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My grandpa thinks that dogs don’t care if you’re happy or sad, they only want your attention. He thinks that cats are selfish creatures, who the moment you stop feeding them, will leave you. Goats are stock animals who could care less for you, and birds are noise makers for show. Etc.

Well, you know what?

Our Rottweiler’s killed my cat Ash in front of me. Sweetie, our Great Pyrenees, layed down and let me cry onto her for three hours straight.

We had to go on a trip for two weeks, all the dogs were dropped at a doggy daycare but the cats had to stay. “We’ll buy you a new cat when we get back” he said. We came home and Fruitloop had sat on the front porch the entire time, waiting for us to come home.

My goat, Caramel, would sit and listen to me sing. If I was sad, and had hitches in my voice, he would nuzzle me and smile.

Our bird Romeo, he sings and dances. He makes my grandma happy. If she laughs, he will do something funny again just for her.

Animals care.

Animals have feelings.

Animals love you.

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Tall Drink Of Water

4,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader introduces Jared to her best friends at a Fall carnival.

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,306

Halloween Request: @wanderlustindreams

“I really want a caramel apple. Then again I could go for a fried dough.” You ramble on to your boyfriend. “I should probably eat real food first. A hot dog counts as a meal. Right?”

“Y-yeah. Sure.” Jared stumbles out barely acknowledging you, more engrossed in the bumper stickers on the car in front of you.

“We should probably do some of the rides first, it wouldn’t be wise to do them after eating tons of junk.” You think out loud, watching the distracted man next to you nod his head.

“My god. I sound like a sixty year old woman.” With a huff, you dig into your handbag then pull out your favorite lip gloss to reapply it.

“Nah. I’d say fifty.” Jared plasters on a strained smile, then starts adjusting his leather jacket like it’s suddenly too constricting for him.

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Having fun ?

