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My brother and I… had to scrounge for food, steal, loot, anything to survive. But everywhere we scavenged was being picked over by other orphans. Then one day, we scouted a military warehouse, just like this one. Taking a little at a time and going one by one, to avoid detection. And that day… it was my turn.

“Aunt Deb and her partner” did this show seriously just imply Steven has a lesbian aunt, because she needs to become a character on the show asap.

cis lesbian & gay people dnt have privilege over cis bi/pan ppl bc their sexuality is what theyre oppressed for & monosexual privilege isnt a thing & will never be a thing. implying gay/lesbian people are more biphobic than straight people is rooted in homophobia. cis gay/lesbian people have privilege over trans people BECAUSE THEY ARE CIS & not because of their sexuality. implying cis gay/lesbian people are more transphobic than cishets is also homophobic.

you can talk abt biphobia & transphobia in the community without being unnecessarily homophobic & implying cis gay/lesbians arent oppressed anymore/have privilege because of their sexuality

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(I’m lazy so I just combined a bunch of the days into one,,, the day one is implied,,,)
they’re talking about their species n crap, also I feel like if calliope found out about stickers she’d put them all over her face

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I may not understand much about this now, but you're being really ridiculous. It's pretty much annoying everyone here, and Mark isn't that type of person. Yes, yes, Pewds made a mistake with the Nazi video and we didn't approve of it, but you're kinda overreacting. Markiplier never dehumanizes anyone, he never did that at all. Now, can you at least do everyone a favor and stop?

“Markiplier never dehumanizes anyone” and yet he did.

he and his friends dehumanized lesbians by implying we are inherently sexual. their first thought when they heard “lesbian” was porn, and that is dehumanizing.

you are right about one ting though. you don’t understand much about this.

There are literally people who had no problem reblogging block lists that listed “TERF lesbians”’ urls next to neo-Nazi blogs, now acting shocked and disgusted about Heather Hogan comparing TERF lesbians to neo-Nazis.
How could someone imply that lesbians are as bad as Nazis! What could have possibly given them the impression that this was okay! I have never contributed to this in any way, though it feels good to virtue-signal by reblogging a “Nazis, terfs and other horrible people” block list every now and then”

The hypocrisy and/or cognitive dissonance displayed by all these different factions of progressive lesbophobes with their faux outrage like “Noooo you’re not hating lesbians the right way! Let me show you! You can compare lesbians to Nazis but not like that!” is completely exhausting.

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You can save your tumblr drivel for yourself and your lesbian followers. I'm bi, BTW, and I can see chemistry between Jessica Jones (white) and Mike Colter (black). So you can shove that drivel up your ass, where it belongs. I sleep with men and women and my perception of Kara/James' chemistry is there is none. Same as the showrunners, clearly. As I suspected, you're an utter fucking asshole in love with your own imagined victimization and you use it to shield the shit you like from scrutiny.

LMAO OKAY, just a few things here:

- “you can save your tumblr drivel for yourself and your lesbian followers”

I don’t know what my followers have to do with this or why you’re implying that my lesbian followers are more inclined to buy my “drivel”, but the implication that my followers (any of them, but that you specifically decided to call out the ones that happen to be lesbians is fucking gross) are anything less than intelligent and wonderful human being fully capable of forming their own opinions? not a fan of like. any of it.

- did you just throw out the “I’m not racist I ship an interracial couple” line? anywáys.

- “you’re an utter fucking asshole”


- “imagined victimization”

see, here’s the thing. racism has never been and will never be imagined, and that you suppose a woman of color speaking up on the ways in which racism has affected the media she consumes is moreso a part of trying to make herself sound like a victim than it is her bringing attention to things fandoms hate to acknowledge? qwhite interesting.

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Re: straight people who ask how lesbians have sex. Sex ed focuses on straight sex. No one tells you anything about lesbian sex. Most lesbian porn fetishizes it for men, doesn't focus on female pleasure during sex. Some people ask to imply that lesbian sex isn't real without penetration by a dick, but most people are just curious. Even some lesbians don't know how lesbians have sex and have to learn from fanfic. queergirlwriting demystifies f/f sex, but a lot of lesbians shut down the discussion.

i’m telling ya, most of the stuff i know about (cis) lesbian sex is all from fanfiction. which, yeah, sounds lame, but most of the people who write wlw are wlw themselves, so the people who are inexperienced are still learning from people who are experienced, just in an unconventional manner. i can’t imagine the shit mlm have to go through. fanfiction for them is about as helpful as porn because of how [mostly straight] women fetishize them.

and are people shutting down discussions of how lesbians have sex? that’s kinda sad. i’ve never seen it happen, but i believe you.