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Can you pls simplify the post you just made... I have no idea what it says or what it means for Zoos😊 sorry to bother, and thanks!

I did promise to put tl;drs on posts and forgot on the one about the HSUS keynote at AZA, so yes, of course.

Tl;dr: Brand new AZA president invites long time sportsball buddy animal rights organization CEO to talk at the biggest zoo conference in the United States. Zoo people have questions, zoo trade group says nothing to answer them, tells people to just wait and see.

At conference, animal rights CEO does not actually talk about what he’s supposed to (animal welfare) and instead lists off a bunch of things his organization is attacking and then tells the zoo conference attendees that if they’re actually animal welfare experts they need to cannibalize the rest of the zoo industry (implied: maybe if they don’t they’re not experts and will get attacked too). Totally doesn’t acknowledge that he’s telling people to attack peers, mentors, collaborators, people helping attendees of the conference with hurricane response, and even other attendees of the conference. CEO leaves and writes an even more aggressive blog post about how much the whole room loved him and what the future will be. AZA continues to say nothing and lets him control the narrative even though a non-trivial number of conference attendees were really upset by the speech.

What it means for zoos? Politics and posturing just got very real, and the professionals who actually know what helps animals don’t really seem to have a say in the choices the trade organization that is supposed to advocate for them is making. A lot of people are very upset and there’s a lot of unknowns about if zoos are going to be expected to start attacking each other to avoid being targeted by animal rights groups themselves.

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since ur a sci-fi nerd then what are your thoughts on lance's clothes compared to the other paladins?? like, they're the most normal (contemporary) looking out of them all

oh man I saw the first words of this ask and I thought I was gonna get to break out my sliderule and talk about the inverse-square law, but clothes are cool too.

So clothes and garments can have really cool implications on society and reveal a lot about the structure itself. One of my favorite sci-fi novels, The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu, whom I have had the honor of meeting, explores an east Asia where the silk trade never died and became the most dominant natural resource. I mean, the book’s not about that but it’s an interesting and important point. You should read it.

We don’t actually know a lot about team Voltron’s clothes except the style. What are they made of? Synthetic or natural fiber? Waterproof or not? Made by machines or people? All of those would be really interesting questions to ask, because the answers would reveal a lot about the society on Earth. A synthetic fiber would imply a more industrialized future. We’re all about innovation, creation, inventing new things. But a natural fiber? Interesting. Maybe we’re more environmentally aware? Thinking of the consequences of manufacturing those synthetic garments? That’s got a very solarpunk feel to it that I am enjoying. How common are what each of them are wearing?

Again, do we have robots that do everything like in our typical depictions of the future? Or have we scaled back the use of technology in order to maintain prosperity for all? Are natural clothes cheaper or more expensive than synthetic? So many questions and things to ponder.

But sadly, Voltron is supremely underdeveloped world-building wise and it’s such a shame. There’s so much potential there, but a lot of it is wasted. True science fiction would ask all of these questions and attempt to answer them. That’s what I love about science fiction (side note: having something set in space does not make it science fiction. Science fiction is a subgenre of fantasy, and to qualify the piece of fiction has to be scientifically plausible. Voltron is pure fantasy, no science fiction)

Anyway, I digress. We only have style to judge by. 

Coran and Allura aside (I know they were paying homage to the original series but couldn’t they have gotten a bit more creative with their clothing designs??) everyone else seems to be in casual wear. What I get from this is: fanny packs are back in style baby. Also it looks like Keith, Hunk, Pidge and maybe Shiro all have shoes without laces on them. Either a velcro latch or buckle of some kind. Lance’s shoes look like traditional sneakers so that’s something.

Lance is the only one wearing jeans. Unless Keith is wearing black skinny jeans (honestly, he’s emo enough to do it in the desert) then that says something too. But the thing is, we don’t know what. Is denim a premium, expensive product, or something cheap and shoddy and out of style? Who knows? Not Voltron. 

