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1961/1962 Sino-Soviet SKS with PU scope mount. Imported by KFS in Atlanta back in the 90s I suppose. Barrel and receiver have Russian proofs on them (Pictures coming when I break it down). It’s interesting to note that the rifle seems to have been refurbished, all the serials are scrubbed except for the bolt and floorplate. With the serial number production date, I wonder if it was an original DMR that got refurbished and exported. 

Now to hunt for a PU scope and mount. 

Very Important Elevator In Atlanta Selfie!

Hey team, I’m away at DragonCon this weekend and I forgot to re-up the queue, so it should be quiet around here. Maybe just some photo posts and random dumb thoughts from con. If you need me with any urgency hit me up on twitter: @momebie!


As funny as the vine of Foxxxxy saying “I was waiting on you at the door” on Scared Straight is, the full clip actually carries a very important message. This deserves to go viral more than that vine. Watch the Transgender inmate give this young gay man some advice.

This is actually from my home county - Fulton County, Georgia. I was born and raised in College Park.

Got7 FLY IN USA fans

For future reference igot7s in the usa, learn from the toronto incident and give the members space. They’ve been traveling nonstop holding their world tour and must be very tired, not to mention JB is still recovering. Lets do our best to show them our love and respect in an appropriate manner so that they can reward us with passionate performances and consider coming back for another tour. Please, i cannot stress this enough.


TGM failed to organize BTS Highlight Tour 2015, there were so much chaos:

Armys and BTS were mistreated, BTS had to sign a blank a4 paper because they ran out of posters, BTS were grabbed and shouted at, a Jhope fanbase noona was kicked out, pictures were by 25s instead of the said 8s, BTS are so tired and worn out cause TGM added extras to hitouch to cover up their mistakes, armys waited outside in the rain because they said the venue was full and promised refunds, etc…
Armys are trending: #sueTGM on Twitter

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Sign this petition for BTS & Armys who were mistreated and let’s close down TGM: