@ Harvest King

*stares, for a moment too dazzled to connect her thoughts coherently. When she finally snaps, she hands over the fruit and nods, nervously clasping the strap of her bag in her hands. The pressure of his pressence was actually, although warm, a tad intimidating. But she was set on what she wanted to ask*

Well, since I was told about this place I’ve thought that I wanted to ask you for my town. I-I live over at Zephyr town and… well I just wanted to ask for– prosperity for it. And for the people there, that they can always have what they need– *tilts her head lightly* Is that ok? 


Turning her attention, and her eyes, to where she heard she name, she gave her gentle, usual smile to the deity, giving a deep bow before she came any closer. The woman looked somewhat tired, her work clothes stained in a layer of grime and dust from the farm, her hair sitting softly on her shoulders. Her appearance in all, from her sun kissed face, to small details like the dirt up her finger nails, reflected on her hard work. 

Coming out her bow, she gracefully took a few steps forward, taking the heavy luggage off her back, and taking out a small sack of fresh, shining apples, holding them out towards the deity. “I apologize for my absence, I’ve been cleaning up from the summer season, and preparing for fall. I hope these apples suffice for my absence."