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Just working on some review cases at work today, then I suddenly remembered that Tony is often called as “Mr Stark” rather than “Dr Stark” (And I vaguely remember somewhere in the comic has mention this? :D) So this art is born :D

(And yeah, Tony with glasses!! :D)

My workload peak is coming please wish my luck ; w ;

What is love? (baby don’t hurt me): An Emma Swan Meta

Apologies for the silly title but I just couldn’t help myself. This is also heavy CS FYI. 

I have been thinking on and off about the True Love’s test in Firebird and how it so starkly highlighted something about Emma Swan that breaks my heart. In the almost five seasons leading up to that moment Emma Swan went from a lonely, lost girl to the Savior with a son, parents, and pirate all of whom love and are loved by her and yet because of her past she still struggles with identifying and trusting that love. 

Starting with her parent’s initial abandonment Emma’s past is a series of people who let her down, the Swans, Ingrid, Lily, Neal, all of them said they loved and cared about her and all of them ultimately turned out to be liars. How is Emma supposed to know what real, honest, love is like when this has been her life experience? 

In the Pilot Emma straight out asks Regina if she loves Henry. To some that’s a ridiculous question but to Emma it’s legitimate because of the number of times she had been betrayed by those who claimed to love her. She doesn’t trust Regina’s love and that’s part of the reason she stays in Storybrooke. And the beauty of S1 is how Emma “I do better on my own” Swan finds love, true love, with her son. And I believe that it is the first time in her life she has been able to really love someone without fear of them rejecting her or lying to her. 

This fear is something even her parents have to overcome as Emma spends a lot of S2 learning how to let her parents in and learning what it means to be loved unconditionally. 

Source @onceland

This is Emma coming to the realization that her mother and father really did love her and it’s heartbreaking to watch because, as she says in the scene, she spent her whole life being angry at her parents and not understanding how they could let her grow up alone. Even after the curse breaks Emma is left with this anger and uncertainty regarding her parents and it’s only with time that she lets that love become a part of her life. 

Around this time she meets a certain pirate who is able to see her abandonment issues and the look of the lost boys in her eyes and he knows that “love has been all to rare” in her life. He asks her if she has ever been in love and she answers in the negative. 

Source @onceland

Later on the top of the beanstalk she retracts the statement–maybe she was in love once. 

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Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

This isn’t really a plot important screenshot but I found this screenshot of Komaeda smiling from the OVA and you know what it’s not plot important but it’s important to healing my soul.

The Importance of Pancakes

Based on the prompt: “I would like a cute Alec and Magnus day in where they cuddle and talk a bit about the future and a second scene where it’s the future and they have their two sons”

Written for the SH Summertime Gift Fest.

It’s basically Lightwood-Bane Family Fluff. Fair warning: IT’S VERY FLUFFY.

Available on Ao3 here.

Magnus hums a Lady Gaga song quietly under his breath as he flips pancakes in the pan, only half attuned to the sound of Alec setting up plates on the table behind him. It is a quiet morning, the first one they’ve been able to get together in weeks and the sun is shining through the windows of the apartment’s kitchen, bathing the room in light and warmth.

And yet, nothing is as warm as the presence of Alec behind Magnus’ back as he slides his arms around Magnus’ waist, peeking over his shoulder to get a look at the food.

“That smells amazing,” Alec mumbles, burying his head in Magnus’ neck to drop a kiss against his pulse point, sending a wave of shivers down his spine.

“Are you talking about the food, Alexander?” Magnus teases lightheartedly.

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The official Russian titles of the episodes differ from the original ones pretty much… And they are quite telling!

The first episode has the same title.

The second episode is translated as the the original ACD story “THE DYING DETECTIVE”.

The third episode is titled as “THE FAMILY BUSINESS”. (So for sure it must have something to do with “the other one” or with the Watsons)

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Knight in Shining Spurs - smarshtastic - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Reaper | Gabriel Reyes
Additional Tags: Rescue, Rescue Missions, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bottom!Gabriel, mcreyes - Freeform, McReaper, Kidnapping, Blackwatch Era, Blackwatch Reaper | Gabriel Reyes, Blackwatch Jesse McCree, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: He walks to his quarters in a daze, the movement automatic. His body still aches a little, in spite of the biotic field - or maybe that tightness he’s feeling in his chest is something else entirely. Jesse collapses on his narrow bed and presses his face into the pillow. He curls around Gabe’s hoodie, breathes in the smell, and tries not to think about Gabe being taken, hurt, killed.