Ok.. but like… real talk tho

I keep seeing people commenting on how much RDJ is in the Spider-Man trailer, but let’s be real here… unlike Civil War, Spider-Man Homecoming’s plot probably doesn’t rely on Iron Man being heavily involved, but people are still saying that “Iron Man is going to steal Spider-Man’s movie, just like he stole Captain America’s movie!” Some are even going as far to call it Iron Man 4 ft. Spider-Man.

But let’s be real here, guys. Much as I would love a movie that’s just Peter and Tony being awesome together, I bet you anything they put most of the scenes that RDJ is in in the trailer to get more interest in the movie, and he probably won’t be in it as much as the trailer implies. The industry knows that some people are wary of another Spider-Man series. And Tumblr may not like to acknowledge this, but Iron Man is a huge driving force of the MCU, and Sony and Marvel are probably banking on Iron Man being in the trailer to bring in people who otherwise may not be interested.

Unfortunately, I doubt he’ll actually be super involved as the trailer implies. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.

Original commentary follows:


So when I was reading the previews for Sonic 168, I found that in the back story Sonic is apparently going to say something that could jeopardize Bunnie and Antoine’s newly restored relationship. Interesting, because Bunnie and Antoine haven’t been prominent figures for some time now (In fact, didn’t they get MORE screentime when they were broken up and Bunnie was hitting on Sonic?), and I cannot honestly think of anything Sonic could say that would be worse than this.

And when 168 rolled around we realized that marketing teasers are pure, pure evil. The clickbait of the comic publishing industry. Implying relationship drama when all Ian was doing was making a poignant story about losing a parent in dedication to his late mother.

Not sure if we ever made jokes about unreleased stories after that. At least the joke works stripped of that context, so let’s just pretend there is no connnection.

Slip of the Tongue was originally published on 13-10-2006.

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Okay, people may call me crazy but it's just a theory. Remember those photos from MAMA 2015 in which Jongin is holding Kyungsoo's waist? (I actually had this theory even before you made that compilation with kaisoo photos taken my media) What if someone from newspaper though it was kinda weird? And so they decided to look into it? And they found proofs? (Maybe took photos of them even tho I know it's not very likely) And so they wrote that thing about same-sex same-group couple and they (1)

called to SM to say “Hey bro, you know what? You’re in pretty deep sh*t right now” and since the whole post was already released they couldn’t take it down and SM started to sweat. They had to react quickly so they brought KxK sooner than they wanted. (2)

For me, this is actually possible, but since im delu my opinion doesn’t matter.

It’s not like my theories are backed up by facts / shit that does exist / has happened… like for ex; that 2012 post that predicts shit correctly or the pict/fancam of kadi looking hella odd and sad and almost burst into tears when the news were out during lotte secret night. 

My words/opinions are not credible bc im a ghei couple shipper. 

What am i doing here right now is a huge blasphemy. 

it’s a wrongdoing to have a strong assumption about this DP thing being fake shit to gain publicity. 

SM+DP words are the truth, those statements and confirmation share the similar stratum as the 10 commandments that Moses had gotten from God in Mount Sinai. (religious ppl pls dont get offended)

Big companies can’t lie. They don’t use media play. Everything is a coincidence.  

Im a sinner here, we are all, for not believing in SM and DP, and choosing to believe in our ghei otp instead. 

anyway shit is gonna get so fucking delu, so prepare ur wine or if u r underage, prepare the orange juice ur mom has bought and stored in the fridge and pls do enjoy my delusion. 


All those things aside IF it was indeed like that, i dont think that somebody called SM (saying, ‘yo u r in big shit now cuz we have proofs’)

i think SM just knew. 

I mean they [SM] have lots of connections everywhere and keeping tabs on their target audiences (meaning us – the fans – and k-media outlets), isn’t that hard. 

