Today, we mourn a hero, a husband, a father and a friend. We celebrate a legacy, a legend, a life. In ancient times a holy man once said of state funerals that the reputation of brave leaders should not be imperiled in the mouth of a single individual. It is however my desire to try and at least convey what the GameLord meant to me and to others whose lives he touched.
There have been several publicized, though rare, incidents of gamers dying in the middle of extremely long sessions.

“Prominent gamer died during live-streamed attempt to play ‘World of Tanks’ for 24 hours”

gamers are idiots 

If I, a person who is literally incapable of feeling empathy, could see the importance of not voting for someone whose policies will imperil countless people, how is it that tens of millions of people who can feel empathy for others can’t scrounge up some of their much-vaunted compassion and not elect a dangerous fascist bigot?

a few cool things i saw today that didn’t make me wanna scream and bang my head on the wall like everything else:

1) the MOST important - Two G.O.P. Senators to Oppose DeVos as Education Secretary, Imperiling Her Confirmation that means if all dems oppose devos, we have a tie that mike pence will break. we need ONE MORE REPUBLICAN SENATOR to vote no to sink the nomination, keep the pressure up. 

2) trump cancelled a trip to the harley-davidson factory in milwaukee because harley-davidson was worried about protests hurting its brand. lol but also pressuring businesses not to associate themselves with trump could be key

3) there’s gonna be a science march on washington on april 22 (earth day) cuz science is real 

4) a THOUSAND state department officials signed a “dissent cable” opposing the Muslim ban. the dissent channel was started in 1971 and is meant to be a way for diplomats to declare their opposition to particular policies without fear of political retribution. to gauge the level of opposition represented by a thousand signatures, consider that only 51 diplomats signed a dissent memo against president obama’s syria policy in 2016.

I have always been afraid of dark clouds, heavy rain, screaming storms, and rolling lightning. Whenever it transpire, part of me will bounce high like a skyrocket, while the rest, would fall unsteady as though footing in a tightrope——unmoving.

I was always home when such danger furiously dance and trample in the skyline. But I can say with conviction that I will be safe during that imperil.

Because the four walls I know appeared to be your eyes and the entire anatomy of home has always been your arms. You are the warmest and the safest place I know.
—  J.DG

I feel as if Im breaking
As if I’m falling apart
From all the false hope I am making
or the fact I refuse to play the part
My tears fall from my eyes
As I whisper my goodbyes
I’m broken beyond any repair
A lost soul in this perfect world
Grown up around no one who cared
As my life seem constantly imperiled
it seems as if I was misplaced
Born in the wrong time and in the wrong place
had to indure through all of this horrible years
feeling numb and dead
shed so many tears
numb from all The blood I have bled

I'm the most overrated actress: Meryl Streep to Trump

New York, Feb 12 (IANS) Meryl Streep has replied to US President Donald Trump’s comment, where he deemed the Oscar-winning actress “over-rated”, following her speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony last month.

Streep said: “Yes, I’m the most overrated and over decorated actress”.

The actress made the remarks while speaking at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Greater New York Gala Dinner on Saturday, according to

Assailing Trump as bellicose and thin-skinned, mounting a rousing defence of LGBTQ freedoms, and bucking up a crowd that might have been otherwise dejected by America’s rightward turn towards conservatism, Streep argued that Trump’s election imperils gay rights, women’s rights, and other civil rights.

“If you think people got mad when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait until they come and try to take away our happiness,” Streep said to a two-minute long standing ovation.

“We’re not going to go back to the bad old days of ignorance and oppression and hiding who we are.

"We owe it to the people who have died for our rights, and who have died before they even got their own.”

Streep, who received the gay rights organisation’s Ally for Equality Award, said that critics of the new President have one thing to be grateful for.

“If we live through this precarious moment,” she said.

“If (Trump’s) catastrophic instinct to retaliate doesn’t lead us to nuclear winter, we will have much to thank our current leader for. He will have woken us up to how fragile freedom is.”

Streep slammed Trump while accepting the Cecil B DeMille Award for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment” at the 74th Golden Globe Awards on January 8.

Trump later lashed out on Twitter, calling Streep an overrated actress.

In the event, Streep reflected on gay and transgender teachers who helped foster her love of the arts and of theatre.

At one point, she broke in song to treat the audience at the New York City gala to a rendition of the Emma Lazarus sonnet that lies at the base of the statue of liberty, saying the words were taught to her by a transgender teacher during a field trip.

