imperialist empire

RIP to the thousands of innocent Americans who were killed in the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks.

RIP to the thousands of innocent people in the Middle East who were killed by American imperialism.

RIP to the thousands of innocent Chileans who were killed in a US government-sponsored coup on 9/11/1973 that resulted in a fascist dictatorship.

Stop killing innocent people and start building alternatives to this imperialist capitalist empire that subordinates the needs of people to the needs of profit. We can do better than this.

For me the most annoying examples of historical inaccuracy + Horseshoe Theory are when people claim to be against racism but they’re so Western-centric they think imperialism and racism was a European-only enterprise. And so, they go so far around the bend that they romanticise and fetishise powerful and expansionist non-European empires that were no less imperialist than the European empires they rail against. 

i’m sure you guys know because i’ve mentioned these before on my blog- but some of the biggest offenders here include the mind-boggling manner in which the Empire of Japan is championed as an “anti-colonial” force (even though it was an undisguised colonial power that caused a destructive conflict that left 25 million people dead in Asia). or the Ottoman Empire- when people disregard its genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks. we cannot claim to be anti-imperialist if we’re gonna be OK with it or assume it is somehow less serious because the imperialists are not white by Western standards. nor can we claim to be against Western imperialism because perpetuating Western-centric history is itself a manifestation of Western cultural imperialism.

Ignoring the capacity of non-European empires for war, racism and even genocide just to present a photoshopped version of them as somehow being 100% utopian, enlightened examples of “anti-colonial” state-building amounts to actively erasing non-European history. This is not seeing non-Europeans as fully actualised and complex human beings who, like all human cultures, could produce works of art, science and philosophy while also engaging in warfare and violence. The idea that the world was peaceful before the rise of European imperialism suggests the outlines of the world were always the same, that the modern concept of Europe was eternal (see the Roman Empire, which plainly saw Northern Europeans as uncivilised barbarians). It suggests Europeans were perpetually at the nexus of global power. When they were not. 

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I'm terrified of sin, and having it and being in it and I'm terrified God won't want me because of it

Do you know why Jesus came to that sand-swept stain of a city called Bethlehem?

Do you know why Jesus entered a war-torn world of barbaric people in a time when crucifixion had become a perfected art-form by an imperialistic empire?

Do you know why God took on a human form, as a vulnerable baby in a filthy manger, taking on hunger and thirst and exhaustion and betrayal and persecution and torture and death?

Do you know why Jesus took on a dirty Roman cross?

Do you know why Jesus jumped out of the grave?

Do you know why Jesus sent the Spirit of God to make a home inside you?

Do you know why Jesus said that you will do even greater things than he did?

He did all that for you. For me. Yes, even for people like you and me.

He knew that two-thirds of the world would reject him — and still, he came.

Not because we deserve it. Not because we were worth it.

But because Jesus is love, and he is worthy.

Not because he needs us, but because he wants us.

And somehow, that’s even more unbelievable.

But all we have to do is believe by faith that it’s true.

When it is true in your heart and mind and soul, then the sin that was defeated at the cross will also be defeated in you, because Jesus is so much better, and it’s his beauty that will compel you out of sin towards him.

He’s that good.

— J.S.

100 Days of Trump Day 64: Fallout New Vegas

Edit: Of all the 100 Days of Trump i’ve done, this one has gotten the most response, I suspect because most Alt Rightists haven’t heard of anything I reference except Fallout New Vegas.  Also they keep saying its bullshit but can’t actually point to any specific fact to dispute because you know…morons 

Welcome Back to 100 Days of Trump, where I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 through 100 works of fiction, and I think we haven’t had quite enough video games in the last three days, lets talk fallout.  Now the Fallout series has a lot of depth, good characters, fun gameplay and interesting ideas so generally I recommend all of it….except Fallout 3….and Fallout 4….and Brotherhood of Steel…..Ok really just the first two games and this one, but the point is only New Vegas is really relevant to Trump, but play the first two if you like classic RPGs.

