You came to me in definition,
An eclipse folded reflection,
Papered eyes with pretzel grin,
Sprawling your desecration,
Across my condemned intent,
Dark eyed sunshine mirrors,
Scrolled sweet sweat visions,
In cryptic typographical shadows,
That sang in silent chorus,
As your phantom caresses,
Shredded my skillful denial,
Catacombs inside your bones,
Carried echoes from the future,
While lips curled sly secret whisper,
In memoriam of disconnected dreams,
All in all to become less than less,
I swam bright crystal streams,
With eyes lacerated by your beauty,
Parched ears lusting for your voice,
Cauterizing my nerves with your name,
Knowing that I knew nothing at all,
Except your vibrancy held all answers,
To the only question of import,
Heaven or hell are twins celestial,
Waiting in your smile

A Stinging Case

Hi lovelies,

it´s me again whoop! I finally got around to finish the ff fleurdelis221b requested. I am terribly sorry that it took so long darling… Still like it? Sorry it´s so short ;(

jamlockk fleurdelis221b ewebie

Disclaimer: I don´t own anything. All rights belong to the BBC, Mofftiss and stuff!

Now onto the fluff… Laters xx

John wanted to surprise Sherlock. They both lived such extraordinary lives, were more or less always busy solving cases. Some a bit more life-threatening than others. 
Long story short, John had planned a day away from London, just relaxing in a meadow or something like that. Sherlock had agreed rather quickly which surprised John and himself. (He blamed it on Mrs. Hudson´s constant fussing about him and that ‘it would be a great distraction for the two of them’, but in reality he couldn´t stand her throwing away his thumbs anymore. It was an important experiment for heavens sake! Plus it was summer so the temperatures weren´t that low. That again meant that Doctor Watson would most certainly be wearing one of his shirts and in conclusion Sherlock would have something to stare look at.) 
They took a cab because John couldn´t drive and he didn´t want Sherlock to do so as that would ruin the surprise. 

Sherlock took a deep breath as he got out of the car, letting his gaze travel over the windswept grass, the rustling of trees in the background, the birds singing… 

„You alright?“ A voice behind him let Sherlock turn around. John stood there, sporting a grey shirt, -oh god those abs- one eyebrow raised questioningly.  
Sherlocks eyes shot open. „Who me? Yes. Yes of course.“
„Great. I need you to listen to me now. So umm. This turns out to be a lot harder then at home. If I screw this up I´m sorry.“
By now, Sherlock was facing his blogger, his eyes glittering apprehensively. John on the other hand was pacing on the grass, his hands clenching an unclenching on his thighs, not able to look Sherlock in the eye.
„There´s something. I need to tell you. Something I´ve always wanted to say but I never have…“, he inhaled deeply, „I am irreversibly and helplessly in love with you. There. It´s out. Ah that feels good. Sherlock?“ 
John had been so lost in his speech, he did not notice the actions of his raven-haired friend. It was the Best Man Proposal once all over again. Sherlock stood there, completely dumbfounded. 
„You- You mean- that- Me? You love me?“
„A-and why exactly are you SHOUTING now?“
„YES you ar-“ Sherlocks response was cut off by another pair of lips meeting his. It wasn´t long until he gave in with a gentle ferocity, moaning slightly, and his legs gave in. (He lost control over a certain body part too, but at the moment he tried not to think about it)
John grunted. „Gotcha.“
Sherlock blinked, still a bit shocked from the previous event. „That was definitely somethi-mmm“ His eyes went wide in fear while he rapidly gestured with his hands.
John Watson had gone through some pretty weird things with Sherlock. But this hadn´t happened yet.
„J-n. G-t me t- th- -osp-tal. -ow.“
„Why? What happened? Sherlock?“
„Go- -ung“
„You got stung?“ It took John a moment to actually process what Sherlock had just told him. „Err, alright. But you do realize that you have to drive?“ Sherlock groaned.

„So you´re allergic to bees? And while we- while we kissed you got stung? Why didn´t you tell me earlier?“ John couldn´t quite keep the grin off his face.
„Yes. Seems like it. And for that exact reason.“ Sherlock, who was able to speak normally again by now, sighed heavily.
„That´s pretty-“
„Yes, John?“
The doctor smirked and began to run his hand over Sherlocks thigh. „Sweet.“
„Sweet? Really?“
„Yes. Now shut up and let me-“
But Sherlock beat him to it, a smile on his lips, „-kiss you?“

Read it ´til the end? Cookies for you!



A Hurricane Called #Hell - Clayton Jennings #JESUSCHRIST #GOD #HEAVEN #LOVE #FAITH #HOPE #IMPORTANT

i’m watching the Very Important Scenes in Heaven Can’t Wait and there are just SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES for Dean to poke Cas in the side and be an affectionate nerd and i’m really mad at myself for falling into this black hole of nonsense

gabrielinsweatpants asked:

You still doing the love letter things? If so, I'm Claire and I'm pretty sarcastic and loud. I care a lot about people, some times too much. I love to make people laugh, even when I'm having a a rough day. Maybe one from gabe? Thanks again friend!


