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3. Hesitant Kiss :)

types of kisses prompts

“Hey,” Jeff called, letting the door close behind him. Kent had sprinted ahead, no doubt because he wanted to use up all the hot water in the shower before Jeff could get a chance.


“Hey,” said Eric. He was in the kitchen, just taking something out of the oven. It smelled amazing. “Good run?”

“Yeah.” Jeff stepped past him, grabbing a glass from the cupboard. 

“Oh –” Eric turned the faucet on for him, taking the glass out of his hand to fill it. He turned around to hand it to Jeff and maybe it was just the fact that he’d been staying in Vegas for the last month, or maybe it was the way the summer sunshine hit his hair, or maybe it was how much thigh he was showing in that shirt – whatever it was, the urge to kiss him caught in Jeff’s throat.

They’d been dancing around each other for a while, not quite crossing boundaries. Eric slept in Kent’s room and Jeff took the guest room, and while they’d ended up in various cuddle piles on the sofa watching television, none of them had ever pushed for more. Honestly, Jeff hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought until that moment. Still, the sun glinted off Eric’s bright blond hair and Jeff leaned down, brushing their lips together for just a second.

When he pulled back, Eric was looking up at him with warm brown eyes, cheeks pink.

“I –”

Eric pushed up onto his tiptoes and kissed Jeff again, a soft, short little kiss. “Here,” he said, voice a bit breathless, and he pushed the glass of water into Jeff’s hands. “Go tell Kent breakfast is ready.”

“Gabe, why ‘re ya makin’ coffee?”

Gabriel almost jumped out of his goddamn skin, not expecting anyone to drag their asses out of bed at six thirty in the morning, especially with how unorganized and unmilitiarized Overwatch had become in recent years. Not to mention, he knew Jesse could wake up at the drop of a hat and be ready to go, but he knew for a fact that the cowboy had gotten comfortable and usually did not roll out of bed until noon.

“Uh… because it’s early?” He said, watching the coffee pot drip away, “Speaking of which, why are you up so early? High noon’s not for a couple of hours.”

“HA! Yer real funny, Gabe,” McCree snorted, grinning at him as he scratching as his belly and then ruffled his sleep rumpled hair. McCree went over to the cupboard and pulling out the green tea leaf bin and then went to get the tea pot. When he had water on the stove to start to heat up, McCree turned to him with a lazy and smug smile.

“Ya don’t like coffee,” Jesse smiled.

“I… I’ll drink it,” He retorted back, frowning.

“Ya don’t like it, I know that fer a fact,” McCree smirked.

“Maybe I’m making it for someone else?” He shot back. While Jesse was being nosey, the coffee machine dinged loudly to declare that it was done. He took the pot and reached up to grab two mugs, just to satisfy McCree, before pouring out a half a hug and a full one.

“Huh, wonder who?” McCree smiled as he checked the boiling water.

“Any reason you’re being nosey, cowboy?” He asked as he began piling ingredients into half full mug. Cream, sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and then went hunting in the fridge for the last ingredients.

“No reason…” Jesse smirked.

He found the half full bottle of the chocolate stuff and added it in before finding a spoon and vigorously stirring it. Jesse snickered as he grabbed a ratty ovenmitt and started carrying the mugs out.

“Tell Jack I said ‘Mornin’!’” Jesse chuckled.

“Tell Hanzo I said the same,” He shot back as Jesse sputtered.

He went back to Jack and his room and found Jack already pouring over some report but thankfully still in bed with a blanket lazily wrapped around him. He carefully got in bed and handed Jack his coffee before putting the other on some surface to get cold.

“Here’s your sugar rush in a cup, Jackie,” He said.

“Thanks, babe,” Jack muttered, taking a sip as he read over the report. Jack sighed before leaning into him heavily, comfortably sitting his head on his shoulder. He nuzzled into the top of Jack’s head and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the early morning hours.

i HATE how j*zen shippers think that bc they’re straight or even LGB cis women that its okay to fetishize gay men and gay sex

like… why do these cis women insist on forcing gay men into heteronormative relationship roles and force one character to be “feminine” and whiny and submissive while the other is “masculine” and detached and dominant. why do you have to do that. why does the entire crux of this ship revolve around sex. why do you have to make two characters that dislike each other have a violent and aggressive relationship almost entirely focused on violent, dehumanizing, unsafe sex

these are two characters that are very much dominant “alpha males” but because y'all are demons and everything has to fit with your yaoi tropes you force one to be a whiny submissive, and of course that has to be the one that is shown to be more emotional and gets defensive and angry more. you’re literally reinforcing negative masculinity stereotypes - cool, detached, and aggressive is seen as positive and masculine, while getting angry or emotional is seen as negative and feminine and needs to be punished. fuck canon character traits, you just need to see these men get fucked in a humiliating and aggressive way until they stop complaining about how they don’t like it, don’t want it, and don’t like the other person, am i right?