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 295
warning : smut 
summary : Kai is on the phone and Reader is suuupppeeer horny , but he wont pay attention to her and she decides to take matters in her hands.
* gif by christophwood
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An afternoon at home. It was what Y/N and Kai loved most - just the two of them and no one around to interrupt them or butt in. They sat on the couch , his arm around her shoulders while the low noise from the TV disturbed the silence. Kai could feel her heart beat racing when he brushed his palm against her cheek making her turn around towards him. Their lips met in a deep kiss and just as he was about to back her against the couch , his phone rang. Kai closed his eyes and sighed , reaching for the phone on the coffee table. Y/N couldn’t see the caller ID but whoever it was , Kai decided he had to take the call.
“Hello ?”
Y/N got off him , sitting on the other end of the couch , not taking her eyes off him. Getting interrupted was the last thing she wanted in that moment. Ever since she had woken up that morning her skin had felt on fire and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had everything to do with Kai. They had been together for almost a whole year now but every single day with him felt like the first , every touch , every kiss felt as if it was happening for the first time. It was enough for him just to look at her , brush his fingertips lightly against her skin and she’d melt completely. Y/N got up , running her fingers through her hair and went to get a snack from the kitchen feeling Kai’s gaze following her.
That call seemed to be taking forever because when she walked back to the living room he was still talking with whoever it was on the other end of the line. Y/N tossed herself on the couch , resting one of her legs on Kai’s lap and sitting on her other leg. Every time she tried to get his attention things didn’t work out in her favour. No matter what she tried , he just shut her down.
Y/N felt on fire just starring at him , watching his lips move and listening to his sexy voice. Not to mention his eyes - they drove her completely crazy. Kai was looking hotter than ever , wearing a black t-shirt and boxers , his hair was a bit longer and he had a slight beard which she loved so much to play with. Her panties were pooling and the longer he ignored her the worse things seemed to get. Kai brushed his fingertips innocently across her leg sending shivers all over her body and pushed it off his lap.
“Yeah , no , of course not -”
“Kai ?”
Kai motioned with his finger for her to wait a moment and continued talking to whoever it was on the other end of the line. A groan of frustration left her lips and she moved closer to him , placing her hand on his chest not taking her eyes off him. Slowly she moved her hand down towards his hip and leaned in placing a soft kiss on his cheek , leaving another and another on her way to his neck pulling herself closer to him.
‘I am so wet because of you.’ she whispered in his ear , swinging her leg over him and sitting on his lap. Y/N straddled him slowly tryng to find any relief for the pressure , looking him in the eyes while biting her lip. Kai glanced at her and pushed her away without saying a word. She tried hard not to groan in frustration again and sat on his thigh not willing to give up just yet. Whoever it was on the other end of the line could probably wait a few minutes , a half hour or longer.
Get off the phone , please.’ she mouthed but he only shook his head slightly.
It was hot as hell outside and she was barely wearing a t-shirt which made it so much easier for her to get what she wanted. If Kai wasn’t planing on hanging up any time soon , then she’d have to take care of it herself and since he didn’t like it when she had fun by herself there was only one other option left. He looked at her with curious eyes as her fingers brushed through his soft hair gripping on it lightly.
So hot. How can you be so hot?’ she mouthed trailing her finger on his jawline and down his chest all the way down to the slight bulge in his boxers.
Kai slapped her hand away but Y/N didn’t give up. She straddled his thigh slowly at first , looking innocently at Kai seeing his eyes darkening and starting to burn with fire. He gave her a warning look which she completely ignored , finding a way to snake her hands under his shirt and up his bare chest. A low growl came from deep inside his throat and he pushed both her hands away. Y/N pouted and continued swaying her hips on his thigh a little faster.
You can have me any way you want-’ she mouthed.
Kai’s eyes widened a little and she could swear his smirk was hiding at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were darkening with lust more and more as she picked up the pace.
“What ?” she wondered out loud.
Her hands squeezed her breasts and she held her lip between her teeth. Soft moans tumbled off her lips and she started moving her hips a even faster , picking up the pace more and more each movement. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she could see the slight bulge in Kai’s boxers become more visible. Y/N tried to suppress a smile - perhaps she would get what she wanted after all. There was no way he’d let her walk away after this.
‘Fuck me Ma -’ she whispered.
Kai glanced at her and pressed his hand over her mouth until Y/N pushed it away. Her eyes pleaded with him but he only pushed her hands away again. He was trying hard to focus on what Damon was saying in his attempt to convince Kai to help him with something but it was getting harder and harder for him to think clearly. His girl just didn’t give up and it appeared the more he pushed her away the more determined she got. Kai could feel his boxers tighten around him and it was more than clear how eager Y/N was. Her teasing was driving him completely mad , making his skin feel like it was on fire. He was pretty sure Damon could hear everything from the other end of the line if he listened carefully. Y/N looked at him with innocent eyes and grabbed his free hand placing it on her breasts.
‘Hang up -’ she mouthed.“- please.”
Kai shook his head , mouthing ‘No.’
A smile spread across her face. For someone who kept saying no and pushing her away , Kai surely seemed to enjoy a lot what she was doing. His hand massaged her breasts through her (well , his) shirt while her hand massaged his member through his boxers. Her boyfriend closed his eyes for a moment and pushed her hand away. Y/N knew he was this close to getting him to hang up , she only had to take it up a notch. She pushed aside her panties letting her clit touch his bare skin and started moving faster , her moans getting a little louder the closer to her release she got. His thigh was starting to get wet and to add more to it she reached her hand down to her core rubbing her clit.
Kai’s eyes widened a little , drifting between her parted lips and what she was doing with her fingers and he forgot completely what the call was about. He cleared his throat , trying to return his attention to the phone call but it was too late. Y/N had his complete attention. His girl was starting to move ever faster on his thigh , her moans getting louder each time and Kai pressed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while he finishes his phone call.
“Yeah.” he said not taking his eyes off Y/N , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed as she was getting closer to her release. “I’ll call you later. There is something that requires my immidiate attention. No. I don’t care you are under a time crunch.”
Kai ended his phone call and left his phone near the reading lamp. He watched her continuing to ride his thigh faster now. Y/N looked so hot in that moment he felt his boxers tighten around him even more , watching her run her fingers through her hair before placing her hands on his shoulders for support. She threw her head back a bit feeling her walls tighten more and more as she neared her release. A louder moan came from her lips as her fingers found their way in his hair gripping on it lightly as her orgasm tore through her body. It didn’t even seem like she had noticed he had hung up until his voice returned her to reality.
“Having fun?” asked Kai with a devilish smirk on his face. Y/N met his eyes and hummed in response. He furrowed his brows. “Without me ?”
Trick question. she thought , biting the inside of her cheek.
Kai’s eyes were flashing with a warning. Technically she hadn’t broken his rule , she was riding him but - part of her doubted that would count. Whatever he had planned to get back at her made her horny all over again.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Kai laughed under his breath for a moment , contemplating what was to come. Y/N had droven him mad and now it was his time. He couldn’t decide what to do first.
“You are such a naughty girl.” he said in a low seductive voice , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. “Were you really that horny you couldn’t wait 5 more minutes?”
Y/N placed her hand on the bulge in his boxers massaging it slightly for a moment before sliding her hands up his chest and towards the back of his head. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips the entire time.
“I’ve been waiting exactly -” she glanced at the clock for a second “- 43 minutes and 19 seconds for you to stop talking and even look at me. Was that phone call really more important than doing me me ?”
“Nothing is more important than doing you , sweetheart.” he smiled.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers , more hungry and demanding than ever. His hands moved up her back , pulling her towards him while her hips moved faster against him. His fingers tangled in her hair , both of them moaning into the kiss when he grabbed a fist full of her hair pulling her head back an away from him.
“You want me to pay attention to you baby ?”
“Yes.” she answered , knowing fully well he knows the answer already.
Kai smirked devilishly at her and the next second she was pinned to the couch with her wrists held over her head. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. He brushed his fingers against her cheek , lightly touching her lips with his fingertips.
“Well – you got my undivided attention now.”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers again , demanding and hungrier than ever kissing her as if he was trying to swallow her whole, his crotch pushing against hers the entire time. Y/N struggled to free her wrists with no luck , wishing she could pull him even closer to her even though there was nowhere to go. His hand slid up her shirt massaging her breasts for a second before his fingers gripped on her shirt - his shirt - tearing it off her in a split second , tossing it somewhere on the floor. Kai left wet sloppy kisses on his way down to her core , his eyes never leaving hers. He pulled the front of her panties up so hard the fabric dug into her core cutting through it making her moan out a little louder.
“You were so distracting – teasing me like that with your wondering hands. You just can’t keep them off me , can you ? ” cooed Kai , brushing his nose against her sensitive clit making her moan out softly.

