Heaven Appreciation

Troye Sivan. Betty Who. Heaven. 2017.
This video has so much importance for so many reasons and it honestly brought me to tears. Here is an artist using his voice and influence to educate generations about the LGBTQ community in every single one of his videos. The Heaven video is a highlight because it involves the history of this community and the amount of effort that went into gaining the liberties we have today. Troye is bringing the recognition to the people that have faced so much ignorance and hate for who they are, have faced oppression and used it to change minds and change attitudes.
Without these people in history to shape the way the LGBTQ community is perceived, videos like Heaven and the whole Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy would never have been created. They have fought for self expression and in their wake they have left freedom for our generations to create, act and express ourselves anyway we want.
This video is so much more than just a music video, so much more than the music video where he confirms his relationship with Jacob.
Thank you Troye for being such an amazing role model, thank you for teaching people to be themselves and have no shame and thanks for showcasing the people that have fought for so long for the freedoms we have today. Thank you for Heaven and thank you for the masterpiece that is the video.



Today times has stopped in football. This is the day when I realised that football is not all about hating your rivals, winning games and throphies, but football means people. Peope who are heroes for others, but they are also weak and breakable. Football means all the players, stuff and fans, who are right now all united to support all of the families and friends, who suffer the most.

Today is the day who every one of us is a Chapecoense fan and pray for all the people who are still fighting for their lifes and also for every person who died in this tragedy, because they will play the most important game in heaven. 

Supernatural 11x18 | Hell’s Angel

how did I not notice this until now

Important advice from Haruka Tenoh

“Honestly, when I think about it, I never wondered what ordinary happiness was like. But since I don’t think I’m out of the ordinary, it must be whatever I feel day-to-day. I am who I am and I’m just fine with that. I’m happy to be me. 💕

I fell in love with racing years ago and knew it had to be apart of my life. I never questioned it. And in the pursuit of that passion, I found something much deeper than happiness. Does that make sense?”

-Haruka Tenoh (voiced by Erica Mendez) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S dub ep. 100

does heaven have memes? like angel memes? you know how if humans break something they say “thanks Obama” do angels go “uggh thanks god” or something? and theirs gotta be some shitty dad jokes right? is there like one angel that just known for being a klutz so every time someone falls over someone goes “(klutz’s name) what the fuck??” or do they like steal our memes? im like 95% sure every time westboro baptist church (or any church really) says/does something stupid someones like “get the popcorn this is gonna be fuckin hilarious!” do angels know about supernatural?  these are important questions people 

does     heaven     have       memes?

or are memes the reason people go to hell??

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The fool, Crazy Diamond, Heaven's door, and Stray cat

Crazy Diamond: My friends and family, easily. There’s nothing in the world more important to me.

Heaven’s Door: A secret, hmmm…. Ah, here’s a good one, one for which I’ll reveal context if asked: I have played soccer with Mike Myers.

Stray Cat: I like cats and dogs equally! They’re both lovely animals.

The Fool:

So a lizard comes up to a tree with a koala in it, and he yells ‘Oi koala, whaddya doin’?’ The koala says back 'Smokin’ a blunt, mate. Want one?’ So the lizard climbs the tree and smokes a couple of blunts with the koala; later on, he starts to feel really thirsty, so he goes down to the creek and drinks. So engrossed in his drinking is he that he loses his balance and falls in; however, a huge, kindly crocodile saves him. 'Now then mate, how’d all that happen?’ Asks the croc. The lizard relates his tale to the crocodile, who goes to see the blunt-smoking koala for himself. He sidles up to the tree and yells 'OI, KOALA!’ The koala, still smoking a blunt, looks down and says 'Faaaaaaaaar out, mate… How much did you drink?’

On this dimensional rift theory:

Hey everyone! So I know there’s some speculation about some energetic shifts/a dimensional rift going around tumblr. I haven’t personally discerned that anything is happening, but I want to speak up on a couple things just to make sure that this doesn’t become toxic for anyone’s mental or physical health. 

  1. Be careful to associate any shifts in mood to a spiritual theory. Just as a general practice, this is important. Although energy can certainly affect moods, if a simple cleansing doesn’t do the trick, then make sure to look into other reasons besides just spiritual causes. Even with a cleansing, be sure to examine external and internal factors in your life and mentality to make sure there’s nothing concerning about a major and prolonged negative shift in your mood. 
  2. Don’t directly associate physical health concerns with spiritual changes. Yes, the body, mind, and spirit are all connected and I’m a firm believer that your energy can affect your physical health and that working with energy work can also heal your physical body. Yet, this doesn’t mean that most or all physical ills are caused from spiritual things. Be sure to talk to a primary health care practitioner about any physical ills you are having. 
  3. Stay calm. Energy is constantly moving around us and, as humans, we’re not the beings who need to worry about the health of the universe’s energy in the big picture. There are spirits for that, as well as the Source as a whole, who will protect all of our safety and health. Panic itself can harm your mental health and even physical health, so be sure to do some self-care, check in on your own energy and mentality, and trust the Source. Everything will be totally fine. :)
  4. Discernment is still okay (and encouraged). Discernment is an extremely healthy spiritual practice and should always be employed, especially when mental and physical health may have spiritual roots. You really want to look into the causes of such health concerns. Perhaps stay away from trying to channel spirits, if that’s a concern of yours right now, but be sure to do all of the self-reflection that comes with discernment. Also, be sure to discern everything you read. Just because some people think something might be going on spiritually doesn’t mean that they are right (it also doesn’t mean that they are wrong), so make sure to come to your own theory about the energy around you specifically. 
  5. Shield and banish negative presences. A lot of people are describing negative feelings and entities around and most of this is probably caused from the panic about this showing them that they have an opportunity to pop up and try to cause a bit of chaos. Simply doing this and this will help you. 
  6. Keep in mind that relapses (eating disorders, addiction, etc), mental health crises, and similar things are not solely caused from an energetic change. For mental health crisis, make sure to get the appropriate care you need. Even a slight panic or concern can cause this and it doesn’t necessarily have spiritual roots. Even if it does, make sure to treat the mental health before the spiritual. Regarding relapses, it can be dangerous to deny any accountability and say that it is simply a result of a dimensional change. The accountability that comes with recognizing a relapse is often what allows the addict to once again want to overcome the addiction; it can be dangerous to have an excuse that allows the addict to deny accountability for the relapse. 
  7. Trust the happenings in your life, don’t change your perspective solely because of this theory. If good things have happened to you, this doesn’t mean they are false, untrustworthy, or wrong because of this theory about a rift going on. Likewise, if negative things happen, it may be a product of life, not of an energetic change. 

I’m hoping that no toxic group-panic mentalities form from this! It can be really dangerous for mental, physical, and spiritual health for such, so let’s all just reflect on this and make sure we take care of ourselves and leave any spiritual concerns to beings working primarily in the spiritual planes. As always, my inbox is open if anyone has questions or concerns. :)