Streep closed her speech with a call to arms for the people who may feel dispossessed and upset over Trump’s election.

“We have the right to live our lives, with God or without, as we choose,” Streep said.

“There is a prohibition against the establishment of a state religion in our constitution, and we have the right to choose with whom we live, whom we love, and who and what gets to interfere with our bodies. As Americans, men, women, people, gay, straight, LGBTQ. All of us have the human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”



Feral Baby Kirk was more interested in being loved-on by humans than in a chunk of raw chicken-fat trimmings nearly the size of her own head.

She has since learned to throw caution to the wind and declare herself worthy of both, simultaneously if necessary. This is perhaps the fundamental transformation from feral to smug and pampered housecat. Not that we’d tell her that; she still considers @digitaldiscipline‘s house to be her feral colony’s private, climate-controlled territory in which he’s allowed to live as their human servant. (I’m not convinced she’s wrong.)
(Feral cats who eat wild birds are not terribly imperilled by raw grocery-store chicken trimmings; their immune systems are much more capable of dealing with bird-borne contagions than indoor housecats’ are, and of course, they aren’t known for cooking their food. Kirk was being fed this on the suggestion of @digitaldiscipline‘s vet, who also told him what supplements to add to it to help her immune system fight off the infection.)

A thought, for those insisting Goku was still “extra stupid” in the last episode.

Is there not a chance that maybe, just maybe, Goku doesn’t see how having a simple tournament could imperil the universe? Assuming that’s literally what Beerus was worried about, as people are assuming, should he not have known by now that Goku sometimes needs things explained, in plain… common language? Or even Whis, should he not have realized this and said so?

I mean, can you blame Goku in not seeing the harm? It’s a tournament. It’s for fun. He sees it as a chance to take on the best in the multiverse and break up the boredom. And the last time there was a tournament, the sole reason there were dangerous stakes was because of a bet between Beerus and Champa, and Zeno didn’t exactly present some sort of danger then.

Further: does Beerus even have room to talk about reckless endangerment? The guy bet the fate of an entire world and use of the Super Dragon Balls on a tournament because he was having a freaking argument with his brother and lording that he got Earth Food over him. Which, again, was the only real reason that last tourney had any stakes.

Furthermore, factoring in Beerus wanting them to train BECAUSE Zeno could call for that tournament at any time, why then would he suddenly threaten to kill Goku over going to see him to inquire about it?

Thing is it’s never really been enough to just say “don’t do it” to the guy, you gotta explain why. He’s got a mischievous nature, and telling him “no” is like a challenge at times… a trait he actually retained from his namesake, Sun Wukong (Son Goku). I mean look at the way he went from being serious to pretending to toss the thing only to press it. That right there? That’s the Monkey King himself.  

Honestly, I don’t think this was Goku somehow being “extra stupid”, I think it’s Goku being Goku and others not, you know, explaining things to him.

“My friends told that this young night club entertainer was a nice guy and that his overnight success on Broadway hadn’t gone to his head at all. They took me to see Too Many Girls. I couldn’t take my eyes off this Desi Arnaz. A striped football jersey hugged his big shoulders and chest, while his narrow hips in tight football pants swayed to the catchy rhythms of the bongo drum he was carrying. I recognized the kind of electrifying charm that can never be faked: star quality.
Then Desi opened his mouth and began talking in his own peculiar brand of broken English, and a great belly laugh burst out of me. Now, it’s hard to make me laugh. I observe, I smile, but when I’m really amused, you can hear me a block away. Here, was a stunning-looking male who was not only thrilling but funny. What a combination!” 
-Lucille Ball

I am psychologically incapable of caring about the suffering of others, so if even I can recognize the impending catastrophe in the way the Trump administration’s policies and goals imperil everyone, if even I can see the desperate need to fight them every step of the way or risk incurring myriad disasters, what possible excuse could people without my condition have for not feeling compelled to stop what Trump and his allies are trying to do, for not seeing the need to prevent the tremendous suffering and strife that they would inflict upon countless innocent lives?
Trump hiring freeze includes the short-staffed VA imperiling the health of millions of war vets.

WASHINGTON — A federal hiring freeze imposed by President Trump on Monday affects thousands of open jobs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, despite the half-million veterans still waiting longer than a month for VA appointments.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed Tuesday that the VA is covered under the freeze, which exempted the military and other positions deemed necessary for national security and public safety.

