imperial probe

Friendly reminder that Han Solo:

Is extremely intelligent, resourceful, clever, and quick-thinking under pressure

  • Comes up with the idea of using the dead tauntaun’s body heat to keep Luke from freezing to death on Hoth
  • Realizes that taking out the imperial probe droid was too easy and that it must have had a self-destruct, which results in the rebels’ evacuation and preparation for battle
  • Figures out that the “cave” is actually a giant space slug when it could have just been an unstable, humid asteroid
  • Comes up with the plan to hide on the star destroyer and then float away with the garbage, which required him to a.) be familiar enough with the vessel to know that there was a blind spot, b.) know that the ship would dump its trash before going to lightspeed, and c.) THINK OF THOSE THINGS while being pursued and fired upon with his life, Chewie’s, and Leia’s on the line AND realize that the imps would be thrown off if he feigned an attack and all assume they’d vanished, a completely brilliant and incredibly calculated, not to mention well-executed, plan that he came up with on the spot
  • Devises the plan to deceive the imperial officers and troops on Endor into walking into a trap and subsequently blowing up the shield generator at the crucial moment when the rebel fleet was facing defeat, enabling the destruction of the second Death Star

Is brave and courageous and heroic (despite his efforts to convince everyone otherwise)

  • Orders Chewbacca to stay behind him when they fall under fire in the detention center
  • Creates a diversion for Luke and Leia on the Death Star by charging at a bunch of stormtroopers 
  • Turns around to cover Luke during the Battle of Yavin, risking his own life even though he was in the clear to leave and take his reward and pay off Jabba, enabling Luke to destroy the Death Star and saving other planets from its destructive power
  • Goes out into the freezing conditions on Hoth to look for Luke even though his own chances of survival were slim
  • Risks his life to rescue Leia during the evacuation of Hoth when she won’t abandon her post
  • Immediately pulls a blaster on DARTH VADER without a moment’s hesitation while simultaneously grabbing Leia’s hand and keeping her behind him
  • Thinks only of Leia’s safety and wellbeing when he’s about to be frozen in carbonite, possibly killed, and delivered to Jabba the Hutt
  • Agrees to personally lead the extremely dangerous and risky assault on the shield generator on Endor
  • Volunteers to escort Finn to Starkiller base despite the risk to his own life by making his landing AT LIGHT SPEED, stepping up to help Leia and the Resistance and the entire galaxy 

Is sensitive and caring and selfless

  • Doesn’t take Chewie for granted and volunteer him for the Battle of Endor even though the wookiee had a life-debt to him
  • Comforts Leia despite his belief that she’s in love with Luke
  • Offers to step aside despite his own love for her so that she and Luke can be happy together
  • Leaves Leia despite being desperately in love with her and returning to his old empty way of life all because he believes that his presence causes her pain
  • Offers to do ANYTHING for his son and displays his love and caring and forgiveness of his child as his last act in life when Kylo Ren kills him

Is a skilled mechanic (see: modifications and repairs to the Falcon), a great shot (ie: taking out numerous stormtroopers and tie fighters, referred to as a good fighter by Rieekan, performance on Endor, etc etc), a talented pilot (Kessel run, flying through an asteroid field, evading imperial fire multiple times), and “a natural leader.”

Has one of the most complex character arcs in the Star Wars universe, displaying character development from film to film on multiple levels (relation to other characters, belief in the force, participation in the civil war of the galaxy, demonstration of selflessness, etc etc).

IN CONCLUSION: Han Solo doesn’t get enough credit for his intelligence, ingenuity, bravery, integrity, or his good heart and writing him off as a cocky ladies’ man who blunders his way out of trouble demonstrates a poor understanding of his character.

Favorite Things from Star Wars

Cause why not? 


Droideka (Destroyer Droids) Cause they’re rollypolly shielded bastards

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BB-8. Because BB-8

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Rey and Finn I mean, Look at these dorks!