I’m not saying that they have full control of their target audiences bc obv it’s impossible, 

They can influence us by directing us into certain drift with their statements, photos etc, but they can’t control us–the mass, they can’ t control the shit we would say/post 

if they could, there wouldn’t be any ‘dangerous/name-ruiner’ photoshopped pictures in the first place and there wouldnt be any delu ppl making theories lol

Im sure that they have known already about our delu assumptions (of the couple being legit) since a long time ago

And thus i think they have known that few of k-media outlets also have the same assumption 

(bc believe me gurl/boii, it is not only us [int'l. fans] who have the assumption of kadi being legit, k-fans too, including those who work in media

tbh its kinda pompous to think that kfans dont see the same shit that we see [about kadi]… 

i mean, we get info from them… how could someone think kfans dont see it as well?)

Perhaps somehow they’ve [sm] sensed the k-media outlets were onto the accused pairing [kadi] during these recent months (cuz dem kadi x k-media pictures were booming)

Then suddenly the rumor about ‘same sex couple dating in the same group’ was blasting out in twitter (internationally – cuz it was in engliseu) a month ago (march 2016)  

The rumor could make them [sm] being extra cautious on ‘guarding/hiding’ this couple

According to another ‘conspiracy theory’ lol the ‘gay couple’ rumor came out in s.korea in sept 2015…  2(?) days before exo went to fiji for vacation 

idk if this shit is true, altho the sudden vacation is kinda weird imo – 

bc wasn’t exo busy about LMR japan debut at that time? why the sudden vacation? 

and at that time d.o x irene got rumored together just bc d.o helped her lmao

If you see the comments on the rumor page on twitter [i dont have the link, sorry], 

ppl were being hushed2, saying things like… “ah, i think i know who..” or “i have two people in mind" 

and those kinda comments got replied like this “then keep it to yourself, don’t mention their name..”

Nobody mentioned kadi, for real, no one mentioned them (i fucking scrolled to the bottom), 

but the comments did mention other couples, yet those ‘i think i know who but i aint gonna tell’ comments got the highest vote. 

[i voted those comments too bc i thought they were talking about kadi lol, somehow those comments seemed to be very discreet and they reminded me of the couple – bc the couple is subtle and known as backstage couple] 

And for me, it’s quite weird… bc our fandom is big, right? (I was expecting to see ‘kaisoo’ being written there, but nope.) 

kadi at that time was considered the last otp that SM hadn’t ruined…yet. gdi SM u had one job

in other platforms such as tumblr, YT, twitter ppl were preaching how fucking real the pairing is, and how they can’t wait for them [kadi] to get married etc

but when that rumor came out, NOBODY mentioned their name on the comment section of the rumor 

and it was quite bizarre for me. but im delu…so.. hahahaha. 

the rumor was also stated along with these sentences; 

“The same sex couple that they will be revealing are two members in the same group and are trending idols that are expected to cause a ripple in the industry.” 

It implies that the group is big, powerful and famous enough to cause such reaction in the industry, and i think we all know which group is the “babe” in kpop/hallyu world right now

“The outlet is currently preparing for the inevitable lawsuit that will result from the report.“ 

This implies that these people aren’t afraid, they have nothing to lose. They know they have solid proof thus the lawsuit would be futile –  

Im guessing that the company of these idols would sue the media outlet bc the reporters have ‘tainted’ the idols name for ‘spreading false info’,

but the media outlet prob would counter back with ‘well we have solid proof so it ain’t false, we only state the truth, we ain’t defiling anyone’s name here, we only share the truth to public’ bc they’re assholes

about the 'solid proof’ tho…

idk if it would be indeed something the media outlets have taken by themselves 

or something that they have taken from fans… you know, those moments we share to each other online

i mean, they’re media outlets, they’re legit journalist. 

some ppl still believe those photoshopped pictures and those shit dont have credible sources

if a legit media outlet does make a news about kaisoo they don’t have to use something strong imo (like legit kissing picts?)

they could’ve just put kadi moments (like that eskimo kiss, the kisspering pict etc), then add words about kadi being legit, put their company logo and ppl would def buy it.

they buy DP shit. why would it be any different with other k-media outlet?

What im trying to emphasize here it is not necessarily has to be a blackmail (some shady ppl called the-equally-shady-SM to get money[?]), bc it seems lots of ppl assuming it this way. i was too but then i changed my assumption.

