How Unhappy Childhood Experiences Can Affect You Today (And How To Deal With It)

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The Key Dynamics of Relating is an area that assesses how childhood experiences impact a person in their adult life. Often, looking back can help a person going forward. Psychologists cite parents and relationships as reasons for issues later in life, as memories alter how the present day is perceived. But sometimes merely analysing a popular problem can shed light on why unhappy childhood experiences can affect you today.

Here are some common themes that illuminate the negative progression from a childhood experience to adult life.

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Why Breaking Up With a Friend is One of the Most Difficult Things to Do

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My Friend, I Still Wish You Well, But I Need To Say Goodbye To You

If life has taught me one thing, it’s that the relationships you have are the most precious things you can possess. When life has a habit of turning upside down it’s the close relationships that are there to support you and drag you back out again.

I’m not perfect. I can be a bit stubborn, a bit ignorant and I’ve made my fair amount of mistakes in the past. I’ve hurt people I never meant to hurt through my own selfishness. Some friendships have lasted and some haven’t. I always expected you to be in my life because you’re my oldest friend but you’ve taught me that some people are just not destined to stay in my life.

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Can I just suggest

U try this: (it just opens to english vocab, you can change the subject)

It’s a site that allows you to fight worldwide starvation by getting questions correct.

There are many categories of questions you can answer, and you can choose between them.

It even keeps track of how much rice you donate.

You would literally be saving lives.

Look at the stars. It won’t fix the economy. It won’t stop wars. It won’t give you flat abs, or better sex or even help you figure out your relationship and what you want to do with your life. But it’s important. It helps you remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small and conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.
—  Kate Bartolotta

It’s that time again. I’m redid the commissions thing, and now I’m doing 10 at a time, and the pricing is a bit higher. I am going back to school in like a few weeks and I need the cash to get by during the year.

To clarify the “won’t draw” section, I mean like for now I won’t be drawing nsfw since my art isn’t there for that yet, but nudes are fine with me. Fetishes, complex bgs, mecha and the like are a no-go.

This is for both Twitter and Tumblr users so DM me or email me if interested:

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Okay that’s about to sum it up, and if you don’t have money, reblog and spread the word please. Thank you! c:

*EDIT Clients will receive a high-res no watermark version when the commission is complete.

*EDIT 2: Add the $ next to 35


i just heard that it’s possible josh or tyler or someone working with fueled by ramen leaked the song heathens (calling themselves “twentyoneheathens” on dropbox) and the band may have to go to court, this could result in being sued, fined, etc. however, i GUARANTEE YOU, THEY WILL NOT GO TO JAIL. this isn’t the sort of thing they jail people for. especially josh and tyler, who wrote the song itself. do not worry yourself over this.

askbrianthenecromanticlucario  asked:

atleast when code exotic does get to be a nemesis she isn't as dumb as you you are an ameture and a fool

This is the only ask I will answer of this nature:

Don’t you dare send me things like this. I will rp CN as I see fit; calling my version “immature” and a “fool” is rude. Call me triggered, but this really irked me.

Let this be a lesson; even something as small this will be deemed disrespectful.

Hate is not tolerated.

You will not be tolerated.


Ok guys! It’s about that time that Mana and I are leaving! We will be offline and completely inactive for a week, so we can’t like or reblog anything (so sorry if we don’t reblog gifts and etc when we’re away! But definitely when we come back!) ;;w;; We will miss you guys so much! Until the next time we see ya! Bye bye! *hugs you all* <3

And this was a very quick collab we did together for fun xD I drew the left and Mana drew the right! ^u^/


So uh, I have made a big decision, and I need everyone to not hate me. Please.

I’ve just gotten a big personal opportunity, something that is very important to me. I need to be able to focus and spend time on it. I have things I wanna do and complete that I keep procrastinating because I wanna be on Tumblr.

