since you officially became a couple and things between the two of you were still as good as it’d been on your first, second, and third dates. The flames of romance and passion were effulgent; the level of strength of your relationship described as incandescent. The longer you thought about Chris, the wider your smile became. There were a few reasons as to why he was on your mind: one) you were that knee-deep in-love with the man; two) you were using your Minnie Mouse travel mug, to which he had a matching Mickey Mouse one; three) you were drinking the coconut chai tea McKenna Grace recommended to him which he then recommended to you. You didn’t know when it happened, but you’d become a half of one of those co-dependent couples whose lives were intertwined to the point where you couldn’t even be in an elevator with strangers without imagining what it’d be like with Chris there.

The silence was deafening in the elevator; you were the only one not in a suit of some kind possessed with a vacant stare. You thought about what Chris would say if he were stuck in that uncomfortable elevator with you and stifled your giggle by biting down on the rim of your travel mug. It was an accurate assumption of his that your job, though taxing, was better than “being stuck in an office doing that nine-to-five thing like a ritual.” Perhaps it did occasionally take away the excitement of going to a new place, but at least you were going to a new place. You had opportunities to take in the fresh ocean breeze while swaying with the palm trees, and you’d rather do that than breathe a stale air in a stuffy office standing still next to a water cooler. You still had to drop in at your publisher’s office every now and again, but you already had it better than most people both professionally and romantically.

You had to admit though it was hard to enjoy your romantic privileges sometimes. You were dating Chris Evans, an A-Lister who many thought you didn’t deserve. In your field, your success and stature would’ve been on par with Chris’ in his. You were highly successful and thoroughly respected, even renowned enough to be invited to certain A-List events. Yet in the eyes of his fans and the Hollywood media, you were still a nobody. You were reminded of that every time you walked by the magazines in a bookstore, or a grocery shop. You’d see the headlines: “Chris Evans dating out of his comfort zone, a travel journalist?”, “Chris Evans’ new girlfriend spotted with another man!”, “Chris Evans attends the People’s Choice awards alone, was it out of Y/N Y/L/N’s league?” It was frustrating to have a relationship feel like it was on trial, and this was a relationship with an actor who stayed out of the limelight as much as possible. What would it have been like for the others? You could never just be, there was always someone lurking, waiting for a mistake to be made so they could make their case to a jury of people who had nothing better to do. It wasn’t always easy, but you and Chris made it work. No matter the verdict, the choice was clear: it was you and him against the world.

You were fortunate in other areas, like how Chris wasn’t the kind of guy who had bad breakups. You had to admit when you first agreed to go out with him, you were a little worried about being dragged into an encounter with one of his star-studded exes. But so far, so good. All those rumors and warnings about how the ghosts from his past were waiting to jump out at your with their lipgloss smiles did nothing but amuse you now. The love was yours, it wasn’t for anyone to speculate. If there was doubt, the two of you would sit and talk. The relationship was important to the both of you, important to the point that you even ignored your father’s snide comments about his tattoos. But Chris knew your father liked him despite that, so he said nothing either. It was fairly obvious how much your parents adored Chris, just like it was how much his parents loved you. Things were going to last with him, there was no doubt there.

Chris pushed himself off his car when you walked out of your apartment building. He smiled as soon as he caught you in his sights. “Good morning, beautiful.” He called then laughed at your shocked expression. You had no expectation to see him today as Mondays were usually chock-blocked with work meetings for both of you. “Hi,” one of his eyebrow quirked along with the corners of his mouth as he pulled you in for a kiss. Your arms immediately made their way around his neck  and you pulled your body flushed against his. “How are you?” He whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

“Wondering if I can still breathe after that kiss,” you responded then giggled when he smiled. “What are you doing here?” You asked, pulling away from him. “I thought you said you had a meeting today, shouldn’t you be halfway there?”

He glanced at his watch before answering, “three quarters of the way there, but I had to come see you first.” You bit the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from squealing at how adorable he was. “I wanted to ask you to join me for dinner tonight at the Van Heusen Steakhouse, seven-thirty if you don’t already have plans.”

“You couldn’t just text me?”

“I could, but I couldn’t do this…” He trailed off, dipping his head to meet your lips again. “And I’d give anything to do that,” he winked as he pulled away. You giggled and playfully shoved him, making him laugh. “So dinner, can I come pick you up at seven-thirty?” You nodded. “Awesome, there’s something really important that I need to ask you tonight.” You felt your heart skip a beat at that, then completely stop when he admitted “I’m actually kind of nervous” with a soft chuckle.

“Did you freak all your other girlfriends out too, or am I the exception?”

“What do you mean?” His innocence made you scowl. “What?” He laughed. “What did I say, Y/N?”

“You can’t just ask me to a fancy dinner, tell me there’s something really important that you need to ask me tonight, and leave it at that.” You bit and he laughed when he realized what his choice of words must have insinuated. “I love you, Chris, but I don’t think we’re ready to-”

“I’m not going to propose,” he cut you off, chuckling. You let out an audible sigh of relief and it was his turn to scowl, “okay, don’t sound so relieved.” His smile returned when you giggled. “I’m a romantic, I’m not an eccentric. We’re not even living together yet, you really think I’ll propose before we take that step? What if you’re a pain in the ass to live with?” He joked and you scoffed with a smile. “What if you talk during my football games, or force me to do the dishes immediately?” Another scoff escaped because you did do that; he laughed because he was obviously joking. “I can’t live with that for the rest of my life.”

“You know what, jackass,” you slapped his arm, “even if you did propose I’d say no.” He pouted, giving you signature puppy dog eyes as he grabbed you by your waist. “Get off me,” you laughed and playfully pushed him back when he tried to hug you. “Chris!” You shrieked with laughter when he lifted you off the ground, crushing you in a tight encasement created by his strong arms. “People are watching,” you giggled, “put me down.”

“I love you, baby.” He smacked a loud, scruffy kiss on your cheek before planting you back down on your feet. “Do you want me to drive you to work?” He asked as he released you. “I’m already late, I might as well be a good boyfriend while I’m at it. C’mon,” he took your hand and started to pull you towards his car.

“Can you be a good boyfriend and tell me what that really important thing you have to ask me tonight is?” You asked with a wince; the hope that laced your voice was not present in the next sentence after he shook his head. “Chris, come on. Have mercy, you know I’m just going to fixate on it until I see you tonight. Do you really want me distracted all day? I have meetings today, I can’t afford to be distracted.”

“But you’re so cute when you’re distracted.”

“Chris,” you tried not to laugh while you were being terse, but you failed.

“Why are you always so impatient?” He turned around, smiling. “Do you know how many surprises you’ve ruined because of your impatience?” He rhetorically quizzed and you scoffed; he smiled because he knew what you were going to say in defense.

“Are you serious? I could ask you the same thing,” you bit back playfully. “You’re the one who always hints he has a surprise for me. I wouldn’t even know if you didn’t say anything, but no, you always have to open your big mouth. So if we are really looking for someone to blame for my ruined surprises, shouldn’t it be you?”

“Okay, fine.” He rolled his eyes dramatically and you laughed. “You really want to spoil the surprise for yourself, fine.” He dug into his back pocket and pulled out a classic Disney Castle keychain with a single key. “Here,” he held it up in front of your confused face. You didn’t get it, you already had a key to his place just like he had one to yours.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve already got a key to your house.”

“You have a spare key to my house, yes, but this is your key to my house.”

“What are you talking about?” You laughed and he sighed with a smile. “It’s a key, it doesn’t-”

“I’m trying to ask you to move in with me, idiot,” he cut you off, chuckling. “The key was symbolic, okay? I know you already have a key and it works and it doesn’t matter if I call it a spare key or your key. I’m trying to ask you to move in with me.” You pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh at his semi-rant. “God, I’m glad I’m doing this now. If I did this at dinner, I’d be too worked up to eat.” He joked then laughed when you did. “Will you please move in with me?” He wiggled the key in your face, a hopeful smile on his lips.

