imperial roof decoration

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#I WOULD PAY MONEY FOR SOMEONE TO WRITE THIS AU FOR ME you want someone to write an au about strangers texting about types of cheese

WAY TO DOWNPLAY IT, TÉA. hear me out, listen:

  • the fic is in annabeth’s perspective
  • and percy just got off from a long shift (totally thinking of psychology!percy for this one because i love that shit to a disgusting level) and he’s at the grocery store still in his work clothes, and the other day he snatched jason’s sandwich out of his hands and took a big bite of it - NO WAIT THEY DO THIS CUTE HELLA MANLY THING WHERE THEY MAKE EACH OTHER’S LUNCH BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE OTHER PERSON’S TASTES WAY BETTER THAN THEY DO  did that sentence even make sense what
  • what was i saying
  • oh yes
  • and jason put pepperjack (blackjack, geddit?) in percy’s sandwich and percy has finally reached nirvana but doesn’t know the name 
  • he should’ve been able to just guess because what other cheese has chopped peppers in it?
  • but it’s percy, you know how that goes
  • annabeth is stuck in a late night, two hour lecture with a professor that just drags on and on and oh god how many times does she need to hear about imperial roof decoration- that is architecture 101 yOU NEED TO STOP and has a lethal monotone voice
  • but then she gets that text 
  • and suddenly this lecture isn’t so dreadful
  • because percy is full of cheese puns 
    “your knowledge on variations of cheese is concerning”
    “i guess you could say i’m a…”
    “don’t you dare”
    “…cheese whiz”
  • "so what’s your fave anyway” “i can’t tell you which one is feta than the other, are you iNSANE”
  • and he even has bookmarked on his phone (that’s a real thing, did you know that)
  • and she teases him for thinking cheese is a healthy source of protein
  • she keeps smiling at her crotch and people are starting to think she has a serious problem
  • a few minutes later
  • a guy rushes into the lecture hall, with a shopping bag in his hand and his hair wild from running to make it in time 
  • the professor pauses, scowls, and continues babbering on while the guy turns bright red and takes the seat nearest to the door. 
  • annabeth rolls her eyes, and sends a text back to percy
  • but then the guy’s phone vibrates on his desk, and he picks it up and smiles like a goof and hey maybe it’s a coincidence??
  • it’s not
  • they start to text back and forth during the lecture
  • and annabeth is like “so you’re an architecture major too?”
  • it takes him a while to respond
  • “….this isn’t Social Psychology?”

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