SM perhaps has known already about it [the gay rumor] from little birdies who told them 

they have ppl who monitor fans reaction, what the fans would like, will this concept work, what kind of style members should wear next time, what is 'in’ right now, etc

This gay couple rumor might be only empty words.  It might be untrue, but it was/is still nerve wrecking.


Because the rumor implies that the media outlets aren’t afraid, we can feel that they don’t give a shit about what would happen next through their words. 

They are indirectly threatening (the idols and the company) with their words. 

Something had to be done in case the rumor comes true. 

Thus perhaps bc of those things above they [sm] decided to take an action 

which is fast-forwarding the 'couple’ to be outed in April, not in June, like the Pann post have stated. 

That’s why unlike BY who had quite few of 'clues’ (like IG posts) KxK couple only has a minimum amount of it

Krys uploaded 1 pict when she was presumably shooting her drama. 5 days before the news. 

Why? Why she did that when she was busy? Why not right after she took the pict? Did she even take the picture? 

Would it be possible someone else did and then later on sent it to her and told her to upload it? 

Bc i still dont understand why she uploaded it at that day – when she was busy filming. 

Also, why they went out at 17 Feb (when DP took picts)? 

Kai had a flight to US on the next day 18 Feb and at that time Gaon chart award happened.

Gaon award started at 7 PM KST time, means the show must be held until late at night.

Why went out at such late time even tho tomorrow he had to take a flight?

Taking a long flight is fucking tiring – i couldnt even stan 2 hours flight (jetlag etc)

also idk if u notice it, but kai’s face looked sour on DP picts… he didn’t smile in any of those pictures

and then later on ppl uploaded KxK photoshopped pictures inside the pool

Why? Ppl said it was anti-fans who did it But is it really? 

Those pictures than 'backed up’ by a screenshot  text that belong to 'the hotel’s staff’

The timing was too precise… The picture got posted soon after the news came out

Why such pictures?

Let’s be real here, BY couple had faced lots of shit than KxK does rn

But no one never made such pict of them doing that kinda thing before (as far as i know ppl only photshopped pictures of them going out on date)

Why these photosopper want to make Kai looks like “the dude who did sexual thing with his girlfriend inside the swimming pool”

Why they also made a rumor about them living together ?

They didnt do this shit with BY even tho BY couple faced worst of it. (ppl booed at baek during live show, tae apologized to fans in the airport)

Why they go this far to show us that “kai exo isnt interested in dude –kyungsoo– bc the fake shit he had 'done’ implies he prefers chicks”

and the weird thing is… lots of fans have thought that kai was into dudes before this… 

even there’s a post about exo sexuality analysis that was made by a gay man, he basically said kai was relatable bc kai’s shy demeanor reminds him of his younger self. (and he noted that kai and kyungsoo probably have something going on even though he wasn’t kadi shippers)

lots of ppl also have claimed that kai has 'pinged’ them as gay, especially when he’s with kyungsoo but then this shit happened and some fans immediately say things like 'get over it ppl he’s straight' 

also this is prob just me but the photoshoped picts of them in pool and him smoking make him look ‘though’ now (he used to be seen as the cute/shy boy nini right? but those picts make him legit look like ‘kai’), 

kai is now your typical korean dude who’s into pretty chick and smokes thanks to those photoshopped pictures

but is he really?

ofc this is just IF, mkay? im delu. dont believe my words.

Besides the Pann post might be not true–but we’ll see about that soon i suppose.  

TL;DR: i agree with u but i dont think somebody called SM, i think SM knew/sniffed about the gay news, got worried, then they went ‘let’s rush outing our fabricated couple that was supposed to be outed in june’

sorry for bad engliseu, remember, im delu so my words aren’t credible

i reread this shit and holy fuck i sound so delu… but hey i dont give a shit lol it’s not like i know those bitches who judging me irl, they’re strangers anyway. 


Things that are antisemitic

This is not an exhaustive list, but merely one to give a general shape to the discourse. I use antisemitic here to mean both “discriminatory against Jews” and also “broadly offensive to most Jews.”

