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what do you think about the "just born that way" assertion of sexuality? I feel like this probably applies well to some people and not at all to others? for example, Ive experienced what I feel are shifts and changes to my own sexuality, but some just argue that I'm in the process of finding my 'true' identity. of course, I know people who have been gay since they first experienced sexual feelings. all the discussions Ive seen come down very hard on one side or the other, and I'm kind of lost :/

I feel like that line of thinking is extremely heterosexist/homophobic/biphobic/lesbophobic/queerphobic/heteronormative etc… actually. First of all, many people figure out their sexual orientation later in life and that’s okay. Secondly, many people experience fluid sexuality. Thirdly, it suggests that if we weren’t born that way that it’s not okay to be gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, etc… All in all I hate that kind of argument and it can go to hell. Yes, some people experience no change in their sexuality throughout their life and know from a young age and that’s okay, but it’s also okay to experience changes in your sexuality and take your time to figure things out.

Sorry if that’s confusing. For reference I’m demisexual and bisexual.

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I’m queer and I really hate the “born this way,” argument because it’s so condescending. Straight people saying we “can’t help it,” isn’t addressing homophobia and it just sounds like pity. Also, “born this way,” and “the gay gene,” are scary because that lends to the notion that it can be cured or eradicated or we are somehow different from everyone else. Like a mistake, if that makes sense?

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me and grey did research on the hentai theatre by voodoos donuts and apparently people go in there and pork and other people watch them porking. there is also the rumour i heard that if you are member of the hentai theatre (vip, very important porker) they send you text alerts when a girl walks in. they have hentai nights 2 hrs on sunday. right now at this very moment the hentai theater works under watchful eyes 

we got so scared and really spooked about this to be sure, and grey said “what if we were stuck in chinatown and the only way we could get out is thru the hentai theatre. like the perfume department in spongebob” and i laughed heartily and gently turned away and said “id rather die” 

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"It's a power outage, not the apocalypse."

"It’s a power outage, not the apocalypse," Charles said. "Calm down."

His companion turned to look at him. His silhouette in the dark was even more attractive than his face had been in the afternoon light earlier that day. (Granted, Charles hadn’t seen another living person for months before this, but Erik would have been his type whether or not they were the last two people on earth. Or at least Westchester county.)

"Was that a joke?" Erik demanded, sounding not so much annoyed as—what was that emotion? It seemed telling one emotion from the other was a more difficult process when he hadn’t had anyone’s mind to read in so long—amazed that anyone could joke about this.

"Yes," Charles said, "and it was hilarious, if I say so myself. Which I do."

Erik was barely listening. Charles strained to listen to his thoughts, the conclusion Erik was already reaching—that without power, they couldn’t stay here, that this huge mansion was barely defensible now, never mind when the fences were off.

"Oh, don’t be ridiculous. We don’t have to go anywhere. We just need to turn the generator back on."

"Where is that?" Erik asked, pulling a weapon out of his belt and leaning down for another out of his bag.

"At the back of the house." Charles wheeled over to the shelf on which he kept most of his arsenal. The bazooka he’d used to rescue Erik earlier would be a little much now, he decided. Instead, he’d bring the Colt, and the bayonet, just in case. "Follow me—and watch yourself. Sometimes they get in."