imperial scout

The Dauntless Class Light Cruiser is a common scout craft within the fleets of the Imperial Navy. Imperial scout cruisers have generally always had enough firepower to fight off a determined attack by escort-sized ships, and can hold enough supplies to remain autonomous for months at a time, the Dauntless being no exception. It forgoes the traditional armoured prow of the Imperial Navy, balancing this lack by being substantially faster and more manoeuvrable than a full size Imperial cruiser. Due to the need for power savings, and to conserve supplies, the Dauntless has about half the shielding and turret cover of a full size cruiser, but given its expected opposition this is a sufficient protection.

A Homestuck AU idea

No Sgrub Alternia has been done before
But just imagine

Feferi slowly becoming more violent and bitter over time as her responsibilities, stress, and biology get to her. You can’t hold authority on a harsh empire without cracking a few skulls. She is too nice for the empire

Eridan never left Alternia, swearing allegiance as an Orphaner to feed Feferi’s lusus. Eventually Feferi calls for the best shot in the empire, forcing him off of Altneria for the first time

Gamzee seeing the violent side to his cult and learns to despise it. He gives sopor slime to persuade his brothers and sisters when not enraged. He kicks his addiction and uses sopor as a temporary tool to have others see the light.
He becomes the 3rd Messiah that starts a war amongst purplebloods.

Equius learning to hone his strength under imperial training. He doesn’t get a bow, he gets a ballista that he carries around on his back

Vriska creating her own space pirate armada, becoming an annoying thorn for Feferi. A whole star system falls to her planetary pirates thanks to a weakening empire due to multiple revolutions going on

Terezi becomes a star legisclacerator, starring in countless live trials on tv. She is tasked with finding and bringing a certain piece of yellow-blooded property to justice

Kanaya becomes a patron mother taking care of the mother grub. She secretly takes a mother grub to create a colony of free trolls and mutants. She nurtures and protects their ever growing numbers, using her rainbow drinker biology to her advantage during the day

Nepeta becomes a famed hunter, a capable killer of any beast. She become an imperial scout to analyze alien life before the empire invades

Sollux’s psionics are used to power a large war machine laser. He has escaped through unknown means

Tavros is used to ranch and feed war beasts. He learns that the animals are being used in an animal fighting ring and stages a work animal revolution, making a whole planet dominated by powerful alien monsters

Aradia becomes known as the 2nd greate demon (following her ancestor’s path) and haunts people from across a solar system. Her spirit based abilities make her an ideal messenger for a new revolution. She lives deep within a mysterious alien catacomb making a nutrient and resource rich planet untouchable

Karkat becomes the 2nd signless, leading a new revolution against those in charge

Eridan is tasked with eliminating Vriska
Equius and Nepeta are sent to deal with Tavros
Terezi is sent to capture Sollux somewhere within Aradia’s haunted star system
Gamzee is waging a holy war against his former religion
Meanwhile Karkat is tasked with bringing everyone together as the new Signless

Karkat unifies everyone on a grand quest to settle everything
Eventually him and Fef meet, she horribly wounds Aradia (just like how the Condesce killed the Handmaid) and KK jogs her memory of when they were all once good friends, upset at who she became and what they all have done in the sweeps after they left Alternia
She realizes how bitter she has grown and breaks down, crying
Eridan and Sollux comfort her
Feferi kisses Aradia, extending her life as Kanaya treats her wound.

Everyone gathers around in a big circle and make the zodiac.

The End.

I just really want this, ok?