I loved @amarearts making a new years picture so I made one too. The outfits were great!
AGENT PARTY… photo thing!

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thanks for a great year swtor fandom!
I really love this fandom, and I have improved so much ever since I became active in it, and I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me
Love you all!


((Mod: So– Tonight Was productive! was able to turn one gem into two for my story, making it work a bit better plot wise, so hopefully I won’t be so stuck….So you have my Big, Buff Blueberry, Kornerupine, and the fragile, messenger Celestine.

After that is all the homeworld gems of mine so far (not including the other 3 pink chalcedonies), just for height comparison. Imperial Topaz isn’t as large as a diamond, but is bigger than a quartz– Kornerupine, not as big as a Quartz, but close, etc….

and then just some doodles/sketches to get a feel for Kornerupine ’s character c: . I’m really happy with how things are starting to flesh out))


((Mod: YOO So Needed to design my homeworld gems/characters for my comic because not having colors and designs has been stumping me. So! We have Labradorite, Chalcedony (whom we’ve met), and Orange Pearl, who is the pearl to Imperial Topaz (in the next picture). Orange pearl is actually based on a friend of mine u v u )/ 

And last picture is just to demonstrate heights with Imperial Topaz (Whose pronouns are They/Them, btw!! They do not go by She or Her! ) ))


An оfficer of the Imperial Horse Guards charging - Theodore Gericault, 1812

Croquise (sketch) - up & final work - down

The sketch is much more passionate and full of energy, the details are blurred in the midst of the battle, the background is obscure. On the other hand, the final work is more restrained, the details and background are easily visible.

The rider and his horse in the sketch are in the same direction, going to a powerful charge and for a moment, they are just looking over the spectator. In the final work the rider and his horse are in opposite directions, so the composition is more balanced.

Both works were executed in 1812, just before Napoleon invaded Russia, when France was at its imperial height and Gericault, like many of his own generation, was influenced by the major events of the apoch.