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do you know of any good stimmy audio apps??

Okay so I’ve broken it down to a Few catergories, that way you can do a little research yourself if you’d like!! This is limited to apps that I have used myself.

  • Rhythm games:
    • Rhythm games are games so they do require a bit of skill. They aren’t very good for soothing stimming unless you’re pretty good at them? Which I’m not >:P
    • Sometimes a sound effect plays when you make a mistake, which can be an alarming disruption from the music
    • Usually take up a fair amount of space on the device, so be wary about not having enough storage space!!
    • Both games listed here are free! (with in-app purchases)
      • Soundtrack Attack:
        • Steven Universe themed! could be a pro or a con for you
        • techno-y lyricless music mostly, there are a few remixes of songs from the show
        • possible cons:
          • this one has a mistake noise that sounds like a record being scratched
          • moving background, your character runs through the level and the screen follows them
      • Love Live!
        • been a long time since I’ve played this one, so I don’t remember the game mechanics very well and I don’t think I can give warnings!! I feel like there would be some things I would want to warn you about
        • possible cons: you have to play through story mode to be able to unlock new levels, >:-(
  • White Noise apps
    • It’s been so long ago since I’ve used one that I don’t remember any of the names, I just know that there are lots of them out there. There should be some pretty good free ones that come up if you just type “white noise” in the search bar
    • pros: 
      • after you’ve chosen a sound in the app to play, it will play continuously without you touching your phone
      • good for focusing and calming!!
  • Musical Instrument apps
    • Most commonly you’ll see piano or keyboard apps, they might make others but I’m not sure??
    • pros: allows for some creative expression!!
    • I know of a game called something like “Don’t Tap the White Tiles,” it’s actually like a very simple rhythm game!! But it only plays a couple of piano songs, usually common ones, like, Ode to Joy or something? and it goes on indefinitely!! (Wait, maybe that’s just a certain mode of gameplay…?)
  • “Ethereal Dialpad”
    • this app doesn’t have a category that it fits in
    • I’m not sure what purpose it was created for but it’s Good
    • also functions as a visual stim
    • Free, with other settings/modes available for purchase?
    • there are a few different settings/modes for you to choose from in the free version!
    • You just touch the screen however you want, and when you touch it it will make noise! But there’s also some visual effects that respond to your touch.
    • Try tapping or sliding your finger around


rhythm  heaven is a really good stimmy game! I highly recommend it!! - Moss

misterfantastic99  asked:

So my main character has the forces of heaven and hell after him after a ritual made him have the powers of the divine and the demonic. His only allies are a fallen angel and a mostly good demon. Can you help me with why heaven and hell would hunt him and what could be an overarching antagonist that isn't sided with heaven or hell

So as for what the human could’ve done:
-The human could’ve killed one of the most important angels in heaven and demons in hell, who consequently had been having a meeting with eachother
-The human could’ve done something (enacted a curse, performed a forbidden spell, finished a prophecy,etc.) that caused chaos in heaven and hell, whether it was accidental or in purpose
-The human did something (see parenthesis above) that made them the most powerful being in the universe, so the angels and demons want to kill them to minimize the threat or use them for their power
-The human was predicted to be the person who destroyed heaven and hell, so the demons and angels are going to kill him or her before that’s possible
-Having both demonic and angelic powers is considered an abomination, so the angels and demons want to eradicate it.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by ideas for an overarching protagonist. Could you explain abit more?