In which Gabe is kidnapped on a mission and Jesse goes after him himself.

this wednesday two of marvel’s most important new titles will make their debut: invincible iron man (which for some reason is still called this and not ironheart) featuring riri williams and black panther: world of wakanda

the former is about a black teenaged girl and is written by a middle-aged white man while the latter is about black women and is written and illustrated by black women: roxane gay, yona harvey, and afua richardson

if it comes down to choosing between these two titles, i would urge you to choose world of wakanda. co-written by ta-nehisi coates (black panther) this is the product of one creator holding the door open for other, more diverse creators and will be the first marvel title written by black women

if you can choose both: do not feel as though you cannot criticize iron man because of riri williams. you can and should read the book critically and it should absolutely be compared to world of wakanda because in one instance the series writer, brian michael bendis, refuses to open the marvel bullpen to creators (specifically writers) of color while in the other the black panther series writer, ta-nehisi coates, has not only invited other poc creators in, he has invited black women to take part in crafting narratives about black women

support works that feature poc characters on the page and poc creators behind it or else publishers learn that they can capitalize on diversity without promoting it behind the scenes. diversity on the page doesn’t mean anything until there is diversity behind the page

Slow Damage Guessing Game

Hi! :D

So, now that we have a few images and a PV, I thought it might be fun to play a little guessing game, trying to guess what the game is about!

This is for fun, nothing serious, please don’t take me seriously haha


What can we infer taking these images into consideration? Well, first of all, he seems pretty bad ass. And not like, discretely bad ass, I bet he brags. Also, he seems to paint and he definitely smokes. You see, the smoking part is really important, because the title of the game is “slow damage” and everybody knows that cigarettes slowly damage you. So I’m taking the cigarette is a key element in this game, yes, We also know that in the PV,  somebody is asking for help. So, here is my guess for the protag:

I am thinking he is a failed artist and because of this artistic frustration he takes on smoking. He wants to quit smoking tho, because it slowly damages you, and he needs help! He’ll ask the other characters to help him, let’s see about them now.

This guy:

This guy wears a coat. I bet it’s a doctor’s coat and I bet he is the doctor the protag starts to attend so he can stop smoking. I also bet he’s Keisuke’s cousin or something. No, as a matter fact, because the game seems to take place in a decaying but not that decadent city, I bet it’s a prequel to the tnc universe. Like, Toshima before toshima. So I bet he’s Keisuke’s grandfather and he is a doctor who helps people quitting cigarettes. Kay, next!

This other guy:

I like his design. He’s like, the sassy friend who keeps telling you “cigarettes aren’t that bad, watch me smoke! Smoke with me! Then let’s make out!” or something. Yeah, I bet he’s the bad influence. I like him already.

And yet another guy:

This one looks like a mean bitch. Or butler. I bet he is the owner of the cigarettes company so he doesn’t want the protag to quit smoking either. And knowing n+c games, the cigarettes can’t be plain cigarettes, I bet they’re mind controlling/washing cigarettes. And knowing how much they like bad endings, I bet this guy wants the protag to smoke a lot so this another guy can brainwash and enslave him.

Yup, that’s my guess for the game so far! LOL

Who else want to take a guess?! haha

I’m sorry to everyone who read this :,D 

I’m going to share a discussion I had at work this morning because I feel it is important.

I work in a Title I elementary school. Most of our students are from disadvantaged families. In my area, many of our students are also Hispanic and/or Latino.

My students are scared.

My students are scared that they will be sent away. That their parents will be taken away. That in the next eight hours, their entire futures will disappear in front of them.

This is wrong.

Everyday I work with amazing kids, ages five to eleven. I watch their frustration turn to a spark, I watch them learn how to build relationships, I watch them learn how they fit in this world. I’m doing what I can to give them tools and strategies they can use, but ultimately they must draw their own conclusions.

