importance of eating breakfast

📚Back to School Witch Tips⏰

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📌 Enchant your calendar and/or syllabus so you can remember important deadlines
📌 Enchant blue pens so you can remember the notes you write. It’s said that blue ink helps your memory!
📌 If you’re a secret witch, use a school notebook as a grimoire or book of shadows
📌 Put tea bags in your gym shoes to make them smell nicer and to leave behind the correspondences of the tea bags
📌 Put mint and rosemary in a sachet and carry it with you to help your memory
📌 Put sigils on your school supplies to help you remember important notes and/or for extra luck on tests
📌 Before you eat breakfast or a snack, say or think a chant with the intent to boost your energy and/or memory
📌 Enchant your headphones so they last longer and so that they are hidden from the teachers’ eyes
📌 Enchant your papers before turning them in with the intent that your teacher will enjoy what you wrote
📌 Use a ruler as a wand if you need a wand and don’t have one on you
📌 If you have glasses, enchant your glasses so that you can easily read textbooks and help remember important notes from them
📌 Put a sigil on your alarm clock so that it’s loud enough to wake you up so you won’t miss your classes



★heart eyes at you p.1

★his dom mode would dissolves seconds after you’ve both come down from your highs

★he’d feel so happy and warm and fuzzy and like he could explode into rainbows

★he’d help you to the bathroom to clean and prepare yourself for bed

★then he’d bust out the matching pink pyjamas so you can sleep in style

★he’ll offer to make you food

★but you always say no

★because you’d rather cuddle with him rather than have him in the kitchen cooking

★sings you to sleep in that beautiful voice of his

★his plump lips will press kisses all over your face as you began to drift off

★loves to trace shapes on your skin

★when you wake up, he’ll have a huge breakfast made

★'jin, you didn’t have to’

★'you need your energy back!’

★'maybe some toast, then’



★aftercare varies with yoongi
★if he’s tired, he’ll just pull you close and shower you with kisses and ‘i love yous’ as you both fell asleep
★but if he’s not ooooh boy
★he’s gonna cuddle you close to him
★and whisper nothings in your ear
★maybe he’ll get you turned on again
★and you two can go another round
★maybe not
★he’ll be so gentle with you
★he’ll gently wrap you in blankets
★kiss all over you
★'you made me so proud, kitten’
★'you took all of me so well’
★'tomorrow, i’m going to treat you like a king/queen all day’
★he’ll let you rest for a while before taking you into the shower
★will let you pick something from his wardrobe to wear to sleep in
★you’ll do so much talking when you’re like this
★he’ll tell you about song ideas
★you’ll tell him how school/work is going
★it’ll just be lovely


★this precious angel thrives on feedback from you
★sometimes he worries that he didn’t do a good enough job
★if you tell him how good he made you feel
★shit son you’re in for a nice of none stop kissing and nuzzles
★seeing you post-sex is his favourite time to see you
★so he probably takes 342309832 photos to look back on when he’s on tour
★you ask anything from him, he’ll do it
★want a bath? sure
★order pizza? no problem
★want a penguin from the local zoo to join in the cuddles? yeah, give him 20 minutes
★loves staying naked to cuddle
★'more intimate’
★he has a speical playlist for times like these
★full of smooth jaz
★and some ye old love songs
★which sometimes he’ll sing along to
★when you fall asleep, he’ll tuck you in and give you plenty of kisses


★he’d laugh as you both settled from your highs
★'i think that’s the best sex we’ve ever had’
★he’d say it after every single time
★and it was true
★sex with namjoon got better and better
★he’d push hair from your forehead
★and gently pepper your lips in kisses
★when he’d made sure you were alright he’d go run you a bubble bath
★he’d sit behind you in the tub and let you rest against him
★would quote some poems he’s revised
★or softly sing your favourite song
★tbh the aftercare part with nams is better than the sex
★sue me
★when you’re done in the bath he’ll dry you and put you in your pyjamas
★then honey get ready
★because this guy ain’t letting you move from the bed


★he’ll clean you up
★then help you put on your pyjamas
★when you’re both settled in bed, he’ll just go full teasing mode
★'you should’ve seen your face!’ he laughed as he mimicked you
★'oh jimin~~~’

★'look how red your cheeks are!’