* Implying or stating that Jews are not human, less human, or inherently evil

* Implying or stating that Jews view themselves as superior to non-Jews

* Implying or stating that Jews are inherently greedy, or inherently tight-fisted

* Implying or stating that Jews drink blood or use blood for ritual purposes, especially human blood

* Implying or stating that Jews control any country other than Israel, the media, or the entertainment industry

* Implying or stating that Jews are not an ethnoreligious group with its origins in the Levant–this includes both “it’s just a religion!” and various permutations on the Khazar theory and others

* Denying the existence of non-Ashkenazi/ non-European Jews, or using the word “Jews” in a way that makes it clear you’re referring solely to white people

* Implying or stating that the Holocaust/Shoah did not happen, that the amount of people killed was exaggerated, or that the Jews actually caused the Holocaust/Shoah

* Implying or stating that the Holocaust/Shoah was the only major attempt by non-Jews to commit genocide against the Jews in history

* Implying or stating that Jews should have “learned” from the Holocaust/Shoah

* Attempting to redefine antisemitism so that the statement you just made is not antisemitic

* Stating any of the above, but replacing “Jews” with “Zionists,” “Israelis,” or “Israel”

If anyone else would like to add anything on, be my guest

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There is literally two reasons that I don't think Civil War will happen: 1). Seven heroes does not a Civil war make. 2). Tony Stark is against the government in MCU unlike the comic and probably wouldn't side with them?

bro, i don’t know shit about the comics, so when i talk about civil war happening all i mean is that i hope there will be government action against the superheroes happening.

like, i understand the whole thing is apparently an incredibly out of character clusterfuck that happened for emotional impact? that’s literally all i know, besides the thing about the registration act. mostly because i think it’s inevitable at this point? seven superheroes is one thing but if you look at the damage they’ve done; it’s not about how many there are, it’s about what kind of power or what kind of influence and damage they’ve exerted on the rest of the world. so if we do a count down:

  • tony stark - backed out a major military contract (and it’s highly implied that like, hammer industries is super shit and now hammer’s gone so the u.s military is going to the third whatever industry), had a personal grudge come find him in a CROWDED RACETRACK and attacked the stark world fair (like, how many people do you think died in im2?)
  • thor - oh my GOD, just disregarding the new mexico fiasco in and of itself (in which an entire town was destroyed) you’ve got the shit going down in london, and the fact that im pretty sure one of those things from jotunheim is still there???? besides the actual material damage, there is also the fact that earth now knows there is a highly militarised alien planet that has IMMEDIATE MEANS OF TRAVELLING TO EARTH with ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY who have already come down to attack earth ONCE and the second time pretty much threw off the earth’s entire exoskeleton, and tried to like, reverse the big bang or something??? i know it’s not thor, but you understand that the government would see it that way. if we conceive the war on terror for 9/11, what the hell are we going to do for this?
  • natasha romanoff and steve rogers - pretty much destroyed the entirety of the u.s.’s intelligence system. was the intelligence system rotten? yes. was it directing them towards war? yes. BUT. it also pretty much put all of the u.s.’s military intelligence up on the internet, probably caused huge security breaches, caused - probably - huge splits in the government; because if stern was hydra who else will be? it is also likely that natasha romanoff is a russian defector and her work with the kgb is not going to be looked at favourably by everyone, steve was - and is - a fugitive probably now and refused to show up for the congressional hearing. everything that shield has done and kept from the government and people are now on the internet. transparency is high, but you know what’s low right now? public opinion. post avengers the public opinion might be okay - though questions are already being asked - but now? with all of this destruction showing that it’s not a once off occurence, that theyve been keeping secrets and that shield itself is corrupt? do you really think that anyone will stay on their side when steve fucking rogers refuses to show up to answer for his actions? and sends natahsa in his place? that’s… that’s borderline contempt.
  • bruce banner - broke??? harlem????

there will be public outrage, there will be lashback. as badass as natasha’s final scene in the meeting was, the lack of accountability is a serious issue that has to be addressed. you cannot jail them. you cannot put them out of commission, but that does not mean you cannot make them answer for their actions. even if it s a logical thing to put them above the law, the people would not like that. there will be backlash - there HAS to be, for this world to make any sense.