     So everybody knows that Fallout is a post nuclear world, but the premise of the…good games is that society collapsed…..nothing really changed.  People are exactly the same just with less fancy houses and and the sins of the Old World continue on to the future.  So ok, sounds like post Great Recession America, how is this about Trump?  Well FallOut New Vegas is about the player being trapped between three factions

 Caesar’s Legion, a violent reactionary sexist, racist, right wing militant extremist group who advocate racial supremacy, and a return to an idealized past that never existed.

The New Californian Republic, A bunch of corrupt moderates who couch their language in the ideals of democracy and progressive ideals but are duplicitous, warmongering, and have become increasingly sexist, racist, classist, and undemocratic but look good compared to the first group.

Mr. House, a completely amoral rich plutocrat whose utter selfishness and open hostility to submitting to any form of control are mixed with surprisingly progressive social policies and honest look at the problems.

    So New Vegas is an alternate universe if Bloomberg actually ran third party, and Trump wasn’t a complete idiot. 

Today though, I want to focus on Caesar’s Legion.  One of the themes of New Vegas is even though the US has been wiped out, everybody is clinging to symbols of the past, clinging to them out of context and justifying their actions by claiming continuity with the past.  The NCR claims to literally be the US goverment despite a century long gap between the fall of the US and the NCR’s founding, or the fact that it doesn’t use our constitution, or the fact that it is only located in California.  And its desire to seize control of all the American land means it prioritizes war over its citizen’s well being (stop me if this sounds familiar).  Mr. House is determined to preserve the culture of Las Vegas, or rather the way we imagine Las Vegas, with all of the actual realities of Vegas culture removed, its the city center without the city around it, forcibly preserved by an immortal dictator.  All the factions try to link themselves to a mystical past (a past we know is utterly whitewashed cause its our present), but the worst of them all, is Caesar’s Legion

    See, Edward Sallow was a history nut of the old world when he read about the Roman Empire, and sought to recreate it anew in post apocalyptic Nevada, arguing that since Rome is the foundation of Western Civilization, a return to true Western Greatness.  Wherever they go, they bring cultural purity, slavery, Roman era gender relations, and require absolute conformity to their way of life.  According to Caesar

“Pax Romana=It means a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homo genius culture that obliterates the identity of every group it conquers.  Long term stability at all costs.  The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war or production”

But here is the thing, speaking as a big roman history nut…..THAT ISN’T TRUE.  Pax Romonus means “Roman Peace” and means just that, peace.  Rome was an Imperialistic, slave owning, genocidal empire that could be extraordinarily brutal, but guess what?  It wasn’t nationalistic, the Roman Empire was always borrowing ideas from other cultured cultures in order to improve their empire, it was extremely multicultural and interventionist.   I mean

   The Roman Navy was Carthaginian 

   The Roman Gods were Greek 

    Later they converted to a monotheistic Sect from Judea

    For a while they worshiped a Syrian god named Sol Invictus 

   Most of the Elites Spoke Greek

   The Roman Legionary Structure was influenced by the neighboring Samnites

   The roman Calvary was almost always Gallic, North Africa, German or Syria

    Trajan and Hadrien were Spanish

   The Severun dynasty was North African/Syrian (and btw the dynasty that most resembled New Vegas)

    The Ilyrian Emperors who saved rome from the Crisis of the Third Century AD, like Aurelian, Diocletion, Claudius Gothicus) were from the Balkans

  Constantine was Balkan/British

   Flavius Aetius (who defeated Atilla the Hun) was Scythian 

   Justinian and Belisarius weren’t Latin Roman

   Hell after a certain point, almost none of the Emperors are Roman any more, instead they are German, or Hunnic, Syrian or Raba, Spanish or African, Gaulic or Balkan, non Roman Italian, 

  In fact, one of the main reasons why Western Roman Empire fell is that it didn’t allow the various Gothic/Germanic strongmen to become Emperor in their own RIght.

    Rome was never a homogeneous unchanging culture, from Romulus to Constantine XI Roman is defined by its capacity to change and adapt, and its multi cultural empire gave it a lot of ideas to draw upon.  And when you look at White Nationalists today who fetishist Rome, it is a rome they don’t understand.    By the Way, that Hegelian view of history, that is believed by Steave Bannon. 

