imperial scout

The Dauntless Class Light Cruiser is a common scout craft within the fleets of the Imperial Navy. Imperial scout cruisers have generally always had enough firepower to fight off a determined attack by escort-sized ships, and can hold enough supplies to remain autonomous for months at a time, the Dauntless being no exception. It forgoes the traditional armoured prow of the Imperial Navy, balancing this lack by being substantially faster and more manoeuvrable than a full size Imperial cruiser. Due to the need for power savings, and to conserve supplies, the Dauntless has about half the shielding and turret cover of a full size cruiser, but given its expected opposition this is a sufficient protection.

A week's worth of fic prompts, free to a good home

Strange Magic Monday
“My dear Mr. Lightfield,” cried Aunt Plum, “Have you heard the news? Dark Forest House is let at last!”

Transformers Tuesday
There’s a Decepticon in the brig. Puny thing, refuses to transform. You’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as a pogo stick transformer, but they were pretty insistent. Maybe they’re part of a gestalt?

Star Wars Wednesday
An Imperial scout band from the 501st and a few pilots from Rogue Squadron both end up answering a civilian distress call from a research station in a little traveled part of space. It’s a trap. A brilliant Ithorian scientist wants to test the effects of fear on humans. Is he tapping into the Dark Side? Or is there a scientific explanation? And how long do the respective survivors have before their leaders start to wonder where they are?

Voltron Thursday
Statistically speaking, it shouldn’t have worked. All Coran’s calculations suggested inevitable failure. No one had counted on Keith secretly being a Revolutionary War history nerd. Or, for that matter, Hunk being able to rap.

Fairytale Friday
There was a widower who had three daughters, and he named them Quicker-than-most, Stronger-than-some, and Wiser-by-far. Their names were not given to them in the right order, but they don’t mind. Now it is time for them to go into the world and seek their fortune. Quicker-than-most goes east, to the forests rumored to hold goblins. Stronger-than-some goes north to the city where a foolish prince rules. Wiser-by-far marches west to the sea and will not tell anyone her plans.