anyway, the tags on that post - ‘you know where to find me’ is almost a word for word rehash of tony’s ‘privatising world peace’. this cannot last and the center cannot hold. there has to be government action, and no, the superheroes might not split down the middle - but they’re not a team yet? i dont know where this idea of them being domestic and fluffy in avengers tower comes from; or even the idea that there WOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE AN AVENGERS TOWER, but most of them are not friends with each other. they might bond through being hunted down individually by the government, but the point of the matter is that right now, they have very powerful, institutionalized enemies. who, like yeah, kind of have a good reason to be pissed.

Which Ship Will Be Canon: Korrasami vs. Makorra

Beware of Spoilers. And be aware that I am a heavy Korrasami shipper and a light Makorra shipper, so I’ll try to remain objective.

I. Let’s have a rundown of all the moments (strictly in season 4) that both ships have had.

Episode 1:

1. Korrasami

  • Asami perks up when Mako tells her Korra will be returning, has a tender look in her eye. 

2. Makorra

  • Mako seems equally enthusiastic about Korra’s return.

Episode 2:

1. Korrasami

  • Asami tells Korra she would go to the Southern Water Tribe to help comfort her. This is important. Since we know Korra’s been recieving letter for two years without a reply, that means the one we’re read is probably the first. In that letter we’re told Asami landed a huge deal for Future Industries.  Implying that the deal may not have happened without Asami. Think about that. For so long Asami’s been working to get her company out of the ashes, get it back from Varrick, and broke down when she thought it was finished. Yet when Korra is hurting, Asami is willing to throw it all away for her.
  • Asami tells Korra that she misses her and that Republic City isn’t the same without her. 
  • Korra only writes back to Asami. She tells her not to tell Mako or Bolin that she didn’t write to them because they wouldn’t understand. (Keep that in mind, it will be important later).

2. Makorra

  • Mako writes her a letter, though he doesn’t say that he misses her. Hell, Bolin’s letter was more intimate by comparison.

Episode 5

1. Korrasami

  • When in distress, of all places, Asami goes to Avatar Korra park.

Episode 7

1. Korrasami

  • Asami is the first person Korra goes to during the dinner
  • Their hug is very intimate (I will analyze the hugs later)
  • After the hug, they continue to hold each other for 3 seconds
  • After Asami’s compliment, Korra blushes (either while getting the compliment or giving her’s). Still it’s a blush, and if you remember my blush analysis it’s romantic.
  • Korra and Asami are perfectly in sync, while Mako questions her.
  • Asami never questions Korra, while Mako does.
  • During Korra and Asami’s fight, Korra backs off, while she gets angrier at Mako.
  • When Mako asks Korra why she didn’t write to him or Bolin, she says “I guess I just didn’t know what to say." Here’s the thing. In episode 2, she tells Asami "I don’t think they would understand”. She knew what she had to say. Indicating that she’s lying to spare his and Bolin’s feelings.
  • Korra grabs Asami’s waist during the jump. YMMV on that one, but I’m putting in everything I can think of.
  • During the team hug, Korra is clearly hugging Asami more, and uses her Mako hand to push Wu away.
  • Korra helps Asami on the train, but not Mako

2. Makorra

  • They hug, though compared to Asami’s it’s pretty platonic
  • Korra gives him a look, and it looks kinda like bedroom eyes.

Episode 8:

1. Korrasami

  • Asami gets tea for Korra
  • Korra calls Asami sweet in a tender voice
  • Asami notices something it wrong right away

2. Makorra

  • Says Korra inspires him. However in context it really is just how she inspires him to think of others before him. But hey, maybe it’s development.
  • Recognizes that his past relationships were bad. The only reason I put this is because some Makorra shippers were saying this means he’ll try harder. Idk about you, but usually in this kind of scenario I wouldn’t say he wants to try again. Not to mention he says they defeated Zaheer as friends, which means all off those supposed Makorra moments are not Makorra in season 3.