★just let him tease you and giggle then he’ll get to the cuddling
★he has to be the big spoon
★don’t fight him on this
★you’ll end up being death gripped by his thighs
★he likes sniffing your hair
★bc your shampoo is one of his favorite smells
★but he won’t admit that
★he’ll probably wake before you
★and make plans to take you out for breakfast


★heart eyes at you p.2
★like holy shit this guy will just turn into a big ball of mush
★you’re his
★you’re his jagi
★and he loves you so much????
★you make him feel so warm and fuzzy
★he’s just stare at you and give you praise
★'you’re beautiful when you’ve been fucked good by Daddy’
★'you’re such a good girl/boy’
★don’t you even dare try moving after sex
★will play with your hair until you fall asleep
★won’t fall asleep until he knows you are


★'who made you feel that good?’
★'who made you scream so loud?’
★after that he’ll be back to his normal self
★he’ll flop next to you and play with your hands
★after a while he’ll grab his phone and order take out
★will probably feed you if you’re too sore to move
★if you’re both not exhausted, he’ll put on the tv

Weight Loss Tips

Written by: Clarisse | IG: clndng | SC: ohsnapitsclarii

We all want to lose a few pounds every now and then, so here are some weight loss tips that you can start!

  • Drink Water
    Every beauty guru’s and I can’t stress enough on how you should do this. Observational studies have shown that people who drink mostly water have up to a 9% (or 200 calories) lower calorie intake. Drinking water before a meal suppresses your appetite and it’s 100% calorie-free. If you find it too bland, try adding lemon or some mint to it

  • Lessen your intake of fast-foods and sweets!
    Honey, I’m not gonna say to completely stop eating them right away because that’s a hard thing to do and you will just break your streak of not eating because of how badly you’re craving for them, so I suggest you lessen your intake and you will just eventually just stop. Fast-foods contains about approximately 836 calories and they’ll make you feel so bloated afterwards. If that alone doesn’t encourage you to lessen your intake then girl, are you really trying? tsk.

  • Have multiple meals
    I believe having multiple small portion meals throughout the day is better than 3 big portions throughout because they will just make you hungrier, hence, eating more. yikes.

  • Eat breakfast
    Breakfast is very important, honey. Eating breakfast activates your thermogenesis (the production of heat in the body) and stimulates your metabolism. Missing breakfast has the tendency to make you overeat during lunch because of how hungry you are.

  • Exercise
    If you’re like me who’s very lazy when it comes to exercise, I suggest you not to force it. I don’t mean, just because you’re lazy you’re not gonna exercise anymore. What I mean is, start small. Don’t start doing those long-tiring exercises because they will just make you lazier and just lose the motivation (that happened to me! yikes) Start with stretching every morning, it will definitely wake you up! While waiting for the shower to heat up, you can do some squats. Slowly add exercises into your routine and everything will fall into place.

  • Walk/Run
    If exercising fails, walk. Nothing beats walking. Walking alone can help you lose about 450 calories. If you wanna spice it up, go for a run. Running will shed your fats and build muscles. 
  • Green Tea
    Green tea has lots of benefits! Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, but it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are also believed to work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat burning

  • Brush your teeth after dinner
    Many people recommend brushing your teeth and/or flossing right after dinner. Then you won’t be as tempted to have a late-night snack. Give it a try, maybe it works!
  • Honey with Lemon Water

It is believed that drinking the honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach boosts metabolism which helps you lose weight. But this miracle drink does a lot more than speed up weight loss. It also helps you get a clear face and so much more! (this is recommended by me on a general basis because it works wonders!!)

  • Don’t “Diet”
    Diets are honestly good for short terms but not for long term. If anything, people who “diet” tend to gain more weight over time, and studies show that dieting is a consistent predictor of future weight gain. Instead of going on a diet, make it your goal to become a healthier, happier and fitter person. Focus on nourishing your body, instead of depriving it.
  • Viktor: Yurio! You can't skate until you finish your math!
  • Yuuri: It's important to eat breakfast before you go to school
  • Yurio: Stop telling me what to do you guys are not my parents!
  • Viktor: Yurio, you need to rest!
  • Yuuri: Here, have some katsudon and sleep for a while
  • Yurio: Stop telling me what to do you guys are not my parents!
  • Mila: Where are your parents?
  • Yurio: *points to the bench where Viktor & Yuuri are* There
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Wonder Woman was incredible and so so important. Eating breakfast? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Getting the mail? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. In an important meeting? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Showing women who value their own physical strength and power is so so important and will give girls a healthy way to view themselves and their bodies. Your thighs are big? Hell yeah, you can crush a man's skull, honey! And showing that you can be kind, loving, feminine, and a leader and fighter at the same time is so so important. The entire beginning in Themyscira was also so incredible and I want every frame of it tattooed on my face. Woman looking up to women? Yes, please! Women teaching other women? Yes, please! Women caring for and supporting other women? Hell yeah here I am! I am also in love with Diana

Really not sure how I feel about the outcome of this one - I tried as hardest as I could but it still feels quite unsatisfactory and I have rewrote this a few times too and this is the latest version. That aside, thank you for sending in your request and hope you enjoy! 

“Hi, Batman.” You greet your father when he walks in – the look on his face is impassive but the tenseness in his shoulders does not go unseen. You giggle when literally everyone in the living room turns to look at you and Bruce, wanting to see what’s going to happen next.

