Article 13 is going into it’s final stages of voting. 

If this gets through, it will allow many, many companies to abuse and misuse this article to take down as many memes, fan works, and even other independent creators on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and other websites INCLUDING Tumblr. 




So here is what you need to do to drag this article down. 

1. Spread the word 

I can’t stress this enough. The more attention this gets the more people we can get to take this down. 

2. Make your own content 

Make your own content on the matter and make sure it is clear to others that Article 13 is bad for every internet user involved. 

3. If you live anywhere in Europe, contact your MEPs 

Ask them if they approve of the article and why. If they do approve of it, try to convince them in a clear, reasonable, and most sensible way possible that this law is BAD. 

The article itself is way to vague about what it’s conveying to its people. 

Saying that as long as the use of said internet memes or content is good as long as it’s in “good faith.” 

We cannot let some shoddy government tell us what we can and cannot post. 


Here’s a video on Article 13 that Film Theory made on the matter. It will explain things better than I can. 


Edit: I’ve noticed that some people are having trouble with getting the video to work. So here is the new link


Plus thanks to user @rwby- 13 for giving me a link to this Change.org petition!


Do you ever read someone’s fanfic and realized it was so good that you went to look for the rest of their stuff and you read all of them too, and now you just wait for them to write something new? Like you don’t even care what they write because everything will be gold. Just give me the soulmate starbucks hooker AU or anything else you write, I’m desperate here.

I am one voice out of the millions but

as you may know by now, i live in Europe, many of my online friends, do not. what brought us together was, the internet.

a mere love for say Yuri on Ice, memes, youtubers.

in the recent months, the internet has been under attack, free speech and fair use are being silenced.

think about this: you’re just watching a music video from your favorite idol, whether it be Taylor Swift or Queen, you really enjoy that content

as you go to the next video it says “error, this video is not available in your country” you think ‘okay, whatever’ and move on to the next one, same message, you skip to the next one again, same message again.

then you realize, all content by Taylor Swift has been blocked by Youtube. all content by Cardi B has been blocked by Youtube.

Article 13 threatens to block songs like despacito, DESPACITO, a song that gained over 90b views, over a directive.

this is not a joke anymore. this is not a “meme ban law”, this will affect the UK, this will affect your favorite non European creators, this will affect you.

European content creators will not be able to make content anymore. not without licenses for every single thing they show, do and put as background music.

this threatens to kill creativity and the internet as we know it.

our future, is in jeopardy if this gets passed. without Europe, net neutrality would’ve already been non existent.

the internet needs to be saved.

not just for us, but for our future. the future of the world. the internet brought us together as a world and we’ve shown it many times before how strong it can be.

we have to show that strength again.

we have lost a crucial battle back in September, but we have not lost the war. we have to keep fighting and to push our belief. to push the internet further. to grow as a community, as a society.

what Europe wants to do is protect copyright, which is needed yes, but not in this extreme, it’s like when you were in elementary school and this one kid ruined a field trip for everyone.

we cannot let them take away our internet. fight for your right to free speech, fight for your right to have fair use.

fight for your internet

if a company like YouTube, a google owned company that literally owns all your data and probably sold it making millions off of it, is NOT able to afford a directive like Article 13.

please, i beg you, to share this with your friends, your family, to tweet your MEP’s, to email them, to call them, to remind your European friends to do that.

we are strong.

we are a unity.

we are a community.

we are the internet.

we have put our strengths together to save the Internet.

thank you for listening. don’t give up. stay strong.

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Ok so, since Tumblr is being an over protective Christian mother int he worse possible ‘Carrie’ sort of way, I’m going to ask that ya’ll reblog and spread the word about your favorite writers and artists again. Likes are nice, but reblogging is way better. And with the way things are and tags and searches being literally nonexistence, we need you so much! I know activity has gone way, way down for me and other writers and artists, and now, it’s gotten so much worse. Tumblr has literally fucked up being able to search for anything at all. Your reblogs mater and are so important. If you want to keep seeing content from us, please, for the love of god, reblog. I hate asking this, but it means the world to me to be able to keep creating here. If Tumblr keeps fucking up then a lot of your fvaorite artists and writers may move elsewhere. Hopefully Tumblr will get everyone back to working order soon, but for now, YOU are the most important thing to us creators. 

please read and reblog

i saw on instagram that there’s a new ad on youtube that’s actually a jump scare for halloween.

it starts with a little boy asking his mum if she can close his closet

if you are easily scared or you have anxiety or something along those lines please skip it! if you can’t, turn the volume down (idk if there’s sound but better safe then sorry) and look away for how long the ad is.

Important Dates for the Signs in November - 2018

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 8, 15, 24

Taurus: 5, 25, 29

Gemini: 8, 11, 24

Cancer: 5, 15, 17

Leo: 9, 24, 27

Virgo: 11, 15, 28

Libra: 11, 14, 27

Scorpio: 11, 20, 30

Sagittarius: 12, 27, 28

Capricorn: 8, 13, 24

Aquarius: 13, 19, 29

Pisces: 2, 16, 23

🗣 PSA 🗣

Trigger warning: abuse and assault

Please show support for the k-pop group The East Light as they have been facing horrible abuse from their company since 2015! They are all so young and have been through so much. All but one of the members are minors and the oldest has spoken up about everything that has happened to them. Even if you don’t stan, please please support them throughout their lawsuit and spread awareness of the abuse that some minor k-pop idols go through.

If you stumble across any articles, please read with caution because some articles explained in-depth the abuse that they suffered.

Important Dates for the Signs in December - 2018

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 15, 25, 29

Taurus: 3, 17, 24

Gemini: 7, 23, 24

Cancer: 9, 18, 27

Leo: 5, 27, 30

Virgo: 3, 25, 30

Libra: 6, 12, 22

Scorpio: 2, 22, 31

Sagittarius: 8, 16, 29

Capricorn: 18, 25, 30

Aquarius: 3, 12, 29

Pisces: 12, 14, 19