   Also…the transformation to dictatorship doesn’t go as Caesar claims, cause guess what?  Julius Caesar didn’t invade a foreign nation to become Emperor, he had a civil war with his own country.  And Augustus Caesar took pains to ensure that his Empire was a soft and nonthreatening as possible, the more authoritarian emperors like Septimius Severus were terrible rulers whose regimes fell into civil war and chaos.  

Also The Julians didn’t claim to be “Son of Mars” they claimed to be descended from Venus Goddess of Love, hence her role in the Aeneid.  

This is the foundation of the Roman Imperium, the Goddess of Love     

     Also Rome didn’t emerge out of a harsh brutal land to fight against the weak fat settled people, Rome emerged in Central Italy, a lush fertile climate.  Hell according to legend, Rome was founded by the refuse and exiles from all the surrounding societies, who came to Rome for a second chance and married Sabine women.  Honestly Caesar (the in game Caesar no real life, Julius Caesar) seems to be confusing Rome with Sparta, and which of those two civilizations conquered the known world?  I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the one with the eugenics model.  It was the one with the independent aristocracy, and a Republic who did most of the conquest of Rome.  This is a map of Rome at its height 

and this is how much of that was taken by the Republic, not the empire

That is more than half, and a great deal of the remaining was conquered by Emperor Claudius, you know, this guy?

the one with the limp and the stammer and the twitch.  The Empire mostly fought Romans, it was the Republic that did the real conquering.  To say nothing of the road building.    

    And when the Legion tries to Cosplay as Real Rome, it never quite matches the true stories. 

   This stories resembles Roman propaganda, except…Rome rarely wiped out the entire population, in fact their empire was supported by a network of client kingdoms who betrayed their former rulers to side with Rome.  One of the most important pieces of Roman rule that if you surrendered, you were treated fairly, if you fought a bit and then surrendered, you were treated well.  If you fought to the death, stuck to your principles as Vulpes implies, then you were wiped out.  Just ask the Jews at Masada how Rome respects those who fight to the last.  

    So we have a violent, militant, reactionary culture fetishistic a past that never truly existed and they don’t seem to understand to justify extreme racism, violence, and horrifying sexism in order to fight against a corrupt hypocritical but far less awful democratic regime.  Sound Familiar

oh…..well that too but also this 

   Those who idealize history are always those who understand it the least, and New Vegas for all its buggy often frustrating gameplay glory, understands what happens when history is co-opted by those who don’t understand it but wish to use the symbols of nostalgia to justify their own atrocities.  Isn’t that Right Ulysses, so named after the man who traveled the ocean for 10 year trying to find home and then freed all the Slave?

Edit: I also want to talk about this real quick

Yeah that whole “War is great for its own sake” macho bullshit?  The Romans weren’t so into that, they were much more into “Hey, work for us, and you can keep all your stuff”  There is a reason why all of the ancient rome spoke of Roman Treachery.  

    The Pax was about law and order, not about conquest and survival of the fittest, I mean the entire point of the Aenied is rejecting the Illiad’s macho warrior culture mentality

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Also just to add on to myself because you've got me thinking, & just to reconfirm what you've been saying : YOU CAN LIKE SOMETHING AND STILL SEE THAT IT IS LACKING IN SOME AREAS!! THAT IT NEEDS WORK!!! THAT THINGS ARE WRONG WITH IT!!!! Pointing out the negatives in something you enjoy doesn't mean you all of a sudden hate it. Just because you dislike parts it doesn't mean you dislike / are hating on the whole thing. Everything has faults, everything can be improved in some way shape or form.

EXACTLY!!!! If I truly hated Voltron I wouldn’t be watching it now. I love the concept of this being fighting an imperialistic empire! I love the characters when they’re written well and given depth! I love the relationships they have with each other! I want the show to be better because I know it can be if the writers actually gave a shit. You can still love something and criticize it and want it to be better, and as fans and creators both, you should be asking yourself: How can I make this better?

Like you said anon, everything can be improved on and bettered because nothing is perfect. If there was no critique, there’d be no room to grow.

—  The Drayton
As I am developing a novella...

