My 40k Bucket List

1. High Five Kharn
2. Challenge Rogal Dorn to a sand castle construction battle.
3. Let Pertrurabo know of Sand Castle battle and see what he does.
4. Get Kaldor Draigo out of the warp.
5. Ask Vulkan if he’d let me ride on his shoulder.
6. Get Guilliman to lend me the Emperor’s sword to bake cookies with it.
7. Figure Out which one of us is Alpharius Omegon.
8. Join the Imperial Fists.
9. Ask Ferrus Manus “Where is your head at”?
10. After The Castle Building competition, ask Rogal Dorn if he could be my dad.
11. Make a mug that says “Best Dad Ever” and give it to Dad (Dorn). Fact: The mug is made out of Imperialis Grade Adamantium from Innit.
12. Ask Guilliman “amend the Codex and why are you so blue”?
13. Have a Drink with Leman Russ
14. Survive having the drink with Uncle Russ
15. Ask Angron “You mad”?
16. Have tea with Eldrad
17. Ask Yvraine if she’d let me pet her familiar and hug her, to see a reaction.
18. Trade Magic: The Gathering cards with Trazyn. I heard he has some.
19. Ask Celestine if she’d let me have a feather. Just cause.
20. Invite Creed and Tzeentch to a free for all Magic: The Gathering game and see who wins.
21. Get Trazyn to kidnap Lucius the Eternal.

I was bored and I started Compiling the things I would want todo if I was in the 30/40k Universe.


The Twelve Empresses, in A Distrait Life of Mistakes/Sights On Heaven.

  • Alilah Peixes, The First Empress, Her Hallowed Highness, 2 560 sweeps.
  • Nafash Peixes, The Second Empress, Her Imperious Greatness, 9 320 sweeps.
  • Zagara Peixes, The Third Empress, Her Imperious Graciousness, 650 sweeps.
  • Niadra Peixes, The Fourth Empress, Her Imperious Competence, 28 320 sweeps.
  • Rokarr Peixes, The Fifth Empress, Her Imperious Temperance, 7 950 sweeps.
  • Naktul Peixes, The Sixth Empress, Her Imperious Kindness, 90 sweeps.
  • Scylla Peixes, The Seventh Empress, Her Imperiuos Tenacity, 12 510 sweeps.
  • Kalysa Peixes, The Eighth Empress, Her Imperious Wisdom, 29 090 sweeps.
  • Ryloth Peixes, The Ninth Empress, Her Imperious Indifference, 6 500 sweeps.
  • Galene Peixes, The Tenth Empress, Her Imperious Radiance, 25 100 sweeps.
  • Meenah Peixes, The Eleventh Empress, Her Imperious Condescension, 25 600 sweeps.
  • Feferi Peixes, The Twelfth Empress, Her Imperious Complacence, 2 050 sweeps.

Edward Snowden meets Arundhati Roy 

“I asked Ed Snowden what he thought about Washington’s ability to destroy countries and its inability to win a war (despite mass surveillance). I think the question was phrased quite rudely – something like, “When was the last time the United States won a war?” We spoke about whether the economic sanctions and subsequent invasion of Iraq could be accurately called genocide. We talked about how the CIA knew – and was preparing for the fact – that the world was heading to a place of not just inter-country war but of intra-country war, in which mass surveillance would be necessary to control populations. And about how armies were being turned into police forces to administer countries they have invaded and occupied, while the police – even in places such as India and Pakistan and Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States – were being trained to behave like armies to quell internal insurrections.

We talked about war and greed, about terrorism, and what an accurate definition of it would be. We spoke about countries, flags and the meaning of patriotism. We talked about public opinion and the concept of public morality and how fickle it could be, and how easily manipulated.

[…] I asked Ed whether the NSA was just feigning annoyance at his revelations, but might actually be secretly pleased at being known as the All Seeing, All Knowing Agency – because that would help to keep people fearful, off-balance, always looking over their shoulders and easy to manage. Dan spoke about how even in the US, a police state was only another 9/11 away: “We are not in a police state now, not yet. I’m talking about what may come. I realise I shouldn’t put it that way… White, middle-class, educated people like myself are not living in a police state… Black, poor people are living in a police state. The repression starts with the semi-white, the Middle Easterners, including anybody who is allied with them, and goes on from there… One more 9/11, and then I believe we will have hundreds of thousands of detentions. Middle Easterners and Muslims will be put in detention camps or deported. After 9/11, we had thousands of people arrested without charges… But I’m talking about the future. I’m talking the level of the Japanese in the second world war… I’m talking of hundreds of thousands in camps or deported. I think the surveillance is very relevant to that. They will know who to put away – the data is already collected.” (When he said this, I did wonder, though I did not ask – how different would things have been if Snowden had not been white?)

Read the full article by Arundhati Roy here.

