import reactor

HEHE! Something I drew celebrating on getting to become the friends of all these wonderful people.

@dj-kona : My first online friend ever, whom I met on saiko and still a big compadre until now!

@lbskung : My compadre who was once a fan but now an amigo of mine!

@anjellybeanie : A fan that actually got to meet me and was a “BLAST” (hehe) to meet them as well, in which case I treat them as my important nakama!

@bluendarine14 : A reactor that was very friendly and hilarious to talk to, someone who came from just being a reactor to becoming my homie!

@toreshi : A fellow animator that I almost met! another important homeboy/girl that became and awesome friend that I can chat around and mess around with!

I’d love to do a collab with ya’ll!!!

If only I could make more space for:
@makaryo112 : the little bro of one of my first youtube compadres
_ELLA_ : : My first youtube compadre!
@poy-art : my first tumblr amigo that helped me get the jist of how things work!

AND SO MANY MORE! I just can’t list them all down here XD