Japanese Navy Carrier-Borne Anti-Shipping Tactics
Dive Bombing, Torpedo Bombing & Level Bombing with examples from the Battle of Midway.


Time-Lapse on the Imperial Japanese Navy losses in World War 2. Notice how soon 1943/44 is reached, but how many ships are still lost, this in stark contrast to the US Navy losses.
Yes, there will be a video that will show both sides side by side, but I am still not entirely sure how to do it the best way, because it is a challenge on multiple levels.

Japanese battleship “Mutsu” (Nagato-class) during her preparatory work in the naval base at Yokosuka. Sailors are busy checking the ship’s systems and working on her body. She met her untimely end not through hostile fire, but by internal explosion in the summer of 1943. 

On the right side of the photo a float-scout Nakajima E8N1 is visible being loaded, as it was the basic IJN reconnaissance aircraft of the Second Sino-Japanese War.