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This is why I’ve been so confused and frustrated by the repeated reports of the behavior of the US government. When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we’re protecting you against criminals, not our own government.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on his phone call with President Obama regarding reports that the NSA has impersonated Facebook to infect target’s computers with malware.

If we behaved like our government we would be thrown in jail for the duration of our lives.

NSA denies report it impersonated Facebook to deliver spy malware

NBC NewsThe National Security Agency denied a report by The Intercept that it is impersonating Facebook’s servers to infect targets’ computers with malware. 

The Intercept’s report cited documents previously provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The NSA said it was not “impersonating U.S. social media” or other “U.S. company websites.” The agency added that it does not “target any user of global Internet services without appropriate legal authority.”

The report prompted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to announce he called President Barack Obama this week to express his “frustration over the damage the government is creating for all of our future.”

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Photo: A man is silhouetted against a video screen with a Facebook logo. (Dado Ruvic / Reuters file)