Bruce slowly pads over to his seat and takes a seat. He clears his throat and stares at you. “Good morning, Y/N.” He greets you instead and you giggle once more, kicking your feet in the air. You can’t wait to go out and run around the garden today. “What are you going to do today?” He asks.

You hum lightly before blinking a few times. There are a lot of things you want to do: you want to run around the garden and then you want to jump around and play chase with Titus and maybe you can try to play heroes today too. So you tell your father.

“Heroes?” Damian raises one of his eyebrows, crossing his arms as he leans back against the chair. “Tt. How is that any fun, Y/N?” He asks you – Damian is the only brother that actually talks to you like he knows you understand more than you let on but he never says anything so you simply just go about your own day.

You pout a little bit, crossing your arms and lean back just like Damian had done. “Well, I play heroes because I’m too young to go on patrols with the rest of you.” At this, you look at all of your family members – Bruce is still staring at you with that calculating look on his face, Jason has a rather smug, can’t be bothered expression anymore, Tim is looking at everywhere but you and Dick has his expression schooled rather nicely.

“Patrols?” Tim questions. “Ha-ha, Y/N, what are you talking about?” Tim rubs his wrist sheepishly, glancing at you. You giggle and shrug your shoulders again.

“I think I have never seen Batman and father in the same room together – or Nightwing – sometimes I see Dick practicing and then I go to YouTube and look up videos of Nightwing fighting and it’s the exact same moves too!” You list out – there are a lot of things you have noticed too with your brothers. They seem to always disappear at night and then the next morning more often than not, you see the carrying a new bruise around. Those were among the things you have noticed and judging by the looks of realization as well as humour (this mostly came from Jason); you knew your family realizes what you are on to. They probably also realize that you are smarter than you let on too.

Jason is the first one to break the silence that came after your implications and he laughs, laughs to the point where he has tears in his eyes and because Jason is laughing, you begin to giggle too. Damian shakes his head, wondering why he often subjects himself to this sort of torture but one look from his father, Damian simply sits quietly. It’s not as if all of them were being discreet enough for you not to notice.

“This is a nightmare.” Dick murmurs and threads his fingers through his hair. If anyone had been paying attention enough they probably would have known that Nightwing is him but Dick feels like he has been careful enough to let you know seeing as you are really young and seemingly innocent but now he knows. He knows that you are really smart and it eerily reminds him of how Tim had found out about Bruce being Batman and all.

“Enough of this.” Bruce’s words immediately silences Jason and you but even though you have your mouth covered by both of your hands, you are still giggling. “We shall discuss about this later – breakfast is important. Eat.” He orders stiffly and Bruce almost wished he could turn back the time so that he does not have to wake up to this day – it’s only morning and Bruce can already feel how exhausting it will be today.

죄라 (2)

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 6.8k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Summary: Reader wakes up to a day full of surprise; but no one ever said all surprises have to be good, right?

Author’s Note: I could only listen to defsoul’s mixtape while writing this, and it’s probably a mess of my own emotions, I’m sorry in advance and thank you for reading!

Chapter 1

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Note: PLEASE READ: I’m sorry if anything I say below is offensive or triggering! if anyone that reads this is going through it, I hope you get better and I think you’re absolutely beautiful! also, thank you for the request, darlin! .c

Request:  Bucky imagine where the reader is an Avenger as well but is anorexic and no one’s noticed except Bucky so he talks to her after a mission and makes her promise to get better? Thanksxx

Originally posted by gliceria

For a few years now, you’ve dealt with an eating disorder. Every time you would log into social media, turned on the television, or read a magazine, you were told how you should look and what you should eat. It became a habit for you to lose weight and if that meant denying yourself the pleasure of eating, you’d do it.

You were thankful nobody took notice of it, you’ve been great at hiding it from your fellow teammates. You’d try to beat everyone to breakfast and eat what little you wanted and skipped lunch and dinner, opting to stay in your room and chew on tiny things to keep yourself fed just a little bit.

It wasn’t until Tony made you eat breakfast with the team before an important mission that someone took notice.

You were cutting up your food meticulously as you busied yourself with conversation, not really eating what was on your plate. You giggled as you watched Wanda and Nat fight over the last piece of bacon, while Tony was going over the mission details. Your attention was brought to the dark haired man in front of you when you heard your name.

“Y/N, you can’t go astray like last time.” You nodded, bringing your fork to your mouth. Tony raised an eyebrow questioningly and you snorted at him. “Got it, Tony the tiger.” He smiled and continued to talk to the others, his eyes leaving yours. To him, you took that bite. But to you and the unknown stare from Bucky, you simply put the fork back down. 

Bucky watched you closely, his eyes fixated on the way your hands moved. The way you cut up your food and lightly spread it out, the way you would bring the fork to your mouth when people would look at you, but never once ate it. He’d watch you engage in the conversation, your mouth constantly moving, but never with the motion of eating.