Episode 9: 

1. Korrasami

  • Of all the scenes from Reunion, they choose the Korrasami hug. I was genuinely suprised by that. Why use that hug when you have a Team Avatar hug.
  • To further my suprise, after I went on Tumblr I saw that the hug was touched up and looks more intimate, with Korra’s full body against Asami and her fingers running through her hair. I can’t really imagine why they would do this unless it was intentional. Firstly they say no to a TA hug, then they….make a mistake and choose the wrong one. Sorry I don’t buy that.

2. Makorra

  • Says he is here for her. In context however, it doesn’t seem really intimate. In that moment, Mako was just the only person there.
  • Keep in mind this was the big Makorra trip that would change everything, and all we get is Mako saying he’s here.

Episode 10:

1. Korrasami

  • Korra and Asami are in perfect sync while looking at Varrick

2. Makorra

  • When Wu says he did what he did to get with Korra, Mako says, “You always have to ruin it.” Again though, in context, he’s clearly talking about Wu’s kingly duties.

II. So let’s tally up the points

Korrasami: 18

Makorra: 5

Even when I give Makorra scenes the benifit of the doubt and negate some Korrasami scenes, Korrasami has had 3 times as many moments this season alone.

III. Now let’s look at the hugs

Episode 7’s hug

Episode 9’s hug:

As you can see, the bottom one is clearly more intimate, and unless I am totally wrong, it was intentional. Now let’s analyze what this could mean compared to other hugs.

1. The Platonic Hug

There is space between their thighs while both are standing

2. The Romantic Hug

External image

No space between thighs while both are standing

With this, we have defined two distinct hugs, romantic and platonic

So in episode 7 we get:


Notice something. The roles are reversed. Mako and Korra are sharing a platonic hug while Asami and Korra share a romantic one. Even when looking at this in a sociological perspective you can usually tell to people are involved when their “stuff” is touching.

IV. Final Statements

  • Korrasami has had 3 times as many moments this season as Makorra (even when I’m being generous to Makorra and negating some Korrasami).
  • The Korrasami hug is definitely romantic while the Makorra one is platonic. We can see this sociologically as well as how the show portrays the two hugs.
  • If any ship is going to be canon, it is Korrasami

As always, who knows, Bryke could prove me wrong tomorrow.

tony’s billing disputes with the cable company often escalated in spectacular fashion.

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What do you believe are asami's flaws as a person, and why?

Asami’s flaws?  Let’s see…

I think she can be very single-minded, to the point that she sometimes loses sight of whether her actions are reasonable.

No one really notices the parallel between her and Hiroshi in Endgame because they’re obviously on different sides, but I feel like that says a lot about where she could go wrong – she’s able to hold back instead of trying to kill him the way he tries to kill her, but she has to hold back.  As soon as he became a villain, she completely disowned him and never looked back or tried to convince him to redeem herself.  She was convinced that her mother would have hated Hiroshi for what he did, and she acted accordingly.  Even in Book 2, she fails to do things she really ought to do for her friends because she can’t bear to think about him.

Likewise, her handling of the Future Industries situation implies that she’s so focused on ends that she doesn’t always consider the means.  She doesn’t think twice about becoming an arms dealer or signing a controlling share of her company to Varrick if that’s the only way she knows of to save it, and that ends up backfiring because Varrick is good at taking advantage of people who are desperate to get what they want.

Her other flaw, I think, is that she’s inclined to seek stability whether it’s a good idea or not.  With Mako, for instance, she never tries to break the relationship off even though she knows that Mako has feelings for Korra.  Later, in Book 2, she doesn’t really consider the consequences of her actions in going after him because she’s too busy trying to regain some semblance of stability in her life.  She seems to feel drawn to the idea of having a guy to lean on when things aren’t going well, and it doesn’t really serve her very well as far as her shipping prospects are concerned.

The first one is the more interesting one, I think, because it’s completely tangential to the romance plot.  I’d like to see more of that side of her – the girl who is willing to do stupid and/or morally-ambiguous things in order to preserve something she values and keep the bad guys at bay.