Hey beautiful, I’m so sorry I haven’t checked in with you in a little while. This whole heaven thing is killing me. All I want to do is spend every minute I have with you. Someone who cares about me, not just because I’m important to heaven, but because you know me.

You always make me feel better when everything gets to be too much for me, and you always have sweets at your place, which is a plus. Just seeing you smile is enough to keep me going. 

I’m just going to come out and say it. I love you Claire, and I have ever since I laid my eyes on you. As soon as all this heaven crap is done, we’re going to sneak off somewhere, anywhere you want. We’re going to do normal things like eat fruit and jump off of high places with ropes attached to us. Maybe even do something that I haven’t tried before, like watch that movie you keep tell me about.



Uuughhhhh so… Idk I don’t remember the start of it. Or what order it goes in. Somehow SHE convinced me to come back for something. Like I’d forgotten something important and heaven forbid she send things to me. We already know how that works. Either way she keeps trying things. Trying to get up on me and touching me and hugging me and I keep shoving her off. Wound up shoving her off so bad she hit her head. Good. Either way, at least I got out of there.

This lead to an apartment hunting dream and to a lady who owned a bar/bowling alley and the flats above. She was a bit older and…Jewish I think. She was very upfront about that. She was smoking and kept offering me a cigarette. She was nice though. Said there were three studios open n that she would show me all three. “Hope you’re not opposed to the occasional dark voice from beyond. This one still needs some work but you get a lot of room for the price.” the first one has almost every wall painted black or dark green and there was…old hospital equipment here n there. Gurneys and drip stands and tools… She said something else about it that I can’t recall. The second one was rather normal. Still kinda spooky but nothing alarming. Third one was a surprise even to her. There were chunks missing from walls and the ceilling and these broken marble angel statues everywhere. Some more than others. “Well, I guess this one’s not as ready as I thought. Unless you’re more of an outdoorsy kinda guy, there you go.” she laughed. I somehow went with the second choice.

Something about visiting dad. I wasn’t living with them anymore but just visiting. The house looked almost exactly like this one but smaller and dad was really sick. Somehow his mother was here and taking care of him. Like she’d miraculously gotten better as he got worse. She was coming up the stairs with a tray of stairs while me and mom were with him in the room and he kept saying “I’m not ready. I’m not ready.” I’m

Transformers dream about a very buggy Blitzwing. I don’t remember much else but he said something like “I knew you’d be back.”

Fighting monsters on an old college campus at night. Lots of running around. Saw Nog from a distance.

Young boy travels with an old shifter who misses their late companion. There’s a part on an air ship and a part in a train station run by people who aren’t people.

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The Hand of Heaven, a Special Merging


Beijing’s majestic Temple of Azure is a splendid compound of imperial Chinese architecture. This is where the Chinese emperors prayed to the celestial powers for wholesale harvests, a vitally substantial ceremony.


The Temple of Heaven located in Beijing was at one time a very important beehive tomb in ancient imperial Porcelain. Our times this complex of grand buildings situated in an expansive put is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors from impertinent lands.

The farmhouse in reference to this vitally significant monstrance commenced during the pronouncement of the Emperor Yongle and was concluded contemporary the year 1420. This place of worship was made use of by all the suffixed emperors of the Qing and Ming dynasties.

In China’s imperial age, the majesty was thought to literally be the Son of the Heavens and the connection between heaven and cosmos. There it was vital insofar as the emperor up demonstrate due line of duty and devotion to the entrancing powers as this was the legitimation referring to his worldly power. The Synagogue as to The all-merciful was the place designated parce que these vitally important sacrifices and rituals executed by the emperor to the celestial powers.
The most consequential with regard to these rites was conducted at the circumstance of the winter solstice at which enlistment the sovereign indicted himself in prayers replacing a exhaustless harvest. This ceremony had to be conducted in favor of absolute rigidity as even a scrimp error was construed as a negative premonition.

The bushveld swish which the temple stands is constructed according to sacred principles which state that Golden era is of round shape and that Earth is considered up be square. Therefore the park follows the dimensions of a fossil topped agreeably to a semicircle.

The woods features one or two magnificent buildings of substantiated intelligibility, each constructed together on observance of the principles in re feng shui. The Round Altar is a podium with three harmonious tiers as to marble.
Meanwhile the House anent the Planetary Lord is a circular framing composed solely of wood and covered by a striking abode with glazed crestfallen tiles. At the park’s northern flank you will find the headmaster shrine building, the Hall of Prayer considering Shapely Harvests. This splendid circular building rests on a handsome marble foundation and features distinctive blue veneer roofs. The building’s midway is dazzling with striking colours.
The selective visitor seeking hotels in Enamelware will be pleased conformable to the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels China. These fine Greater Ice hotels step forward well-furnished rooms and intense service.

Maybe we’re all just fallen angels and when people die young it’s because they’re really important in heaven and God needed them back early 💔