You heard Sam talking about his wings, and how he needed Tony to repair them. “Again?” Tony set his cup of coffee down, shaking his head in disbelief. “You tell me that an hour before a mission?” He gapes at Sam and creases his eyebrows. You took that as your chance to excuse yourself. 

“Speaking of, I’m gonna go suit up.” You grabbed your plate and scooted out of your chair. The others continued talking, not paying you any attention. “But you’re not done eating.” Bucky stood with you and held onto your arm, he took notice in how smaller it felt in his hold. Your face threatened to turn red, hoping he hadn’t caught you. 

You shrugged and pulled out of his grasp. “I had enough.” You moved past Bucky with a small smile and dumped your contents in the garbage disposal. Bucky sighed as he took in your appearance, putting his empty plate in the dishwasher. “Are you feeling okay?” He questioned softly, his eyes on your more prominent cheekbones. 

A nervous laugh fell from your lips and you rubbed your arm. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked, tucking your hair behind your ear. Bucky stared at you for a little while, trying to figure out what could be going on with you. You shifted under his eyes and cleared your throat. 

“I should go get ready.” You slowly backed away before exiting the kitchen. Bucky sighed and decided not to pressure you into talking to him. He knew when someone was lying; he was too familiar with it. He was determined to figure it out, but he knew you both had to remain focused. 

The team was set and ready to go in the quinjet, everyone was listening to Steve go over the layout of the HYDRA base you all had to infiltrate. As the quinjet made a gentle turn, you felt a wave of dizziness overcome your senses. You held your head in your hands and closed your eyes, trying your best to get through it. A small whimper fell from your lips.

“Y/N?” Bucky whispered from beside you, his hand resting on your back. He felt your spine poking through your suit, something he was surprised to feel so closely. His eyebrows creased as he watched your dainty hands rub your temples. “I’m fine, Buck.” You sighed as you felt a tad better, the dizziness subsiding enough for you to ignore it.

Bucky pulled his hand away, not missing the feel of your ribs against his fingertips, and frowned. “If you need to sit out-” You huffed in annoyance. “Bucky, I’m fine.” You suddenly snapped. You could hear his intake of breath, shocked at how cold you had just been towards him. He sank in his seat, keeping his eyes on you like before. 

You looked smaller in size and he replayed your behavior earlier in his mind. It was all he could do, to worry. Steve wrapped up his usual Cap speech and Bucky made his way to Steve, his right hand scratching the back of his neck. “Steve, can I talk to you?” Bucky walked away from the group with Steve. 

“What’s on your mind?” Steve asks, looking at Bucky with concern. “I want to be paired with Y/N.” Bucky says, desperation laced in his tone. Steve wanted to question Bucky’s choice in wanting to switch partners, but the look on Bucky’s face told him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

With a small nod from Steve, Bucky returned to his spot beside you.

It took fifteen more minutes for the quinjet to land. The team paired up and turned on their comms, readying their weapons before heading down the landing strip. You watched Bucky follow beside you, your eyebrows creasing. 

“Shouldn’t you be up there with Steve?” You asked, looking ahead to see Steve walk beside Sam. Bucky shook his head, his hair framing his face. “No, I wanted to be your partner.” Before you could ask why, you had to move quickly and start shooting down any enemy you laid your eyes on after Steve told you and Bucky to hurry.

The others spread out after shooting down any guard in their path and you could see Bucky fighting off a guard near the end of the hallway. Aiming for the guards head, you shot him down. While you were shooting at one guard, another tackled you to the ground from behind you, causing you to grunt and wince at the stinging pain in your back as you landed, your gun sliding across the ground away from you.

You struggled beneath the guard, not being able to get a good move on him since he was a lot stronger than you. Your groans were drowned out by the loud gunshots in the hallway, your desperate cries lost in the sound.

The guard growled as he moved you onto your stomach, pushing your face into the hard, cold floor of the base. He grabbed a fist full of your hair, yanking your head up as he brought a knife to your neck. You could feel your back bend, pressed flush against his front.

The dizziness you felt before returned, hitting you twice as hard as before. Your hands grabbed behind you, trying to push the guard off, but your strength was almost gone. Your nails dug into the guards sides and he jerked you off the ground before holding you against him. 

Your heart was pounding in your chest as you cried as loud as you could for help, your breathing becoming rapid and heavy. Bucky turned around just in time for the guard to smile deviously at him. Your vision started to get blurry and the last thing you could hear was Bucky calling out for you as he shot the guard in the head. 

You slipped into unconsciousness as your body sank to the ground beside the dead guard. Bucky rushed over to you, dropping to his knees. His breath was ragged as he searched for any injuries, his hands gently moving around your body. “Y/N!” His voice cracked and he held back a sob, the sight of your lifeless body making his emotions run wild. 

