Riarkle is ALIVE

Y'all, I got exactly what I expected out of Riarkle in last night’s taping. We got the dawning of a realization.

Remember: “Don’t expect it to be big, loud or obvious” “A lot of times it comes [to me] when it’s quiet”. These are words to keep in mind during the episode. Sometimes explosions are actually implosions- and it seems like this is what we got from Farkle. The internalizing doesn’t make it any less real.

Farkle’s reaction to losing Riley, the WORDS he says to her in this episode, and the fact that they did 8-11 takes of Farkle in a particular scene is all VERY POSITIVE for Riarkle.

All we need now is season four.

here’s what I think about a lot

Dean just kneeling in the mud for a long long time till its soaked through his jeans and into the tops of his boots, till Sam’s skin has started to go cold, cause standing up means admitting that it happened, and really mud’s not so bad

Sam crying himself into a half-sleep and waking up beside Dean’s body and remembering all over again, and carrying Dean’s body out and having to bury it, having to decide whether to put it in a coffin, whether to change the shirt and if so what of his t-shirts would Dean have liked to be buried in?

The second night at Lisa’s when Dean turns to tell Sam something and Sam’s not there and he remembers where Sam is and Lisa comes into the room and says “do you want pasta or rice?”

The few minutes after Dean disappears in a Leviathan implosion and Sam eventually goes outside and just stands there looking at the car and something in him sits down and curls into the fetal position

Attention Subordinates

You are hereby granted official sanction to address Kylo Ren as any of the following:

  • Darth Bitchtits
  • Lord Ruins Everything
  • Padawan Implosion
  • Ben Solo
  • Bane of General Hux’s Existence
  • Darth Sensitiva
  • Supreme Fiasco
  • Lord Disorder
  • God of Destroying Expensive Equipment
  • Masked CheckYourMiniMap
  • Stop Touching Me
  • To be continued


General A. Hux

Rayark is attending the Korea Fan Art Exhibition at Cake Square, Seoul from 20th to 21st August. They’ll be selling merchandise of Cytus, Mandora, Deemo, Implosion and VOEZ.
They are also looking for talents from Korea (and other places) who can do animation design, game design, music composition, etc in the creative field. Those interested in working with Rayark may talk to the booth assistants during the exhibition.

improbable-implosions  asked:

Headcanon: kakasu whirrs when nervous

she makes tiny whirring sounds when shes nervous, and then louder ones when shes excited about something

she would make cute lil sounds about everything emotion related and it would be adorable <3


(CHINESE) The “Annoying Girls” visit the Rayark Concept Store and explore every area: Mandora, Implosion, Sdorica, Cytus, Soul of Eden, Deemo, and the VOEZ Café.

Studio with ghost chair. The hollow men. The beauty of a tin can. I’m listening to Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi and feeling like I am all implosion. Collapse. The marching of feet towards fascism. How can I not be part of my time. It leaks into the studio. One minute violence. One minute of optimism. Five seconds of love. I keep painting. Even if I feel like my voice thinned.

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Riarkle fans are fucking delusional especially...

Those that go to tapings. What the fuck? There was no Riarkle in Girl Meets Goodbye. No subtext. Nothing. Smarkle is alive and well. Farkle and Smackle are end game. You all were saying he’d explode and he didn’t. Now you all are changing your stories and saying it was an implosion.

You know who you are. The Owl Detective and a few others who go to tapings. The girl I know who goes to tapings Nina tells what really happens. What’s shown on screen. She doesn’t make things up like you dumbasses.