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the signs

aries: they are SO quick and funny, you want to be around them all the time. also get attached easily, when they like you they will check up on you 24/7. major flirts, and they’re good at it. the loudest laughs but the sweetest lovers. pretend they don’t care about the future and are smarter than they let on.

taurus: usually materialistic and family-oriented, taurus is the biggest worrier. really wise with words and are natural with almost all people. they get jealous super easily and will let you know about it. 

gemini: quirky & fun. they are the best at making friends and are proud of what they’re into. social, but not a flirt and is good at hiding feelings of those they dislike. generally chilled people, intellectual and spiritual thinkers. 

cancer: sweeetest hearts, they care about everyone and everything. they like time by their selves often and aren’t very vocal but get irritated when no one is paying them attention. good with words and think outside the box. natural teachers and nurses.

leo: generally creative and has lots of interests. usually can’t make up their mind and either won’t shut up about what they love or refuse to talk about it. loyal and hard-working with things they care about. moody but it makes them attractive. they smell terrific. 

virgo: cares about the world - they will speak up about things they think matter. however they are shy and stick with only a few of what they define as real friends. grounded & precise, virgo can be skeptical but sweet. major organised.

libra: the flirts, they are super social and super fun. intelligent but very lazy, they have potential but often fall down because they’d rather watch a film or browse the internet. they make you feel at home. flexible & forgiving.

scorpio: suuuuuper dramatic but genuine people, are always honest. enjoy all aspects of life - the academic and the artistic. they complain a lot but are sensitive and give the right advice.