And they’re scared.

It breaks my heart. Truly, it does. I will never understand the depth of their fear from my position of privilege. The least I can do is listen and fight for them.

Today I fought for them by voting.

If nothing else can convince you to vote, please let it be the kids that are counting on you. They can’t put their voice in. They are caught in circumstances out of their control.

And don’t forget:

Our kids are the future of this country, regardless of how you vote. Please set the example that the country were giving them is one worth having. One where people truly are equal, and where hard work really can grant prosperity.

//lies down and covers my face// (Please be gentle with me, I did this on my phone…)I have accepted the fact that I am falling into hell. 

This is a WIP. I’m hoping i’ll make time to clean it up and add more frames to make it smoother. But yea, im v sorry it’s so sketchy and kinda gross n cringeworthy LOL…

Gensomaden fantasy xv

- 4 men travel by car in a land wretched by a demon.

- the party consist of a very important figure accompanies by his 3 bodyguards

- that very important figure carry a sacred weapon

- the bodyguards didn’t care for his title
- a man in glasses drive the car
- a man in glasses also cook for them. in fact he is the only one who can cook
- among them there is a childish guy who is a mascot of the team
- a divine woman watched over them in their travel
- the enemies can track them wherever they go.
- enemy’s leader is a prince who is manipulated by a fishy person.
- turns out the fishy person is a bigger threat

-fishy person and very important figure share a same title/surname

You’re important to me - Part 1.

Title: You’re important to me.

Fandom: Mystic Messenger.

Pairing: Juminzen.

Word count: Approximately 1,100 words.  

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Based on this post by @mariamagica. I don’t know if this is what you imagined, but I kinda like how it came out. Oh, and if you don’t know this awesome little person, go check her out, she’s an amazing writer. 

In this little fanfic, Saeyoung and Mc got together. Jaehee left the assistant job quite a while ago to open her coffee place/bakery and Yoosung replaced her. And because cinnamon roll V needs happiness, Rika is far far away and he took the surgery. 

Also, I apologize in advance if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language.


He was taking a shower after a long workout when it was announced. He didn’t find out until he turned on the tv that night, right after he learned the lines for his audition, thinking he would be the best out there.

And the headline in the news channel made him spit out the water he had been drinking.


Earlier today, the chairman of C&R International announced to the public the engagement of his son, Jumin Han, and the protégée of his current girlfriend. The wedding between Sarah Choi and Jumin Han is set in two weeks, according to Glam Choi. Jumin’s father says-

He turned off the electronic in a hurry, not wanting to hear more of it.

Trust fund kid, getting married?

Where the hell had he left his phone?

Why was he so desperate to reach that person?

He fumbled around for his phone, finding it under the towel he had used to dry his hair. And he didn’t slow down, his hands shaking slightly as he opened the app the RFA used frequently to keep in touch.

Everyone was there.

09:07 pm – Jumin Han, 707, Jaehee Kang, V, Mc, Saeran, Yoosung★

- ZEN has logged in -

707>: Zen!

707>: Cat mom is getting married!!!

707>: Wait…

707>: *gasp*

707>: Does this mean the only suitor Elly has…

707>: IS ME?!!

Saeran>: Stupid brother.

MC>: Saeyoung ;;

707>: Don’t worry babe, I love you more.

Saeran>: Get a room.

707>: We’re already in it. 

Jaehee Kang>: I don’t think you realize just how serious this is, Saeyoung.

V>: I agree with Jaehee here, Jumin doesn’t seem too happy about it either.  

Jumin Han>: I am not.

Jumin Han>: I don’t like the fact that my father told me nothing about it, but it makes him, and the company, happy.

Jumin Han>: I intend to go through it. Even if the woman I’m marrying is as loud as a truck.

Zen couldn’t help but laugh at that comment, only a person like Jumin could talk like that about others and be funny. 

Yoosung>: But…

Yoosung>: Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little weird?

Yoosung>: It hasn’t even been a month since Jumin’s father started to see Glam Choi and you are already marrying her student.