So I’ve made the decision to get off. I have so enjoyed role playing with each of you and I will miss you all! I’m sorry for all of the role-plays that will be ending, but thank you for creating stories with me!!


you may have noticed no one ever sits in these stands, but every once in a while you may hear a crowd cheering. how is there a crowd cheering without an audience? well, in birth by sleep, zack fair actually answers this question for us. after freeing zack from hades’s control over him, zack tells terra that he is a hero. his proof for this was that the audience was cheering. how could sqaure enix have messed up so much to have left out our audience when a character actually references it in the canon of the game? well, this wasn’t a mistake. zack is actually telling us directly why no one sits in the stands. it’s because the audience is watching from above. zack tells terra that he doesn’t get to choose if he is a hero- the audience does. the same audience that decided hercules was a hero in the original movie, and also the same audience that decides sora, donald and goofy are heroes just before you lock olympus coliseum- the gods! you must remember who the olympus coliseum was built for and the audience that it always has and always will have in the canon of both the original movie and kingdom hearts- the gods! 


Hi guys…So today I officially no longer have a car. And then ofc I have college and living to pay for on top of whether we decide to buy a new vehicle for a few thousand or fix Tibby for a few thousand.

☆my store
☆my gofundme
☆my affiliated stores.

If you cant buy or donate anything, you can still help majorly by spreading the word by reblogging this post or my edits. Thank you so much.

Ok but can we talk about ghostbusters?? Like this is a great movie with strong women, one of the actresses is out lgbt and it’s about fighting ghosts. I’ve seen posts about the hate Leslie got and how bad that was, but not any just supporting the movie. so please go see this movie because it cost 144 million to make and has only made 120 million and if it doesn’t do well financially then there won’t be more movies with women in lead roles like this
And its a really good movie!!!!

// Okay well now I know what Freed got so upset about here. I feel u Freed bby. Basically me @ the part of the fandom who describes the Raijinshuu as ‘fanboys/fangirls’ because that’s bullshit and here’s the proof how much Freed would disapprove of this notion, too. Because he really has pride as a team Captain, he has pride in the establishment of it, he promised Makrov to look after Laxus and the bond between Laxus and all three of them is so immensely strong, it’s so clear how much trust there is and how well they work together so being belittled to a ‘fanclub’ is more than shitty.

About banners

So since that discussion about banners that lost me 2 follower and added 1 person to my blocked list, I have made a decision about banners. I don’t think I will be putting a price on the banners because I’d have to start using things that are 100% free to use, because plagiarism, which would mean the banners would drop in quality and they wouldn’t look the same. Instead I’m going to be making a donate button that people can donate if they want or if I’ve ever made them a banner (if I’ve made you a banner in the past it would be nice if you did but you do you). I’m not in a situation where I absolutely need money so I don’t want it to be mandatory to pay if you ask for a banner because I know not all people can do that but It would be nice to get something out this at the end of the day tho..I’m not expecting to get any donations because when you don’t have to do something 87% of the time you won’t do it.
I still have to set things up, decide on what to do and talk about it with my mom (yikes) but I will update you when everything is sorted out (if this even happens)


!Important Notice!

So, to summarize, I was on Instagram today, when somebody I followed posted a screenshot of these text messages. They were very disappointed to see that preferred names and pronouns were not a normal part of growing up, and then tagged the original person who had this conversation with their mother.

Normally, children who want identify as something that was not assigned to them at birth have to put up with the wrong name and pronouns until they’re old enough to leave. But this can change.

This is where I ask you all something simple.

All I ask is that you please share this with your friends. Tell them to find @hunteralexbarry on Instagram, like this post of theirs, follow them, and (optional) leave a comment of support.

It is extremely disappointing to see that Hunter here will only go by their right name and pronouns by their mom if they get the right amount of supporters. But like I said, we can take small steps. Even if so much as a spider’s thread of a chance lingers for us to climb up onto, and help each other out, we need to take it.

Once again, their Instagram is @hunteralexbarry. All you need do is share this by reblogging, like their post on insta, follow them, and maybe even leave a word or two of support. A simple “I support you,” might even do.