Found this incredible Imperial Moth by my porch lights this morning! First time ever seeing this species!

This is a large North American moth in the family Saturniidae, the same family as other impressive moths like Luna or Promethea Moths. Adult moths, like this one, lack functional mouthparts, and do not eat during their short adulthood.

I live for cool moths.


Look at this luna moth Skyler and I just rescued from our apartment building 😍 she is sooooo pretty. We put her in the same bush we put the imperial moth that we rescued a while ago. 💕

(By rescue I mean moths get stuck in our building and rarely find their way out and die.)


Everyone, meet Phoebe, the imperial moth (eacles imperialis) that a very nice guy found for me at work today. Given the usual temperament of my coworkers, I’m surprised they didn’t try to kill it immediately. I’m glad he told me about her, because I sat outside a good while studying today with her as a partner! Then I had to go back inside but she still stuck to my lapel for a long time. It was a nice day today.