yeah, you’re gross. that’s fucking rape. i have yet to see any j*zen art or writing that doesn’t involve zen protesting or rejecting Jumin’s advances in some way. i literally saw a piece of fanart with Jumin aggressively fucking zen and zen saying “it hurts…” and jumin being like “you can take it, my pretty little kitten” and forcing him to keep accepting the pain. that’s fucking awful. what was even worse was the thousands of notes with girls going “omg….*nosebleed*” and “omg this is so hot” and “yes i love the gay sin!!!!!” all of y'all are homophobes. you’re no better than men who masturbate to lesbian porn.

someone protesting or objecting to someone else’s advances does not mean they’re secretly in love with them and are trying to deny their feelings. in this case, which is actually canon in the fucking game, it’s because they actually dislike the other person and have a problem with them. to constantly invoke these tropes and claim that “denial = secretly wants it” is a perpetuation of rape culture and means you condone rape and dubious consent.

im honestly considering making an anti-j*zen week dedicated to educating these women on why their behavior is not okay and contributes to homophobia and the objectification of gay men :/ and how when ppl point that out it’s not “bullying” and you need to take responsibility for your shitty actions

i bet you more than half of j*zen shippers are obsessed with k*lling stalking and ship sangb*m, because what else can you expect from violent homophobes who like seeing gay men suffer and get abused

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How would Erik react if Sam were the one to take his pineapple slices?

Sam snorts. “Erik’s too lazy to cut his own pineapple–”

“Ahem!!” Erik slides in. “I would be more than happy to share my fruit with all my brothers. Because I’m like that, you see. I share my things.”

Sam makes a face. Erik looks at him with crossed arms.

“Besides,” Erik muttered with a smug little grin. “Sam needs it more than I do~”

Sam elbows him in the ribs. Hard.

Empty Talk

“I think too much about…useless things.”
“Well, to me.”
“…Such as?”
“It’s hard to say. I can’t put it in words…”
“…Are you feeling alright, right now?”
“…Not really.”
“What do you need?”
“…Just stay here with me…That’s…all I want right now…I think.”
“As long as it’s close to what you want…”

Slightly venting. </3
They talk like this on occasion. Not the first time, either.

It’s vague on purpose. The original “excerpt” I was typing up got too heavy.

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Okay but, sick Yuri in Eros form with glasses AND a gauze is literally everything. My life is complete. Also, your finale to the Yuri passing out on ice (I don't know what it's called sorry!) is absolutely beautiful, majestic, and overall is really heartwarming! Thank you so much for your contribution to this fandom and world! You make it a beautiful and sneezy place.

sick Yuri in Eros form with glasses AND a gauze“ I’m ngl, I saw the opportunity & leapt at it. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

lol PERSONALLY I’ve been referring to it as the Eros Angst comic (but it has no official title so you can call it whatever)
omgsh thank you so much! I love drawing them.. they’re actually really comforting in a way.

A-specs Haven’t Stolen Anything

Our flag is ours. Fly it with pride.

You haven’t stolen colors or terms or symbols. Your identity is your own. Your symbols are your own. No one can take them from you or change them without your consent.

We will not be silenced or corralled into what others consider ‘more appropriate’ or ‘better’ expressions of our identities.

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I really want to see more of Leorai in the Problem Child verse (like how the marriage proposal went. I've always been curious about it since I read the drabble where April helped Leo getting ready!) or Leosagi in the Fake Engagement AU (how their first date went, maybe?), if you don't mind. Thank you! <3

aaaa im always down to write more for one of my aus, thank u <333 


If anyone’s the walking embodiment of everything-not-Chris-Bradford, it’s probably Usagi Miyamoto. He’s the coolest, most polished, most refined person Raphael has ever seen walk up his dirt driveway. 

“He’s here!” Mikey hollers over his shoulder into the rest of the house, and Raphael watches Leonardo bury his face in his hands at the immediate response of thundering feet through the parlor and down the stairs. “You guys hurry up he’s coming up to the porch oh my god.” 

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okay but ndrv3 chapter 5′s latter half is really ironic when you go through it again. considering the plan to save momota in the exisal hanger was so, so simple. everyone gathered in the morning, grabbed their hammers and headed over to the hanger to save momota. but unknown to all of them; himiko, kiibo and especially maki had their own separate suspicious actions done without the whole group being aware. himiko delivered a crossbow, kiibo wanted to talk with ouma and maki planned a god damn fucking murder

and this was all happening after they decided to band together as a group against despair