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If it strange that I find museums to be kind of problematic? It's just that a lot of stuff they display was in the past stolen from native people. I know that it's not how it's done nowadays, but they still display some of this stuff and I think that's wrong?

No, it’s completely understandable. Relics and artifacts that belong to people of a certain culture have been stolen and capitalized by western countries for decades


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This is about the museums stealing from native people. From what I understand, a law was passed stating that if a certain Native American tribe wanted artifacts back(such as bones of an ancestor), the museum absolutely has to give them back. This could be difficult though because the tribe would need evidence that the artifact belongs to their tribe and not another tribe.

Yeah, from a quick Google/Wikipedia search, it looks like there have already been some cases where different Native communities have made claims to the same artifacts. But I think the bigger issue is that the artifacts were stolen in the first place and why



STOP SENSITIZING WHITE SUPREMACIST: Call a spade a damn spade y’all. Many of descendants of the Klan, the Third Reich, Slavers, and European Imperialist alike remain committed to rebuilding a vision of the world where white people publicly, unquestionably, and dominantly reign supreme over everyone and everything else. Charlottesville is just another instance of them doing more than talking that talk, but worse, walking that walk. We must remain vigilant against the authority and terror they are trying to reign in our lives.


On the left is Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a 16 year old Yemeni-American boy killed while eating dinner at an outdoor restaurant by a drone strike ordered by Obama in 2011.

On the right is his 8 year old sister, Nora Al-Awlaki, who was killed on January 29, 2017 by a military raid ordered by Donald Trump.

This is one of the saddest and most striking reminders of how the U.S. military under both Democratic and Republican presidencies is able to kill innocent lives in the global south with impunity.

We need to realize that Trump is not a unique threat. Trump is a continuation of a tradition of imperial and colonial violence practiced Obama, Bush, Clinton, and all american leaders for centuries.