Warden Travel

Four routes to Weisshaupt from Ferelden Warden bases (Vigil’s Keep, Soldier’s Peak, and Denerim) commissioned by @debbiepuff – thanks for commissioning me!

Vigil’s Keep to Weisshaupt : Red

Total Distance: 860 miles  |  Fastest Time: 23 days

Start: Vigil’s Keep
To Amaranthine: 45 miles on the Pilgrim’s Path
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback
To Kirkwall: 185 miles at sea
3 days merchant ship | 2 days fast ship
To the Imperial Highway: 210 miles on mountainous &  hilly terrain
19 days on foot | 8 days on horseback
To Vol Dorma: 350 miles on the Imperial Highway
18 days on foot | 9 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 70 miles on rough terrain
5 days on foot | 3 days on horseback

Soldier’s Peak to Weisshaupt : Blue

Total Distance: 1130 miles  |  Fastest Time: 38 days

Start: Soldier’s Peak
To the Imperial Highway: 45 miles on mountainous terrain
5 days on foot | 3 days on horseback
To Gherlen’s Pass: 225 miles on the Imperial Highway
11 days on foot | 6 days on horseback
To Jader: 90 miles on mountainous terrain
10 days on foot | 7 days on horseback
To Cumberland: 120 miles at sea
2 days merchant ship | 1 day fast ship
To Ghislain: 350 miles on the Imperial Highway
18 days on foot | 9 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 300 miles on rough terrain
22 days on foot | 12 days on horseback

Denerim to Weisshaupt, Sea Route : Pink

Total Distance: 1815 miles  |  Fastest Time: 22 days

Start: Denerim
To Marnus Pell: 1680 miles at sea
21 days merchant ship | 17 days fast ship
To Vol Dorma: 65 miles on the Imperial Highway
3 days on foot |  2 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 70 miles on rough terrain
5 days on foot |  3 days on horseback

Denerim to Weisshaupt, Direct Route : Green

Total Distance: 1070 miles  |  Fastest Time: 21 days

Start: Denerim
To Cumberland: 575 miles at sea
7 days merchant ship | 6 days fast ship
To Nevarra City: 140 miles on the Imperial Highway & roads
7 days on foot | 4 days on horseback
To Nessum: 195 miles on the Minanter River
5 days narrowboat | 4 days schooner
To Weisshaupt: 160 miles on rough terrain
12 days on foot | 7 days on horseback

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And of course Zah will smooch Davin! 
They’re bros and Zah loves his bro. Best bros <3


General Imperial Topaz

Height: 9’

Gender: Agendered

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: Bold, valiant, and humanitarian in nature, Topaz is one big softie, even if she seems intimidating at nine feet tall. Imperial Topaz is always there to lend a hand, but certainly isn’t afraid to jump into action at the drop of a hat. She’s tough and able, but balanced as a leader should be.

Backstory: Trained in Yellow Diamond’s Quartz army since emerging, Topaz has done a great deal of work for organizing and helping to train fellow Quartz’s. Topaz now works with other ranked officials in Yellow Diamond’s army to plan strategies for colonies and new recruits.

Facade (Hunter/Imperial Agent)


Agent. Cipher 9. Legate. Fi'nalyn.


No matter what name he carried, or what face he wore, he had always been so perfect. If only life hadn’t made them the best of enemies.

But it was too late. It was always too late.

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Flick (Peabody Heights)

Brewery : Peabody Heights
Beer : Flick
Style : Double IPA / Imperial IPA / DIPA
Variance : None

9 / 10

Man, just popping the top on this beer instantly filled my nostrils with some of the most amazing scents I ever did smell and lucky for me, the taste matched it’s awesomeness. I snagged this beer while I was down in Annapolis visiting my sister and her family and luckily I’m easily distracted by cool can art or else I probably would have passed this one by. I read the can and I learned why this beer got it’s name but instead of telling you the reason I’m just going to make some shit up instead because that’s what I do. This beer got it’s well deserving name because after the first can’s top was popped, every woman within a ten mile radius lost complete control of their bodily functions and just started furiously flicking their beans to the thought of tasting this brew for themselves. That’s a fact… maybe. This beer has an amazing mango and papaya flavor to start with loads of fruity sweetness with a slight acidity before some citrus mixes in with a light bitterness intensifying things while ending with a mix of oniony hops and light malt to wrap things up. I would never have guessed by the flavor going on here that this clocks in at 8% ABV but after watching Westworld and jizzing in my pants more and more after every episode I should know that things are never what they seem. PS : If you haven’t watched that show yet your life probably sucks. Anyways, for a brewery that I really haven’t heard or seen much about, they are absolutely killing it with this beer and I’d highly recommend picking this up regardless of where you fall on the beer drinker’s scale. Now get your ass down to Maryland and drink this beer ASAP!

Written by: Steve B.