“Of course I will,” you swiped the keychain from his hand then wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled and rested both hands on your waist before rewarding you with another tender kiss. “Just out of curiosity,” you began when he broke the kiss, “does this mean we’re on the path to getting married?”

“I’d answer that, but I don’t want to ruin any more surprises for you.”

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Eggsy practically ran down the corridor. (Y/n) had been on a mission in Russia for the past week or so, only able to Facetime him in the few hours she was meant to be resting. She was trying to track down a notorious criminal, wanted for multiple accounts of murder, kidnapping and various other crimes. His nick name was the Dragon, as he would do anything for a bit of money. He didn’t have limitations onto how far he would stretch for a bit of gold.

Naturally, the boy had been worrying, as her calls got shorter and less enthusiastic by the day. But now it didn’t matter. Because she was back. Safe.

“And you have no idea where they are now?”

He frowned, peering inside Merlin’s open office. He was currently on the phone with someone, his face bright red in anger.

“They vanished” he jeered “People don’t just vanish, Gareth”

Eggsy picked up J.B for comfort, a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

 “She’s the youngest agent we have, why the hell did you think that was a good idea?” Merlin snarled “She barely has any experience in the field, let alone-“

“Merlin” Eggsy interrupted, his heart pounding “What’s wrong? What’s happened?”

“It’s (Y/n)” he admitted quietly, moving his ear away from the phone “This idiot thought it would be okay to let her go off on her own”

Eggsy felt his heart drop into his stomach, clutching onto his dog.

“Is she-?”

“No, she’s alive” he shook his head quickly “For now at least”

Eggsy narrowed his eyes.

“What’s happened then?”

“She’s been kidnapped” Merlin grumbled “By the Dragon”

“Let’s go over the plan one more time” Merlin spoke into the boy’s ear through his tiny ear piece as he checked the ammo in the gun on his waist. He fiddled with his umbrella as he listened to the clear instructions.

“Whilst we distract all the men we can you sneak in and search the lower floors for (y/n). There are various jail cell like rooms where the Dragon normally does his interrogations. I have no doubt she’ll be held there somewhere, other agents were in the past”

“So you’ve done this before then” Eggsy whispered, peering over the car he was hiding behind. The rest of the agents were slowly falling into place, getting ready to make as much noise as possible.

“Yes” Merlin’s tone darkened “But I must warn you Eggsy that none of those mission were successful. Our captured either died on the way out or we weren’t there fast enough”

“That isn’t going to happen this time, Merlin” Eggsy reassured him “I won’t let it. I won’t lose her”

He listened to the banging of metal and the gun shots for only a second before taking off, slipping inside a side entrance whilst the men ran to the front one, desperate to see who was making a ruckus. This was a matter of time.

They didn’t know how long (Y/n) could withhold torture before she cracked, she was a new agent, barely months out of passing her final exam. Valuable information could be leaked if she was left there too long. They also knew that even if she didn’t tell them anything, they would soon work out she was a Kingsman agent and sell her off to some thugs for a high price. There was no doubt that they would definitely break her and the Kingsman had many enemies, very willing to pay a lot of money to find out some of their secrets.

But that wasn’t really what Eggsy was worried about. He was worried about her. Small happy (Y/n) who made him muffins when he was having a bad day, who played board games with his little sister when he needed to do important work, who sat up most nights Facetiming him. There was no way he could lose that. There was no way he could lose her.

Merlin had been right, she was being held in one of the various cells on the lower floor of the building.

               Eggsy had been preparing himself the full flight there for what she might look like, what state she might be in. It didn’t matter though. No amount of preparation could stop the tight feeling in his chest.

               She was tied to a chair, body slumped forward as if she didn’t have enough energy to support herself any longer. Her right eye was so swollen it couldn’t open, her full face littered in black and purple bruises, coated in her own blood. Some of the fingers on either hand were pulled at awkward angles, making him gag. Her breathing was laboured, almost forced, telling him that something was definitely wrong with her ribs.

               “(y/n)” he called out softly, trying to see if she was still conscious.

               “Mmmm” she let out a slight groan, trying to lift her head. But it was too much.

               He let out an unsteady breath, quickly picking the lock and climbing inside her cell.

               “It’s alright now, we’re here to take you home” he cut her bonds as gently as he could, catching her body as she slumped to the cold floors “Everything’s going to be alright. You’re safe now”

               “Eggsy?” She asked, her voice hoarse from screaming out in pain for hours.

               “I’m right here” He lifted her up walking slowly down the corridor.

               By some magic, determination and pure luck they all managed to escape with only minor wounds. Eggsy had been shot in the shoulder but refused to leave the girl’s side at any point, holding her hand the full flight back.

               “Everything’s alright now” he whispered when they were finally alone, reaching down to press a soft kiss on her forehead.

               “You saved me” she grumbled, a small smile on her bruised face.

               “I suppose I did” Eggsy grinned, winking.

               “My knight in shining armour” she muttered before falling into a dull sleep.