sagittarius: the explorers, just want to spend their lives going places. positive and peaceful - they are clingy but optimistic. they like being in big groups but aren’t natural leaders. super awkward but witty.

capricorn: they are always right, no joke. hates being left out and wants to be at the top. they are sarcastic but naturally good sense of humour, they do work hard but only at what they love - everything else is irrelevant. 

aquarius: literally has 47387438 different friend groups and is still so mysterious. the one you wish you knew everything about. they’re sooo chilled and a little rebellious. they’ll let people walk all over them and forgive them because there’s more important things.

pisces: complete sweethearts. protective and giving, they are lovely but don’t say how they feel. they keep everything in. they focus on their goals and ambitions whilst always thinking about someone they want. gifted & trustworthy.

badboy!Calum is confused about his feelings for goodgirl!Reader

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Calum Hood didn’t fall in love. He just didn’t. Of course, I mean, he likes to fuck around with girls but he never, and would never love them. It was something he made sure of because somewhere in his mind he had this fixed mindset that he didn’t need it and didn’t want something like that.

That’s why when he saw you his heart raced a little faster and he didn’t understand. He would walk up next to you and talk to you even though his reputation as a bad boy didn’t fit with talking to one of the smartest girl in school. He didn’t understand why he blushed when you laughed at his stupid jokes or why you even offered your notes to him when he needed them.

He also didn’t understand why he was so protective of you either.

“Y/n. Damn dude, I’d smash.” Ashton looked towards where you were standing, holding a megaphone and cheering on the ASB event that was currently going on. From where they were sitting on the empty tables, Calum looked up and noticed you, smiling and laughing at the pies that were being thrown at teachers for a fundraiser.

“Definitely, man.” Luke smirks, “but she’s way too goodie goodie for me.”

“Don’t talk about her like that.” Calum mumbles, looking down and picking at his shoes irritably.

“Oh, sorry I forgot, mate. You’re in love with her.” Ash teases, rubbing Cal’s hair tauntingly. Cal signs, shaking his head.

“I’m not in love with her. She’s just- Just don’t talk to her about that.” He mumbles.

“Like what, Cal? How good she’d look under me?” Luke smirks, knowing he was riling Calum up.

“Or how sexy she’d be screaming out my name?” Michael laughs.

“Say something like that again and I’ll break your nose.” Calum growls, turning and glaring at the boy with the colored hair.

The boys all snicker slightly as Cal rolls his eyes.

“Shut up.” He mumbles.

“Mate if you like her just go ask her out.” Michael says shoving him towards the courtyard.

“Hell no. You guys know my rule.” Calum says but his mind urged him to follow his friends advice.

“The rule was you weren’t gonna fall in love. After these couple weeks, mate, I think you’re in love.” Luke points out and Calum glances at them before looking down and sighing.

He really didn’t know. His mind conflicted ideas of dating and a relationship when a thought came across his mind. Did she even like him the way he liked her?

These very thoughts were the main reason Calum didn’t fall in love. He’d much rather go back to not worrying about stupid little things and his feelings, but yet, he couldn’t help himself thinking about her 24/7.

How did a tough bad boy come to this? He needed to get her out of his head.

He tried to avoid her, he really did. But when she always seemed to make time to come and say hello, it became hard.

He ignored her like they’d never met and she eventually stopped coming up to him. He told himself he didn’t care, hoping that he’d follow his own advice.

For the next couple weeks, he’d succeeded. She was probably the last thing on his mind and she ignored him, but all of that changed on the Monday of the fourth week.

“Dude, I got fuckin’ wasted, man.” Michael laughs, leaning on his locker for support and fixing his sunglasses, “I woke up in some chick’s room and had the worst hangover yet.”

Calum, who also had sunglasses on, blinked a few times before looking back at him.

“What?” He asked and the boys erupted in a fit of laughter.

“No one got as wasted as you, mate.” Ash exclaims, “I think you’re still woozy.”

Calum wasn’t his best no, but that wasn’t the reason he didn’t hear anything Michael said. Down the hall, Y/n was talking to Dylan, a star football player and someone Calum personally did not like.

He was cocky, treated girls like trash and overall not a great football player. Well, compared to Calum.

