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Hello guys, what up? haha yea so uhm you know how I´m trying to earn my own money and try not to depend on my parents, well the thing is the business is slow. I had an expo last weekend and it was great for me i get the chance to pay some school stuff, but some friends of mine recommended me to participate in an important expo that would guarantee a huge success, which is in May. Sadly it costs alot to be there. I managed to get it cheaper with some friends but I´m still low on money. So here comes the S.O.S. message:


Prices (USD):

  • Simple doodle - $ 3 dlls
  • Clean sketch - $ 5 dlls
  • Lineart - $10 dlls 
  • Full colored image  - $ 20 dlls
  • Character ddesign - $ 30 dlls
  • Icons - $ 5 dlls ( SPECIAL 2X1 )


  • No NSFW
  • Reference Recommended, but not required (It’d help me out a lot)
  • No mechas or vehicle


  • Tumblr:
  • Facebook: Zonny Brown
  • Twitter: @Kryshoul
  • Email me at me so we can work out the details! Paypal (Invoice) ONLY.

I know this is alot of a hazzle but it would really mean for me, even if you cant commission me, at least spread the word.

So far my goal is $200 dlls ( that includes the cost for the expo and my new material for art such as plastic bags, money for prints and other artistic supplies )

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

Some Kpop fans need to learn some respect.

Today, I was at the Japan Expo, which is a huge convention in France about manga, anime, comics, video games and Kpop. I was hanging out around the stands of two Kpop stores and one of them was playing a Kpop MV medley on a screen. I was watching the medley, singing along with my friends and other fans, happily watching few seconds of some of my favorite groups’ MVs.

When ‘TopDog’ started playing, I was really happy because I knew that it was the only ToppDogg MV I would be able to see. But I couldn’t even enjoy these few seconds, because a group of ARMYs starting screaming for BTS, covering completely the sound of one of my favorite songs. What the fuck?! At least five BTS MVs were played during this medley and the two stores kept playing BTS songs throughout the whole day. You couldn’t shut up for just a few seconds?!

And it wasn’t just during ToppDogg’s MV. These groupies kept screaming for BTS while other MVs from other groups were playing. Does the word ‘respect’ mean nothing to you? I couldn’t enjoy some of my favorite songs because some girls absolutely needed to see only BTS on the screen!

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying all ARMYs are like this. Of course not! I consider myself as an ARMY now and I’m friends with a lot of ARMYs who are lovely people. This is aimed to all the Kpop fans who need to see their faves everywhere, all the time, not caring about other groups. Can’t you just shut the fuck up for a few minutes? I was trying to enjoy a few seconds of my favorite group but no, you had to scream for yours!

Also, at this convention, I was wearing a ToppDogg hoodie and my French ToppKlass t-shirt, and some Kpop fans kept looking down on me. There was nothing wrong with my attitude, I was actually pretty quiet, not doing much, so I can only assume it was because of how I was dressed. What the fuck is wrong with you?! Why do you have to give me dirty looks for wearing clothes representing my favorite group when you are doing the exact same thing? Is it because I like a group that isn’t as popular as yours? Then fuck off.

I don’t like iKon. But did I give dirty looks to the girls who were wearing iKon masks? No. Because I don’t judge people for their taste in music. You like iKon? That’s fine. You wanna wear their mask? Perfect, that’s great! I actually encourage that! Show to the world who you love but don’t fucking disrespect others because they don’t like the same thing as you do!

When a BTS MV was playing on the screen, did I scream for ToppDogg, covering the whole song so that you couldn’t listen to it? No. Because I respect other fans who want to enjoy watching their favorite group on TV.

This was my first time going to the Japan Expo and I had a great time until these groupies pissed me off. Learn some respect, dammit!

An important sign at the expo: “Please be aware that these cages are NOT the full time residences of these animals, they are in the smaller containers so that they might be transported here and put on display for your close up viewing.”

Reptile expos aren’t just for buying and selling. There’s a lot you can learn at one and I think it’s great they had an adult Burm (15'8") there for people to see what those pretty little babies grow up like. Seeing these animals up close promotes responsible ownership- hearing “they get big” and seeing one for yourself are two very different things! Remember when you see show pictures: those small spaces are NOT their homes. They’re just temporary space.

Attention everyone ! I’ll be attending MCM Expo / London Comic Con / whatever it’s called con on saturday 23rd and sunday 24th or october. Come and meet me there !

Additional info

  • I’ll only be there as a visitor
  • Which means I’m not selling anything obv
  • I’ll be in London from thursday 22nd to sunday 24th in total (graciously hosted by my wonderful friend @kilimiria ), but will only attend two days on the weekend
  • Feel free to come and talk if you see me there

How to find me

  • Has a hat and mildly reddish square hair
  • Dresses like hobo witch ??
  • Will most probably be invading @perplexingly and @paticmak ‘s personnal space at their artist table most of the time (come buy things from them ok !!)
  • Will probably liveblog about my locations so like, just check it out
  • Will have askbox open for anyone wondering where the fuck I am

How to initiate contact

Method 1 : The Introduction

  • Stand at average speech distance from me (or closer depending on noise level)
  • Shoulder tapping, arm touching might be necessary in order to attract attention (don’t abuse it tho, I’m sensitive ok)
  • Open mouth
  • Use type-phrase “Hello Juliette, my name’s [insert name], I am [insert url] on tumblr ! How are you/ Nice to meet you / Curse you and everything you stand for “ (pick adequate ending according to your situation)

Method 2 : Secret Code

  • Stand at uncomfortably short distance of me, preferably from the back
  • Lean towards ear of your choice
  • Open mouth
  • Use one of the following reaction-inducing code phrases :

- “hail Julius Brocalus ”
- “Surrender, cylinder”
- “face me, Milker Maker”
- *irish accent* “General Lamarque is dead”
- “Do the math nerdanel, DO. THE. MATH.”
- “ a red sun rises ” (pause for emphasis, wait for reply)
- “ ami, entends tu le vol noir du corbeau sur nos plaines ? ami, entends-tu le cri sourd d’un pays qu’on enchaîne ?”
- etc

Method 3 : Challenge

  • Stand at any geographical point of the con
  • Scream “HAH I bet tumblr user Cy-lindric can’t quote the entirety of french romantic drama play Lorenzaccio !”
  • Greet me as I meet you in the pit, eager and vaguely offended

That’s about everything I can say, have fun everyone