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imperija asked:

The infomation on the drawing, with three Finnish soldiers you posted is false. The two soldiers, that are said to be infantry, actually belong to the Logistics, judging from collar tabs. Infantry is green with white edges and Logistics is blue with white edges, but also military band and detatched motor transport companies had a blue base, it being more bright in the military band and darker in the motor transport.

Good eye. Didn’t catch that when I put it up. The color plate captions are presented just as they are given in the book, so I imagine it was miscommunication between the artist and the author, since another plate correctly uses the green tabs for infantry, and the appendix lists them properly as well.

(For anyone else fascinated by Finnish collar tabs, here they are:

General Staff- light crimson

Guards - dark blue

Infantry - green

Jaegers - green, with gold/yellow frame

Cavalry - yellow, with blue frame

Artillery - red, with black frame

Coastal Artillery - black, with red frame

Engineers - purple

Signals - purple, with yellow frame

Armour - black, with orange frame

Service Corps - medium blue