He tried hard to listen in on their conversation.

“…and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me.” Dylan speaks, smirking.

“Uh, “ Y/n starts, pushing books into her locker and grabbing things out, “I don’t know, it’s a school night and there’s a quiz in History tomorrow.” She replies and Calum chuckles. Of course, Y/n would say something like that.

“The quiz is easy, you’ll pass it.” Dylan coaxes, “But tonight is an important night, sweetheart.” Calum became irritated when he called her that, “The football team is celebrating and I want you there.”

“I guess,” She thinks aloud and Calum finally turns, ignoring what his friends were saying and makes his way down the hall, coming in between them.

“Sorry mate, but she can’t come with you.” Calum growls, standing front of him. He was very intimidating, but with the dark glasses he looked even more intimidating.

Apparently, Calum Hood obviously telling him to get lost wasn’t enough to scare the jock.

“I believe it’s her decision, Hood.” He replies. Calum chuckles lightly before slamming him into the wall of lockers.

He didn’t know why he cared so much now, but something raged inside him as an asshole tried to steal his girl. His girl? Honestly, he didn’t even care at this moment.

“You must be pretty damn tough to say something like that to me. I haven’t been myself lately, but that doesn’t mean I lose respect, got it?” Calum growls, muttering things Y/n only heard rumors about.

“Calum, get off. Stop!” Y/n says, pushing in between them. He lets go of the boy pinned to the lockers eventually, but when he sees the scared look on Y/n’s face he realized this was a part of him she hadn’t seen yet, and wasn’t thinking about how she would take it.

He turns hesitantly, finding his way out of the hallway.


“I’m gonna go for the drinks.” Ash tells Calum, pushing his way through the drunken crowd.

He looked around. He was here to clear his head. He needed to have fun and let loose, and maybe not think about the look on her face for once today.

He saw no sight of Y/n, which he thought as good.

Ashton handed him the drink and he downed it.

“I know you’re thinking about her.” Ash says, “And honestly, you’re idiotic to be losing a girl like that. But if you really want to get her off your mind, then Alicia told me trying to get with you tonight. Easy.”

“I’ll think about it.” Calum tells him and he disappears through the crowd. He looks towards Alicia and her friends and checks her out, his mind already drifting from Y/n.

Suddenly, the crowd’s voice lowered and whispers erupted around him. He turns to find what was going on when he saw her standing in the doorway, a hand wrapped around her waist.

People stared at him, wondering if the guy around her wasn’t going to be at school tomorrow, but he sighed, looking at her one last time, before turning and making his way to where Alicia was.

When Y/n saw him, she immediately made her way towards him.

“What the hell was that this morning?” She shoved him, when he ignored her.

“Nothing,Y/n, leave me alone.” He tells her, drawing his attention towards the girls in front of him.

“It wasn’t nothing! I’d never seen you-“ “Well, I’m sorry Y/n, but the person you thought you knew wasn’t real.” He growled at her.

“That’s bull, Hood.” She says.

“I’m not fighting with you.” Calum mumbles.

“Well you should! You don’t talk to me for weeks and then suddenly you’re making my decisions? Calum, if you don’t care, then you don’t care. I get that, but you can push your way into my life when you feel like it?”

“You think I don’t care?” He questions. She stares at him and he stares at her for a good 5 seconds.

“Come on.” He growls, pulling her hand. “I’m not fighting with you out here.”

He leads her into one of the boys bedrooms.

“What the hell, Calum? You can’t just push a guy into the lockers like that and-“ “I’m sorry.” He says, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“What?” She asks.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I just- I was confused. I thought that if I stayed far enough away from you I could lose you, and I didn’t want anyone else to be with you and-“

“Cal, what are you saying?” She asks.

“Y/n, I’m in love with you. Love the way you would rather stay in class to finish a book and freak out about bands and the way you hung out with me even though I was an asshole the first couple weeks.” He laughs. “I’m so in love with you that I was scared, and God, you’re probably gonna laugh in my face and-“He doesn’t get to finish as Y/n presses her lips against his. It takes him by surprise and he doesn’t know what to do at first. He lays his hands on her waist and kisses back before she pulls away.

