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Loving The Son of Hagger 10.5

Lance steps outside his room and looks around before going back in. He was packing, he was going to leave one way or another. He was not staying here. He looked at ring he was wearing, “If you weren’t so hostile I probably would’ve said yes” That was a lie, his heart was for shiro and him alone. He packed most of the important stuff, food, his clothes. He then looks at the book on his bed. He debated on taking it, then he sighs just throwing it in the bag.

There was a knock at the door. “Lance?” It was Hagger, she walked in and slightly frowned to see him packing. “We…We are Landing on a planet soon” She told him, his eyes shimmered with hope. “I’ll send a distress signal there for you..” “Wait you’re helping me?” Lance was slightly surprised. He wouldn’t think his mother would help him escape. She sits on his bed, “As much I want you to stay, I also want you to be happy” She kissed his forehead. He saw a tear slip down her eye, he frowns and held her hand. “Thank you…” he whispered with a slight smile. They held each other what felt like 2 hours. “I should get going, make sure you have everything” She said before walking out.

Kurogane meows as Lance rolls his eyes. “Yes you’re coming too” Lance puts him in the bag

The Zodiac Signs After Spilling Something on Themselves at an Important Event (And Subsequently Staining Their Clothes)

Tries to wipe off the stain, and, if they don’t succeed, cover the stain up and hope no one notices: Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Spends ages in the bathroom trying to remove the stain, and if they fail, rearranges the outfit so no one can see: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra

Leaves the party: Scorpio, Capricorn

Reblog if you have stretch marks

My best friend was in tears today because she has stretch marks and she doesn’t believe me that literally 99.9% of the population have them and I’m trying to show her it’s okay

I hate how everyone's calling Foleo/Forrest a "trans girl"

Can’t boys wear dresses and skirts without changing their gender identity? Forrest still strongly identifies as a boy, even if he wears feminine clothing. It’s a big part of a lot of his conversations, like with his father, etc.

Calling a boy a trans girls just because he wants to wear skirts or dresses is like saying “boys can’t wear skirts or dresses. Period.”


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baby goat pajama party!!

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Hi, senpai! Do you remember me? Well... Here my questions 💙 1- Hate can generate feelings of hate in a person? What was his job? 2- Love can generate feelings of love in a person? Can i ask the following questions in Spanish? XD I AM occupying a translator ;;;v;; It's good to see you again 💙💙💙

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There is a small detail with them two

  • Love is the physical representation of the pure love, he is “The guardian of love”.


  • Hate is not the representation of the hate, he would be more like the feeling of empathy, and he is “The guide of lost hearts”.

Both can perceive the feelings of love and hate in people, and have the ability to influence their hearts.

Both have those names because it is the feeling that they are destined to treat.

  • Love’s job is to spread and protect the love (Not only of the romantic type). 
  • Hate’s job is to take care of the hearts that have been corrupted and try to bring them back. He have to purify hearts that have deviated from the path.

Part of Love’s and Hate’s job is prevent corruption from advancing in the hearts of people. So here comes another important topic…

The light of the heart

The lights that always surround them like fireflies are the energy of people’s hearts, the light of their being. These are always of light colors, but when a person’s heart begins to corrupt, these lights will become darker, to the point of being black. When this happens and interact with other healthy lights, this corruption can spread like disease…

The excesses are bad, both love and hate are feelings that can cause hurt in the hearts of people. So they take care to prevent that happening.


Hay un pequeño detalle con ellos dos

  • Love es la representación física del amor puro, él es “El guardián del amor”.


  • Hate no es la representación del odio, sería más como el sentimiento de empatía, y es “El guía de los corazones perdidos”.

Ambos pueden percibir los sentimientos de amor y odio en las personas, y tienen la capacidad de influir en sus corazones.

Ambos tienen esos nombres porque es el sentimiento al que están destinados a tratar.

  • El trabajo de Love es difundir y proteger el amor (No sólo del tipo romántico).
  • El trabajo de Hate es cuidar de los corazones que han sido corrompidos y tratar de traerlos de vuelta. Él tiene que purificar los corazones que se han desviado del camino.

Parte del trabajo de Love y Hate es evitar que la corrupción avance en los corazones de las personas. Así que aquí viene otro tema importante…

La luz del corazón

Las luces que siempre las rodean como luciérnagas son la energía del corazón de las personas, la luz de su ser. Estas son siempre de colores claros, pero cuando el corazón de una persona comienza a corromperse, estas luces se volverán cada vez más oscuras, hasta el punto de volverse negras. Cuando esto sucede e interactúan con otras luces saludables, esta corrupción puede propagarse como enfermedad …

Los excesos son malos, tanto el amor como el odio son sentimientos que pueden causar daño en los corazones de las personas. Así que ellos se encargan de evitar que eso suceda.