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Should’ve Kissed You

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 992
summary : (sort of) based on ‘I Should’ve Kissed You’ by One Direction
note : this is an old draft i found on my phone and just got it finished around 4AM, hope you guys like it ☺
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Being invited to a party at Elena’s dorm at the end of the weekend, was a surprise for Kai. A part of him thought that maybe after he lifted the spell linking Elena and Bonnie, they were starting to warm up to him so when Damon had asked, Kai had agreed to go but only because there was someone he hoped to see at the party.
The night was dragging itself slowly and he spent most of his time with his least favourite Salvatore, mainly because the vampire refused to leave him alone, probably thinking Kai would murder someone. However the young heretic’s mind was far away from this, completely consumed by thoughts about only one person and he hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away from her since the moment she walked in.
   “Does she have a boyfriend ?” he asked, when she looked at him for the hundredth time that night with a smile on her face, making his heart skip a beat.
Damon followed Kai’s gaze and clenched his jaw the moment he saw who the young heretic meant. A few metres away, at the other end of the room stood Y/N, Caroline and Elena. They were talking and laughing at something on the younger girl’s phone, while holding a red plastic cup in their hands.
   “No, no. Don’t even think about it.” growled the vampire. “She is too good for you.”
   “I was just asking.” said Kai, raising his hands in defence. For a second it looked like he might give up on the subject, but then he leaned in a little towards Damon, asking the same question. The vampire gulped the rest of the bottle with bourbon in his hands at once and sighed.
   “No. She doesn’t. Y/N is shy when it comes to liking guys that way. Even if she likes someone, no chance she’d do or say something.”
Kai felt a spark of hope hearing Damon’s words. Y/N was single –
   “Why not ? Who would say ‘no’ to her ? She is so beauti –” Kai cleared his throat, seeing Damon’s expression. “I am just saying. Whoever she chooses will be the luckiest man alive.”
   “Indeed.” the vampire patted Kai’s back with a smirk on his face. “Except, it won’t be you.” he said in a serious tone.
The young heretic looked at Damon as if to say ’We’ll see about that.’ and got up, finishing his cup before leaving it on the table. He took a few steps towards Y/N before Damon grabbed him and whooshed them down the hallway, pinning the heretic to the wall with his hand around his neck.
   “Listen to me, twirp. You are lucky I haven’t ripped your head off by now.“
   “Why haven’t you?”
   “Someone asked me very politely not to, saying that you deserve a chance –“
   “Who ?” wondered Kai, his mind immediately going to Y/N. Who else would ask Damon that ? Surely wasn’t Elena … or Bonnie.
   “Not important.“ grinned the vampire. “Point is – stay away from her. Y/N doesn’t need you hur–”
   “Motus.” muttered Kai, sending the vampire flying away from him. “I am not going to hurt her. I think I might be –” he stuttered and sighed, looking at the ground.
   “Don’t you dare say it.” threatened Damon.
Kai rubbed his neck, glancing at his least favourite Salvatore. He liked Y/N, maybe even more than like her. Out of everyone in the group she was the only one who actually made him feel welcome and appeared to enjoy his company as much as he enjoyed hers. Ever since the moment he saw her, he wanted her to like him, for them to be friends … Perhaps more than friends, if he was lucky. He had spent countless nights since they met, laying awake at night thinking about her and only her, wondering if there was someone in her life. Now that he knew there wasn’t, he wanted to do something and find out if she felt the same way about him. To find out if her she felt like she couldn’t breath when they weren’t together, or if her skin turned to fire just at the thought of being in each other’s arms.
Kai wasn’t good at emotions or feelings but he knew he felt something about this girl and he wanted to be better because of her. When the young heretic had put the sleeping curse on Elena, no part of him had intended on ever lifting it but after learning who the doppelganger was to the girl he liked, things changed. He had done it for Y/N. To give her back her best friend growing up.
   “Once. Trust me just this once. Y/N might not even like me that way –”
   “If you hurt her in any way, I will kill you. Got it ?”
   “Got it.” said Kai, taking a step towards the room while fixing his shirt and hair. He stopped at the entrance and took a deep breath. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when Y/N looked up at him and he could hear her heart trying to leap out of her chest all the way from where he was standing when their eyes met. Kai made his way through the crowd, feeling nervous all of the sudden. wondering what he was going to say to her.
A few moments later, he had shortened the distance between them and was now standing barely a step away from her and Elena, who glanced between them and then went to talk to Damon at the other end of the room, leaving them all alone.
   "Hey.” smiled Kai.
   “Hey.” she smiled back.
Y/N wasn’t like all the other girls he had met, she wasn’t even like her friends. There was something about her, maybe it was her kind heart or the fact she had seen a sliver of good in him when everyone told her she was crazy and had given him a chance, that pulled every fibre in his body towards her and he was pretty sure he’d fight off anyone who dared and tried to steal her from him.
   “What w-were you and Damon arguing about?” she interrupted his thoughts. ”I haven’t seen him clench his jaw like that in weeks…”
   “You, actually.”
Y/N looked at him with surprise in her eyes. “Me ?”
   “He doesn’t approve of me coming to talk to you. He is worried I’d hurt you or something.” sighed Kai. “I’d never hurt you… though, he doesn’t seem to want to believe me.”
Y/N turned in the direction of her friends, who were talking without taking their eyes off her and Kai. Damon smiled at them, waved his fingers in a ‘hello’ and leaned in to say something to Elena. Everyone always assumed Kai had some sinister plan, a hidden motive behind his actions. Everyone but not her. Y/N liked him, but as usual she didn’t have the courage to tell Kai how she felt.
   “Who cares what he thinks?” she muttered, taking a sip from her cup. “I am more than happy you are here. And I um - I like talking to you.”
   “You don’t find my constant talking annoying ?“
   “No. Not at all.” she smiled shyly and Kai smiled back at her.
   “Hey um… D-do you want to dance or something?”
   “I’d love to.” she said, her eyes lighting up at his question.
Kai smiled widely at her and took the cup from her hands, feeling sparks of electricity the second he touched her and by the looks of it, she felt them too. He left the cup on the nearest table and they pushed their way through the crowd, his hand carefully placed on her back while listening to her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. For a while they danced and Y/N could barely tear her eyes away from him, just like he couldn’t take his eyes off her. There was something different about the way she was looking at him in that moment, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Her friends’ kept starring at them, but neither of them cared. Then a slow song started to play. Y/N rubbed her nose just like every time she was nervous and took a step back.
   “Um…“ she started to say, when he placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him again. Y/N looked up at him, smiling nervously. “I am not good at slow songs. I’ll step on your foot and –”
   “I want to dance with you. I don’t mind you stepping on my foot –”
I just want to hold you in my arms, always and forever. he finished in his mind before leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Vampire, remember ?”
Y/N’s lips curled and a moment later her hands hooked around his neck. Their eyes met and her breath got caught in her throat while she got lost in his smoky blue eyes glowing like never before in that instant. They were standing so close to each other, she was worried he might actually feel her heart trying to fight its way out of her chest. Kai rested his forehead on hers, her cheeks flushed immediately and she completely forgot how to breath. Neither of them even noticed the song had changed, neither of them cared about anything else but the other. It felt as if the temperatures in the room had gone up suddenly the closer his lips got to hers, their eyes darting between the others’ eyes and lips. His hot breath was intoxicating her completely and just as he was about to kiss her, Y/N’s feet caved in.
   “Are you okay? You look like you might faint or something ?” asked Kai with concern, holding her towards him. “Maybe we should go get some fresh air or something –”
   “Mmmhmmm … s-sounds good.” she said, her eyes fluttering closed for a second while he snaked his hand around her waist. Having him hold her like this was definitely not helping her remember how to breath, or calm down her heart. And she couldn’t stop thinking how it felt as if his hands and her body were two pieces of a puzzle, fitting perfectly with each other.

They made their way through the crowd and walked outside, sitting on the steps at the entrance of the building. Y/N took a deep breath, feeling the cold air fill her lungs and her mind cleared up a little. Though not nearly enough.
   “Feeling better ?” he asked, not taking his eyes off her.
   “Yeah, yeah.“ she smiled at the ground, hoping her heart would calm down but that never happened. All she could think about was how he had almost kissed her and that out of all the girls who kept making googly eyes at him all night, he only appeared to have eyes for her. Or maybe she was imagining it. “It got too hot in there.”
   “Tell me about it.” he muttered, wiping his face with his hand.
For a few long moments, neither of them said a thing. They only kept stealing glances at the other and Y/N couldn’t help but notice how his eyes sparkled differently in that moment and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
   "So um, are you having fun ? At the party I mean?“
   “No, not until I got to dance with you.” he smiled nervously. “Damon invited me and then pretty much forced me to hang out with him. Makes no sense. He doesn’t even like me –”
   “He didn’t. I mean… I kind of made him invite you. Though I thought I’d be the one hanging out with you all night, n-not him.“ she said quietly, smiling at the ground again.”I got pulled away before I got the chance –”
   “You are the one who wanted me to come ?” he smiled, with a hint of surprise in his voice. “Why didn’t you ask me yourself ?”
   “I um…” she laughed nervously, avoiding his question. “I like being around you. You are funny and –“
– you get my heart racing like no one has ever been able to. she finished in her mind.
Kai lifted her chin up until their eyes met and he could hear her heart skip a beat the moment he touched her, and then her heart rate increased to dangerous levels. “Woww. Does that mean you lik– are not afraid of being all alone with the big bad heretic ?”
Y/N gazed into his blue eyes for a long moment, drowning in them for a millionth time. Had he just almost asked her if she likes him ? Why had he changed his mind mid-sentence ?
   “No. Why would I be afraid being around one of my friends ? I um .. actually, I – ” she smiled nervously, getting tongue tied yet again. I like you and I want to be near you and be in your arms, always. she finished in her mind.
   “I’ve never had a friend before.” he smiled, “This feels nice. Hey, maybe we can go um get some coffee sometime or … go see a movie or something? F-friends do that right ?”
   “Yeah, f-friends do that. J-just the two of us, r-right ?” she said quietly, her eyes darting between his lips and his eyes. Had he just asked her out ? Kai gently brushed his palm against her cheek and nodded, slowly leaning in towards her. Without realising it Y/N slowly leaned in towards him too, her heart beating so fast she was worried everyone could hear it. Kai surely could. They gazed longingly into each others eyes, their lips barely a half an inch away — and then a large group of college students rushed past them down the stairs, nearly trumping them over.
Kai cleared his throat while Y/N blinked fast a couple of times, starring at the night sky. A shooting start glazed across it in a blink of an eye, so fast she wasn’t sure it had really happened, but she made a wish anyways.
   “I should um … We should probably go back –”
   “Yeah, yeah of course.” said Kai, helping her up. “So um, h-how does F-friday movie night sounds ? I can compell the whole movie theatre j-just for … us.”
   “Can I pick the movie ?“
Kai grinned. “Absolutely.”
    “Hey so, what do you want to – “ said Y/N, turning around so abruptly as they got at the entrance, they bumped into each other and she would’ve fallen unless it had been for Kai’s hand on her waist, holding her steady. He pushed her against the door frame, bracing his hand next to her head when another group college students rushed inside. Y/N could feel her heart beats blurring into one and her cheeks were for sure a very bright shade of red in that moment. Kai’s lips were barely a heart beat away from hers and she wanted to feel them on hers so badly in that moment.
    “Whatever you want to … watch.” he replied, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. 
A small smile showed on her face and Y/N reached to touch his cheek, feeling his breath on her face intoxicating her. This time will be different. I don’t want to lose him to someone else. she thought, feeling Kai’s hand on her waist pulling her towards him. I can tell him. Maybe he feels the same. Maybe –
   “Y/N ! There you are !” Elena grabbed her hand. “Come on. I want to show you something.”
Kai closed his eyes and sighed. There it was again. How it was they always got interrupted somehow ? His eyes followed Y/N through the crowd and she turned around looking at him while Elena continued pulling her away from him. It looked as if she was trying to say something but before he had had time to figure out what, he had lost sight of her. He couldn’t help but feel angry at himself he had missed the moment again, still feeling the lingering feeling of her body this close to his. Almost as if she was still in his arms –

