Introducing - Young In The City

Last month I had the imponderable joy of seeing Noah Gundersen live at The Borderline in London, shortly after though, I felt myself coming down off such a high … devastated that I’d have to wait ages to see him again. 

In the midst of my sadness I found myself scrolling through Twitter and almost let a girly, high pitched screech slip out of my mouth on the train when I saw a promo post for Young In The City. Fronted by Noah Gundersen; Michael Porter, Jeremy Buller and Keelan O'Hara have come together to create quality classic rock.

I headed straight to Spotify where I found a whole EP ready for me to listen to. A WHOLE EP! HOW HAD I MISSED THIS?  

Gold In The Sun is the first track,the steady guitar entices you into the song followed by Noah Gundersen’s signature velvet vocals. Before you know it, the drums have kicked in, the song has led you to the chorus and your mind is somewhere in the distance. You’re in the car with the windows down, the sun is shining and Gold In The Sun is your soundtrack. 

There’s no way that the EP could get any better, you’ve fallen in love with Gold In The Sun and nothing can top it. Wrong. Tina is a punchy track, there’s no time for you to think about whether it’s good or not, you’ve heard the first few lines and you already know. ‘Everything is gonna be okay’,  ‘She walks the right kind of thin line (I want it, I want it).’ The second track on the EP has an undeniably catchy hook that you cannot ignore … have fun when it gets stuck in your head. 

Song 3 is a bit slower, Heart Of The Matter comes with serious lyrics and echoed vocals that stay in your ears long after the track has finished. ‘It’s the heart of the matter  but it’s all in your head could you give me the answer
that I want, that I wanted.’
 The long build up ends in a crescendo of shouty vocals and crashing drums with guitar chords that ring out, making it one of the most powerful songs off the Young In The City EP. 

Closing the EP is Mistake, a comforting ballad of sorts not necessarily due to the words in the song but because Noah Gundersen can effortlessly transition from rock god vocals to lullaby-esque tones. 

I thought that Young In The City would fill a Noah Gundersen shaped void for me but it didn’t, and if you’re hoping for the same then prepare to be proved wrong. The music couldn’t be more different in the best way possible. Young In The City are four extremely talented musicians that, with this EP, have shown how diverse they can be and how accessible their music is all whilst never once compromising their artistic integrity or quality of music. 

I implore you all to go and discover Young In The City.  



                                 Written by Aimee Thompson