He quickly picked you up and you felt light as feather in his arms. He could’ve sworn you felt different the last time he had to do this. “Steve, Y/N’s down! She’s knocked out but there aren’t any injuries.” Bucky ran out of the base, only caring about waking you up. He knew the team could take care of themselves. 

Bucky carried you to the quinjet and set you down on a small cot near the wall of the jet. He grabbed a bottle of water and a rag, before sitting on his knees beside you. Since there were no injuries, he knew he couldn’t fly you to the tower until everyone was safe and the mission was complete.

He poured water on the rag and placed it on your forehead. His fingers wouldn’t stay off of you, he tried to find any sort of injury, hoping he hadn’t skipped over any. He knew you weren’t bare under your suit, so he tugged the zipper down, revealing your sports bra in case you’d been hurt anywhere. 

Instead of a deep cut or a gunshot wound, he saw how small and frail you were. Your ribs were nearly jabbing out of your skin, your waist pulled taut around you. Your hipbones were also very visible. 

Bucky’s flesh hand hovered over your body, the mere thought of touching you scared him. You looked like skin and bones and a sharp breath escaped his mouth. He knew too well what was going on. His mind raced with every memory he had of you denying his offer of a snack, every half eaten apple, every meal you skipped out on. 

Tears fell from his eyes as he zipped your suit back up. Soon after, your eyes fluttered open and you groaned, moving your hand to your head. Your hand bumped into Bucky’s metal one and you met his red and watery eyes. “Bucky.” You groaned, moving to sit up.

Only then did you realize it wasn’t a good idea. Bucky gently laid you back down, his eyebrows creased with worry. “Y/N, is there something you want to tell me?” Bucky questioned, his eyes trailing down to your mid-section. You swallowed thickly and you just knew he found out by the way he looked at you. That pity and sympathetic look that you hated. 

“No, Buck.” You muttered as your lip trembled. Bucky scoffed sadly and shook his head. “No? You don’t eat and when you do, I know it’s not enough. Y/N, this-it’s not good.” Bucky said, his voice shaking as he spoke to you. Your eyes filled with tears and you stared up at the roof of the quinjet, avoiding Bucky’s eyes.

“Let me help you.” He pleaded, taking your small hand in his. You pulled the rag off of your head and with the help of Bucky, you moved into a sitting position. You sighed and looked down at your shoes. “All I’ve ever been told is, you can’t weigh this much, you can’t look like that, you can’t eat too much.” You took a deep breath and Bucky stayed silent, his eyes on your face.

You looked up at him and wiped at your cheeks when a few tears fell. “S’just become a way of living for me.” You whispered, not trusting your voice. Bucky nodded and lifted his hand to your cheek. “You’re so beautiful. And-and so strong. Y/N, can you promise me you’ll try to get better?” His eyes threatened to spill with more tears as you watched your face contort with emotions.

Bucky pulled you in for a hug, his whole body almost covering you from the size difference. You nodded into his shoulder and let out a sob. “I will.” You whimpered, holding Bucky closer. His hand rubbed against your back, a small smile forming on his face.

You sighed against Bucky, closing your eyes as you felt his arms hold you close. “Thank you, Bucky.” Your hands grasped at his suit material as you felt him slip out of your hold. “You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, you know that?” He asked, reaching out for your hands.

A small albeit genuine smile formed on your lips. Your hands were much smaller in comparison, but you couldn’t deny how they felt in his. You knew you needed to get better and there was no doubt that if you had Bucky by your side, you’d be able to overcome anything.

Note: again, I’m sorry if this offends anyone or if I said something wrong. I’m not too familiar with this, so I apologize! feedback is welcome! .c 

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THE ALL IMPORTANT BREAKFAST✨🌝🌷 when I was deep in my eating disorder, I would start my day with half a mandarin or a few bites of ‘diet yoghurt’ and expect that to fuel a whole day of school + 2-3 hours of intense training😳
These days, a proper nourishing breakfast is non-negotiable for me! Food isn’t the enemy. Food is energy and fuel to get through the day, allow our bodies to function, our brains to think, us to THRIVE🌟 we don’t expect our cars to run without petrol, so why would be expect that from our bodies?
Today I refuelled with a warning bowl of vanilla brown rice porridge, topped with grilled banana, chopped apple, frozen raspberries + hemp seeds. Nourish not punish🙏🏼

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Morality is sewn into the very core of Taurus and Sagittarius. Associated with the 2nd and 9th houses respectively, these signs have strong values and solid principles which guide or support them in their everyday decisions. Perimeters paved by experience steer their personal growth, and others ultimately don’t have much influence over this (despite their Venusian / Mutable nature). The presence of these signs and their related houses in our natal chart indicates the individual “code” we live by, and this structure can branch into something as inconsequential as what we choose to eat for breakfast or as important as the political philosophy we believe in & advocate. In the most basic terms, the 2nd house is “little morality” and the 9th house is “big morality,” but it can be a lot muddier than that; after all, our life philosophies spring forth from our lives.

While these themes are deeply interwoven, Taurus and Sagittarius are still quincunx signs – complete opposites, arguably each other’s antagonist in many cases. Taurus is steady and traditional, Sagittarius is fluid and experimental; the 2nd house is where we stand, the 9th house is what we see. This produces a conflict that is necessary for true intellectual progress, as well as balance. While Sagittarius seeks, Taurus collects treasures found along the way; while Taurus rests, Sagittarius dreams of a better place to lay their head. True life experience is not achieved by racing through it all, nor is it achieved by letting it all pass you by. Likewise, true belief –  based in power of the mind and soul, which matures and adapts but never falters or compromises its foundation – will be cultivated through a combination of these things, a balanced approach to existence that allows the individual to both expose & protect themselves, explore & reward themselves, expand & stabilize themselves. Without some level of a challenge, internal or external, humans suffer, if only in failure to reach their full potential. This is the lesson of the Taurus-Sagittarius quincunx, and whatever quincunx signs you have on your 2nd-9th house cusps; don’t ignore the challenges, embrace them, because they will elevate your human experience.

why you should eat breakfast

most of us have heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “eat breakfast it is good for you!”

| but why does it help us?, what health benefits will it give me?, will it actually make me more productive?|

well here is a list of the benefits…


- it sets you up for the day: having eaten breakfast you’re fueled and have plenty of energy.

- so yes, it will make you somewhat more productive as you have plenty of energy - this will help you concentrate on whatever your task is.

- and because you’re starting you day with an “empty battery” your body will take the energy that it would have gotten from breakfast and taken it from other energy source, this means that the stress hormones ( that have been now activated ) leave us feeling irritable and tired which is not a positive vibe for yourself or others.


- it gives your metabolism a boost, when your asleep your metabolism slows down so the only way to jump start it, is to have a good wholesome breakfast.

- prevents starvation & weight gain, as you haven’t eat throughout the night and your not eating in the morning, your body will go into starvation mode, storing calories and creating fat

so if you were wanting some breakfast inspiration, just go onto pinterest or tumblr and type in “ breakfast inspiration”, “healthy breakfasts” etc.

i hope you enjoyed reading and maybe learnt something new.

(top image is my property/photography, if you would like to use it please just tag me in your post, thanks!)


sometimes we can get super anxious before tests, or if you’re like me you get really super anxious to the max. here are some ways to alleviate your anxiety when it comes time for tests!

don’t cram in all your studying the night before

  • i promise you: if you do this you will cry (or at least i do)
  • whenever i do this my anxiety increases way more than it would if i didn’t do this! yes, definitely study but don’t leave all of your studying for the night before! if you do, you won’t remember everything that you studied and it probably won’t really help that much 

don’t stay up late

  • this one is pretty self explanatory but really truly don’t stay up late! you need your energy in order to do well on the exam and every time i’ve done this i got even more anxious the day of the test and it sucked…a lot.

dress for the test

  • be comfortable! whether you’re in sweats, joggers, a tshirt, a hoodie, whatever is most comfortable it’s really important that you aren’t uncomfortable. 
  • one time i took the practice ACT in a dress because i had an event going on right after school and let me tell you: it was an awful mistake. i couldn’t concentrate on what i was doing because i kept focusing on how cold i was, how tight the dress was and overall how awful i felt. please be comfortable, it’s like magic and will definitely release some of the tension inside of you.

eat a good breakfast

  • okay so i know everyone already knows this but really, please don’t skip breakfast! even if you’re in a rush, bring something for on the go! it’s so so so important to eat breakfast before a test or really before anything!! i promise you it will make a difference in how you feel. 
  • whenever i’m anxious the morning of a test i don’t feel up to eating anything but whenever i do it really does make a difference.

bring water

  • this is so important! bring water to drink during your test, slow sips of water help me with anxiety sometimes so i mean…at least give it a shot! and even if it doesn’t help with anxiety, bring water anyway! it’s always good to stay hydrated no matter what

don’t drink caffeine right before the test

  • oh my goodness please don’t do this unless you know caffeine doesn’t cause you to be anxious!
  • caffeine makes my anxiety so much worse! it definitely helps me stay awake but if you go to bed early anyway you shouldn’t really need it (that much anyway, i know i’m tired 24/7 but…still) 
  • literally i’ve made the mistake of drinking coffee before exams many times and it was so awful i was trembling and my heart was racing and i was sweating; it was not a good time! if you’re already prone to being anxious before tests this is an important one to follow.

that’s it! if you have anymore tips you can definitely add them to this post! also, a little bit of anxiety sometimes is normal but if your anxiety is interfering with your ability to function don’t be afraid to reach out to someone - a friend, a parent, a counselor, anyone who can help you out. i wish you all the best!