    “Why did you do that ?“ Y/N asked Elena, a hint of frustration in her voice. “I was just about to –”
   “No, Y/N. Listen to me. He is bad news.” said her friend, passing her a cup with bear. Y/N pushed it away. Her mind was foggy enough from all that had happened, or had nearly happened with Kai and she didn’t need the extra buzz.
   “That doesn’t mean I can’t kiss him and like it. Or feel something for him for that matter.” she blurted out.
Elena’s eyes widened and a moment later Damon showed up behind her, snatching the cup from his girlfriend’s hand while looking at Y/N. “You have clearly had too much to drink.”
  “Stay out of this Damon. Who I chose to kiss or to whom my heart belongs to is none of your business –”
   “He is not –”
   “Save it.” she turned on her heels, walking away from them. Y/N looked around, hoping that maybe Kai was still at the party somewhere, or near by at least but there was no sight of him anywhere. “Damn it.”

*       *      *

By the time Y/N got home, it was already 1.37AM. She changed into her PJ’s and headed towards the kitchen to get herself some ice cream from the freezer before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. Tom and Jerry was on, but unlike all the other times, cartoons couldn’t distract her from the thoughts drowning her mind in that moment. Kai had almost kissed her three times and each time had been seared into her mind, playing on a loop in slow motion. His lips had been so close to hers, she could almost feel them touching hers. His strong hands had held her towards him so gently, just the thought of being this close to him made her heart race. And his eyes – they had been so insanely blue, kind of like comets in the night sky.
A sigh left her lips and Y/N took out her phone, scrolling down her contacts until she got to Kai’s name. Her finger hovered over the dial button while she tried to decide if she should call him or not. He didn’t sleep so she wouldn’t wake him but what would she say to him ? And they still had that movie night coming –
   “Why are you like this? Why, Y/N?” she said to herself, getting up to return the semi-empty ice cream box in the freezer.” Why can’t you just say ’Hey, Kai. I like you as more than a friend. Do you like me too ?’ but to his face ?”

No matter how hard Kai tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about the moments he and Y/N had almost kissed at the party. Magic could do a lot of things, but couldn’t turn back time like he wished. Instead of going home, he just walked aimlessly down the streets around her apartment, trying to work up the courage to knock on her door. Around 2.17AM he couldn’t take it anymore. All the thoughts and feelings he felt in that moment had consumed him completely and he had to see her, immediately or he’d lose it.
Kai got to the third floor, where her apartment was, and knocked on the door. He could hear she was still awake - the TV was on, then suddenly got turned off and footsteps neared the door. The young heretic took a deep breath, feeling the collar of his shirt tighten around his neck a little… and then Y/N opened the door.
   “Kai ? Wh-what are you doing here ?” her eyes lit up.
   “Hey, um … Can I come in ?” he asked, smiling nervously while his palm pressed against the invisible barrier keeping uninvited vampires out.
   “Yeah, of course. Come on.” she smiled shyly.
   “Cute PJs.” he smiled, touching the loose ponytail as he walked inside. Y/N was wearing short shorts with a top saying ‘I ♡ cupcakes.’ and a drawing of a cupcake with white fuzzy bunny slippers.
As soon as the door closed, Kai backed her against it and placed his hands on either side of her, caging her in with his body. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since the moment the door had opened, listening to her heart beating faster than a hummingbirds at the sight of him. His fingertips brushed against her cheek and the corners of his mouth twitched, noticing how she literally stopped breathing for a second when he gently touched her lips.
   “Don’t freak out.” said Kai, in a hushed voice a second before his lips pressed against hers. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach, spreading the feeling through her entire body and her heart almost burst out of her chest. Kai kissed her. He kissed her !!! Y/N’s mind went on full overload and she couldn’t think about anything but his lips on hers and how soft they were. Or how it felt as if they were literally made for each other. Then, too soon, he pulled away.
   “I had to do that, at least once.” he rested his forehead on hers. “I should’ve kissed you earlier, I almost did. Three whole times I missed every single chance. Y/N, you are all that I can think about. You are always in the corners of my mind, sneaking into my dreams and it’s driving me nuts how much I want to be with you but … Damon is right. You are too good for me.”
Y/N started to say something but he didn’t give her the chance.
   “I am just happy I got to kiss you.” he slowly stepped away from her, placing his hand on the door knob. He started opening the door when Y/N put her hand on his and pushed the door closed again. Her lips curled into a smile at the way their hands looked together, feeling Kai’s thumb lightly rubbing her hand and she looked up at him, her heart skipping a beat, or ten.
   “Kiss me again.” she said quietly.
So quietly, if Kai didn’t have supernatural hearing, he would’ve completely missed it. He smiled at her, cupped her face and took a small step closer until their lips met again. This time Y/N hooked her hands around his neck, pulling him against her until his body was so close to hers, there was literally no space between them. His hands found their way on her waist, moving up and down her back while their lips moved against each other as if they had kissed their whole lives. Everything felt like a dream, like maybe she had fallen asleep on the couch and would wake up at any moment, but she didn’t care. All that mattered were Kai’s lips on hers and his hands on her body.
   “Y/N –” he brushed his palm against her cheek, resting his forehead on hers.
   “I want to be with you too.” she smiled at him. “I – I like you and I’ve never been able to say that to anyone I like, but I’ll be damned if I let some girl take you away from me.”
Kai smiled at her. “No one can take me away from you. Not now, not ever. I belong to you.
   “And I belong to you.”
Kai grinned at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Hey so um, d-do you still want to go on that movie night with me ?”
   “Y-you mean as a boyfriend and –“
   “– girlfriend. Yeah.” he smiled nervously. 
   “Like on our –”
   “–first date.“ he finished for her. Y/N pressed her lips against his. “Is that a ‘yes’?’
   “A million times ‘yes’!’


The Fall (Part 2 to Kissing booth)

Pairing: Winter Soldier! Bucky x Reader

Warnings: /


S.H.I.E.L.D was gone. All you ever believed in and worked for was gone within days. You were there when S.H.I.E.L.D was founded almost 70 years ago and you where there when it got destroyed by the ones you thought of as dead. Hydra was back, no, they were never gone. They had grown and spread in the underground and no one had noticed.

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The Chris Evans Mini-Series (One Shots)

Imagine you and Chris getting Sebastian to babysit your children.