I’m thinking, right now, just brainstorming.

That it’s a polyamorous romance in a Chinese-inspired environment that culminates into the tragedy of a failed attempt to take down a cruel Empire from the inside. And when that Empire falls, it’s not in the hands of the people but a bigger colonialist/imperialist Empire.

I’m so tired seeing how very often Westerns call Ukrainians and Belarusians as “Russians”, or Ukrainian and Belarus Jewish people as “Russian Jews”. You think there is no difference? THERE IS! Ukrainians and Belarus people haven’t colonized other countries and haven’t wiped out indigenous people from the land that doesn’t belong to them! We haven’t conquered Caucasus and haven’t been in Imperialist wars of Russian Empire, like Persian war. And for years, no, CENTURIES both Ukrainian and Belarus people fought for freedom for their land because we all were slaves to Russian Empire and we haven’t had a right to be higher than peasants until the person marries with a person of a “noble nation” like Russia, Polish, English, German etc. And our languages, cultures and people have being wiped out by Russia for more than four centuries. It’s just a miracle that Ukraine and Belarus have independence. But Belarusian language and culture are dying! And countries that you think are Russian because they speak Russian are just victims of oppression by Russian Empire and Soviet union! The same reason why there are so many countries where English is very common - British Imperialism! And for years and years Ukrainian and Belarus languages were forbidden and people were imprisoned for writing in it. And for example, in 20s of XX century Soviet government killed everyone who spoke Ukrainian on the South and East of Ukraine so people were forced to shut up and use Russian.

But, look, if I call Irish person as English - I would be called out and the person would be offended! And it would be my bad! But when I correct people that I am Ukrainian people are “Oh, come on! You’re all the same!” I have a right to be angry and I will be until people will start to respect my history.

And when people call Ukrainian and Belarus Jewish people as “Russian Jew” because at that time it was a Russian Empire ( Like, you know once America and Canada were parts of British Empire but you don’t call them British! ) - pisses me off the same! Because I have Ukrainian Jewish heritage and these people fought for Ukrainian independence as well! Especially my Jewish Ukrainian great great grandmother who tried to save our culture and traditions and raised this patriotism in my mom and people like her made history!

And also as far a Ukrainian, Belarus, Ukrainian Jewish or Belarus Jewish person creates something great Russians immediately wipe out the ethnicity of this person and put this “The Great Big Russian” part before they name, like they did with Sikorski.

So please if you don’t know something or you are not sure about person’s heritage - ask them or shut up!


As one would (rightfully) assume, an environment like the imperialistic and authoritarian empire of Kashmir does not foster love and adoration with all (or even the majority) of it’s human citizens. Blatant racism by the ruling Orsi doesn’t do much to help either. 

As such there are several rebel groups, operating with various platforms and ideologies, but all sharing the goal of overthrowing both the Kashmir government and destroyed the current institution of oppression.

I thought it would be a fun idea to introduce the three of them with representatives sort of “making a case” to a potential stranger via a quick pitch.

what a fantastic day

ignorant posts from ignorant people making shitty posts like this

So now people are talking about how the genocidal, imperialist and mass murdering Empire of Japan not having the white privilege of the equally genocidal, imperialist and mass-murdering Nazi Germany. It’s nice to know how some social justice bloggers have no qualms about appropriating the tragedies of our families so they can make it a point about white privilege oppressing POC as usual. It’s nice to see these people think they can use us as a clever metaphor and not even consider how incredibly offensive it is.

Because it’s not that the Japanese civilians killed by the atomic bomb deserved to die. (Btw: the hydrogen bomb wasn’t even invented until 1955 for goodness sakes. Not to mention the first atomic bomb wasn’t even militarily operational until after Germany surrendered. It’s so easy being a historian on tumblr, you can just make bullshit up.) None of them deserved to die- they lived under an authoritarian, right-wing nationalist government that tolerated no dissent.