10 back to school tips

i hope this helps any nervous freshmen (whether that be high school or college bound), or even any returning students that are getting back-to-school jitters.

1. If you have to go, go. There’s no point holding it in any further, it’s just punishment! And if your teacher says you can’t and you really got to, say it’s either you peeing in the bathroom or peeing in the classroom!

2. Get going to class at 5-10 minutes in advance (that being said, this is all assuming the length from where you are to the classroom in question is manageable), because trust me from personal experience, getting in one more joke with your friends is not worth that tardy slip. 

3. Don’t hide personal problems from your teachers or your counsellor. If there is a reason why your homework assignment or essay paper isn’t up to par, tell them. Most teachers will be understanding. They might not raise your grade, but they will sympathise and cut you some slack. 

4. Don’t go to parties on school nights. Trust me, it is tempting. Especially when you cheat and look at your friend’s snapchat stories. But you’re going to regret it. Maybe you won’t, but your GPA certainly will.

5. If you don’t have a friend in a class, that is perfectly okay. Making new friends is the best part of a new school year, and if everyone in your class just sucks, you just need them to complete the partner work and then you never have to see them again! 

6. French kissing isn’t that good. Meaning, it isn’t worth jeopardising your entire future on the hunt for a future Mr. or Mrs What’s-Their-Face. Chances are, your soulmate is at your dream university, or working for your dream job. And you’re not gonna find them with that 2.0, sweetie.

7. Eat breakfast. This one is especially important. Breakfast, it’s a cliche, but it’s the most important meal of the day. You cannot function properly without it, especially if your first class is gym class (because I literally almost passed out). And you absolutely need those extra bites when you have a test coming up. There’s nothing worse than not being able to finish your mid-term properly because you thought that circle looked like a croissant. 

8. Don’t get caught up in drama. It’s nice, yes, but you’re not on the set of Gossip Girl. It will distract you from more important things in your life. And in five years, you won’t even remember who kissed who at the bonfire.

9. Taking care of yourself is first. That being said, pulling an all nighter to study for a test is something we are all guilty of, but know your boundaries. Partying excessively is bad, but once in a while go for a run or go for a short yoga session. Do something that makes you feel good. You are not going to survive without a small guilty pleasure like that. 

10. Peer pressure. Don’t conform to it. It doesn’t matter what classes your friends are taking. Take the ones that you want to do. If that is choir, band, forensics, spanish, chemistry, I don’t care, if you want to do it, take it. It’s your future. Yours. 


Pairing: Mark Sheppard x Reader
Words: 1026
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I request the reader an actress faints on set or at a con after working herself too hard? Thank you ❤️ 

           You loved being at cons more than pretty much anything. You loved getting to spend time with the fans, sharing stories, laughing, and taking pictures. The fans were like family to you and the rest of the cast, so these cons were the best.

           “Good morning, Beautiful,” Mark greeted you when you walked out of the bathroom after getting ready for the day.

           “Good morning, Handsome,” you smiled at him. He was already dressed and ready and lounging on the bed waiting for you, “You look comfy.”

           “I am,” he smirked.

           “Well, are you ready to get down there?” you asked.

           Mark nodded, standing up from the bed, “Are you exhausted from doing all this yesterday too?” he asked, putting his arms around you.

           “I’m tired, but I’m okay,” you said, “Just excited to do it all over again. The fans are seriously amazing.”

           “Do you want to grab something for breakfast before we go out and talk to everyone?” he asked.

           You shrugged, “I’m just gonna grab some coffee.”

           “You’re sure?”

           “I’m sure,” you nodded.

