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During the battle of Nomonhon (Khalkhin Gol) in 1939, Captain Fujita commanded a Type-94 Anti-Tank gun, and under his supervision, his regiment was able to beat back several Soviet tank offensives, but soon ran out of ammunition, and so when the Russian tanks attacked his position again, he unsheathed his katana, climbed onto a Russian BT-5, opened the copula, pulled out the tank’s commander, and savagely stabbed him to death. He was then severely wounded in his arm by the tank’s gunner who had popped out behind them.

He survived, recevied the Order of the Golden Kite for his bravery in combat, and spent the rest of the war as an instructor training fresh troops.

“Pissed off Chiss”

… photoshop bugged on me on that one, which really pissed me off in the end, as the resolution of the picture turned to s**t!    As well as not showing me the right brightness of the actual picture, which ended up being darker than intended.  AND because of the resolution issue, all my attempts to make it a bit brighter made the result even worst.

Oh well, a well deserved title for this one.

This is my Chiss Imperial Agent from the game Star Wars; The Old Republic.

I can almost hear her mutter between her clenched teeth  “ -Where,   Is,   VECTOR ?! “

Nobody asked but you’ll -shore- as fuck receive anyway! TROLL-FURBIES!!!

Here are three generations of troll furby, lovingly crafted by imperial crocker-tech and beloved of wigglers and hated by rebels everywhere (with the exception of the sometimes-rebellious circuit bending community!)

1. Original, sometimes referred to as ‘listeners’ by the educated. Comes in imperial red, black and white in various combos. They have glistening compound eyes and an antenna disguised as a horn. They detect heat signatures (good for telling castes apart! and if people are in the room!) and, as the name suggests, they -listen-. If they pick up certain keywords in speech, they will record and transmit to empire intelligence channels! Furby circuit benders sometimes reverse engineer them to listen in on empire systems, or just spy on people they don’t like. Some remove the horn on their furby, which is somewhat barbaric considering they’re biotech and probably feel some level of pain, but it effectively ‘disarms’ them from empire comm lines, making them a normal robotic pet.

2. ‘Boom’ edition. More up to date and cuter than ever! These have more aesthetic fur prints in grey and red- ‘diamonds’ is an extremely popular pelt variety and makes them seem like more of an ally and companion to owners. The screen ‘eyes’ will change caste colour depending on the treatment given to the furby. Treat it like trash? It will become a demure maroon! Pamper them? A demanding purple! The different caste modes have different attitudes and this furby can nip you during feeding. There’s also a ‘furby boom rainbow caste’ edition which is ‘caste locked’ with blood coloured fur! …. The ‘Boom’ part? Oh yeah. They can be remotely detonated by the empire. Fun! Be sure to diffuse yours, but be careful, they know if they’re being tampered with<333

3. CrockerNet edition! The fanciest, most up to date and arguably the friendliest on face value! They even have net connectivity and can send and receive your trillion messages for you, sing songs, and learn! Too bad they can also access all your digital devices, accounts, and report findings back to base. Comes in pastels as well as the traditional red-white-black combos.

There are also waterproof ‘sea dweller’ versions, not pictured here!

‘circuit bending’ is a real life phenomena where people hack and mod mechanical and robotic toys, often for use as electronic musical instruments, but sometimes as answering machines, gadgets and other cool robotic stuff! I figure that if humans can do it, trolls probably do this 200% better. I can also see it being popular with kid trolls who dream of being rebels or leet hackers.

anonymous asked:

hey i'd be super interested to know what your thoughts on the new anastasia costumes are. I am personally in love with the red gown

First, OH MY. I went to the Anastasia tag to find a specific costume gif set I saw last week. Turns out there’s lots of porn tagged Anastasia. LOTS. This is where I wish Tumblr made it possible to search for two tags at once…

All the naked ladies aside… I rather like what they’ve done with the costumes. A standout-scene for me is the “ghosts” in the ballroom scene, where the dancing royalties and nobilities in the background really looks like shadows of the past

This is so well done it sends shivers down my spine. And of course, their silvery, glittering attires has that strong 1900s imperial look, and is well contrasted by Anastasia’s rougher brown clothes.