A/N: I just really needed this in my life, I dunno. 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

New York was where you and Chris had to spend your week due to production meetings and talk show interviews. The original plan was for you and Chris to leave Jack and Lola with your parents so they wouldn’t miss any school, but after days of them bugging the two of you and nights of discussion and planning- you decided they could afford to miss a week of second and third grade. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d missed school to travel with you and Chris, so a plan had been devised. You and Chris would meet with their teachers before you left, gathering the materials they needed to keep up with their classes. So far, so good; their grades remained high and their school remained happy despite their absence in class.

The only problem you had with taking them along was finding someone to look after them while you and Chris were out and about. Usually your meetings were at different timings; you went while Chris stayed and took care of them, and vice versa. But some days you and Chris were due at the same time, at the same place. It left you with the decision to either bring them along or leave them in the care of your contacts in New York. They were good children, so they knew they had to behave in certain scenes which made it easy for you and Chris to take them anywhere- even to a professional meeting with an important casting director. But at the end of the day, they were still children who would get bored after an hour of sitting quietly.

Today was one of the days where you and Chris were both needed, and the meeting was said to last at least three and a half hours. Chris, as always, was optimistic that they could pull through if ice-cream was offered at the end. You, on the other hand, weren’t pessimistic, but you didn’t want to overreach either. You and Chris sat your kids down and offered your propositions: a stuffy office where they could have ice-cream after three and a half hours, or three and a half hours with Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo where they could have all the ice-cream they want. It was needless to say they went with your choice, the obvious and smarter choice. Chris argued that you cheated because you’d lied about having all the ice-cream they wanted. But you reminded him that they were out of your hair and you could now get through the meeting without them politely knocking on the door, asking “are you done yet?”

“Ah hah!” Sebastian grinned excitedly upon opening the door for his two favorite kids.

“Uncle Sebba!” Your children cheered at the sight of him, pouncing to hug his legs. You and Chris smiled because even though Sebastian wasn’t a dad himself, he was great with your kids. If the two of you hadn’t felt obligated to give the title of godparents to your own siblings, Sebastian would’ve definitely made the cut. “We’ve got the whole day with you!” Lola informed him, looking up at him with the same excited grin he had.

“No, you’ve got three and a half hours,” you corrected her. Both Jack and Lola’s faces dropped and they pouted, giving you and Chris puppy dog eyes. “We don’t want to take up Uncle Sebba’s and Aunt Margo’s whole day.” You and Chris waved at Margo over Sebastian’s shoulder as she made her way to the front door. “Three and a half hours, we’ll be back to pick you up.”

“Oh, hush. They are our plans for the day,” Margo told you, resting her hand on top of Lola’s head when Lola hugged her. “We’re more than happy to have them, you two go to your meeting then have a date night after. We’ll babysit, we don’t mind. You know how much we love these two, we’d steal them if we could.”

“Date night sounds amazing,” Chris whispered into your ear and you smiled, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Are you guys sure? I mean- that is a very sweet offer,” he tried not to smile when he lowered his gaze onto his children, “to look after our two little monsters.” Jack and Lola made a face at their dad, drawing laughter from the adults. “Look at those little monster faces. Honestly, keep ‘em if you want.”

“No, Daddy!” Lola detached herself from Margo and ran over to her dad, throwing her tiny arms around his leg. Chris chuckled, lifting her into his arms to hug her; her arms wrapped around and her head buried into the crook of his neck. “I just want to spend the day here, I want to come home to you and Mama.”

“You are going to come home to me and Mama,” Chris kissed her head. “I was just kidding, sweetheart.” She pulled away and leaned back in his arms. “You know I wouldn’t let anyone take you away from me.” She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Aw, don’t be like that. You know I love you, baby.” He booped her nose and she cracked a smile, which turned into giggles when Chris tickled her.

“Okay, we should go.” You told Chris when you felt your phone buzz in your back pocket. Chris nodded and kissed Lola’s cheek before lowering her onto her feet. “We’ll call after the meeting, and if you guys are still okay with having them- we’ll go have dinner first.” Sebastian and Margo nodded, smiling. “Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.” You descended to your knees in front of your children and opened your arms; they quickly enfolded themselves in your love. “Be good, okay? Listen to everything Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo tells you to do.”

“Okay, Mama.”

“Are we okay posting photos on Instagram?” Margo asked, knowing how much you and Chris liked staying away from the limelight. “I say photos but I meant just one, a cute little group shot.” You looked over at Chris, who nodded, and you nodded. “Awesome, I can’t wait to see the reactions. It’s going to blow up the internet, you know how much the world loves your children.”

“We are adorable, aren’t we?” Lola looked over her shoulder at Margo, grinning. Margo nodded, chuckling. “I like being famous, Mama. Everyone is really nice.” You all smiled, trying not to sigh at the innocence of a child. “I want to be an actor when I grow up too, like Daddy and Uncle Sebba and Aunt Margo.”

“Do you?” Chris winked because he already knew that. The two of them were always having their own little chats, one of them being about her becoming an actress. It happened when you weren’t home because Chris knew it wasn’t a topic up for discussion until she was much, much older. You loved the industry you were in, but you weren’t a hundred percent about having her in the same limelight you and Chris were constantly in.

“We’ll talk about it when you grow up.” You kissed her cheek then Jack’s, releasing them as you got to your feet. “Alright, we’re going to go.” You slipped your hand in Chris’ and you both headed for the elevator. “See you later.” You called as you both waved, entering the elevator.

“Now that the parentals have gone,” Sebastian smirked. “Let’s go eat ice-cream!” He announced in a deep, monster-like growl making Jack and Lola giggle. “Ice-cream for lunch!” He cheered, catching each child under his arm and carrying them towards the kitchen.

“I am surrounded by children,” Margo laughed softly, closing the front door before she followed.

• • • • • • • •

You’d called Sebastian’s phone after the meeting like you’d promised to check in with them as well as their state of mind. Children were exhausting, and if they were ready to call it a day- you and Chris could head over to pick them up. But they were fine, Sebastian and Margo were more than happy to continue to have them while you and Chris had a date night. Sebastian even told you- after Lola picked up and passed him his phone that “we’re in the middle of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Margo and I would be lost without their help, so we’re going to have to ask for another few hours.” You were about to argue that chocolate chip cookies didn’t take that long when you remembered you could have date night with your husband. You quickly thanked them and hung up, calling your favorite restaurant in New York for a last minute reservation. It just so happened that the restaurant was only ten minutes away from Sebastian’s apartment.

“We should come to New York more often,” you joked, clinking wine glasses with Chris. “Or maybe we should buy Sebastian and Margo a house in Boston.” Chris laughed, nodding in agreement. “That way we can actually have date nights instead of planning it, only to cancel last minute and stay home.”

“I know, right?” He chuckled, lowering to glass to reach for your hand. “I’m sorry we’ve missed so many date nights, I know it sucks having our plates so full.” You turned your palm up in his hand, interlocking fingers. “I guess it’s the price we have to pay for being so good at our jobs.” He winked and you smiled. “But I promise, more effort.”

“It’s okay,” you shook your head. “I mean- it doesn’t really have to be a night out for us to call it a date night. We’ve had some pretty awesome date nights at home too,” you reminded him with a flirtatious smirk and he chuckled. “I’m just happy as long as I get to spend time with you.”

“The feeling’s mutual, sweetheart,” he drew your hand to his lips and pressed a tender kiss on your knuckles. “Okay, so what are we going to order?” You both pulled your hands away from each other and looked at your menus. “I’m thinking we get something different each and share, so we can at least try something new. We have to-” Before he could finish, his phone rang. He sighed then narrowed his eyes when he saw that it was his publicist, Susan. “Do you mind?” He asked and you shook your head, you both knew Susan didn’t call unless it was important.

“Hey Susan, could you make it quick? I’m just about to have-” He cut himself off, responding accordingly. “I’m not surprised. Yeah, Y/N and I left them with Sebastian and Margo for the day. She asked if she could post a picture on her Instagram and we said yes. Wait-” his brows furrowed. “What do you mean there’s more than one? The photos are circulating everywhere? It looks like- Okay, let me just- I’ll call you back.”

“There’s more than one photo circulating?”

“There are at least a dozen photos on Sebastian’s Instagram, documenting the day they’re having.”  He told you and you narrowed your eyes in confusion; Sebastian and Margo would never, and had never done anything to breach that trust you and Chris gave them when it came to your children. There was no way they would’ve posted more than the one photo you agreed to. “It’s not Seb and Margo who posted them.” He explained. “The photos look like they were taken by a child, the child being Lola.”

“Oh,” was all you could say before you both started to laugh. “Okay, well- we should probably call and give them a heads up. I’d say delete them, but they’re already circulating the web so there’s no point. Should we just-” you beckoned your thumb at the exit and Chris sighed, nodding. “We’ll grab some burgers on our way there.”

• • • • • • • •

You’d texted Margo instead of Sebastian because you had a feeling Lola was still using his phone from the photos being posted on his Instagram. As soon as Margo saw the text, she told Sebastian and he rushed out of the kitchen to look for Lola who was sitting on the couch happily taking selfies. He’d realized it was Margo’s mistake showing her how Instagram worked, but the selfie taking- she learned that from her mom.

“Sweetheart,” Sebastian walked over and Lola looked up, grinning. “Can I have my phone back?” He held out his hand and Lola pouted, hugging the phone to her chest. “Please?” She sighed and held it out for him to take. As you all suspected, Lola had been flooding Sebastian’s Instagram with photos. They were surprisingly good shots for a six year old, but it was definitely going to take a while for the internet to calm down. “Oh God,” he pressed his lips together, turning his wifi off altogether so he’d stop getting notifications.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, sweetheart. Not really,” Sebastian placed his phone down on the coffee table then sat down next to Lola. “You just posted photos you weren’t meant to post.” She looked confused and he chuckled softly, taking her hand in his. “Do you remember when Aunt Margo asked your mom and dad if she could post a photo of all of us on her Instagram?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Am I in trouble because I didn’t ask Mama and Daddy?”

“You’re not in trouble, but you should ask because you post anything online. Especially at this age, okay?” She still look confused so he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he continued to explain, “you see, your mom and dad, and Aunt Margo and I- we’re all celebrities. People want to know what’s going on in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to share everything. Some moments are better off kept to ourselves, that’s how we keep the magic of the moment. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” She scrambled onto Sebastian’s lap and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Uncle Sebba.” He smiled and hugged her back, kissing her head. “I didn’t mean to, I just thought because Aunt Margo did it- I should do it too. Are you mad at me?” Sebastian shook his head when she pulled away to look at him. “Will Mama and Daddy be mad at me?”

The doorbell rang and Sebastian winced, “we’ll just have to see. C'mon.” He popped her on her feet and took her hand, leading her to the front door where he knew you and Chris were waiting patiently on the other side. “That was my bad, I wasn’t watching my phone and-”

“You are a menace,” Chris teased Lola, scooping her into his arms. She giggled and hugged her dad, knowing from his tone she wasn’t in trouble. “I know when you become an actress you’re going to get lots of attention, but how about we keep you from that attention until then?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

“I’m sorry did you say ‘when’?” You raised a brow at Chris and Lola, who had the same sheepish look on their faces. “When did it become a 'when’? I thought we said we’re tabling it until she’s older, like- high school older.”

“Mmmm! I smell chocolate chip cookies,” Chris quickly changed the subject and hurried off with Lola. You scoffed and Sebastian tried not to laugh, beckoning you in with his head so he could close the door behind you. “Do you know who loves cookies?” You could hear Chris with your children and you smiled. “Cookie Monster, om nom nom nom.” He mimicked the popular Sesame Street character’s voice, making Jack and Lola howl with laughter.

“I married a kid,” you chuckled with a shake of your head.

“Funny,” Sebastian wrapped an arm around you and led you to the kitchen, “that’s what Margo says to me.”

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request: heyy I really like your writting and I was wondering if you could write a imagine where kai cheats on the reader with bonnie, the reader starts to act weird and everyone thinks its bc of the break up but the truth is she is sick (eating desorder bc she is human) bonnie is mean towards her at the salvatore house and she just yell that she is sick and everyone feels bad for her including kai :) sorry if it is too confusing.

gif cred @mattmoredick


Her back was to the door, head buried in her knees, hair water-falling over her closed eyes as she took in shaky breaths. She wore a baggy navy sweater and ripped black jeans, and a hard pang seemed to take over her whole body, like a constant throbbing, dull, ache. She tilted her head up against the oak frame, chewing at her lower lip, thoughts swarming around her head like a thousand rampant bees.

“Hello?!” Caroline chimed from the other side of the wall, making her jump in surprise. “(Y/N), you okay? You coming?”

“Uh, yeah, fine,” she cleared her throat, groaning lightly as she pulled herself from the floor and to her feet, fingers trembling as she pulled open the silver knob.

“Everyone’s here,” Caroline smiled politely when she saw her, “we can walk together.”

The girl nodded, ignoring the way Caroline spoke with her underlying sense of pity for her, something most had taken to doing recently. Their knuckles brushed lightly against each other as they stepped across the dark floors, dark boots clacking and filling the silent corridor with noise. Before they entered the lounge, Care gave her a faint squeeze to her arm, and then they walked in together.

“Hey,” she said, eyes darting over the crackling fireplace, and thick red carpets which were sat upon by Stefan, Damon, Elena, Matt, Bonnie, and…

Her gaze fell upon the boy with his hands curled in his lap, legs crossed, head lifting when she entered, those blue eyes looking just as ashamed as they had the first time she heard the news.

“One week without being attacked by vampires, wolves, witches, ghosts, or whatever hell beast this town has seen, come celebrate!” Elena said cheerfully with a big smile.

“New record,” she laughed lightly, strolling to the table and sinking down beside Stefan and Matt.

The golden red flames sent shadows over their faces as Damon approached them carrying just a couple of his many bottles of alcohol with an eager wink.

“What shall it be?” Matt said, sliding an elegant glass to the girl.

“Oh, nothing, thanks,” she tried.

“You sure?” he raised a brow.

She gave a nod, and Matt glanced at her suspiciously. He seemed to know her feeling more than anyone, the one of being the only human in the group, a human who’d been thrown into this whole messy world of the impossible, which means he did well with looking after her, even though they all did.

“We should drink once for every supernatural monster we’ve faced,” Elena chuckled as she stole Damon’s glass with a giggle.

“That would be one hell of a list, we’d be drunk in two minutes,” Damon said, taking his drink back with a playful shove.

“My particular favorite would have to be literal Satan,” Stefan chimed in with a twitch of his lips, making them all laugh.

“Yeah but those witches have to be the most annoying, am I right (Y/N)?” Kai said sarcastically, eagerly trying to pull a smile from her lips.

“You couldn’t be more right,” she said, her voice lowering seriously, brows knitting in clear unamusement

Kai’s face fell, and he gave a little awkward clear of his throat.

Bonnie, who sat beside him, shot the girl a glare, her dark curls framing her aggravated face.

“Don’t listen to that,” Bonnie soothed.

‘Oh, so I’m a ‘that’ now, am I?’ the girl thought to herself as she toyed with a loose string on her sweater.

“I don’t need you to defend me,” Kai hissed back, which made her feel only a little better.

She felt a hand touch her back, so she raised her eyes to the vampire who sat next to her. His glimmering gaze stared forward, arm lowered beneath the edge of the table so nobody could see. His palm pressed to her back, and he rubbed his thumb against her with the smallest tilt of his head that told her he was there for her.

“Thanks,” she whispered barely audibly, but she knew Stefan could hear her.

It had been a couple weeks since her whole world had come crashing down on her. Malachai Parker, the person who she’d loved with every particle of her being, who she would do anything for, who had promised to fight for her like she would for him, had crushed her beating heart into shattered fragments in a matter of seconds. She didn’t know where she went wrong, what made him do it, but apparently she wasn’t good enough, but Bonnie Bennet happened to be. She could remember it so vividly, the utter regret in his face when he cried to her, the tears that flowed down his pale and sunken face.

