Caltucky (Tap It)

Brewery : Tap It
Beer : Caltucky
Style : Russian Imperial Stout / RIS / Imperial Stout
Variance : Brewed with Wheat, Corn, and Rye then Aged 4 Months in Old Forester Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

9 / 10

Damn, I’m feeling generous lately. This is the third 9 in a row now and either I’m getting softer than a pornstar penis before some help from a fluffer or I’ve just been lucky as fuck that I’m getting the chance to drink all these incredible beers. I’m going to go with the second choice because I can 100% assure you that this beer is damn good. I’m guessing that Caltucky refers to the super racist areas of California but I feel like racism there is probably way cooler and more hip than it is anywhere else in the world. I’m talking about surfing and shredding gnar while burning a cross at the tip of your board or yelling racial slurs at the top of your lungs while doing a 50/50 grind down a handrail or just kicking back with a slice of za’ and a delicious brew while talking to your friends about why there isn’t a “white history month” or a channel called “White Entertainment”. Lucky for you, this beer is as far from racist as it gets (I think…) and as close to perfection as it gets and it’s interesting brew style definitely shines here. A mix of chocolate and vanilla starts things off with some oaky bourbon flavors mixing in afterwards really letting that 10% ABV shine before ending with some more chocolate, oak, and boozy sweetness to close. If you are a fan of bourbon like myself or just a fan of the style in general, make sure you pick this up because any beer that can feature a skeleton on a whiskey barrel surfing on a wave of incredible flavor deserves to grace your lips and tongue with it’s awesomeness. As far as you newcomers to the style, avoid this at all costs because this is definitely going to be way too much for those pussy little lips of yours (mouth lips not labia) but just make sure you come back when you’re ready because it’s well worth the journey up. Radical.

Written by: Steve B.

Bear Arms (Historic)

Brewery : Historic
Beer : Bear Arms
Style : Russian Imperial Stout / RIS / Imperial Stout
Variance : Barrel Aged

8.5 / 10

Ok, so let me lay it out there to start. Half of you are going to do a slow clap at the end of this review and the other half of you are going to fucking hate my guts so I guess let me give you some insight into the beer before I lose some of you.

This beer is absolutely delicious and Historic knocked it out of the park with this one by taking an 8.8% ABV beer and made it taste like something half it’s weight. A nice oaky dry chocolate flavor starts things off with some borderline chocolate covered cherry sweetness mixing in towards the middle with a great creamy mouthfeel before ending with more milk chocolate and sweet mild coffee flavor to close. Basically, you need to drink this beer because the bottle fucking rules and the beer is just as good so head to AZ and drink. Now that that’s been said, here’s the warning to potentially stop here.

The only kind of bearing arms the USA should be focusing on currently is the kind on this bottle. I mean, who can disagree with a statement like “Cuddling… I like that shit.”? No one, that’s who. Now with that being said, we need to address the fact that our country is obsessed with it’s right to bear arms and I’m talking the gun variety, not the animal. I fucking love Las Vegas more than any other city in the US and what happened this week was a fucking tragedy to the highest degree. Only in the USA can we one up ourselves by having the worst shooting in our country’s history in 2016 and stepping it up with the new worst shooting ever here in October of 2017. The definition of insanity if doing the same thing over and over with the same results but expecting different ones and that’s where we really need to look within and realize the problem we have. Currently our mindset is “Hey, here’s this horrible tragedy in Las Vegas so let’s pray about it and not change anything and hopefully it won’t happen again.” which is fucking crazy because this is not an isolated incident. There are mass shootings all the time and we do nothing as far as gun laws or gun control but instead add more metal detectors and add body scanner glass tubes that make you look like a retarded Bullwinkle and pretend like that is the solution. I’m actually surprised that no one has come forward yet with the whole “Well if the crowd had guns it wouldn’t have been as bad.” because inevitably it always comes down to that. How about instead of praying for the victim’s families, from now on we pray that someone in politics will actually do something and I mean ANYTHING about gun laws that may actually prevent the need for praying for families because there wouldn’t be anymore victims. I’m just sick of watching the news while I drink my beer and having to see innocent people dead because of how fucking evil some human beings are and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight because we as a nation are somehow divided on making it harder for criminals and mentally unstable people to own guns. How about instead of looking at athletes taking a knee during the nation anthem as being disrespectful, we look at anyone who believes more people carrying guns or looser gun purchasing laws are disrespectful because at this point I think enough people have died. Anyways, that’s the end of my rant.

Please go drink this beer.

Written by: Steve B.


If it’s spring, it’s flea market time in Helvetiaplatz! Pretty much in the middle of the redlight district of Zurich, every Saturday starting in March will bring together professional or amateur hagglers for another happy round of exchanging valuables. I’m not saying the stuff there comes cheap, no way, yet still the market is filled to the brim with almost everything you can imagine (except tanks or livestock) and the lookers are pouring. I must have missed the market for too long but I noticed a new category of visitors - the young hipster and/or boho looking for vintage extensions of their selves or just browsing through shabby vinyl covers. Which I did as well thank you very much.

I’m not sure what’s the best Swiss beer match but a Perla Nera from Flims brewery shall do it. A wonderful toffee caramel nose with a rather disappointing watered down taste (and looks), this imperial stout with its great start only managed to confuse me.

Mother Earth’s Quit Stalin Imperial Stout on tap at Yard House. A 3 of 4. A good, big imperial stout with some great bourbon barrel notes. Nothing puts this in the top tier of the style, for me, though. Lots of chocolate and cocoa and roast, as you’d expect, with some vanilla and barrel notes midway through the body. Some subtle alcohol from the 11.7% near the finish, and quite well-balanced overall. A bit chalky/cocoa-y on the palate in places, but the chewy body finishes clean.


