imperial russa

Olga threw herself into charitable affairs which her independent  wealth allowed her to do, and she became known as Württembergs´s greatest benefactor, a “title” she holds to this day. She was particularly interested in education for young women and spent large sums of money on the establishement of hospitals for the blind and mentally retarded, a nursing college, homes for orphaned children and a host of other organizations concerned with the disadvantaged. On several occassions the Queen was officially thanked by the parliament of Württemberg for her good works. Olga also brought with her from Russia the idea that it was the duty of a sovereign to encourage art in his country. With that in mind, she used her own money to purchase many pictures and sculptures for the museums and art galleries of Stuttgart.

David McIntosh: The Daughters of Nicholas I in The Grand Duchesses by Arturo Beéche (ed.)