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  • oh look, young hoe got a request
  • lmao ok i’m sorry
  • our precious coffee prince <3<33<3<3
  • this concept really fits him btw, this is going to be really interesting to do
  • i have here my own coffee cup by my side as i write this,,, for inspiration
  • lmao okay shall we start???
  • okayyyy so!!
  • one of this baby boy’s biggest goals always has been to with have his own cafe someday
  • it all started when he got his first job in a small cafe
  • that’s what made him realize how comfortable he feels in that cozy and warm environment
  • until one day he was like
  • “you know what mom? i’ll have a cafe someday"
  • and john’s mom was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sure son 
  • and even if it was going to cost him years of hard work he was decided on this, he was going to make that dream of his come true sooner or later
  • he probably had to study and work everyday and luckily he’ll have an almost decent amount of sleep
  • but damn it all of that was worth it because when he finally got his cafe he was the happiest person in the world
  • he took advice from his family and friends and literally everyone to decorate the place in a cool way but still making it cozy and comfortable
  • and probably decorating the whole place was really fun for him
  • but, when he started to get clients he and all his family felt so proud of himself like aw :’) bby u did it
  • even if he had the cafe for quite some time now, he always treated his clientsin the same friendly way
  • whenever he talked with the clients he had the widest smile in his face and was really attentive and kind with all of them
  • his extra ass probably even remembers the face of the first costumer he ever had lmao
  • i feel like he would make small convos and jokes with everyone and he would never erase that smile from his face
  • anyways, the thing is that one day you were getting late to your classes, but you were hungry and bREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT!!!
  • okay you couldn’t just no eat ur breakfast so you literally entered to the first cafe you saw on the street
  • and oH wHat A cOINciDEnCe it’S waS jOHNny’s cAFe
  • and y’ALL MEET!!! WOOOOOOO
  • he attended you with those warm, shiny eyes and that calm and positive attitude of him
  • but you were too worried to even realize about the beauty you had in front of you, lmao
  • “hey, what’s up”
  • “hey”
  • “are you okay?”
  • and you were so ????? is the fact that my stress is breaking me apart THAt obvious ????
  • but you just said that you were fine and just take your order without waisting more time
  • and while other worker was preparing your order he created those small convos and in one moment he was like
  • “you’re a student, aren’t you?”
  • “yeah”
  • “i can tell, hey, everything’s gonna be great”
  • and you looked at him like ??????????????? what
  • you were so weirded out like i came here for a coffee and now this cute barista is comforting me????
  • but his eyes were so warm and you actually felt a bit better
  • you just thanked him while you were paying him and he just smiled at you and then went other part of the cafe
  • and when he came back he had your order with your order, you noticed that the cup had cute hearts and smiley faces all over it
  • and you could help but smile and even blush a little bECAUSE IT’S SO CUTE
  • and that’s when johnny started to be all heart eyes w you, your smile melted his heart and u were so adorable and it was love ya know
  • “have a good day today”
  • but anyways, the point is that both of you thought about each other a lot since that moment
  • and johnny knew that he was very smooth w you but what if you thought he was creepy or weird instead of cute ??? like what if he fucked up
  • and he couldn’t confirm anything until you came back in the weekend
  • and you weren’t sure either bc u heard lots of people talking about how nice the long haired guy of that new cafe was and what if u misuderstood everything???
  • but when he looked at you entering the small building his smile showed uo instantly and you easily notice his whole face iluminated
  • you felt more calm when u saw that but you still got a bit nervous about talking w him aND HE WAS JUST AS NERVOUS FOR SOME REASON??
  • “caramel macchiato?”
  • “oh, you remembered it!”
  • i don’t even know if y’all like caramel macchiato but iSN’T IT LIKE SUPER ADORABLE WHEN HE SAYS IT??? MY HEART MELTED
  • and he goes to his co-worked that was already working on your order and he’s like
  • “actually, make two of those, i may take a break”
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!! okay !!!!!!!!!!!!! sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • aw :’) this is so cute i’m dying
  • and y’all had a super little date of like 20 mins before he had to go to work again
  • he asked you about your classes and if you were feeling more relaxed now aND YOU WERE SO SOFT BECAUSE HE REMEMBERED
  • he talked a little about what he studies and about his little cafe and idk maybe about some of his plans for the future
  • then he had to go, but he was eyeing you the whole time, and smiling whenever you do anything
  • you could be reading or answering a phone call or smth and he would observe your expressions and smile the whole time
  • “it was nice talking to you, hopefully we’ll see together more often in the future”
  • “i hope the same thing!”
  • and you gave him your money and tiny piece of paper with your name a phone number
  • and after he notices he would look up just to have you smiling widely and winking a eye playfully at him, making his face turn bright pink
  • “we’re for sure going to see each other then”
  • this was so cute i’m :’) 

1. Take a hot shower if you’re feelings down. Stay there as long as you like.

2. If a boy breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

3. If a girl breaks your heart, it’s okay to cry.

4. There’s a song for every situation. Music is your best friend.

5. No, they’re not judging you. Don’t worry about them.

6. Whenever you think she’s pretty, tell her. Girls supporting girls.

7. Go for a walk if you’re feeling sad. Don’t stay in.

8. Never say no to seeing friends.

9. Experience life, try new things.

10. Always have a water bottle with you.

11. Buying that chocolate bar isn’t the end of the world. Do it.

12. Eat breakfast every day.

13. Sleep is important.

14. No, it can’t wait. Do it now and you’ll feel so much better.

15. Do your best, not doing well is fine.

16. Love yourself and love the world.

17. If they don’t make you happy, leave them. Your well being is more important.

18. Be selfish, be selfless.

19. Be the person you’d want to meet.

20. Find beauty in everything.

21. Take photos.

22. You’re beautiful without makeup.

23. You’re beautiful with makeup.

24. Don’t touch that pimple. Trust me, it’ll go away.

25. Cherish everything, it only happens once.

26. Don’t regret anything, move on.

27. Do your homework right after school, don’t procrastinate.

28. Drawing is good, go for it.

29. Wear what you want. Trust me, you look absolutely stunning.

30. Watch the sky.

—  things I always need to remember