Eat For Me

{TW- Eating disorders}

David noticed.

He noticed the untouched plates of food, and the way his clothes gradually grew looser.

The way Max would stiffen at even the slightest hint that he wasn’t okay.

The confrontation started over a cup of pudding.

If there was one thing David knew, it was Max’s deep love for sweets. When he first arrived to camp, he had a sucker in his mouth and a caramel bar in his hoodie pocket. Although, as camp wore on, and after a letter from his parents, Max seemed to have lost his appetite.


Sure, he would drink water every now and again, but David knew that wasn’t enough. Max was getting tired quickly, and half the time, he seemed to weak to even leave the bed.

He started exempting Max from activities, not that the boy did them anyway. His physical appearance looked downtrodden as well. His usually plump cheeks were staring to sink in, as well as his eyes.

David would go to Gwen crying.

He would find himself at his co-counselor’s cabin, sobbing in her arms. Even Gwen was getting concerned and she didn’t even get concerned when they hired a cultist.

So, a cup of pudding was presented to Max, while all the other kids were at their chosen camps. Gwen and David sat on the other side of Max, eyes focus on the boy.

“What the hell do you want?” He asked, not as loud as the other two were used to. Hell, he even sounded weak.

“Eat the pudding, Max.” Gwen said firmly, arms crossed over her chest.

“Are you serious-”

“Max, just eat it.” She sighed, her tired purple eyes full of worry.

David was quiet, surprisingly, but his eyes were red. In fact, from what Max could remember, they’d been red for days now.

“I’m going outside.” He didn’t stand, and it was probably because he was visibly trembling.

He’s too weak to stand, David thought in horror.

“No, you aren’t, you little shit, now eat.” Gwen said with more force, holding eye contact with the green eyed child.

“Fuck off.”

“Max, please!”

Max and Gwen jumped hearing David speak for the first time since they’d cornered him.

“I can’t keep pretending not to notice. You’re getting skinny, your clothes barely fit anymore. You’re too weak to do most things now, d-damnit Max, you don’t can barely stand up because you won’t fucking eat!”

The redhead was breathing heavily by the time he was done, eyes glossed over.

“Eat please.. I.. I know you won’t be able to eat full meals for a while, but this is a start, right? Small things?”

Max was practically in shock from hearing him, but he nodded slowly. His hands moved almost automatically as he opened up the pudding cup, which was still surprisingly cold. He hesitated, glancing from the spoon to the cup. His green eyes moved up to David and he paused, pained by those sea green eyes.

He stuck his spoon in the chocolate, nervousness bubbling up in him, because he was so hungry, but he would lose all this progress.

Or was it even considered progress? This was spite, spite against his parents, parents who didn’t care.

Maybe he was showing his spite the wrong way.

He took a bite.

all our younger years (26k, mature) by reveries_passions for futureisforgiven

tags: Fluff and Angst, Fluff, Angst, Cliche Summer Things, Fetus Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Summer, Pranks and Practical Jokes, Illegal Activities, Football Stadiums, Kissing in the Rain, Kissing Under the Stars, Holding Hands, Crying, Implied Sexual Content, Minor Character Death, Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Angst with a Happy Ending, Crying in the Rain


“Is this going to get us in trouble?”
“Depends what you mean by trouble.”
“Remember the water balloon incident of 2010?”
“It won’t be as bad as that.”
“That’s still not comforting Lou.”
“C'mon, Harry. It’s the summer, cut loose a bit, have some fun.”
“Your definition of fun usually includes something illegal.”
or louis encourages harry to do stupid shit cause he’s the adventurous one and harry goes along with it because he’s madly in love with his best friend.

summary: in which harry and louis are inseparable trouble makers who think they have everything figured out, but as it turns out, they don’t, and they have one summer left together until louis goes to university.

written for the @hlficexchange2017!

anonymous asked:

Why "it's just a phase" would offend someone? Im ace and I know sexuality is fluid, so when someone say to me that it is just a phase i say "maybe, 2morrow i can find out im demi or any other sexuality but now I consider myself ace". Please I want to understand what this phrase means to someone who takes it as an offend.

So “it’s just a phase” is very often is used to dismiss queer identities and imply that they will end up straight. So when people say “I’m this!” and are meet with “It’s just a phase” it reads as offensive not supportive. Even if you are queer yourself. 

It’s also important to note that some people aren’t fluid so saying “it’s a phase” to someone who has a static identity also reads as dismissive of their current (and lasting) existence.