HK-47 “Request: Please click the link to see why HK is such a wonderful droid, Meatbag. Else you will be viciously shot and then killed.”


General Grievous A character that HUNTS JEDI FOR SPORT! And He’s a really unique looking cyborg.

The Clone Commandos Coolest Space soldiers EVER!

Imperial Probe Droid There’s something REALLY cool about this droid I’ve always loved.

Captain Phasma A badass female in practical armor. Also she has a cape!

There are all I can think of ATM. Might add more later. IDK

a revel with some rebels on a hot night

rating: t

a/n: for @rebelcaptainprompts “warmth”! this came to me pretty fast and it’s a little all over the place, but i kind of like it, lol. title from hamilton, because i’m not original in the slightest. tiny hints of hanleia and bodhiluke for fun! enjoy :D


Hoth is the coldest planet Cassian’s ever been forced to live on, if you can even call the perpetual shivering and irritability that plague everyone stranded on the lump of space ice living at all. He is, decidedly, not a fan. 

Tonight is different. Tonight, they’re celebrating a victory. It’s a small one, just the destruction of an Imperial probe, but all of their victories are small. The rebels are starting miles below the Empire; every inch they can claw their way to the top is worthy of praise. 

It’s been a while since anything’s gone right. Tunnels collapse, men get sick, men get lost in the great white expanse of ice and snow, even. So, tonight, the rebels celebrate something finally going their way. 

Cassian stands with Baze and Chirrut in the mess, marveling at how it’s been transformed. Someone’s draped dozens of halo lamps that hang on the ceiling and walls in pale orange cloth, nearly like candlelight. They’re heatless, of course, but if he concentrates enough, Cassian almost feels…well, not as cold as normal.

The Corellian whiskey making the rounds probably helps.

“I think it was Captain Solo,” Baze says, nodding in the direction of Han and Leia, speaking at a normal volume for once. “Look how the Princess keeps smiling at him.”

“Yes,” Chirrut agrees, “she looks very pleased.”

Cassian laughs while Baze rolls his eyes.

Someone taps his shoulder through his parka. Then, he hears a soft, “Care for another round, Captain?” It’s Jyn – Cassian’s so attuned to her voice he’d recognize it if he were deaf. 

“Sure,” he answers, accepting the bottle from her gloved hands and taking a swig. Jyn swipes it back and downs a little more than she probably needs. 

“Baze?” she asks, holding the bottle out to him. 

“Thanks, little sister,” Baze says, taking it from her. He and Chirrut walk towards a grouping of tables, probably so they can finish the bottle without fear of falling over. As it would happen, Guardians of the Whills don’t hold their alcohol particularly well. Jyn giggles, likely remembering the first time Baze got well and properly drunk.

Once the two of them are alone, out of earshot of Baze and Chirrut, Cassian asks, “Enjoying yourself?”

Jyn looks up through her lashes, green eyes dark like the forests where their whiskey hails from. “I am,” she says. “Would be more if you’d dance with me, though.”

She’s clearly buzzed – nobody’s dancing. The closest thing would be Bodhi and Luke swaying while they talk. Still, he humors her. 

“You want to dance?” he asks, cocking his head to the side.

“Maybe,” she shoots back, grabbing for his hand. Jyn drags him towards the edge of the mess, near the hallway to the barracks. Cassian feels a few pairs of eyes land on them.

“I thought,” he starts, low so only Jyn can hear, “we were being discrete.”

“What’s not discrete about this?” she asks, leaning up on her toes to press her mouth to the underside of his jaw. Her lips are cold, Cassian notes. The temperature does nothing to stop the spark at the base of his spine, though. 

“Are you drunk?” Cassian asks, a little shakier than he’d like. 

“No.” She pulls him further away from the warm glow and chatter of the rebels, closer to his (and, functionally, her) bunk. “I just want to dance.”

“Oh,” he says, her meaning becoming clear. Jyn smiles and, for a second, Cassian feels as young as he is: twenty-six and carefree, sneaking off to be with the woman he loves. It’s an illusion, but one that warms the colder parts of his heart, nonetheless. “Well,” he adds, “this is a special night.”

