impolite girl

btw I need to rant here about the lovely bout of IRL sexism that I experienced the other day because it still fucking pisses me off like hOLY SHIT…

Okay, so my friend and I were hanging out, and her uncle (it’s weird calling him that, because he’s not much older than her and I) invited us to dinner to chill and hang out. Their grandfather was coming along as well, so I was like a’ight

So, we’ve been going through the usual social motions, and I notice that despite his dad being fairly conservative, the grandpa and his son seem to be pretty okay with using foul language. I usually relax more and unfilter more around good company and friends when I observe that it’s acceptable in a situation

The uncle, who was driving us, said something about how he was annoyed by people in traffic around us, driving without sense. It reminded me of a vine (The vine with the 2 guys in school and one tries to cheat, but he gets ignored) and I was telling my friend about it because it made me laugh. So then I quote the lyrics of the song (which have cursing in them)

The old man lost his shit at me. Even though he and his son have been cursing around me and my friend all day. The moment I curse, he blows a fuse. He starts yelling at me, and I apologize (mostly to get him to stop yelling at me) and I explain that I get more “unfiltered” when I’m around my friends. But I don’t behave this way in the public eye, because I know better.

But then he says that “it’s unladylike to swear, and it hurts his heart to see a young lady like me speak with such foul language.”

Even though he and his son have been cursing around me all day

I really wish I hadn’t apologized so soon, once he said that. Once we drop him off, I explain my side of the story to the uncle. My side went something like “I wouldn’t have cursed at all if it weren’t for the fact that you two cursed so casually around each other, because I figured it was okay. But the fact that he lets you swear, but doesn’t let me only because I’m a girl is something I’m not okay with.”

And the uncle tells me the next day that his grandfather apologized (not to me directly, but the uncle was kind of a “messenger”) for yelling at me that way.

I’m less than impressed with the apology, and I don’t think the grandpa really changed his mind, but I’m like “If you don’t want girls to curse in front of you, don’t curse in front of girls”

like… UGH

so many novels I've had to read for british literature follow the same format like
  • standoffish girl: these unsatisfactory circumstances upset my delicate sensibilities. this fucking sucks
  • parents: okay but you need to get married because we're not Super Rich anymore we're just moderately rich which basically means we're poor now and you need to marry a wealthy man
  • resident wealthy man who probably looks like miles edgeworth: this impolite girl is... exquisite. we must hate-marry each other
  • poor working-class friend who teaches the main character how to be humble before dying of consumption: *coughs gently into a handkerchief*