“I’m s-so sorry, I wanted you to hear it from me first, because after what I’ve done, the least I can do is be honest with you…”

Her eyes had glazed over, the rest of his muffled pleas for forgiveness sounding like they were coming from underwater. She hadn’t cried, not in front of him at least, because she wanted to seem like she wasn’t hurting, like the person who gave her will to live hadn’t just set her spiraling and gasping for oxygen. But he had.

“Food’s ready!” Caroline skipped into the room, vamp speeding around and filling the table with colorful delicacies of her homemade cookies, casserole, potatoes, macaroni, and various other things.

The aroma filled the whole room up, and while the mystic falls gang dove into the food like rabid animals, the girl clutched at her stomach, instantly feeling sick from the sight before her and the smell that filled her lungs. Everyone stacked the goods onto shiny silver plates and filled the room with chatter, but she just couldn’t bring herself to touch the food. Her eyes flickered over and caught to the forlorn looking heretic’s bright blue ones. He stared at the plates and then back at her, and repeated this look a couple times before the realization dawned on him. He knew her, he knew her so well that there was no doubt in his mind she had no intention of eating.

“Hungry?” Elena nudged the girl out of her daze and picked up a plate.

“I’m fine,” she responded with a forced smile.

“C’mon, you’ve barely touched any of this stuff all day,” Elena cooed.

“I’m fine,” she smiled.

She hadn’t touched any of that stuff all day, not really all week either, not really all month, but nobody seemed to notice, not except-

“You should eat,” Kai soothed quietly, like his whole life depended on her doing so.

“I said I’m fine,” she fired back softly.

Kai’s head sunk, “that’s what you always say.”

“Excuse me?” she flared.

“Am I lying?”

“Shut up, Malachai.”

He grimaced, face scrunching at the word, one she only used when she was really upset, ‘Malachai.’

The group were starting to notice the quiet feud between the two, Bonnie looking especially displeased, to which Kai muttered softly, “may I talk to you a minute?”

She didn’t want to, but not doing so would risk Kai opening his mouth too much, so she gave a long sigh and purse of her lips, “outside.”

Bonnie opened her mouth, then decided better, the two brushing past the now quiet group and into the empty corridor.

“What?” she snapped the second she turned to face Kai.

He was wearing a ripped jean jacket over a black tee, brown locks pushed smoothly atop his forehead, his arms folding.

“That’s all you have to say?” Kai said.

“What do you want me to say?” she swallowed the lump in her throat and diverted her gaze from his.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, I’m not stupid. It’s gotten worse, and you always wear those sweaters so nobody will notice,” he said, sounding genuinely hurt.

When she didn’t respond, he raised his fingertips to her arm, his silver rings gliding over her flesh and raising goosebumps.

“Don’t,” she muttered, pushing his hand away.

He shook his head, “please.”

“Why would you care anyway?” she looked back at his sad blue eyes.

“Stop doing that,” he begged softly.

“Doing what?”

“Isolating me, talking about me like everything we had together before just vanished when I…” he trailed off, taking a deep breath. “I made a mistake, okay?” he said, voice breaking as a tear rolled down his cheek. “And I’ll hate myself for that forever, just like I’ll love you forever.”

Her heart raced, jaw set as she trembled lightly beneath his gaze.

“But even though I fucked up and lost what was most important to me, whether you ever forgive me or not, I need to know you’re alive. And at the rate you’re going at, it won’t be too much longer,” he wept quietly. “So please, I’m not asking this for myself, but I could never handle it if I just stood back and let it happen, you need to take care of this, and I want to help you, (Y/N). I already lost you once, I don’t think I could do it again.”

He brushed her cheek lightly, the contact making her shiver, his expression softening, “I’m begging you.”

She wiped roughly at the tear that had escaped her eyes, giving a loud sniff and tiny nod, “okay.”

And she didn’t stop him when he pulled her into a hug, she nuzzled into his neck, his hands sliding into her hair and holding her to him like she would sink if he let go. His familiar and warm scent embraced her, and she didn’t try to stop when she cried this time.

“I don’t know how to do this,” she whispered, pulling away, her eyes red.

“Can I?” he started.

She lifted the edge of her sweater, and Kai’s face dropped, his breath coming suddenly heavy when he saw her underfed front and her ribs that stuck out. He’d seen this before, but never like this, never to this point, and it strung a chord within him. 

“I’m gonna help you get through this, I promise,” he squeezed her hand, his eyes wet.

“I can’t do this alone.”

“You won’t.”

After enough time had passed that they’d regained their composure, they gave a nod and entered the room together again. The group was a little tipsy, huddled before the fading orange embers, their bellies bubbly with alcohol and food.

“You’re back,” Damon gave a faint smile, “done clawing at each other’s throats?”

“Think so,” she smiled faintly.

“Shame, I’m gonna miss the reserved and mopey act,” Bonnie grumbled.

“What?” the girl laughed nervously, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I said,” Bonnie started, “you’re little heart broken facade to get everyone to take pity on you because of Kai.”

Her heart sank, cheeks flaring red as her fists balled tightly at her sides.

Kai brushed his fingertips lightly against her hands, “breathe.”

So she did.

“Nothing to say?” Bonnie snapped, “now you choose to be quiet?”

“Please, stop,” the girl hissed through gritted teeth.

“Why? You and Kai suddenly go back to the way it was bef-”

“She said stop,” Kai warned, his eyes darkening and voice dropping the way it always did before he snapped someone’s neck.

“There’s more to it than you know, okay?” the girl stammered softly.

“I’m pretty sure I already know everything there is to it, thanks,” Bonnie said.

Stefan, Damon, and the others all watched in silence, though none of them seemed keen on aiding Bon, in fact any one of them looked just about ready to snap a neck or two.

“Can we just stop talking about this?” she begged.

“Sure, until the next time Kai does something stupid and breaks you all over again,” she challenged, her jaw set.

“I’m going to say it,” she whispered.

“You don’t have to,” Kai squeezed her palm gently, Bonnie’s eyes catching the gesture.

“Say what?” she snapped. “Do i-”

“I’m sick.”

The whole room went dead silent aside from the crackling fire which chewed hungrily at the burnt logs.

“What?” Caroline breathed in shock.

“I’m sick, okay? I can’t eat, or when I do, I can’t keep it down. I’ve been in so much pain recently but I didn’t want to drag anyone into my own mess so I just didn’t say anything,” she rambled, turning to Bonnie, “is that what you wanted to hear? That I was in the hospital the other week, or that I have no energy and yet I’m doing this to myself?!”

“(Y/N),” Bonnie said softly, instantly feeling ashamed of herself.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this before….” she trailed off, eyes falling to the soft red carpet.

“I’m going to help her,” Kai said.

Everyone stared blankly at them, then, after a moment of silence.

“Me too.”

Caroline had piped up softly.

“Me too,” Stefan said.

“And me,” Elena chimed.

“All of us,” Matt nodded.

“Guys, it’s okay,” she reassured.

“No it’s not,” Elena murmured, “we’ve been so focused on everything happening in our lives and in Mystic Falls that we were letting this happen.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“And it’s not yours either,” Matt soothed.

Bonnie stood, her lower lip trembling  “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things, I’m so so sorry. Not just for this, for everything. I was so angry at myself that I was trying to project my shame onto you, when I should’ve been there for you instead.”

The girl nodded, “it’s okay, why not forgive two people today?”

“(Y/N),” Bonnie said.

“I want my best friend back, Bon.”

“Me too,” she smiled weakly.

She felt Kai’s rings brush her hand, and then his fingers were laced through hers, comforting and familiar like she’d remembered. Then he brushed his thumb over her skin, his blue eyes feeling like home when he looked at her, and suddenly she wasn’t so scared.

A little Imagine: (Wich one of us?)