No, what’s wrong is the fact that people are putting the Empire of Japan as a whole in the position of a victim, that they post this shit to ignore the fact that the Empire of Japan was killing plenty of us “POCs” every single day their rule lasted. You know it’s fucked up if you’re talking about the Empire of Japan’s lack of white privilege when millions of other “POC” DIED under Japanese rule because hey, they didn’t have Japanese privilege, which, huh mattered a lot if you were a subject of the “Rising Sun”, which most of our great-grandparents and grandparents were in 1940s Asia? To add to the irony, the Japanese committed human rights abuses against Allied POWs too. Starvation, forced labour, death marches, experimentation.

The ignorance of this post is that tumblr is so determined to make everything into a “White people oppress POC” they can’t even get it into their heads to recognise that maybe, just maybe, nobody in that ghastly conflict had clean hands or clear consciences. That just maybe, non-white people also do have the moral agency and intelligence to also be cruel. And they continue thinking they’re somehow fighting white supremacy- sure, maybe they are, by ERASING other victims.

You’re talking about an empire that murdered millions in the most ghastly ways not having “PRIVILEGE”? You’re talking about enactors of genocide not having privilege?

It’s fucked up that ignorant social justice bloggers like these turds will uncritically go and centre the crime of the atomic bomb against the Empire of Japan as an ENTITY without white privilege (not the civilians- but the empire. That’s what’s wrong)- WHEN Japan has yet to apologise to Asia for their war crimes, and in fact, actively denies it. The crime against the Empire of Japan is centred, to make it look like the victim here, and their crimes against millions of Asians isn’t. And, oh, Japanese nationalists just love portraying WW2 as an era where Japan is the victim, where they were unfairly attacked by China and the US. They murdered millions more, and this stupid posts blots it out, treats it as though this was just some conflict involving the US and Japan, as though Japanese victory wouldn’t have sealed the fates of millions in the conquered territories who were being terrorised by Japanese rule. You know what we need? A nuanced view accepting that the atomic bombing was a crime but that doesn’t erase Japanese crimes. Maybe some common sense that it’s OFFENSIVE to simplistically portray the Empire of Japan as a victim because of Japan’s long track record of historical revisionism regarding WW2.

Thank you for feeding this narrative and helping to perpetuate erasure of the atrocities the Empire of Japan inflicted upon millions of our grandparents. The Japanese far right loves people like you.

TL:DR-“Social justice bloggers”- our tragedies are not clever metaphors for you to insert into your (very often) US “white vs POC” paradigm as and when you please, for you to prove what an independent, anti-establishment thinker you are. No, you’re just an asshole enabling other forms of oppression that you just can’t recognise because you’re so stuck on catering and fixating on whiteness that you privilege “white vs POC” atrocities over everything else.

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Are white Bosniaks and white Albanians true Muslims? What about Muslims of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek, Serbian, Montenegrin, or Georgian descent? Are they true Muslims? Or are they cultural appropriators? Was Hungarian Muslim İbrahim Peçevi, a subject of the Ottoman Empire, an imperialist orientalist genocidal shitlord?

No one who is Muslim is white.

Spain and South Italy Reacting to Someone Trying to Flirt With Their S/O

Spain/Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo: You see, Antonio wasn’t one to very often show negative emotions but the little green monster was rearing it’s head and he was suddenly reminded that there was a reason people didn’t mess with the Spanish Empire. Imperialistic and cold he would walk up behind you, wrapping his arm around your waist without even thinking about it and sending whoever it was that was flirting with you the hardest, meanest glare you had ever seen. It would likely be intimidating enough to get them to back off. Who knew that Antonio could have been so possessive?

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: Upon seeing someone try to flirt with you he would immediately feel a straight shock of jealousy and anger to his bloodstream. Marching up to them, he would demand to know what exactly they thought that they were doing flirting with you and would (very rudely) inform them that you were his S/O. Without hesitation, he would demand them to leave you alone and would more than likely be in a bad mood until you brought it up later.

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This is the website that praises the Ottoman and Mongol Empires and calling them cosmopolitan, tolerant, and progressive, only because these colonialist, imperialist, mass-murdering, enslaving empires were ~poc~

let’s play a game it’s called “does this quote about the ottomans come from tumblr or turkish propaganda textbooks?” The answers may surprise you!