Propeller Nachtflug

Propeller, Bad Laasphe, Germany

Typ: Imperial Stout

Alc: 9,1%vol

********* (9/10)

Sehr schönes, starkes Stout. Süss und vollmundig mit herrlich weicher, sämiger Textur. Schmeckt leicht nach Schokolade mit ein bisschen Frucht. Im Abgang kommen dann noch Kaffee und Hopfenbittere dazu. Super gemacht!

Ich bin zwar eher der “eiskalt-und-aus-der-Flasche” Trinker ;-) - bei solchen Bieren empfiehlt es sich aber durchaus mal von seinen Vorlieben abzurücken. Ich hab`s ausprobiert: es schmeckt bei leicht erhöhter Temperatur wirklich um einiges besser :-)


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Also, Dave the drummer from Jonesy, stopped into the taproom from Montreal and we got to talking about rock and roll and stuff, then this guy mails me their new 45 and it rules! Look up Jonesy if you dig The Ramones, Dead Boys, Biters, Dr. Boogie, etc. Thanks Dave!

Wreck Alley Imperial Stout / Karl Strauss (San Diego, CA)


KARUMINA / 飛騨高山麦酒(岐阜)

Beer of the Week 206 - 8/23/2017: Dogfish Head Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout

For quite some time now, I’ve wondered why Dogfish Head hadn’t released some sort of variant of their coveted World Wide Stout (see BOTW 105).  Now, with the very recently released Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout (”OAVWWS”),  my wonders are no more.  What we have here is the good old World Wide Stout aged in oak on whole vanilla beans.  At about 16-17.5% ABV, this is slightly below the 18% that we’ve known World Wide Stout to be.  It is important to note that this review is based off a fresh bottle.  In my opinion, World Wide Stout is best with some age on it (5-7 years), but I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to crack one open.

OAVWWS pours a jet black color that is reminiscent of motor oil as it pours.  When held to the light, it has some hints of mahogany brown and a reddish-brown color.  A light-khaki colored head forms, about half of a finger thick, and quickly recedes to a cap and collar of the same color.  Seems quite rich and viscous - just the way it should be.  The aroma hits you with deep, rich, chocolate notes, mixed with strong dark malt aromas, figs, raisins (not surprising for a high ABV dark beer from Dogfish Head), brown sugar, some vanilla, light oak, and a good bit of boozniness.  There’s also an earthy spice note mixed in too; almost like anise, but it is very, very mild.  I will say that I feel that the aroma here is much less boozy than a regular World Wide Stout, but just as rich and sweet as well.  The vanilla doesn’t blow you away here as I thought it would (and hoped), and the oak aging is subtle, but noticeable.

The taste begins with the obvious big hit of roasted malts, chocolate, figs, raisins, and some brown sugar to add even more sweetness to an already sweet beer.  Dark cocoa powder, coffee, add an ever so slight bitterness to the profile.  The vanilla comes through and is more cream or condensed milk like which smooths the beer and adds a nice addition of flavor.  The vanilla doesn’t overpower here, but adds to the overall profile.  In all honesty, I was hoping for a HUGE vanilla presence, but that’s just me being selfish.  The oak is again present, but understated, adding both to the flavor and the mouthfeel.  Speaking of the mouthfeel, it is silky and rather smooth while being medium to full bodied, with a moderate level of carbonation.  It does seem a bit thinner in body than the original World Wide Stout.  What is most noticeable to me is the fact that the booziness that usually accompanies a fresh bottle of Word Wide Stout is very well tempered here.  You know it’s a big beer, but it doesn’t overwhelm the entire flavor profile or nose.  It could be because of the oak aging, or the addition of the vanilla.

Overall, I was very happy to see Dogfish Head venture out and develop a variant of World Wide Stout.  Dogfish Head always seems to develop these amazing sounding beers which then fail to impress in the end.  Here, however, this really was a solid offering from them.  Was it my favorite beer they offer?  No, but, I think with a few years of age on this beer, it will really be something worth cracking open.  


Sweep The Leg by Infamous Brewing Co.

Who would have thought there’d be a Karate Kid themed beer out there? Infamous Brewing Co. from right here in Austin, TX has done just that with Sweep The Leg, a peanut butter stout, a beer to give you confidence to take on the Cobra Kai. Okay, maybe not all that. I do think beer is a good social lubricant but as a student of Kung-Fu I have to say that martial arts and alcohol don’t mix…unless it’s drunken form…and even then I can’t imagine actually doing that correctly three sheets to the wind. Anyway, the only other peanut butter stout I’ve ever been aware of is one I didn’t even try because it wasn’t available. This was at Smoke n’ Hops, a barbecue brewpub in Dripping Springs, TX that for awhile only had one of their own beers available at a time. When I stop to think about it, a peanut butter stout is not all that weird. Chocolate stouts have been around for quite awhile and what goes well with chocolate? You guessed it, peanut butter. Sweep The Leg pours a deep, dark brown-black. The mouthfeel isn’t oily but it does have the gloopy consistency of oil, which reminds me of the stouts from Scotland’s Harviestoun. Sweep The Leg is definitely a sipping beer. It has the roasty malt quality all good stouts must have but the body is much denser than say, Guinness. The peanut butter comes through second but is quite significant and there’s even a hint of chocolate to contrast beautifully with that. There’s also a hint of semi-sweet caramel, a waft of smoke and a bit of booze. The beer finishes fairly dry and sticky with a tinge of hop bitterness. I’d almost call Sweep The Leg an Imperial stout but not quite. Wax on, wax off indeed. I don’t know what I meant by that. I just wanted to insert another Karate Kid reference. CRANE KICK! Sorry.