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My wives are lookin’ good:

Pong Master Larissa “Get Rekt, Scrubs” Duan

Her Partner Camilla “Dresses For Every Party Like It’s Coachella” Collins

First Alternate Caitlin “Genuinely Jus Here For A Laff, Oh Wait There’s A Competition?” Farmer

Inktober Day 30: Wreck

yes I know it’s no longer October but I will finish Inktober if it kills me

Humans are weird: jobs

One reason why humans have survived so long is because we’re incredibly fast at adapting to anything. We moved to land with harsh winters? We’ll stock up on wood and make sure to have thick clothes. We have few food stuffs left? Time to ration it all in equal parts for everyone. It started raining? No worries, we’ll just take off our jacket and put it over our heads.

This would also apply to jobs. A soldier will go back home to a farm in the peacetime, and a farmer will take up arms in wartime. You studied to be a doctor, but you can’t find any job openings, so instead you start waitering in order to make ends meet.

And even though some jobs pay less than others, we know that each one needs to be done, that there is as much honor in cleaning the floors as there is in performing a life-saving surgery.

Aliens have jobs, but they usually only ever stay in that job. If a soldier has to be a farmer, they’ll be hesitant because they’re not supposed to be doing this, they’re a soldier, this is supposed to be beneath them. A soldier does not have honor in farming, and a farmer has no honor in fighting. Soldiers only know how to be soldiers, and they’ll argue against being a farmer for the rest of their lives, if they have to.

But a human soldier will be hesitant to be a farmer, not because they think it is beneath them, but because they don’t know. They don’t know how to be a farmer, they need help, they want to do a good job because they know that being a farmer is important. There was honor in being a soldier, but they’ll find honor in being a farmer as well, because it’s their job, so they’ll do it as best as they can, only complaining when they can’t find the proper tools to begin with.


Downton Abbey Modern AU
Farmer’s Market Hot” Autumn Aesthetic
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Anthony Strallan

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Who Killed the World

While the answer to ‘Who Killed the World’ isn’t arguably the central theme to Mad Max Fury Road, we couldn’t have this movie without those ‘who killed the world.’ The fact that several times throughout the movie this question is posed is important. This question only gets noticeably asked throughout the movie, but it is done in such a way that we, as the audience, should easily be able to infer the answer to. 

The screen shots above, with Immortan Joe in the vault with that very question sprayed on the walls above his head, visually gives us the answer. Angharad also provides the answer when she rhetorically asks Nux ‘Then who killed the world?!’ when they’re speaking about Immortan Joe. 

More images under the cut.

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:breaking news: aspiring teacher has crush on warrior farmer girl

otherwise, i’ve made it my goal to woo and marry penny

i didn’t know who to choose until i gotta fortune put us together workin on a farm, so shes the one

scienceisadesiretoknow  asked:

I've seen you mention often how expensive fruit and vegetables are in Japan. Why is that? And are you able to grow some of your own plants to supplement your diet, like cherry tomatoes on a balcony?

1) It’s Tokyo. Everything is expensive in Tokyo. (Food is cheaper elsewhere in Japan.)
2) Fruit is regarded as a delicacy, a gift or something special rather than daily fare. Read more here and here
3) Japan protects its own farmers. Import tariffs are very high.
4) Balcony? Possible, if you have green fingers, but you’ll have to cope with lack of space and extreme weather. You can rent space, too. Read more here and here.
PS: You can also look at this on my blog.
PPS: This topic usually generates many responses. Word of warning that I’m in the middle of a very busy work period, so I won’t be able to respond to everybody immediately.

chocolatequeennk  asked:

One word prompt: Chocolate

Title: Frustrated Inspiration (part 1/3)

Rating: Teen

Relationship; Ten x Rose

Notes: OK, so this is the first of my prompt fills for my Milestone Fic Giveaway (from a couple of months ago). Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to them! Nancy, I know this is probably not quite what you were expecting (and there’s a wee bit more than there was supposed to be, ahem, sorry!) but I hope you like it anyway! Thanks so much for all your support!

Just a few housekeeping things- the fi is c a LOT longer than I intended so I’ve decided this will also double as my @timepetalsprompts fic for the week, for the ficlet prompt ‘frustration’. There are actually two more chapters of about the same or shorter length, so if people (especially you, Nancy!) are interested, I’ll post them. :) The silliness ran away with me here, so I’ll understand either way.

Oh, and to those who are worried, there are no illicit drugs in this fic! It’s all very innocent. LOL.

And now, I present to you….Frustrated Inspiration! Now complete! Parts 2 and 3 available on all sites below!

Also on A03 and Teaspoon.

Tumblr Ch 2

Tumblr Ch 3

“It’s what?”

“Inspiration!” the tall, green guard assured her.

Rose stared. “But it’s chocolate.”

