Hot Hot Heat - "Future Breeds"

I was a brief Hot Hot Heat fan in college, then stopped paying attention. Didn’t really know they had a new album until the Girlfriend bought me a bunch of vinyl for Christmas. Since I have never heard this album, it makes it to Listen 365.

I think this might be my favorite HHH album. It’s catchy, but most of all is all over the place. They switch rhythms at the drop of a hat. And since his voice isn’t Pavarotti, it’s used as a rhythm instrument as well. I ended up listening to it twice in a row. Once by myself cleaning, and once with the girl. Both times enjoying it and finding myself shaking my head at some of the stuff they came up with. Also I think that this is one of those albums where the album art perfectly describes what the music sounds like.

Grade: I feel like doing some art by throwing paint everywhere

Color: Pink, Yellow, Baby Blue (Like I said, the album art got it right)

Stand Out Track: “Implosionatic” -


i wanna bike