“You’re such an idiot for not telling me.” She scoffs.

“Yeah I can see that now.” He smirks, “But there’s one thing I need to ask you.” He starts, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course I do, Cal.” She smiles, and for once with her, Calum could see straight.

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Thank God for coffee

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2,226

Warnings: None, literally.

Summary: All you wanted was a coffee, but you got more than you expected.

Author’s note: So this is my first piece for @thebunkerofletters‘ inktober. This is also my first actual AU (and of course it’s gotta be a Coffee Shop AU). I hope you guys will like it! If you got any feedback, please, let me know!

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

You had never liked coffee. It didn’t matter what you did. You had tried coffee with milk - you had almost thrown up. You had tried coffee with sugar - you had spit it out the second it had hid your tongue. And you had tried coffee with milk and sugar, hoping that two bad things would make one good - you had actually thrown up. One could say that you hated coffee. At one point in your life you had even refused to call it that and had instead called it ‘disgusting bean juice’. And sometimes you still did that. But sadly, you were addicted to it. You needed your two cups of coffee a day to survive. But while other people enjoyed their daily coffee, you loathed it and only got it whenever it was absolutely necessary.

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A N D S H E ‘ S S O H A P P Y

anonymous asked:

Block user justitalian! He messages teenage girls and asks them for nudes and gets very personal when talking to him. If you look up his name youll find posts with screenshots proving he is predatory! He told me to get raped and that he would continue to go for minors after I told him pedophilia was gross and to go for adults only. He is even admits he likes underage girls and he us 27 yrs old! Please block and stay safe

*slams post button*


The Librarians and the Horns of a Dilemma | (Part I) ( Part II )

crossing the bridge

i’ve got a story you aren’t ready for yet we can pretend it’s about two other people until then two ordinary people with the same vernacular same flavor of ramen same cuss words same hands two people who met twice the last good decision the last good chance i haven’t closed my eyes before 5am in the last couple days and they say you can’t have the time back but what if i don’t want it what if it was spent just the way it was supposed to be salted caramel ice cream pizza in the passenger seat on your lap cheap motel in luray the sun blows its brains out for us below sea level at the very edge trying desperately to make sense of this and its importance the sequel is entitled sorry i made fun of you one too many times that night but i wanted you to know i wanted to touch the insides of your palms and sometimes it’s the only way i know how and this way if you don’t feel the same it’s easily played off i can play off anything i have been checking your eyes i had the most beautiful idea i drew up blueprints in my head about it it was beautiful just beautiful the precision of body function and muscle movement like i was born to brush the hair from out of your eyes while you’re wrapping your lips around the last cigarette and i think sweethearts are important like driving through fields of impossible flowers and the milk crate on the plywood floor and sitting next to you sitting next to you thinking about my place and if it’s here in one exacting motion to watch someone’s got to take down this paramount account the tale in which you laugh into my shoulder my whole head is a sweet tooth my whole body a soft spot for you the chorus goes something like almost called you babe on accident almost ruined something unquantifiable a tattoo of would you do me a kindness a borrowed shirt a mountain called misery ridge a trip in a winnebago dragging a hatchet covered in blood wandering through the graveyard casting resurrection spells the sound track is 80’s synth and we are on a couch with a vampire a faux pas do you remember walking to the end of the street to investigate the light and sacrificing anything just don’t talk about me in the past tense who were you looking at the other night i hope someday you say you were looking at me i could tell you forever about changing batteries and getting shot on camera it’s the same thing honestly the only outcome where you cradle my body like i’m coming home like i’ve been coming home forever you want details i have graffiti that echoes into the future i know a girl who hemorrhages light i’m just telling you what it’s like every time i’m about to tell you that i just want to cook for you in uneven light and watch the days batteries run out as long as you’re there wherever there is is where i wanna be i’m afraid of the physics behind facial expressions do you want to see the way the crystals form in my body they form just like pearls it’s just like that it happened when i swallowed the siren and the whole damn song when i receive emails when i breathe mort noir gutter magic changing my name to whatever the barista writes on my cup i’m talking to you about starvation i’m talking to you about pressing up against the glass about correlating responses about the word belong and how i have no comment on the matter drug dealer nicknames if there was ever a way to convince you that the grass is greener if there was ever a way to trace the coastline of your chin with a single finger in the middle of september whispering from every corner of the room not that i care if you’re concerned or anything the television full of commercials my heart full of mud i am full of static and i just have one question one single question and you don’t have to answer it now not yet because we are still pretending we are not yet ready and never will be but i have been practicing your name just in case