“Ah, it certainly looks like chocolate, it smells like chocolate and even tastes like chocolate, but I assure you, Dearest Lady of the Fluffy Very Shrunken Tunic, that it is indeed edible Inspiration, and it is my most humble honour to guard it.”

“Fluffy shrunken…oh, my jumper.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Right, never mind that- what’s in it, then? This inspiration?”

“Alas, that is a secret known only to the Inspirators Most High, the Guardians of Gabble, the Lords of the Lingo, the Counts of Creativity. It is made in secret on the first night of the month of Opening and distributed throughout the land in secret, O She Of the Fluffy Pink Quite Small Tunic ,Whose Fluffiness is Unsurpassed Through the Ages.”

She sighed. “You been sniffin’ this stuff on the job, then?”

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anonymous asked:

Who's caitlin farmer? I totally missed any mention of her in the comic so can u tell me about her or at least what episode she shows up in so i can check back myself? I hope ur having a good weekend!

Caitlin Farmer is Chowder’s girlfriend! She’s a member of the Samwell Women’s Volleyball Team and can be found in the tweets/extras; she hasn’t made an appearance in the main comic. Here’s where you can find her:


how they meet-

somewhere in the interrim chow & cait go to winter screw together, dtr, start dating, etc-

and then there’s that time bitty & jack essentially go on a double date w/ them-

extras: [bitty’s birthday-last panel] [spring c] [NYE w/ chowder]

edit: someone pointed out that she DOES make a small appearance in the latest hockey shit comic

𝔐𝔞𝔯 𝔐𝔲𝔱(𝔱)𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔡


Gender: Female
Race: Half-Orc
Height: 5′3
Eye Color: Springgreen
Hair Color: Brown

The Facts

Name Day: December 22th
Occupation: Mercenary
Sexual identification: Demisexual
Romantic identification: Demiromantic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Criminal History: Being a Mercenary who hops between the faktions is good for building up a criminal reputation. Thought Mar is nothing but a face in the crowd.
Relationship Status:
Single and ready to run from every possible Romance. Its a good training for the legs.


Favorite food: Roasted Ryebread with melted Goatcheese
Favourite drink: Cider
Favorite artist: Everything that includes low courtly love. She would be fond of Walter von der Vogelweide (Especially the .ambiguous Poems)
Favorite scents: Hay and Horsestables
Favorite person(s): Her younger “Halfbrothers”.


Ten facts about your muse:

  • Originally Mar was educated to be a scribe, to write and copy letters and important documents for farmers, translate and copy holy texts and keep the books of a proper household. Her family wanted to make sure that Mar would be needed as an Adult.
  • During her childhood Mar had suffered from migraine, due to the deformation of her jaws. In her late Teenager years a Orcshamen noticed the deformation and pulled a few much too big orcish teeth out of her much to small jaws and she was for the first time in her life painfree.
  • Mar had been part of the Stromgarde Brigade as her Mentors Squire. During the Battle at Hyjal, she had helped Healers in one of the improvised sickbays.
  • Since there had been since seven generations not the slightest flicker of arcane Magic in Mars family, Mar is not only untalented for the arcane but prone to be vulnerable to any spell: Curses, illusions, Mindcontrol…
    Mar is a easy victim.
  • Mar Mut(t)hand is a nickname, Mar was originally namer Margvis Helasdottir with the addition of the Honorific Muthand her Grandmother had earned after her death in the Second War.
  • She was born in the Kingdom of Stromgarde
  • Every person bloodrelated to Mar had by now died . Considering her second Cousin Stascko Ansgarsen (Muthand) is one of Trollbanes Forsaken, he still counts as very much dead.
  • Mar believs to be barren due to her Halfbreedgenetic.
  • She has a natural tendency to shamanism that could have become a spiritual calling, if promoted. But since human are nolonger shamanistic, this tendency has long withered. Mar still seems to have dreamvisions, even thought she does not see them as more than just nightmares or confusing dreams. So eventually they are useless.
  • Mar is a horrible untalented Liar

Five Things

Things they like:

  • Cooking
  • Picking Flowers/ Learning about Herbalism
  • Horsebackriding
  • Sparring 
  • Reading Poems

Things they dislike:

  • Doing the Laundry (Especially with a washboard!)
  • Coldness (Khaz Modan)
  • Heat (Durotar)
  • Dogs
  • Deep Waters

Good habits:

  • Is a early riser
  • Disciplined to the bone
  • Kindhearted
  • Loyal to a fault
  • As punctual as a clock

Bad Habits:

  • Nail-biter (Thats why she always wears the Gloves)
  • Stress-Smoker
  • Covers her Mouth with a hand when talking or lowers her head to hide her tusks
  • Sensitivity of a Sledgehammer
  • High-strung
  • Very shy and inhibited

Personalities they gravitate toward:

  • Mar is drawn to a lot of personalities, mostly because she tends to be very thankful if someone gifts her with kindness. If this tendency is healthy, is another question.