 She’s really beautiful today to be honest.  Duff gets into the subject when he hears the boys talking about you.
 Since we met her we are talking about who’s gonna stay with her.  Izzy says.
 Really guys? She is our stylist, she is working with us for one year and we don’t have courage to say hi!  Slash says, the fact that you ignores them drives them crazy.
 Fuck… I can’t wait for this anymore, we need to do something.  Axl says a little nervous.
 But which of us she would choose?  Duff’s question really made them surprise.
 Ok, that’s enough.  Axl takes the microphone and says:  Hey (y/n)!
 Axl, what the fuck are you doing?  Izzy asks almost taking the microphone out of his hands.
 You stops what are you doing and looks at them a little confused.
 Please, Kill our curiosity and tell us which of us would you hang out?
 Everyone is silent waiting for an answer from you.
 Why?  You asks.
 That is REALLY important.  Duff says at the microphone.
 I don’t know… Probably with none of you.  You smiles.
 Serious?  Slash asks a little disappointed.
 No, just kidding but I can’t tell this here, I am working… maybe when don’t work for you guys anymore.  You go back to doing what you were doing before
 New plan, we need to fire her.  Axl says to the boys.
 Oh my God, we can’t do something like that!  Duff says like it’s obvious.
 I know what she is doing!  Izzy says and so the boys look at him.  she is totally provoking us, she does not want to tell us because she can not, she does not want to tell us because she wants to tease us.
 How do you know about that?  Slash asks.
 Trust me, she’s the kind of provocative woman.
 I’m going to fire her right now!  Axl says.
 God helps us.  this time it was Duff who says.
 And you were having fun listening to everything they said without them noticing, everyone knew you were completely crazy by one of them and this guy is…

Several side projects creeped into my mind during the past few months (years?), and after getting most of them done, it’s time for me to continue working on this.

Back then I had only a vague idea where to take this game, but it was mostly me experimenting with platformer elements and whatnot. I’ll be taking this more seriously from now on, and I’ve even started writing a storyline for it.

Here’s the new stuff:

I’ve started detailing the characters. Protagonist is Laius, and even though he’ll be able to equip different stuff in the game, his canon outfit is the tunic shown in the above gif. I’ve even gotten fanart of him! Thanks @southcx and @blog-of-horribleness!

That’s Clover following him in the gif up there, another important character in the story. (I need to make official art ASAP)

It’s safe to say that there’s a clear direction now and progress will be frequent.

I have also made a flexible cutscene system and will abuse it by making circumstance specific dialogue and events. I’ll be showing that off soon.

Here’s another gif showing the inventory system in a new forest/hill area.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and expect progress soon!

Devil’s Advocate

gif is not mine

Title: Devil’s Advocate

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,168

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was based off of a dream I had. It’s not exactly like my dream, but the important parts are from my dream. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this sweet trick <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

You poked your head into Dean’s room.  You had to make sure he was asleep.  Fortunately, the older Winchester was fast asleep.  All you had left to do was make sure Sam was asleep.  You quietly peeked your head past his door, peering into his room.  Sam was spread out on his bed, knocked out.  You shut Sam’s door, quietly shuffling down the halls of the bunker.  

You made your way out of the bunker, silently closing the door behind you.  You looked around, as usual, no one was in sight.  You closed your eyes, praying quietly.  When you opened your eyes, there he was.

“You know, you could let me inside [Y/N],” Lucifer tempted you.  “It’s only polite to let your guests inside.”

“If the boys weren’t here, I would gladly let you inside,” you rolled your eyes, smiling at him.

“Oh I’m scared,” Lucifer teased, sauntering up to you.  Lucifer wrapped an arm around your waist.  

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Ever wondered how strong Asuramaru is?

We all know that he’s special even among Black Demon Series, since he had a vital role on the story. However, little do we know about him, at least for now. Based on the scarce clues, we could at least calculate how much powerful he actually is.


Asuramaru, originally known as Asura Tepes, is the brother of Krul Tepes, which is the Third Progenitor and the vampire queen of Japan. Not much revealed yet about Asura, so we could figure out that he’s really an important character that can’t be spoiled yet anytime soon.

Since Black Demon Series is all different than the usual, and EVEN to made a normal Cursed Gear required a high-ranking vampire, then we could conclude that Black Demon Series must be a really high ranking vampire, mostly a progenitor.

Asura itself, according to my theory, should be at least as powerful as Krul (if not even more), so he could be a Third Progenitor as well. This supported by the fact that Mahiru need him so bad, that she abduct him and experiment on him to complete the development of Cursed Gear. If he had such capability, then his potential must be huge.

This is not exaggerated because he must be named Asura for a reason. Asura is also a mythological figure of Hinduism/Buddhism that commonly used in modern media as a powerful, destructive deity. In mythology, Asura suppose to be a demigod/god that is opposed by the gods, and thus can be called as a demon. Asuras also known as an anti-god or fallen god in other sources, and this somehow fit with the overall theme of the story.

After becoming a Cursed Gear, he lost most of his power due to the curse and restrainment, not to mentioned that he couldn’t drink blood for years. However, being a demon, he also gain a powerful demonic power, that is enough to kill a vampire easily.

From the battle between Asuramaru and Yuu (Manga chapter 20), we can see a glimpse on how powerful he is. Yuu is trained against vampires, and Asuramaru knock him in one try, without giving him a chance to even react. 

He suppose to lost ALMOST all of his vampiric power, is still restrained slightly by the curse, and not to mentioned that he’s unarmed, unlike Kiseki-o that need to use the replica of his sword to defeat Kimizuki. So far, no vampire noble could show such immense strength, unless those in level of Ferid or higher.

If he already that strong despite him losing most of his original power, weakened by curse, and unarmed, imagine his full potential is. Even Crowley need to use his sword to do all his attack. Despite how powerful Crowley is, Krul still could defeat he and Ferid (unless when Ferid do the sneak attack from behind) easily, without a weapon as well. I think that both Asura and Krul should be seriously overpowered if they show their true power + using a 1st class vampiric noble weapon that could absorb their blood.

There also one more clue… When he revived Yuu after he overdose, Asuramaru said that he could use his full power for only 3 minute. On the first minute, Yuu could travel between huge gap of buildings in seconds.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what to called it.

Also during that time, he could survive 1 vs 1 fight with Crowley unharmed, even thought he get defeated anyway. Knowing that Crowley could defeat Guren, Shinya, and everyone effortlessly, then Yuu must get so much power boost to be able to close their power gap.

This is though did not reflect the TRUE full power of Asuramaru, since he’s not the one who do the attack. Kureto also said that while Black Demon Series weapons is really powerful, Yuu didn’t even manage to unleash the actual power of the his sword because he didn’t trained properly yet. So what been shown in those moments (when Asuramaru said he will lend him his full power for few minutes) is just a glimpse on Asuramaru’s full power, since Yuu couldn’t wield it properly.

If he can do it properly, he might even able to defeat Crowley alone. Well, maybe. I had high hope on that since the next manga chapter involve Crowley fighting against the squad.

Yuu and Mika will mostly not be able to defeat Crowley, especially if Ferid decide to help. The previous chapter also highlight the development of Yuu entering his demon form, and the current chapter mentioned that even as he awake, the demonic possession is progressing. There is a chance that he could show the true power of Asuramaru now.

Anyway, the group also going to rescue Krul. Later, so more development about Asuramaru is imminent, and slowly but sure, his true identity will be revealed to us. Who know if he actually hold a crucial key to the story, but never revealed yet until the plot twist come?

Anyway I hope Asuramaru had the power to physically materialize to the world and kicked the ass of Crowley and Ferid. They harmed his siblings, so it’s only natural if he had something against them. It would be really nice if he finally decide to help Yuu directly and save the group from them. :3

In my head, if Asuramaru materialize then head to head with Crowley and Ferid, then they would get rekt for sure. Seriously, Asura fucking Tepes with demonic power.

Sorry for the long post. Here some potato (inside the curry) for reading my post to the end. XD