An Ordinary Girl - Part One

[Massive, MASSIVE thanks to @stunudo and @criminal-minds-fanfiction for their writing and structuring advice on this one. It started out as a one shot and now, well, this is part one of FIVE]

It was a strange way to come into this world. The mother, cuffed to the bed, screaming, and flailing looked more like a wild animal than a woman. That coupled with the presence of the two prison guards and the bellowed promises to kill her child before it had a chance to take its first breath meant that neither the midwives or the nurses had ever attended a birth like it. Everyone was on edge.

Only the head midwife spoke. Her soothing comforts had been thrown back in her face so instead she had stuck with plain instructions in a curt tone. After hours of pain and struggle the little girl was pushed free, thankfully healthy, with a small cry.

“Give it to me” the prisoner demanded. The head midwife only responded with a steely look and began to wrap up the tiny bundle. She had stopped crying already.

“Give. It. To. Me” the prisoner hissed again, wild-eyed and half feral looking “It’s my baby. It’s mother should hold it first”.

One of the younger midwives moved forward but was stopped. The room was silent.

“There are concerns for her wellbeing” said the head midwife “And for yours” she added, not unkindly. With a swift movement she left the room and made her   way down the winding halls of the corridor. The whole situation left her feeling uneasy, sick to her stomach and as she glanced down at the now sleeping infant she felt a twinge of pity.

No one should come into the world like that.

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One of these days | Cassian Andor

Pairing: ReaderxCassian

Warnings: None

Word count: 1981

Summary: Cassian takes you off world for your birthday (I also added a disney quote in here, can you find it?)

You’d be lying if you say you weren’t excited. For someone who is not a fan of celebrating your birthday (especially since joining the Resistance) today you are glad you boyfriend is so insistent on doing so this time. Partially because instead of trying to throw a party or something like that, he is taking you off-world. 

It’s embarrassing how excited you are. Of course you’ve been off Yavin4! But not in over eight years since your family ran to hide here and you don’t have a job that requires you to go off-world. Why would a ship mechanic need to leave Yavin4? 

“You almost ready?” Cassian asks, peaking his head into your ‘office’ (a storage room that you converted into your personal mechanic space). 

You turn your head to the door, looking at your boyfriend. “Of course. I’ve been ready.” With a push, you quickly stand from the randomly assembled chair. It’s close enough to the door to only take about three steps to reach it. Your fingers press the light switch and you sneak through the barely open door as Cassian steps back from it to allow you through. 

“So where are we actually going?” you hum as Cassian begins to walk towards his U-Wing. 

It’s very late. The only people in the hangar include a few other mechanics and a newly recruited X-Wing pilot. The name of the pilot is escaping you but they finally received an official X-Wing instead of one of the extras and a mechanic is helping them go over all of the controls. 

“It’s a surprise.” 

You roll your eyes and contain your smile. Honestly, he could take you to a swamp planet and you’d be happy to finally go off world. You skip to catch up with Cassian. 

He makes a point to keep his U-Wing as close to your office as possible. Mostly because you end up in your office more often than your room, so if he comes home early he can check there first. Or if you’ve fallen asleep in there he can just make it look like he’s grabbing something from his U-Wing (though the night shift guards on the hangar know what he is really there for). And also to make it easier for you when you fix his ship. 

“After you,” he smiles. 

“Such a gentleman,” you giggle, boarding the U-Wing quickly. 

You know precisely where to go, well, where you want to go - the co-pilot seat. Cassian has been flying without one for plenty of time but you want to see the stars. You want to see what it looks like taking off in an U-Wing. So you twist your way through the excessive amount of stuff to the cockpit. 