It’s very easy for an oppressed people, usually dispossessed themselves, to be the jackboots of some imperialist empire/capitalist regime. In Europe’s recent history there’s plenty examples, from the Irish and Scots soldiers who went conquering for the British empire, the various Cossack peoples who were the Czar’s most trusted soldiers, the Janissarys of the Ottoman empire, the Moroccans who put down the workers revolts in Spain etcetra.

Just because people suffer from something doesn’t mean they can’t do it to others

The "Lapis' Past" Theory

I wrote the “Gems’ weapons and how they relate to the Homeworld’s timeline” theory a couple days ago and I would like to add some stuff concerning Lapis’ past that I think I overlooked whilst writing it.

There is a very popular theory in which the author, analyzing Jasper’s and Peridot’s uniforms and knowing they answer to Yellow Diamond, presumed Lapis would answer to Blue Diamond, given how she sports a diamond-shaped design on her blue clothing.

Let’s start there. You can obviously tell that Jasper and Peridot answer to Yellow Diamond because they have discernible yellow diamonds on their attires, as pictured below:

External image
External image

But when you look at Lapis’ dress, her so-called “visible” blue diamond is not as visible as people made it out to be. Take a look:


External image

It is not as distinguishable as Jasper’s or Peridot’s yellow diamonds, heck, it is even less discernible than the pink diamond on Pearl’s space suit or Holopearl’s chest pink diamond. If anything, it looks a like a diamond cut in half, which doesn’t bear a resemblance to the diamond designs we’ve seen so far.

Even more important than the character’s looks is Lapis’ reaction to the homeworld when she came back to Earth on The Return.

She seemed so confused, angry and terrified of what she saw, that it didn’t look like she lived on the Homeworld during the first Diamond Authority era at all. If so, has Yellow Diamond transformed it so much that it became unrecognizable even for a Blue Diamond follower, a powerful and possibly trusted Diamond Authority ally? I presume not. Lapis’ found her world confusing because she didn’t know it that way, she didn’t live on it during the First Diamond Authority era.

She didn’t think twice when faced with an opportunity to “betray” the Homeworld for the sake of Steven and the Earth. She seemed honestly ready to battle Jasper and Peridot for what they had done to her and her world.

Why would she be treated as a prisioner if she really was a Diamond Authority ally? Why would she be abused by fellow Gem comrades who answered to the same overlords and Empire as her?

Furthermore, Lapis’ doesn’t seem like an avid follower of an imperialist empire at all. She’s a strong-willed abuse survivor who stood up to her abuser and sacrificed herself selflessly.

I think this strengthens my previous theory that Lapis predates all of the gems on the show, and in reality, she has no clue about the Diamond Auhority and such, as she was born on an ancient Homeworld era.

Once again, if there are any holes in this theory, please let me know!!!

I can assure you that when my dad fled narcoterrorism in Colombia that America had a hand in escalating that he wasn’t thinking “yeah I think I’ll just go to America so I can be apart of an imperialistic empire”. And I’m sure most other immigrants don’t either.

Thoughts on Sinbad as a leader (snb)

We talk often about how clever and mastermind Sinbad is but we don’t talk often about the rest of his leadership qualities. The latest snb chapter (ch.100) just highlighted how great leader Sinbad would make and also showed a more protective side of his.

After Ja’far’s sacrifice, Sinbad wasn’t only extremely sad with the outcome but he was also mad at Zepar. Sinbad found Zepar’s belief that subordinates should sacrifice their lives for their leader an unacceptable one.

Sinbad doesn’t think that his comrades’ lives are valued any less than his own just because he’s has a position of more power (aka being their leader). On the contrary, he believes that since he’s the leader he should be the one to protect and the one to risk his life for the others. And that’s exactly what makes him a great leader.

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i’m also done with anyone who glorifies england over the us

the us is shit and imperialist and spearheaded the eugenics movement and is based on genocide, slavery, racism, warfare and capitalism

but guess who we learned it from? and guess who was the biggest imperialist, colonialist empire in world history?

people who glorify britain as “more cultured” including english people, in my experience tend to be racist, classist assholes because guess who’s perceived as “more white”