Personality types they avoid:

  • The funny fact is that Mar tends to work for the Charactertypes she would normally avoid, if she would not need work: Ruthless Commanders, greedy Merchants, arrogant Nobles…


  • Drowning
  • Dogs
  • Pregnancy
  • Dying in Childbed
  • Beeing Mindcontrolled

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Creepypasta #686: There Are Cruel And Fearsome Things That Prowl In The Ocean

Story length: Super long

Mankind believe themselves to have escaped the horrors that preyed on them in bygone ages. Perhaps we are right. Mostly. The torch of scientific progress kindled by Newton and his contemporaries spread like wildfire in the centuries that followed, and drove the beasts that dwelt in our shadows scampering back to the darkened pits that spawned them; turning the hunter into the hunted. 

Physics, the idea that our world operates through universal and comprehensible laws, castrated the secret magics that had once left kings and peasant children alike shivering in the terror of all-concealing night. Darwin and his concept of evolution banished the ancient monsters with such speed and determination that Heracles himself would have been envious,

But there are still places in this world where the light of modernity hasn’t reached. A number of San tribes (commonly known as Bushmen) in Namibia speak of the ¯koo-b¯u*, or Bone Eaters. A tall (7-8′), grey, lanky, bipedal creature with lean yet protruding muscles capable of tremendous speeds; large rock hard hands that taper into sharp nailless points with bulbous knuckles and joints; hollow, deep set sockets holding round white eyes that roll about in them like a billiard ball; and of course the mouth, stretching across the entirety of its face, holding spiked teeth as a hard and bright as marble that seem to glisten even at night, always cracked into a broad grin when it encounters a straggling child who has wandered too far from the rest of the tribe.

The Nukak people of the Amazon basin speak of the Kanábéyáa, or Black Jaguar People. Little is definitively known about them, save the resemblance between their black fur, retractable claws, round pinprick eyes, and those of their namesake; their ability to shift between a bipedal and quadrapedal stance; and their propensity for hunting nearly anything, including humans foolish enough not to guard their campsites at night. 

Again and again, anthropologists hear tales of night sentries looking on in terror as bright eyes; first two, then dozens, circle and dance about the periphory of their encampment. Hellish yowls and hisses cut through the air, followed by panicked shouts and the chaos of men brought into the waking world by their greatest fear. And then, in a brief moment that seems an eternity to those caught within it, silence. The inevitable return into the veil of night. 

Of course, war stories are always told by the survivors, so there is a lack of testimony from those unfortunate groups who were either caught off guard, or else, for one reason or another, were deemed to be worth the fight. There are also tales of hunting parties finding one of their neighboring tribes eviscerated, stripped of flesh and meat, and left to rot in the coming sun.

But these stories will have to wait for another time. I come to you not with a tale of some hidden crevasse deep in the heart of the wilderness, but of that endless sprawl that surrounds all of humanity’s achievements. The last great uncharted territory. The ocean.

I had just graduated, and, like many that come from families of considerable means, viewed the gap between getting my diploma and getting a job as an oppurtunity for exploration. Unlike many of my peers, I was not content to use this period merely as an opportunity to get wasted and sleep around in a different corner of the globe. Not that I’m trying to come off as superior or condescending, I have no right for that. 

I started off in Europe just like everyone else, moving from Paris to Rome to Zurich to Vienna to Berlin and then Prague, indulging in the careless excesses that tend to characterize these trips. But at the same time, I wanted more than that. I wanted to ride the back of an ox drawn cart down a withered trail to places my fellow Americans never laid eyes on. I wanted to slum it in the homes of destitute village inhabitants despite the fact that I could easily afford a four star hotel. I wanted something new, something unseen, some amazing forgotten secret.

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Chowder is currently in deep discussion with Farmer about which things they did tonight helped secure the game win. 
Chowder: “We *always* have to order half pepperoni and half mushroom pizza from now on. And drink pepsi, even if we only got it because it was on sale and we both know coke is better.”
Farmer: “And we have to sit in these bean bag chairs”
Chowder: “Mom will you please make these cookies again on Sunday? It’s important!!” 
Farmer “And you have to kiss me when the puck drops.”
Chowder: *blushes* “And probably after they win too. Like this.”

What she said : I’m fine
What she means :
I spent 40 dollars on water and cookies but my dog still won’t look me on the eyes
But is he thinking about long horn big nose dinosaurs or how much I spent on in one cookie oh my god I just want people to love my political poems and realize how important farmers markets such people’s money out faster than tipea fish swim to warmer water I still don’t see the grand canon the way he did