Cassian follows closely, taking a seat in the pilot’s seat. You sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Sure, you’ve sat here next to Cassian plenty of times talking about life. This time you finally get to do something productive though. 

He goes about his typical routine, flipping some switches, checking some monitors, mostly ignoring you. Asking him if he needs help is tempting, but he seems in the zone. So instead you relax into the seat. Your eyes carefully watch him as his fingers quickly go about getting the U-Wing ready for take off. But you are also very sleepy, eyes fluttering close every few seconds, head nodding a bit. Every time you force yourself to stay awake. 

His head turns to you, a soft smile taking over his face. He loves you like this: relaxed, smiling, happy (and a little sleepy). He’s glad that after knowing you for three years he can finally do something for your birthday. 

“Make sure you pay attention when we take off. Yavin4 has a great view at night.”

A hum passes your lips, shifting your body to face the window more. The sounds and sights of Yavin4 at night are beautiful, but you sure the scenery is just as, if not more, gorgeous from the sky. You force yourself to stay awake. Cassian presses a few more buttons and the U-Wing is clearly ready. 

“So are you going to tell me where we are going?” you mumble. 

“We are going to fly a little bit above Yavin4 a bit and then we are going to another planet, does that explain it more, (Y/N)?” Cassian replies, slowly lifting the ship off the ground and out of the hangar. 

You groan in response. Sure, more of answer but not as descriptive as you would like. Regardless, you sit more forward to get a fuller look at the world you’ve spent 8+ years on. As the ship jerks up it’s not the heigh that makes you gasp but the view of the thick jungles and spots of water. 

On the ground, the humid planet is easy to travel through. Of course there are roots that people trip over and random spots of mud and occasionally hidden lakes due to pond scum, but the terrain is surpassingly easy to traverse. But from even a few hundred feet above the highest point of the temple, with nothing but moonlight reflecting off the weight canopy, the planet looks like no one would be able to walk anywhere but the small meadow surrounding the base. The tall grass looks so small; the trees still tall and proud but the large dew drops obvious in the filtered light; the large lakes looking more like large puddles, little ripples as the window blows below. 

“Wow,” you smile. “It looks gorgeous from here.”

Cassian glances over to you again. “I will take you up here during the day some time so you can get yet another view of the world and a different time. It’ll be pretty too.”

And with that, Cassian guides the ship into the night sky, away from Yavin. 

“You can sleep. It’ll be several hours before we get to our destination,” Cassian tells you.

Of course you hear him, but you are more focused on watching the many stars, the far off systems that are barely recognizable, and the nearing moon. The Yavin system is gorgeous in the sky. This view, this location, being in the sky, why bothering landing? A cool U-Wing with a vast view vs a humid world with the same fauna everywhere is no comparison. You could stay right here for days. 

“Okay,” you reply, eyes still heavy from earlier. Despite your excitement, exhaustion is currently more important. 

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Tell Me I’m A Bad Man – Part 1

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 889

Forever Tag List: @thesalsafic, @bummblebeeblue, @sarbear429, @bea789, @xtina2191, @lovethefandomsuniverse, @evyiione, @trustnobodyshootfirst, @motleymoose, @thegoodhunterrr5

Request: Could you do a fic alternate universe in which dean was a evil demon and he is the head of a evil demon cult? he is really intrigued with this women he meets and shes a hunter and hes trying to track her down? she starts having visions/dreams about him and he is trying to lure her to him and its starting to work. she meets Sam in this universe who is trying to keep her away from demon dean? somehow the reader has fallen into this universe and she is trying to get back to her dean? - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Here is the first part of evil Demon!Dean! I hope you all like it! The title is taken from House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance, let’s face it, evil Demon!Dean would listen to a song about someone going to Hell. I’ll probably keep the request up on all parts like a small summary. – Haley xx

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I woke up with a start. My heart was beating against my chest and I felt sick to my stomach. For the past week, I’ve been having really strange, almost crypt dreams. They all start out the same, me looking out the motel window and seeing Dean across the street, watching me, but in every dream, he’s a little bit closer.

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