He said the administration wanted to make sure Trump’s pick to lead the VA, current Undersecretary for Health at the agency David Shulkin, is confirmed.

The VA is currently advertising to fill more than 2,000 job openings on the federal hiring website, including for hundreds of nurses and doctors. Shulkin has told USA TODAY that one of his top priorities is getting fully staffed up.

VoteVets senior adviser Peter Kauffmann said “If his (order) leads to preventable deaths, that will be on Donald Trump’s hands, and we will hold him personally accountable.” 


goofballs imperil
daylights on concrete
burns a parade
folgers for soldiers
in tin pan cups
tears us a terrace
taking down stalls
with water falls
affords fortitude
an attitudinal cardinal
concerns for returns
gets the message
read the script
or its a crypt
pop stars art persons
just descriptions
of prescriptions expiring
wildly perspiring

&im spiraling

&im spiraling

&im spiraling

&im spiraling

Okay! Since @agent-jaselin is doing “Ford in Peril” drawings for Inktober, I made a themed art prompt list. I call it “Everybody Saves Stanford.” (A couple of them are just taken from my earlier list of prompts, but only because they fit the characters so well.)

They’re designed more for visuals than fic but literally anyone is welcome to use them as prompts for art, fic, etc!

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first:

After an exploratory trip down to the old bunker goes horribly wrong, Ford finds himself locked in a life or death struggle with the Shapeshifter, who is wearing his form. Dipper must figure out which one is really his Grunkle and save him from the impostor!

A group of renegade merfolk are bitter about the long peace between their kind and the manatees, and blame the intervention of Mermando’s upbeat human ambassador. They decide to get back at Mabel by capturing a member of her family (Ford.) Mabel must don scuba gear and sneak into the underwater fortress to save him!

A native of Lottocron Nine captures Ford, intending to get revenge after losing his life savings to him way back in Ford’s portal days. He can’t be defeated by physical force, so Stan has to win his brother back by cheating his way through the Lottocronian’s bizarre games of chance.

Ford was a grumpy gus during Summerween and the Trickster is after him! The only way for Soos to save him is to chow down on the loser candy the monster is made of! (Yes I know Soos already ate him once. He’s magic and comes back every year.)

While investigating some creatures in the words, Ford was kidnapped by one of the Splinterkin, a monster that lures you into the forest and slowly transforms you into a tree. (No not that guy, shut up.) Wendy must use her knowledge of lumberjack lore and her axey forest skills to save him before it’s too late!

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Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’
The threat of deportation, once for only those who committed serious crimes, has many immigrants in self-imposed house arrest.
By Vivian Yee

No going to church, no going to the store. No doctor’s appointments for some, no school for others. No driving, period — not when a broken taillight could deliver the driver to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It is happening in the Central Valley of California, where undocumented immigrants pick the fields for survival wages but are keeping their children home from school; on Staten Island, where fewer day laborers haunt street corners in search of work; in West Phoenix’s Isaac School District, where 13 Latino students have dropped out in the past two weeks; and in the horse country of northern New Jersey, where one of the many undocumented grooms who muck out the stables is thinking of moving back to Honduras.

If deportation has always been a threat on paper for the 11 million people living in the country illegally, it rarely imperiled those who did not commit serious crimes. But with the Trump administration intent on curbing illegal immigration — two memos outlining the federal government’s plans to accelerate deportations were released Tuesday, another step toward making good on one of President Trump’s signature campaign pledges — that threat, for many people, has now begun to distort every movement.


@Regrann_App from @natgeo - video by @joelsartore | #Extinction is Forever. Toughie, the world’s last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed treefrog, has died. The very last of his kind, this means the species is now extinct.
Let’s hope with this historic event, we will finally stop and pay attention to the extinction crisis, not only for the sake of imperiled amphibians, but for humanity as well. After all, as they go, so do we.
#photoark #frog - #regrann

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In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire

In his elegantly accessible style, Goldsworthy offers gripping and swiftly erudite accounts of Roman wars and the great captains who fought them.  His heroes are never flavorless and generic, but magnificently Roman.  And it is especially Goldsworthy’s vision of commanders deftly surfing the giant, irresistible waves of Roman military tradition, while navigating the floating logs, reefs, and treacherous sandbanks of Roman civilian politics, that makes the book indispensable not only to those interested in Rome and her battles, but to anyone who finds it astounding that military men, at once driven and imperiled by the odd and idiosyncratic ways of their societies, can accomplish great deeds