How do I begin to describe my experience in the BMW M3… I guess I should start by saying I have had the privilege of driving a vast amount of beautiful cars in the last 2 years, from the R8, Porsche turbo to the Range Rover Vogue. For me the M3 outshines all of these, it combines the power of the R8 but still has the comfort of the Range Rover. Yes some may say that this particular colour isn’t to their taste but after driving this thumb of sheer beauty through London and Essex I established it is a real head turner; and if we’re honest, one of the main reason we buy cars these days is to show off and get some attention. Don’t be fooled though, even though people were turning there head at the sight of the big yellow machine, I think most people’s attention was gained by the sound of the impressive 4.0 litre V8 engine, which at times sounds more like a track car than a road car. If you have never heard the sound of an M3, you are missing out.. It is exhilarating to say the least.

I have to say my favourite part of this car is the semi automatic double clutch DCT gear box… Whether you are stuck in London traffic, cruising on the motorway or putting your foot down through the country lanes, not a single gear change can be felt or heard.

To the sum the M3 up… It is without a doubt the best car I have driven to date, mean looks, 2 double exhauts, a noise that would raise Michael Jackson from the grave and above all, a power button, how can you argue with that!

I look forward to seeing what I will drive this week, will it rival this beast… We shall have to wait and see…

Mario Falcone