The addition of the red/gold ball gown is also a welcome change. I question the silhouette a bit, it looks more 1950s Dior that something you’d see in the 1920s. But it’s a gorgeous piece in itself. I also read designer Linda Cho wanted to give a feeling of something typical Russian and also imperial, with the “Russian” red colour and a bodice decorations which was meant to visually remind of the double-headed imperial eagle:

Not sure many gets the eagle symbolism, but the red will at least be understood. And red is also an epic stage colour. Of all of the Anastasia musical costumes, the red dress is IMO the most memorable one and one we’ll probably see in cosplays. There’s lots of fantastic costumes in the musical, but few really sticks out and tickles my OMG-I-HAVE-TO-MAKE-THAT gene.

I also love that there’s a stronger focus on the blue gown. It looks lovely, with interesting decorations, and quite regal overall:

Though *slightly* in danger of envoking the Chrysler Building gown from The Producers… Though to be fair, the gown from The Producers is made to look like Anastasia and the style of that era, so the references are quite overlapped! Just happy Anastasia is not wearing a Kokoshnik (big screen-like headgarb with beading), like Roger DeBris is… 

(”I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building“)

OK, back to the case here… I overall like the Anastasia costume design a lot. The costumes are telling something about the characters, and they envoke the period and the style of the respective eras. Only negative comment is probably that there’s not all that many stand-out pieces and showstoppers. But a solid piece of design anyway. :)

Canadian Red Ensign Flown at Vimy Ridge

This flag was flown during the First World War at Vimy Ridge, Lens, Hill 70, and Passchendaele, 1917. One other ‘Red Ensign’ with Vimy Ridge associations survives in the museum at Penticton, British Columbia, but that is a simple Red Ensign without the Provinces’ coats of arms. This version of the Red Ensign, with the arms of four provinces, was the national flag of Canada from 1868 to 1870. It is not clear why this 'old’ flag was carried by the Battalion - it may have simply been 'souvenired’ from the flag locker of the merchant ship that brought the battalion to Europe. The Imperial War Museum’s Red Ensign was donated to the Museum by Lieutenant Colonel Lorn Paulet Owen Tudor DSO and Bar, an Englishman who emigrated to Canada before the First World War and served in the Canadian Army : specifically the 5th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Western Cavalry), Canadian Expeditionary Force, raised in Saskatchewan. He commanded the battlaion from June 1917 to March 1918, and from April 1918 to demobilization in 1919. He was awarded the DSO and bar and mentioned in despatches. The Canadian experience at Vimy Ridge has come to be recognised as a pivotal event in the emergence of Canada’s national identity, and this flag is believed to be a unique survivor in this form. The Red Ensign, originally the British merchant flag, a red flag with the Union Flag in the upper left quarter, was adopted in this form as Canada’s national flag in 1868. It bears the coats of arms of Canada’s four founding provinces, and was superseded in 1870 when Manitoba was added, so is a very early example. The Canadian Red Ensign continued as the national flag until 1965.


Just showing off my Clan’s resident egg and hatchling sitter, Makena and her Familiar/assistant Red-Footed Akirbeak. They care for any found eggs and any hatchlings that are found or that have parents that need some time off from parenting, lol. I made the image with the Akirbeak in SAI for her Bio to illustrate the nest they use for their charges.


Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg - Henrik Wigström for Fabergé, 1915.

This enameled silver egg was presented to his mother, the Dowager Empress Marie, by Tsar Nicholas II as an Easter present in 1915; the Dowager Empress was head of the Russian branch of the Red Cross. Upon the outbreak of World War I the Imperial palaces were converted to hospitals in which five members of the Tsar’s family served as nurses. The egg holds a gold and mother-of-pearl screen containing their portraits painted on ivory (from left to right, second photo): Nicholas’ sister Olga, his daughter Olga, his wife Alexandra, his daughter Tatiana, and his first cousin Marie.