“We ought to be celebrating, too, don’t you think?”

He doesn’t need to think, not with the faint light from the mess reflecting in Jyn’s eyes like that, her cheeks tinged pink from the cold and alcohol. He nods. “We should.”

When they’re both in his room, coats gone, shirts abandoned, and pants almost undone, Cassian doesn’t think about the cold stinging his skin. When, before she pulls him down onto the bed, Jyn presses her head to his chest and wraps her arms around his shoulders, Cassian doesn’t notice his breaths coming out in white puffs. 

When they sway together, dancing in a suspended moment of youth, Cassian feels warmer than he’s ever felt before, Hoth be damned. 

with the ocean in our arms

Rebelcaptain May the Fourth exchange gift for @ladytharen, who requested: “they all live au - jyn and cassian on the run from the empire on their own (space road trip fic anyone?)” I adored this prompt and I really hope I was able to do it justice. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! :)

(Part 1 of 2 because I’m slowwwww. Posted to ao3!)

When Jyn is nine years old, barely six months spent under Saw’s tutelage, she beats one of the young recruits within an inch of his life. He mutters something under his breath as she’s walking past him one morning, something about her father and letting the Empire get the better of him, what a coward -

She tackles him to the ground before she can blink, fire roaring in her veins and fists as she hits him again and again and she doesn’t stop, not even when his nose cracks and warmth spatters from the place his face used to be.

(It takes two of Saw’s partisans to pull her off him.)

They put her in solitary for a few days after this. “For your own protection,” Saw tells her, the look in his eyes something between awe and fear.

She decides right then and there that she loathes the phrase.

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A battle-weary veteran of the Clone Wars, Carlist Rieekan served the Alliance in its struggle against the Empire, commanding rebel forces on Hoth. Rieekan was a native of Alderaan, and the destruction of his homeworld haunted him. After Han Solo and Chewbacca discovered an Imperial probe droid on Hoth, Rieekan ordered an immediate evacuation of Echo Base. The decision wasn’t popular – rebel personnel had barely completed the grueling work of establishing the base – but Rieekan’s caution prevented the Battle of Hoth from being a total rout, and so helped save the Alliance.

Reposting some favourites… this from August last year.

Droid #3

Scout Droid.

This was the third of my droids, and already I’ve gone from a five minute doodle to something more detailed. Here’s a hint of all the tentacled droids to come, and an obvious affection for the Imperial Probe from The Empire Strikes Back.

Very little difference in line weight, something it took me a long time to grasp.

37 Things Cut From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1. The version of Rey in Michael Arndt’s early scripts was called Kira, and she was described as a “loner, hothead, gear-head badass.”

2. Unlike Rey, who is extremely reluctant to leave Jakku, Kira was eager to leave the planet, and a scene was written in which she fantasizes about leaving while watching spaceships arriving and departing from the planet.

3. The version of Finn in Arndt’s version was named Sam, and all early art depicted him as a white man. Sam was described in Arndt’s scripts as “pure charisma.”

4. The earliest version of Poe Dameron was tentatively referred to as John Doe, and production art depicted him as a black man. The character’s role in the film varied a lot — he was briefly considered as a Jedi, and then as a bounty hunter, before they landed on making him a pilot for the Resistance.

5. When Poe was written as a bounty hunter, he had his own Wookiee sidekick.

6. Poe Dameron was originally going to die in the crash landing on Jakku, but J.J. Abrams decided to write the character into the second half of the movie.

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Hopeful Signs for the “Star Wars” Do-Over

Ian Crouch on the new teaser:

Beyond the visuals, the new trailer’s greatest nod to the past comes from its sound detail. Everyone could hear John Williams’s new-old score backing the action, but canny listeners made out the mechanized jabbering of an Imperial probe droid, like the one that discovered the location of the rebel base in “The Empire Strikes Back.”