implicit racial bias

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Hiya! 👋 is it true that all human beings are prejudice based on race, regardless of if that is subconsciously or consciously?

Not necessarily. Race does not exist and function in the same way in other cultures as it does in the U.S. In certain areas of the world (e.g., some Asian, African, and Northern European countries) there is very little racial diversity. Thus, there is very little basis within those countries for racial bias. These types of countries, however, will often develop bias based upon tribe, caste, family, clan, religion and other factors. But even these biases tend to be learned. As a researcher, I have not seen a body of compelling evidence that suggests racial prejudice is genetically based such that all human beings have it. According to cultural anthropologists and historians, the concept of race as a basis of difference and discrimination is only six to seven hundred years old. Prior to that, nationality, religion, and the other aforementioned groups tended to separate groups.

I don’t think that has actually been proven.  For example, someone who is blind might not be as aware of race as someone who is sighted.  Researchers do have general consensus that everyone is biased in some way - whether that is gender, race, political affiliation, religion, or other things that aren’t typically called out for bias like what sports team someone follows or what clothes someone wears.  It’s important to remember that every decision we make is influenced in some way by a detail that might not be totally relevant to the situation at hand. 

  • Melissa Harris-Perry: And yet, one of the things we know, Kai, about that belief is that that belief is also a racialized one. It is not a race-neutral belief, that implicit- so we're not even talking about explicit racism- but just implicit racial bias leads, often, officers to believe that a black person, particularly a black man, is more threatening than they in fact are.
  • Kai Wright: Sure. And so that implicit bias that just exists is doubled down by a system, by a larger policing apparatus, that says, 'Be in these areas; be in these neighborhoods; be in these places in an aggressive way.' ... We only have these conversations where there is a dead body, but there are SO many things that precede that. There are so many forms of policing that precede that that create these hostile environments that allow implicit biases to scale up.

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Definitely not trying to cause controversy or arugue, just curious, why don't you like Cresswell?

you did…….not ask for an essay lmao i apologize

1. the age gap bothers me to a great extent. the thing about age gaps is that they’re not really so much about age but rather power differences. which is why a four year gap doesnt matter so much between twenty year olds as it does between teenagers. so the fact that cress is 16 and thorne is 20 creates an incredibly unhealthy power gap between the two, because she is a minor and he is an adult. i realize that age of consent laws may not apply or exist in the same way in this universe, but speaking as a 25 year old? thats a really large power gap in terms of brain development and maturity. all the “mature for her ages” in the world won’t make that age gap healthy.

i realize that wolflet has a larger age gap, but the power difference is actually smaller because scarlet is not a minor. i still don’t love that age gap, but i recognize that the power gap is smaller due to scarlet not being a minor, and honestly the two years of brain development that happen between 16 and 18 make a huge difference in terms of maturity and power distance.

this age gap/power distance conversation is more difficult to recognize the younger someone is. full disclosure, i was in a large power/age gap relationship when i was 16 that was abusive - the fact of the matter is that 20+ year olds don’t want to date teenagers. there is a power gap that is suddenly easily recognized when you are in your 20s, and you realize that the only reason someone that age would date a teenager is because of the opportunity for power and control. this is part of the reason why i, a 25 year old, don’t engage with this fandom on a direct and regular basis. this is an extremely young fandom. i have no place here, other than that of reblogging and occasional content creation. its not my space.

i honestly find it incredibly irresponsible of marissa meyer to have written the cresswell/wolflet age gaps. if you, an adult, are writing content with a target audience of teenagers, you have a responsibility to make your content appropriate for that age. most ya fiction feels the need to include these age gaps, teaching teenagers that they can love and be loved by adults and that there’s nothing unhealthy about it. this is a huge part of why i ended up in the relationship i did - fiction had an influence on 16 year old me, and i genuinely thought that those age gaps i read in fiction were healthy and okay. fun fact: they arent. and ya authors need to start taking more responsibility in what they’re writing if they’re going to market to teenagers.

i have no problem with her crush on thorne. that is normal and healthy and perfectly reasonable for a 16 year old. but thorne’s reciprocation is irresponsible at best because he is the one with the power in this situation.

2. i honestly don’t care about white ships anymore. i just don’t have the energy. there are three canon interracial ships in this series, and yet cr*sswell gets all the attention? while i don’t think this is a product of outright racism, i do think that its a result of implicit racial bias - in that our society is trained to see white as the default, and thus the most relatable. its easy to ship two white people because you can relate to them. i’m asian american, and i’m tired of having to relate to white ships.

i wouldnt mind them so much if not for the age gap, it would be more apathetic indifference than anything. but because of that power gap, i can’t stomach them one bit. its irresponsible writing, and its unnecessary. i love both characters with everything in me - cress is brilliant and strong and capable, thorne is loyal and hilarious and resourceful - but i just want nothing to do with them as a couple.


Someone explain to me what body cams are actually supposed to do. Please. Because I really don’t get it. I am crying while I type this because it just seems like….uhhhh!
Seriously. Explain it to me.

Are they supposed eliminate racist cops?
Cuz clearly thats not working.

Are they supposed to deter cops from acting on their racial implicit bias against POC?
Cuz clearly that is not working.

Or are they just there for us to watch everything unfold so that officer(s) can be charged?

We’re just getting front row seats to the murders of our sisters and brothers. And to actually say, “fuck your breath” to a dying man who was “supposedly” shot “by accident”….nah, that’s a message. Clear cut.
Fuck your badge!

More troubling is Wilson’s physical description of Brown, which sits flush with a century of stereotypes and a bundle of recent research on implicit bias and racial perceptions of pain. In so many words, Wilson describes the “black brute,” a stock figure of white supremacist rhetoric in the lynching era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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"framing Obama as a racial pioneer elicits group threat reactions among Whites with low internal motivation to respond without prejudice" Skinner, A. L., & Cheadle, J. E. (2016). The “Obama effect”? Priming contemporary racial milestones increases implicit racial bias among Whites. Social Cognition, 34(6), 544-558.

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