Jaehee Kang>: They do seem suspicious. The two of them visited me asking why I had left the company, and who the “new guy” was. I apologize for not telling you earlier, Jumin. 

Jumin Han>: … It is alright, Miss Kang. 

ZEN>: And does this girl know who she’s marrying?

ZEN>: Who would want to marry a freak obsessed with a fur ball?

Jumin Han>: You would.

He almost dropped the phone in shock, and cursed himself when he imagined it. Although he had to admit, Jumin in a suit that wasn’t full of pinstripes would be quite a sight.

ZEN>: WHA-?!


MC>: lolololol

MC>: Zen, you naughty liar~

707>: lololol

707>: I can already imagine the headlines.

Saeran>: Stupid famous actor Zen and fucking important entrepreneur Jumin Han eloped. Cat was the priest.

Over his dead body. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd can’t be the priest in a wedding.

Jumin Han>: She could play flower girl.

ZEN>: You can’t invite a damn cat to a wedding.

Jaehee Kang>: I have to agree with Zen on that.

V>: I don’t think that will stop Jumin from bringing Elizabeth.

Jumin Han>: V is telling the truth. Which reminds me, you are all invited.

Jumin Han>: But the guards know that if Saeyoung attempts anything, he’ll be escorted out, immediately.

ZEN>: Ok. Let’s get serious for once.

ZEN>: If Sarah sees me, she will fall for me. Who could ignore this Greek god?

ZEN>: And that fur ball will be there. I’m not going to the wedding.

- ZEN has logged off -

Yes, that was the real reason.

He wouldn’t go because he hated the fur ball. And he didn’t want Jumin’s future wife to fall in love with him.

Not because of other things.

His stomach felt strangely empty, as if he hadn’t eaten anything all day. Yet, he also felt like he had been punched in the gut. None of those were correct.. Perhaps we was just tired.

He told his manager to cancel the audition, under the excuse he was feeling a bit sick.

The two weeks passed in a blur, or at least they did for him. He had been in and off the messenger, logging out when the wedding was mentioned, or when Jumin came in. The guy always complained about the bride, how she was so clingy, loud, and the way she kept talking about his beloved cat.

Zen didn’t want to talk about it. He didn’t want to hear it.

Because when he did, his chest felt tight, and that empty feeling in his stomach came back. Sometimes even harder than before, and he didn’t like it.

He didn’t like the fact that he kept on smiling while looking at the old pictures in his phone. Those about the RFA, and those of only the two of them, of Jumin and him. He always got lost in thought while seeing those, always smiled, and, according to Jaehee, he seemed to have a dreamy look over his face.

It didn’t take him long to figure out what it might be, but he wouldn’t admit it. Not even if the fans screamed at him to do so.

Or that was what he thought.

02:37 am.

He kept tossing and turning in the bed, completely uncomfortable, no matter in what position he would settle. The suffocating feeling in his chest came back every time he looked at the clock.

Seven hours until the wedding.

Seven hours until Jumin fucking Han stood on the altar waiting for a woman.

Seven hours until Jumin loses his freedom and binds himself forever to a crappy woman by the name of Sarah fucking Choi.

Seven hours until Sarah Choi stands next to the love of his life, as they both say I do.

Seven hours until Zen loses Jumin, forever.

Since when did the trust fund kid become so important? Enough to consider him as a lover.. Just when the fuck did that happen and why hadn’t he realized it before?

“Fuck it”. He mumbled, sitting up and flopping back on top of the bed, a smile on his face. 

Jumin’s reputation and his own be damned.

He had a wedding to crash.

valiantkryptonite  asked:

Hi elk! How do you manage to take nice looking notes when the teacher is speaking very fast?

I don’t because I just want to get all the information down so I usually just rewrite them later but here’s some tips for neater/organised lecture notes:

  • Use 2 colours: one for important things, key words titles etch and the other for your main notes, using only 2 will save so much time
  • Take notes in a notebook or spiral bound, not one were you have to pull out the pages because this takes up time you could be writing
  • Maybe try the Cornell Note-Taking method, so if you miss anything you can come back and fill it in later

I hope this helps :)